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Found 74 results

  1. making this game is making me very happy, I am proud of the animations I managed to make myself <3
  2. My girlfriend is starting in the world of drawing and has already done several very beautiful jobs to implement in RPGS I as a boyfriend, I'm proud of her and the best way to show it is by sharing her wonderful talent with all possible communities Without further words I show you some examples! Pls follor her on Instagram ♥ : https://www.instagram.com/tanimbuarts/
  3. Hello i would like to know if someone have a website or some recommendations for GUI Packs thank you so much!
  4. I try to make fogs resource like this image, u can see the right side must connect to left side, the bottom must connect to top, it's hard to make this by just normal drawing tool, what drawing tool is useful for create it? pls help me. Thanks
  5. As I'm not using the art for a game, I wasn't really sure where to post this so I threw it in here as it is for graphics.. So hopefully this is the right place as it is not game related. I'm looking for someone who can do full color concept art/character illustrations based on information I provide them. It is for a story I am working on and would like a visual concept of some of my characters for the story. If your able to help let me know. If you are interested could you post some of your work. Im looking for more of a mid-evil/magic/fantasy type of style art.
  6. Hello people. I am an aspiring Pixel Artist, I still consider myself new in this world, but I have accompanied this art style for many years, since my childhood. I am creating this topic because I am committed to creating materials to sell, whether for a commercial project or for free. My focus will be on 16x16, but I will also work with 32x32. I also work with concept arts. If you want to check my work and follow up, I'll leave links below. Any contribution will be welcome, as well as comments and suggestions, which will motivate me. I will post when I can, freebies, so that you too can get to know without having to buy and that you can use my graphics without having to spend. The money I earn or will earn will be to help me in real life at any cost. Version 0.1 - MIDGARD To see more, comment, give suggestions, contact me or support, I leave the following links. My Main Page officialdanielepa@gmail.com Discord: Daniele Santana#8672 Consider give me a better support and you will receive all this and everything I do in Patreon. Thank you for your visit
  7. Hi, guys.. so, I´ll need your opinion about these NPC.. i´m not a expert so be gentle 1. My idea is make a fungi kingdom, whit some known mushroom.. soo 2. well, i was looking the forest and a crazy idea comes out to me... 3. actually i´m working in this one thats all.. for now... i´ll be updating....thoughts
  8. Hello! I was bored, thinking and having a lot of free time while we wait the source code release. So,I plan to take the job system to a new level with a user interface that allows you to interact with different jobs in the game, so, I made these diagrams of what the graphical interface of my system would look like. I know this maybe be hard to coding but i dont care... This would be the first Look, where you can look all the jobs available, How you can see There is only one job available... Lazy me, but you get it!! We clicked on the recipes buttom and this is how it looks: Then we clicked on the resources buttom and this is how it looks: let me know what you think and Thanks Update 18/03/2020 Now we got the Inventory UI.. and animated... yay..
  9. I always love zelda. so I try to make my own sprites and tiles base on the old gb style. i want your opinion (sorry my english not native)
  10. Hi Guys, I'm designed a font logo for my game. I can design logos for your games (paid) if u want.
  11. Hi i just started to edit ui, i want update this topic when finishing my ui. Login Screen: [WIP] In game: [WIP]
  12. So I have been working on some side scroller graphics and wanted to show them off. I've never really made any graphics in the side scrolling style so let me know what you think. Anyways, heres a small preview of some of the stuff I've got done so far:
  13. Embedded Video Link I made this earlier today, animated it when i got home, first time using after effects. Made the design in photoshop, split it up, and animated On some browsers, you can right click the video and increase the speed by x2, I highly recommend lol
  14. Hi guys. My work laptop is a mac and during downtime Id love to be able to do a bit of spriting on my laptop. What are your top suggestions for mac? I am currently using paint.net on windows and I want something similar to that! Please dont suggest photoshop.
  15. There is my very bad paperdoll i am new at that. And my bad loginscreen. Actually it isn't so bad I am new at AGD so please forgive me If you love this loginscreen i can make for you. Just PM or Comment. Good forums.
  16. Hey everyone, Me and some friends were wanting to start a little side project involving film & music. In addition to filming, acting and playing out sketches I plan on creating some pretty cool stuff (visually). I worked up a logo and wondered what you guys thought? The aim here is to tap into your nostalgic memories. I want you to look at the logo and our works and feel like you're in a different place or a different time while maintaining a grasp on reality (if that makes any sense). Anyways, let me know what you think! It's extremely simple, I kind of wanted to keep it that way.
  17. Long story short, my project Xeris is getting to the point where I need to start working on rendering the game objects so I can actually see them processing on screen. I was thinking of going with SFML.NET but figured I would ask around for opinions first. Please keep in mind that being able to google information on how to use the library is a plus, as I am not too familiar with them.
  18. Hi Guys, so I have been in need of some key DBZ buildings but need to fit the VX Ace modern style. Here is my capsule corp so far What do you think?
  19. I'm working on my new graphics. What do you think about the grass? And the other tiles? New Tiles!
  20. Instead of creating a new thread each time I start something. I will update this thread with WIPS/finished products maybe for general or future use, depending. Any feedback is appreciated/accepted, either colors or shading. Werewolf graphic & updates. *NEW* Skeleton graphic & updates (needs better body shading). Skele close. Skele far view. False Worshiper. False Worshiper small.
  21. Hello everyone! I was wondering, which graphics should I use in my project, more realistic ones, eg. Celianna paid tilesets, or maybe a Time Fantasy tileset? The problem is that with Celianna tileset, character sprites looks different(map tiles are more realistic, not so "pixeled" as characters, eg. Intersect char generator characters). They(characters) also look different on Time Fantasy map tiles, but the difference seems to be almost uncatchable. I tried to find some character sprites that fits Celianna tiles(even paid spritesheets), but after all I failed. Want to hear your opinion about that, guys. Maybe a link to sprites that fits to Celianna's tiles.
  22. I hope you like it. Old New I like it simple and clean so here are some new tilesets I'm working on. How it looks ingame I think it suits well to Breeze
  23. Hey guys I started a new gaming channel, based around the concept of my girlfriend thinks i spend too much time gaming. I haven't got much videos yet, and my old video is low quality. But sense then my quality has improved and become more professional. Check out my funny Welcome video for the channel. If you like it please subscribe, all support is appreciated. I think you guys will enjoy the video.
  24. I have been quite for a bit. Been working my ass off in RL and trying to re-do all the old graphics in Ambardia to a brand new toon style. The whole game seems fun and exciting again. Here is a top secret screen shot
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