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Found 54 results

  1. So I had to call into work sick today and I happen to stumble upon some free time and decided to try a simple pixel art style(dont know the actual name, 8 bit maybe?) This is what I managed to come up with so far: First map: Newer Stuff:
  2. Hi, guys.. so, I´ll need your opinion about these NPC.. i´m not a expert so be gentle 1. My idea is make a fungi kingdom, whit some known mushroom.. soo 2. well, i was looking the forest and a crazy idea comes out to me... 3. actually i´m working in this one thats all.. for now... i´ll be updating....thoughts
  3. Hey beauty! I'm back!
  4. Playing around with some sidescroller graphics. May be used in a future game, may not. Critique is welcome.
  5. Pixel art is really fun! I've never really made anything from scratch before, only edited tiles now and then. What do you guys think of these? What could i do to improve? I didn't dare attempt anything except two shields, was going to try some weapons next, we'll see how that goes I made them with using looseleaf's body sprite (32x48) Added some more:
  6. Alone Online Alone Online is Currently built in the Intersect Engine awaiting for source. We have been working on Alone Online for only a few weeks now and our progression has increased heaps. We are so far focusing on graphics and mapping. Short story The world is in turmoil. Warlords and Fiefdoms rule the wilderness in the wake of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. You are a Warlord, cunning and ruthless. To survive the hordes, band together with your fellow outlaws and establish your territory. Cast down other Warlords in combat to expand your domain. But allegiances are frail and no fealty certain. In the wilds, you are alone... Staff Owner Bluedragon Management Both Solitary Graphics Ivy Felreach Levels Sounds Lil False Programming SubRosa Writer Arcmind Plans Currently we can't promise anything because we would get much complaints so we do our best to surprise players. We are also in progress of making character sprites for customization. Looking for: Volunteer Programmers Volunteer Mappers Volunteer Graphic designers Volunteer SFX unless high quality tracks. we can pay We want to be able to add these things in the future for players to enjoy. •Forming Alliances •Mass amount of weapons •Character customization •Open world ( Done ) •Make friends but never trust anyone •Survive the z.o.m.b.i.e horde ( Done ) •Take over sections •Craft items & Gather resources •Day/Night System ( Done ) •Holding lands for rewards You our can contact me via discord or forum dms. Our server link:
  7. So I've been playing around with SkyWyre v10, and I've finally got a basic form of isometric working. There's a bunch of things that still need to be updated, but I've got movement and mapping done. The movement is still buggy, but it works and goes in the right directions etc. Just needs adjusting slightly.
  8. Graphics Playing Around

    Playing around with a new style. Will be adding to this over time. All critique is welcome.
  9. So i made the logo screen for my game
  10. Hey yo, guys. I'm happy and I would like to show my evolution at making games. I have a WIP project named Elus Online, and I'm working on it for a long time. These are completely original, tilesets, characters and the chatbox UI design. I've done everything and I'm very happy. BEFORE / AFTER
  11. Working on a new website for Intersect, and I'd like to show off all the cool stuff you all are doing! If you don't mind, share any and all screenshots from your WIP games here. Posting here will also indicate that I have permission to use your images on our site. Everything is accepted and encouraged! I'd love to show of all aspects of our engine and editor with a wide variety of graphics/styles/and games. Maps Various Editor Windows Lots of players online Uses of lighting/animations Combat Crazy Events Anything and everything you all want to show off would help a lot! Thanks! JC
  12. This is my first time ever doing an art and character... I loved Naruto so much and i hope to use Intersect Engine to build a simple Naruto game.. I have no idea how to make the art more 3D look, somehow this is what i made... Feel free to download this sprite and use it.. i dont need credits, but if u do re-colour to make it more beautiful, please share it to me as i've share it to you... sidenote: if i were ever to make a naruto based online game using intersect engine, will i face any legal law from naruto official? edited: I just couldnt stop myself from doing rock lee, another one of my most loved characters in naruto edited: After reading some guides and comments from the beloved community, i decided to create my own ninja using some examples from naruto and instead of doing a fan made naruto sprite.. Rock Lee: No More Rock Lee: Female Version:
  13. Graphics Stoner art

