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  1. It would be nice to know the Internet Speed of each package too
  2. Ranqe

    Today I did this on my project...

    Using the Ruinic Suite
  3. Runs super smooth, steady 15 ping and Fps 238.
  4. Ranqe

    Today I did this on my project...

    These all look great! Especially, @General Awesome's Ruinic!
  5. Ranqe

    Today I did this on my project...

    @Richy Good job!
  6. Ranqe

    Ruinic - Competitive Dungeon Crawler

    Glad you picked this back up and are back on the computer more now! Great work man! Looks awesome and came super far from when I saw it a long time ago!
  7. Ranqe

    In Memory of Lumiere

    I remember her for always making me laugh in the shout box, back during the Eclipse days. I never knew she was going through what she went through and I hope everyone who knew her to cherish her memory, and the memories with people from Eclipse good and bad!
  8. Ranqe

    Was fun

    Rest In Peace....
  9. @PandaCoder Dude we both have the name Robert! But aside from that, these are great features! Especially the automatic port forwarding. @jcsnider and @Kibbelz keep up the good work!!!
  10. Ranqe

    Graphics Style vote

    Second one all the way! xD
  11. Ranqe


    Nothing to Show Nothing To See?
  12. Ranqe

    [PAID] Simple VB6 Task

    There will be more in the future I promise haha xD
  13. I am looking for someone to edit the CrystalShire Source so passwords are saved in the Server Data folder in the CharacterName.ini rather than MYSQL. I removed the Mysql and Auth system I just need someone to program so that when you type in a username and password it saves the pass to the file and checks if it's correct if you already have an account. I will throw in another 50$ for a total of $100 if they could also fully remove all traces from the engine the Trade system, Resource System and Shop System.