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  1. Why you're less cool than me. Why am I so good at Halo?
  2. Reality is poison. Why am I the coolest guy to ever visit this forum?
  3. The steam page has some pretty heated reviews from the past, is there a particular reason you kept the game on the same page as the old one rather than releasing it as a new product?
  4. I got my exam results back and I absolutely destroyed it ;)

    1. Kibbelz



    2. Oddly


      You're supposed to fill out those questions, not destroy them

    3. Dashplant


      Nice work! 


      Pretty good for a 6 year old!

  5. 5 (I don't have a joke here, it's the number five alright)
  6. I have no clue how good this is or if it even works since it's early and I was too lazy to get an API key so I sort of winged it and hoped it would work in 2 minutes but: Binary Source I can go back and improve it with actual style and stuff later if you want and can give me an api key to use for testing but I'm out most of today. Might help but if not just hit me up and I can make it better later.
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