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  1. WIP Nimue

    I simply love the art-work, I cant wait to just explore to see the different pieces of artwork in the game. You're doing a splendid job!
  2. This is absolutely amazing, does it use Intersect? EDIT: Read a lil more, it is Very nice, I approve. This is great work, I love the Colosseum tiles.
  3. website links in game?

    Ahhh very interesting. It would be nice to be able to display links through events. I think that would require a tiny source edit.
  4. Obviously been talked about before hehe but it would require a heavy source edit. Turn based is always nice for a 2D engine.
  5. website links in game?

    Think it has to be a source edit. You could always put it on the GUI itself, but it won't be a clickable link.
  6. Graphics Isometric Eclipse

    Yes, essentially thats what I mean. Imagine the player has a torch, a shadow is casted on the building when walking by etc, because you have 3 sides to work with when doing lighting, you could do some awesome looking stuff with it. Like this video in a way.
  7. Graphics Isometric Eclipse

    Extremely interesting. I like it, even if it visual basic 6. It will be cool to see how you do lighting, if you do. Could do some real cool stuff with isometric lighting.
  8. Graphics Playing Around

    Just as I knew, with paperdoll that sprite is amazing. Tree looks better too.
  9. Graphics Playing Around

    Absolutely love the style. Remember working on legend of alzalga with u, you've come a long way. I actually really like the Sprite, with armor and weapons , that Sprite leaves lots of room for detailed paperdolls.
  10. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Thats what I'm saying though, you dont play zoomed out like that, so yes, it isn't proportioned right, but in 3D you zoom in, that specific tower doesnt look as big as it does zoomed out. The height looks right, I know that tower it looks like from Westfall. I just personally think with 3D its easy and even looks nice to pull off, but looks alot different when 2D. I dont mean to come off as bashing whatsoever, either haha. I like the art work and admire the hard work, just giving my two cents thats all, dont want any hard feelings
  11. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Your zoomed way out though, and with 3D, you can zoom in and out. With 2D you cant really change the perspective so its much more noticeable, it doesn't look right with 2D at all, if you can find a 2D example maybe I can see what you are saying but for now it looks awkward and weird to me, its good art, just looks weird to me personally.
  12. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Your proportions are WAY off. That tent is HUGE compared to the player. Doesn't make much sense. Same goes for the trees, the player is super tiny compared to that of the tree or tent. The animals look good though!
  13. Playable Nightmare

    Played a little bit this morning and had a lot of fun, currently stuck on finding the right sewer entrance :S Thats why I logged lol maybe I'll figure it out soon
  14. Universal LPC Sprites

    I can't seem to wrap my head around why you'd think the engine is an epic fail. Not fast enough? Cry me a river. Not being open source is pretty easy concept to understand, they are still changing parts of the engine like crazy and don't wan't to release the source until its in a stable state. Once its open source anything you need to add you can yourself, lord.
  15. Generally what I mean is that if a developer puts the time and effort into a game, no matter what genre will usually keep my attention and provide good entertainment. I like genres with a bit of originality, take Last Day on Earth for example, its a mobile game thats much like Sims, Fallout, The Division, in a post-apocalyptic theme. The way they executed the game makes it feel like its totally own genre and because of the effort (like constant updates) creativity, it makes for an awesome game. Originality sticks out like a sore-thumb. You get a feel for the game and it would be a considerable difference. I'd say thats what would draw you towards THAT project rather than THIS one. The feeling that you've never done it before in a sort of way. Captures what you are loking for.