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  1. Arcwyre Very Good News!

    Discord link is dead
  2. More slots and paperdolls

    Yes, you can edit the xml files to add more slots and change the order in which paperdolls render.
  3. Faction system through Events?

    Just make a variable that determines what faction you are and then make a Quest Start Requirement for the faction-only quests be that you're apart of that faction
  4. Yes, just delete the 5th page (Completed) of the marker event. Once you turn in the quest it will go back to the CanStart animation.
  5. Spells and common events

    I believe that event spells can be tied to players only and are uncastable by NPCs, I've tried the same thing before.
  6. On "Is" set it to "On Task", and set the "Task" to the first step in the quest (which is gather supplies.) This is so that the event knows you're in the middle of doing the quest, but you're not on the last step. By "First Task" I mean the first of the two tasks in the quest, which is to gather supplies. I edited the post to make that part clearer.
  7. I just took the screenshots and made this guide today in Beta 4.5.
  8. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Early Christmas present.
  9. Wassup. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make quest markers in Intersect using the event system. By quest markers, I mean symbols that appear above an event/NPCs head that signify if they have a quest available, if they will have on available in the future, if you're currently on their quest, and if you can complete their quest. I. Animations/Art As far as art goes, you're going to need four different animations. They don't need to be actually animated, but they need to be created as "animations" in your editor. II. Quest setup Before we can start with the quest markers, we need a quest. I'll be making a one-step quest for this example for simplicity's sake III. Quest Event setup Now that your quest is created, we can make the event for it. IV. Quest Marker Event setup Now that your quest and quest event are finally all good to go, time to do what we came here to do — make quest markers. V. Result Assuming you've followed every step correctly, this should be your end result! Lieutenant Snider is offering a quest, but my character isn't level 5, so I can't start it. However, I know that there is a quest there I will eventually be able to start! Thanks to some useful admin commands, I can make my character level 5, and boom! Now the marker is yellow, changing animations and showing I can start a quest there. Talking to Lieutenant Snider, he offers me a quest, and I accept it. Now that I've started the quest, the marker changes, showing me I have a quest in progress, but I haven't done everything it asks me to do yet. After doing what the quest asks (collecting four of an item) I will be on the final task, which will be to turn in the items and complete the quest. The marker will change for a fourth time to show that the quest is ready to be turned in. After talking to Lieutenant Snider with the quest on its final step, the quest will complete, and the marker will disappear, showing that there's no more quests available at the npc. That's it! If you have any questions on the guide or are stuck on a part, feel free to shoot me a PM on here or Discord, or post a question below. Thanks!
  10. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Very carefully.
  11. How do I join maps with autotile?

    You need to use the same autotile on the same layer and it should automatically continue the autotile for you.
  12. A Cat Silhouette

    Holy necro, Batman!
  13. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Finished up the starting zone a few minutes ago, complete with four quests that will get you to level 2!
  14. Title