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  1. I made a tutorial for this some time ago. Not sure if it's the most efficient still but this is how I did it.
  2. More wip castle stuff. Better floor tiles, pillars, animated torches etc.
  3. Fixed the perspective on our water tiles and got the castle tileset started
  4. You can add invisible on-touch events that trigger a switch that indicates whether or not they are in that place at that place's entrances/exits as a way to determine the player's location, and put that switch in the usage requirements for the item to be equipped. Maybe there's a better way to do it but that's one way of making it work.
  5. Go to item > Edit usage requirements > Add list > Add condition > Condition type > Map is .... > add the map you want the item to be equippable on and then add more conditions for each map
  6. Glad everyone else gets to experience the wonder of B6. Keep it up!
  7. Click tile type and use "Auto Tile" then click the top left of the 2x3 tiles. It lets you draw roads and lakes and stuff easily.
  8. Howdy

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      Howdy there partner! 🤠

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