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  1. Anyone actually doing counting anymore? On 91 now.

  2. Phenomenal

    Nightmare is now on Kickstarter

    Time for a rant and text dump lol. I think the biggest issue is that the trailer used for kickstarter has quite a few issues and that's what the majority of users will look at rather than any of the other information. The music is annoying, the editing style is weird and there's not much actually communicated by the trailer. I would suggest throwing together a different main trailer after looking at trailers for mmos that were backed through kickstarter. I also feel that some of the stuff that money is being spent on and the percentages it gets are unreasonable based on the goal size such as 25% of all funds on server costs and event planning. A large chunk of the money being allocated to marketing also shows a large misunderstanding of the nature of kickstarter and other similar platforms. Advertising and marketing should be done prior to and in the middle of a kickstarter, using social media platforms and other sites such as reddit (where if you have a good trailer you can make massive gains). The 'The Team' graphic is also a little unprofessional and weird looking. (oh and 92)
  3. I would avoid using the smaller pixels like you did on some of the mud tiles and stick to consistently sized larger pixels. Great art style though. (and before anyone calls me out: 93)
  4. Phenomenal


    @panda Looks like you and I just became rivals, too bad I'm on 94 now
  5. I feel there are about 97 different ways to force numbers awkwardly into my posts but tbh I'll just forget and mess it up soon

  6. Phenomenal


    @panda I'm 98% sure it is but I wasn't aiming for it anyway
  7. Phenomenal


    I got 99 problems but JC ain't one.
  8. Phenomenal


    I feel like this a recipe for an 100% chance of a ban
  9. Phenomenal


    I'll admit I'm impressed, well played.
  10. Phenomenal

    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    yes the site's dead, we're the spirits of former users that haunt it and use our ghostly energy to power the server
  11. Panda uses an emote called panda's ass, discuss. :pandaSass:

  12. Phenomenal

    Today I did this on my project...

    @Mcadams That's a major yes from me, I love that style.
  13. The joy of parsing multiple gb of json data is never lost, it's both insanely annoying and insanely satisfying when it works. I'm at the annoying bit right now.


    Edit: Gotta love the classic not responding lol

    Edit 2: Got my json parsing down, now just properly saving webpages with their css is the issue :V

    1. panda


      Wait what

    2. panda


      Edit 2: Got my json parsing down, now just properly saving webpages with their css is the issue :V

    3. Phenomenal


      I was parsing the json output from archive.org's cdx to make offline copies of the most recent snapshots of every archived subdomain on a url only issue was that I was having trouble getting more than just the direct .html from the urls (so the offline versions would lack their js scripts and css)

  14. Phenomenal

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    I played it after 2010 but it still counts so Oblivion it is for me. Edit: Also the browser rpg Adventure quest and its mmo sequel Adventure Quest Worlds because I played them when I was between 5 and 12