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  1. I'd like to share my method for creating multiple quest rewards. This method checks each time to see if there is available space in your inventory, so that you can have as many rewards as you want without having to worry about the player not getting the items. To do this simply create a variable for your event (the one that has the quest). This will be used to determine which page you are on. Next create a variable called "(Something) Rewards". This variable will determine which item is being rewarded in the sequence. Here are the conditions for the last page (the one where the quest is complete and rewards are ready to be given): And here are the event commands. This part is as simple as using conditional branches to determine whether or not you already received the reward. If the item is not given, it is assumed the player doesn't have space. The dialogue then says "You need more room in your inventory". In this case I have a repeatable quest so at the end of the page I am setting the "Disciple Worship" variable back to 0 (first page), and "Disciple Rewards" to 0. In the case of non-repeatable quests, simply make a 4th page with a condition "Some Quest = 2" and set the variable to 2 instead of 0.
  2. Xeno

    Nightmare is now on Kickstarter

    The first 10 people to join our Discord server will get to participate in Alpha Testing. https://discord.gg/bCmxCS
  3. Xeno

    Nightmare is now on Kickstarter

    For a limited time get 10x Level Up Potions for when we go Early Access. To get this reward, simply join our Discord server & pledge a measly 1$ towards the campaign (The Journey reward). If you decide you want to upgrade to a better reward later you can. (We highly suggest you do) The reason we're asking people to do this, is that it will help our placement on Kickstarter. Here's the Discord server link: https://discord.gg/VU7KRjF And here's our campaign (click the K in the corner):
  4. Xeno

    Nightmare is now on Kickstarter

    We now have Early Bird Specials for 25$ & 50$. But theres a limited amount, so get these rewards while they're hot!
  5. Xeno

    Nightmare is now on Kickstarter

    Thank you for the constructive criticism. We are currently advertising on reddit, and other media platforms as a form of marketing. However, the marketing portion always considers factors like art-work and video production, website management etc. I will be updating the funding section to give more clarity on each individual allocation. The rewards have also been altered, as I realized the lower tier rewards were not offering enough.
  6. We have officially launched Nightmare, our flagship MMORPG, on Kickstarter. Any and all contributions are welcome. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mageworkstudios/nightmare-a-retro-mmorpg Here is our game thread on AGD:
  7. Xeno

    Nightmare Showcase

    In preparation for our Kickstarter campaign we created this game-play video. The campaign will launch by June 11th.
  8. Xeno

    Soulum Ender

    I like the steam-punk feel its got going
  9. Xeno

    Soulum Ender

    Looking good. Tiles look stellar, and the sprites are pretty unique. Good use of the lighting system too.
  10. Xeno

    New Map Load Times

    @jcsnider @Kibbelz @panda This can be closed. Was fixed when "map loss bug" was fixed.
  11. Xeno

    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    RIP AGD .. *cries while epic music plays* .. Oh yea, Everyone's still here... *thinks hard*
  12. Xeno

    Any way to set a map to instanced or solo?

    What if it was instanced zones, instead of instanced maps? Of course then the engine would need some way to know that all connecting maps are part of a "zone". My random thought for the day.