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  1. I tend to learn by modifying already existing source code until I get a good grasp on everything but if you want to work from the ground up then microsoft has a basic C# primer collection of text tutorials that walk you through the core of the language, it can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/tutorials/intro-to-csharp/. Depending on what you want to do you might have to look into MonoGame and Xna (they both work nearly the same since MonoGame exists to supersede Xna) since MonoGame is used for the graphics rending in the engine. Generally though if you're comfortable with programming you can probably just get directly into modifying some basic things and it should all make sense. (you can start by applying some git patches from the source mods section and seeing what they changed and implemented if you think that could help)
  2. Congratulations boys, seems surreal for this to really be happening and not a prank at this point
  3. I don't have a good image so have a bad meme instead
  4. Yeah intersect is in C#, no way now and you'll have to go check what the ETA on the source is if there even is one but in terms of implementation there's https://github.com/Lachee/discord-rpc-csharp.
  5. I believe that you'll have to wait till the source is released to implement rich presence, although it shouldn't be too difficult as C# libraries already exist to deal with rich presence.
  6. I think that just makes the event trigger if the player goes directly next to it and presses E so it's used for shops and npcs and things like that.
  7. Merry christmas you complete losers! Have a good day from the GMT gang :18_kissing_heart:

    1. faller-magie
    2. panda


      Reported for sharing porn in the shoutbox, Merry Christmas! @Damian666



  8. The elements of the map aren't bad but it's all a bit chaotic. It's slightly overdecorated and there isn't really a sense of movement flow as well as no real landmarks or order. Not bad looking but might be slightly annoying in terms of gameplay.
  9. Why you're less cool than me. Why am I so good at Halo?
  10. Reality is poison. Why am I the coolest guy to ever visit this forum?
  11. The steam page has some pretty heated reviews from the past, is there a particular reason you kept the game on the same page as the old one rather than releasing it as a new product?
  12. I got my exam results back and I absolutely destroyed it ;)

    1. Kibbelz
    2. Oddly


      You're supposed to fill out those questions, not destroy them

    3. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Nice work! 


      Pretty good for a 6 year old!

  13. 5 (I don't have a joke here, it's the number five alright)
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