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  1. Damian666

    How to Compile EclipseOrigins 2.0

    woohoo, good for you man!
  2. Damian666

    How to Compile EclipseOrigins 2.0

    *reads tru his job description* nope, no give vb6 support in there, so fuck it.
  3. Damian666

    How to Compile EclipseOrigins 2.0

    sure, use a newer language, and not vb6
  4. Damian666

    Change Weather in event

    no its not as far as I know
  5. Damian666

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

    not in this thread dude...offtopic etc.
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  7. Damian666

    Map Editor Resolution Problem

    I actually fixed it for most people by making sure the pnl we draw too does not get bigger then the window its in, wing found that out, and I adjusted the code to make sure it does not extend, its not perfect yet, but it seems to work for most. its a buggy windows 10 thing, along with sfml being a buggy mess
  8. Damian666

    Resource intersect engine

    those are rpgmaker's indeed, you can use them, but its not allowed so I would stay clear of them.
  9. Damian666

    AGD Interviews, part one: Dashplant

    oh god no xD
  10. Damian666


    port forwarding is needed, like any game engine. so set your ip on client to your external ip, forward the port, and that should be it
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  12. Damian666

    Make an Weapon Visible

    wrong board... moved...
  13. 00000000000000000000000000000000000000
  14. N0 N0 N0 nice try xD
  15. Damian666


    no , no and no. we wont be adding anymore big features, source release is much more important. after that, the devs, or the community can add what they want