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  1. Nice mapping. Have you thought about tree canopies? Not only would it save time probably but it would create some nice contrast so that you're playing field stands out more.
  2. Since you plan putting effort into creating a kickstarter campaign, I would like to help save you some trouble. I hope you don't find the following offensive. But having released at least one game so far on Steam & having done a pretty fail kickstarter campaign I can tell you the mistakes I made, in hopes that you or others don't make them as well. Keep in mind that you're competing with indie game companies (not to mention triple A) that only produce high quality and polished titles. At least the ones that are popular are polished. Just look at all the trending games and you will see where they shine. Then the question becomes, is what I'm producing good enough to stand up to the market? For one, the maps are very bland. And the mixed assets look bad. The different resolutions also look pretty bad. It's good that you're being creative. But at this point your best bet is to find someone who can do art or code or both and start building a team. This way you can build on assets and start assembling everything you'll need art or code wise while adding new things as you go. It's good if you have skills yourself, but if the only skill you have is mapping you want to make sure your mapping skills are second to none. The issues with these maps aren't just that they're square. There is no life to them. I don't feel immersed. And if I have learned anything about visual design it's that you really want your players to feel like they have entered into a whole new world. However, in their current state your maps don't say that. They say "This is another cookie cutter mmo with bland design". And we haven't even got to game mechanics yet. So then, you will be lucky to have 50 people like the game. You'll be luckier if more than 5 stick around just to socialize. My honest advice is to look at some 2D mapping tutorials and really great maps done over at the rpgmaker forums (trust me, you'll notice the quality diff compared to most maps made on intersect).. It's only going to make your games look better if you're actually serious about game dev. By the sounds of things you take game dev seriously. But it's also hard to be a solo dev, unless your skillsets cover everything. So getting a team should be a high priority imo. It will also make the work go faster.
  3. Resizing would be a solution. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is a limitation of the engine. The solution is for the game logic to check if you're south of the fringe, and if so render the player above it.
  4. The day has arrived. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!
  5. The maps have a nice feel to them. I'm also a fan of the ground transitions, and added details. Keep up the great work.
  6. *Edit* Eventhough this is good for learning some aspects of the event system, it is probably best to do such a system in source.
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