    I like to draw creepy weird shit when I turn into a twice baked potato. Whenever I make a mistake on the page, I draw over it because I hate wasting paper. I make a lot of mistakes so... I give you weird shit. This one was Psychedelic Mass, it was for a teamshirt at work:
  14. Just playing around with a new graphics style. These will eventually be used in a game. (To be determined)
  15. Graphics About Graphic

    This is not an issue. I'm just making items and wanted to show, I'm a beginner in this part of the chart and I confess that these are my first five items that I'll put in my game, I just wanted to know how it looks. I am creating items in my hobby by the mobile app, and on my computer I am trying to create a monster, soon post how was the evolution of me creating my first monster. But anyway, what did you think?
  16. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    Hey guys which of these do you think is better ? Just messing around with the pokemon like styles
  17. So I started spriting again for a personal project of mine, and the target is 16x16 art. Currently I'm working on the basic nude humanoid sprite, but once I've completed that I'll start work on some other things. Any and all feedback would be appreciated for this, whether it be the shading of an individual pixel, the amount of time per frame, or more encompassing critique. As of 7/12, I have the upward and downward facing sprites for both walking and idle (200ms/frame for walking, 500ms/frame for idle). While I'm pretty sure nobody will bother trying to use or ask to use the graphics I post here for feedback, these graphics are not to be used if it weren't abundantly clear from the presence of identification marks on the images.
  18. Graphics Concept UI

    Hello everyone, Here is the interface of the project I'm working on. It may still change but that is the basic concept. I used Kenny's assets to create this interface and they are very useful. The project is being developed in unity, in the future I will create a topic showing the progress of this game. All panels are draggable When equipping an item it changes the character look All the design was made using free resources in the interface as well maps and character. I need to adjust some border edges and image positions but that's basically it. Suggestions are welcome, remembering that I am developing this project from scratch Seeya!.
  19. I have been quite for a bit. Been working my ass off in RL and trying to re-do all the old graphics in Ambardia to a brand new toon style. The whole game seems fun and exciting again. Here is a top secret screen shot
  20. My friend recently got into pixel art and could really use an opinion about the water and line at the bottom of the lakes GIF Screen Shot (via Gyazo) Still Image Vote
  21. Hey guys I started a new gaming channel, based around the concept of my girlfriend thinks i spend too much time gaming. I haven't got much videos yet, and my old video is low quality. But sense then my quality has improved and become more professional. Check out my funny Welcome video for the channel. If you like it please subscribe, all support is appreciated. I think you guys will enjoy the video.
  22. Hello there, everyone! I used to be user of a Eclipse forums and before that, I used to use the Xtremeworlds engine. It's been many years since that, thought. A week ago I wanted to check out, how is the Eclipse holding on and oh boy, did it change! It did impress me, how good the new engine is now. Anyway, without a further gibberish I would like to show what I did in a few days. Still not sure what the engine can do, do I have full freedom of things (like creating pets and mounts) or is the coding part still closed of. Gotta look into that later. I'd love to make a small community mmo, but I still gotta learn what I can and cannot do. I'm pixel artist and I do love some colours, if you haven't noticed. The style is kept as simple as possible, so I can work on this when I have free time. Most of the inspiration is from the Paper Mario series. I also love visuals, so keep in mind that every item should be seen as paperdolls too. Oh and the items have gender variants, of course. Pardon my english, it isn't my native language and I didn't really pay attention on school, which I do regret now.
  23. I found some 8 bit art on OpenGameArt and decided to use them and see how they would look :DD Actually considering now to make an ORPG by how good it came out :DD Link to Art:
  24. Graphics Elder Tales Interface

    Hi guys, here is some of the work I'm doing at the interface of my project called elder tales. I did this model in a short time and I could not handle the images very well but it is in progress, I hope you like it.