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  1. Giligis

    Shorten hot bar

    Is there anyway to actually shorten the hot bar? For my Pokémon game I’m basically thinking you get all the skills your Pokémon can use(if u are the right level to use em all) but can only place 4 in the hotbar. Is it possible to change the hot bar and remove it to only 4 without the source?
  2. Giligis

    Super slow movement speed

    I think I booched something :S My character moves incredibly slow. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. Giligis

    Today I did this on my project...

    Sounds awesome dude, that’s what I imagine when I think of DBZ, a skillful fight. Needing to dodge and think ahead. I’m interested to see more from ya.
  4. Giligis

    Today I did this on my project...

    That looks awesome! I love how it's just delayed perfectly to be able to some-what dodge it.
  5. Giligis

    Simple Pixel Sick Day

    This sort of style looks awesome, love it man!!
  6. Giligis


    I simply love the art-work, I cant wait to just explore to see the different pieces of artwork in the game. You're doing a splendid job!
  7. This is absolutely amazing, does it use Intersect? EDIT: Read a lil more, it is Very nice, I approve. This is great work, I love the Colosseum tiles.
  8. Giligis

    website links in game?

    Ahhh very interesting. It would be nice to be able to display links through events. I think that would require a tiny source edit.
  9. Giligis

    More a question of possiblities

    Obviously been talked about before hehe but it would require a heavy source edit. Turn based is always nice for a 2D engine.
  10. Giligis

    website links in game?

    Think it has to be a source edit. You could always put it on the GUI itself, but it won't be a clickable link.
  11. Giligis

    Isometric Eclipse

    Yes, essentially thats what I mean. Imagine the player has a torch, a shadow is casted on the building when walking by etc, because you have 3 sides to work with when doing lighting, you could do some awesome looking stuff with it. Like this video in a way.
  12. Giligis

    Isometric Eclipse

    Extremely interesting. I like it, even if it visual basic 6. It will be cool to see how you do lighting, if you do. Could do some real cool stuff with isometric lighting.
  13. Giligis

    Playing Around

    Just as I knew, with paperdoll that sprite is amazing. Tree looks better too.
  14. Giligis

    Playing Around

    Absolutely love the style. Remember working on legend of alzalga with u, you've come a long way. I actually really like the Sprite, with armor and weapons , that Sprite leaves lots of room for detailed paperdolls.
  15. Giligis

    Today I did this on my project...

    Thats what I'm saying though, you dont play zoomed out like that, so yes, it isn't proportioned right, but in 3D you zoom in, that specific tower doesnt look as big as it does zoomed out. The height looks right, I know that tower it looks like from Westfall. I just personally think with 3D its easy and even looks nice to pull off, but looks alot different when 2D. I dont mean to come off as bashing whatsoever, either haha. I like the art work and admire the hard work, just giving my two cents thats all, dont want any hard feelings