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  1. I would just like to chime in on the color discussion. Yes, the originals offer more realistic colors (lower contrast / lower saturation..typically), and in real life colors aren't usually as contrasted as they are in Nightmare. But, we did do this on purpose to give the game a semi anime feel. The softness of the palette lends us some courtesy, but it is meant to be surrealistic.
  2. Look at the gif.. the NPC's attack animation is changing directions based on player direction.
  3. Nah, I was at one point. Just have too much on my plate with Nightmare atm. As a sidenote, these are some talented artists. I have personally worked with Zetasis. I think it's good to make these connections too, because we tend to have more coders than artists around. Although that number does seem to be rising.
  4. Hello xeno, I would like to help you in your server in the discord, I will be inviting people to your server I would like to put some better rules, update the channels create the website etc, I have a cool idea. Besides that I really want to help your server.


    I also want to help you configure the MEE6 bot so that when new people enter your server they already have the user role.

  5. If stats were modifiable through events, this would be possible through a common event set to auto-run. But since it's not a source edit is the only viable option.
  6. On the map editor create an event. The 1st page is created automatically. Additional pages are added by clicking "New Page". Animations can be set both in the page itself (as a constant), or to be run as a command.
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