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  1. Intersect supports dynamically sized assets so it looks like the problem lies in the source file being used. If they're 48x48 sprites, make sure they're properly aligned and the sheet is 192x192
  2. mcadams

    How do you Organize your Project?

    Google Docs
  3. mcadams

    Camera zoom functions

    This isn't what you're asking for, but in case you didn't know, Intersect supports dynamically sized assets, so if you want your game to be more "zoomed in", you can simply double the size of your tilesets, entities, etc and they will work just as well. I do this for my project which allows it to have a more pixely/retro look.
  4. mcadams

    World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

    I'm playing and I'm also on Sargeras, small world. Almost 112 but our server just went down. RIP.
  5. mcadams

    How to disable player light ?

    In the Map Editor, under Map Properties and under Lighting, set the Player Light Size to 0.
  6. mcadams

    PokeOne - 3D Pokemon MMO (Beta)

    As a longtime player of MMOs I go unreasonably hard at the start of new ones to get ahead/make money. Plus it was really fun and I was on summer break not working
  7. mcadams

    PokeOne - 3D Pokemon MMO (Beta)

    Games pretty fun. Started a few days after it came out and played for around a week + a half. Haven't been on much at all this past week because of the server issues. Content kinda dries up (understandably) after beating the E4 in each region, besides daily bosses to get TMs/berries/money/rares there's not a whole lot to do until they add a better way to fight other players, right now you basically just go up to people and challenge them, most of the time they'll decline as there's no real dedicated pvp zones yet. Here's my stats/party
  8. mcadams

    Event System help thread

    The problem with using "FirstMeet" is that switches are by default False, so you'd want to word it like "MetBefore" or something. The naming of your switches doesn't actually matter, it's just for your own organizational sake. So you create an event that is your NPC, and add the command Conditional Branch for the player switch MetBefore. Under false, you'll want to put in commands for what happens the first time the player meets the NPC, and make the last command set the switch MetBefore to true. Under true, you'll add commands for what happens when the player talks to the NPC, but it's not the first time they've talked to them. This way, the first time they talk to the NPC, it will be a unique set of commands, and then every time after that it would be a different set of commands.
  9. mcadams

    Event System help thread

    Your best bet is to use the Conditional Branch command and use player variables. Say you want an NPC to teach a player a spell. You have a player switch called HasLearnedFireball or whatever, and then make a Conditional Branch when you make the NPC checking if that switch is true or false. If it's false, you teach them the spell and then set HasLearnedFireball to true, so that next time they talk to the NPC, instead of learning the spell again they do something else.
  10. mcadams

    Scaling amount

    It's so that you can have players attacks and abilities scale with them as they level. Say you make a spell and the scaling stat is 100% Attack. When you're level 1 and have 10 attack, it'll do 10 damage. When you're a higher level and you have 200 attack, that same spell will do 200 damage. etc.
  11. This tutorial is the first in a three part series I'll be doing for my puzzle contest entry. If you want to see these puzzles in practice checkout my post below. This first puzzle is the simplest of the three, only involving two small events, one of which is copy-pasted several times. The goal of this puzzle is to create a path (or paths) that your players must discover using guess-and-check in order to reach the other side of the obstacle. Step 1 — Creating the failure event Step 2 — Creating the completion event Step 3 — Laying out the puzzle events If you did everything correctly, you should wind up with the puzzle displayed at 0:23 in my video. I omitted the attempt tracker because that was specific to part of the fun for the contest and likely wouldn't be wanted for traditional rpg dungeon puzzles that weren't the central focus of the game. Be on the look out for more advanced puzzle tutorials from my submission coming soon. If you have questions or comments about the tutorial, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me a PM on here or Discord.
  12. Yes, just delete the 5th page (Completed) of the marker event. Once you turn in the quest it will go back to the CanStart animation.
  13. mcadams

    Spells and common events

    I believe that event spells can be tied to players only and are uncastable by NPCs, I've tried the same thing before.
  14. On "Is" set it to "On Task", and set the "Task" to the first step in the quest (which is gather supplies.) This is so that the event knows you're in the middle of doing the quest, but you're not on the last step. By "First Task" I mean the first of the two tasks in the quest, which is to gather supplies. I edited the post to make that part clearer.
  15. I just took the screenshots and made this guide today in Beta 4.5.