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  1. You can test the game at this point. Though the world is undergoing some major changes atm so you will definately encounter bugs. Mostly visual but some are related to events being re-worked or incomplete.
  2. Resizing would be a solution. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is a limitation of the engine. The solution is for the game logic to check if you're south of the fringe, and if so render the player above it.
  3. The day has arrived. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!
  4. The maps have a nice feel to them. I'm also a fan of the ground transitions, and added details. Keep up the great work.
  5. Thanks. We are working hard on the title. Most announcements can be readily found in our discord for anyone who hasn't joined yet https://discord.gg/3rTFh4U
  6. *Edit* Eventhough this is good for learning some aspects of the event system, it is probably best to do such a system in source.
  7. We are currently recruiting artists that can help with item and(or) mob design. If interested send me a message with some examples of your work. Our company Magework Studios will pay a % of the project's revenue (once the title is released) depending on amount of work done & the quality. Thank you for your time.
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