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I'm actually going against the flow here, but it's a good ol' 1 for me, especially if it's supposed to look pokemon-ish.


Truth to be told, both looks great and i'd rather use the second myself for a more classic RPG game - and it seem more detailled - but for a pokemon-like game, definitely the first one (more cartoon-ish).


PS : beside, after comparing the two, i can't help but think that the sprite doesn't "belong" to the second one ... it might be just me though ...

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Well, I have to go with 1 as well. I personally only choose 1 because it looks more unique. The second one looks way to much like pokemon but if that's what you're aiming for then I guess 2 works. I've always just been more of a fan of unique art, even if it isn't professional quality. Hope that makes sense...

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