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    sorry, I forgot to unhide it xD
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    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    maybe... xD
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    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    please don't double post and here > https://discordapp.com/invite/Ggt3KJV
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    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    nah, were not here anymore man, dead as fuck... O.o
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    Orion+ 2.0

    Donate with PayPall Source Link Features: Event System. Multiple Screen Sizes. Lots of Bug Fixes. Housing System. Auto Tiles, normal and animated. Knockback and screenshake on Critical hit. Projectiles. Gui Drawn to screen, including chat! Gather Skills which level up. Adjustments to Npc Drops. Instanced Maps Randomized Items Quest System Crafting System Compatible with the tutorials i released.
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    Post your pussies

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    Set bonus

    I do actually, you know its a necro, but still do it? >.>
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  10. BAD DOGGY!!!!! 0
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