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  1. Damian666

    Free programming books

    there is some nice shit there , great share mate
  2. Damian666

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    no clue sorry, but trust me man, its not worth any money, im one of the few here that even thinks about touching vb6 anymore, so they asked me at a certain point, till I saw that shithole xD
  3. Damian666

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    lol, paying for orake? yea no... trust me, I have seen this source, don't do it lol...
  4. Damian666


    in c#? lol no, no way in hell the one in vb gets bugfixes.
  5. Damian666

    Spell, and inventory menu text color.

    nah, its just called different now I think, check client_strings.json think its in there nowadays.
  6. Damian666

    Which file is the health bar GUI?

    nope, static only im afraid
  7. Damian666

    Spell, and inventory menu text color.

    try the English language file, I think its in there.
  8. Damian666

    NPC's Safety

    the "old" engines relied on that function, but since the event system, npc's are basically the things you attack, and all other stuff is done with events, they are so much more powerfull then npc's
  9. no, it just defaults to first map.
  10. Damian666

    Hello, I'm willing to work with pleasure!

    celiana's tileset its gorgeous huh
  11. Damian666

    Introduction to cracking

    oooh me like
  12. Damian666

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I know its sad, but damn that was funny as fuck xd
  13. Damian666

    Map Editor Resolution Problem

    I have been thinking about moving to the new system, but man... that's a whole lot of work... it uses a waaay differ way of doing stuff, which would mean me rewriting the most part of the engine xD not something I would like to do im afraid... I checked your fix, seems fine, but I would like to see the source if possible
  14. Damian666

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Zelda calendar for 2019, Zelda zippo lighter, and a gamebox for my link to the past snes cardridge that was not boxed
  15. Damian666

    Merry Xmas Ascension Community

    merry fucking Christmas
  16. Damian666

    Dividing By 0 Error.

    make sure you have no ingredients etc set to 0, that would also cause that error. also, we asked for a screenshot of the editor, please provide that so we can look if we spot something
  17. Damian666

    Orion+ 2.0

    I use vs2017, that works great for it.
  18. Damian666

    Orion+ 2.0

    Donate with PayPall Source Link Features: Event System. Multiple Screen Sizes. Lots of Bug Fixes. Housing System. Auto Tiles, normal and animated. Knockback and screenshake on Critical hit. Projectiles. Gui Drawn to screen, including chat! Gather Skills which level up. Adjustments to Npc Drops. Instanced Maps Randomized Items Quest System Crafting System Compatible with the tutorials i released.
  19. Damian666

    Map Editor Resolution Problem

    its actually a newish thing im working on, uses the same systems as intersect. for drawing and network. its nowhere near completion though, but this proofs its sfml that fucks up on windows 10... so that's out of my power to fix im afraid
  20. Damian666

    Map Editor Resolution Problem

    wing, can you try this one > https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1dejrfxj16yfus/Build.rar?dl=0 I wanna know if that one has the same bug...
  21. Damian666

    [bug] Stats Points

    Changed Status to Fixed
  22. Damian666

    [bug] Stats Points

    confirmed and fixed, I think lol
  23. Damian666

    Map Editor Resolution Problem

    wtf... this works fine on my ingame editor, and I am running windows 10 O.o sigh... I cant fix the weird shit windows 10 does im afraid
  24. Damian666

    Orion + source code