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  1. Really like that, that's a cool way of using the event system. Good job never seen that before
  2. And I wasn't happy about it. I generally didn't like Let's Go all that much. Glad to see another game catering to experience Pokemon veterans.
  3. I wasn't really let down by the starters. There's ganna be what, over 1000 different Pokemon? I'm not surprised they are running out of ideas lol. But overall I liked the design, a fire bunny, water tadpoles, and grass monkey. They look cutesy but I hope there evolutions are badass. You can make a badass fire bunny for the last evolutions. I'm just excited they finally announced the game we can play competitive on the switch!! Also the wild battles seem back to normal, none of that stupid Pokemon Go wild battle shit from let's go. Hated that tbch.
  4. I don't believe it will give you the skill unless you make an event in the common events that's like if player is = lv2 then grant "Slash" spell or something. If you dont want to do this I believe you can make an item that teaches u the spell.
  5. Ahahahahahaha thats too much of a conicidence. But the real reason is really because KIBBELZ sold the source already under a liscense which cant be sold again , to Nintendo and is using it as a scape goat to create an unofficial pokemon MMO without copyright infringement.
  6. @panda that is a bit weird....wtf lol also /friend Giligis
  7. Lootboxes are dope, give you cosmetic items, TMs, and moneys/gold. I like the idea of lootboxes. What do you mean evolved pokemon outside pallet? You can start in Johto so if they have evolved pokemon its because they started there. Gen 2 in region 1 and there's gen 1 in region 2 as well. Add me both of ya!! @Damian666 @panda
  8. Yeah the games highly addictive, I'm going to add you all! @mcadams u should join my guild and pixel an emblem for me, the one I came up with is amateur af lol. Yall both beat Kanto and Johto lol. I been casually going through. Also, end game is where I'm going to grind for shinies and good natures/IV reset. Things of that nature, get my pokemon ready for PvP.
  9. So if any of you can remember, I’ve always loved Pokémon. Well, recently, I became bored and stumbled upon someone streaming a game called PokeOne. Its a 3D Pokémon mmo, and I’ve got to say. Words do not do it justice. They really nailed it this time, these developers made an incredible Pokémon game. The gameplaying makes sense, you don’t have to over level your Pokémon or anything , it feels like it was made by Nintendo. I’d go over every feature that it includes but I’m sure you’ve dabbled enough in Pokémon MMOs for me to not have too. This game is still in beta, so some things are missing for the most part, it’s there, and it’s addicting as hell. You join through their discord. You can get the link here: Http://www.pokeone.com if you end up playing drop me a message or just add Giligis!
  10. Wow, mate. Must say, looks really good! Thanks for the share<3
  11. Most def rough around the edges, was a quick one hahah. Maybe you can use this as a place holder or reference!
  12. @Kasplant If you like it, use it Did it while I was pretty bored haha. http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/86cb0b9fdcdf28fcc65cee964deb0d6e.png
  13. I believe I seen kicking around that (maybe) they will add the ability to move where the name goes, I.e bring it down or put the name below the player, I can’t remember if JC said he was going to tackle it but I do remember it being brought up, regardless it’s a great idea due to things of this nature. Even if you have the source, it will be beneficial to those without programming knowledge. Whether they do or don’t I think it’s a good idea.
  14. Video has a bit of combat, doesn’t look like Pokémon go combat
  15. No idea what you talking about
  16. Your raps are childish, mediocre at best, and your pixel art sucks, had to get that offa my chest. Your game is a Nightmare, like quick literally, the gameplay is boring and werewolves? You've got to be kidding me! You can make 20 games, that are equal to shit, I don't even finish my projects and they're a hit. You should get back to developing, or maybe not? Cuz I think your skills are lacking more than you thought! I'm actually genuinely happy with this LOL
  17. If you make the puzzles require enough skill, even a walkthrough will probably difficult for most people. I'd say its a cool idea, but not my type of game. It sounds cool though, and I know alot people that like hidden object type games, an online presence might be really cool. I think @Damian666 likes hidden object games? Perhaps its something he'd like.
  18. What you need it for is a good question, because if no players are playing the game, whys it matter?
  19. Looks really good mate!! I especially like the spear with a skull on it, looks barbaric!!
  20. I’m personally thinking of waiting until source myself and just continue mapping. The system is very tedious work and I think would be much easier when source is out. The workload is just much too heavy.
  21. Its not really Pokemons data that I need to be input. Its a recruitment system that works basically like this: Souls are "Pokemon" essentially, souls allow you to change between different pokemon. Souls are items, so for every Pokemon you create 11 different souls like so: Lv5 Charmander Lvl10 Charmander Lvl20 Charmander Lvl30 Charmander and so on So your inventory is sort of like a roster. However, to avoid making 100 items and events for each Pokemon, I made the intervals of 10, so you don't want to switch Pokemon until you've hit the next interval. So with this, you need common events that evolve the pokemon at the level, teach it attacks, and that you get a new soul when you hit the lvl 10 increment. You also have to make events for the item so that it changes your level, class, face, sprite, etc. Its alot of work TBH, which is why this is how I think it'll work: I'll make it so Pokemon trainers use Pokemon against you in defense. Defeating these Pokemon has a chance to drop its "soul" and you can use/change into that Pokemon if you happen to get its soul. I will create an entirely new region, "Mindoh", and Pokemon Trainers throughout will have Pokemon scattered from all 7 generations, but by no means will there be all of them. Once the game is released, people can request Pokemon they'd like implemented, and then with the release of the source we can program a proper "recruiting system".
  22. Just keep a character logged in on whatever computers hosting the server.
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