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  1. Phenomenal

    The Dysfunctional Family Reunion

    Come join the discord :V
  2. http://community.monogame.net/t/monogame-inside-your-web-browser/10918
  3. Phenomenal


    Looks interesting, reminds me of morrowind a tad. It's impressive that it's all made by one guy and it seems to be similar to runescape based on the description. Not something that really personally interest me but extremely interesting.
  4. Phenomenal

    Perspective is an art

    @Gibier He's doing acid, not touching weed though afaik.
  5. Phenomenal

    Boss Raid Event

    That exact event is coming in the next version of intersect, it's the waiting game I'm afraid.
  6. Phenomenal

    The Dysfunctional Family Reunion

    You have to come since this cool guy will be there
  7. Phenomenal

    Spr Creator VX

    Surely you can just save the website using your preferred browser to use it offline since I don't see how it would need to communicate with a server?
  8. Phenomenal

    A Cat Silhouette

    Hahahaha I can't even remember what this was for
  9. Phenomenal

    Small Fantasy Resources

    Hold on, fox is back!? Welcome back and those faces look awesome! They remind me of stardew valley
  10. Phenomenal

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    You guys need to meet up!
  11. Phenomenal

    Indie ORPG Development

    Orake is also nothing like Life Forge...
  12. Phenomenal

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Then make sure to drop me a follow so you can
  13. Phenomenal

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    @pLeet Glad to have you in the community (and no longer stalking us lmao)
  14. Phenomenal

    Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke

    I need to catch this live some time :O
  15. Phenomenal

    Intersect assets

    If they are used without commercial purpose they should be alright