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  1. So I present you my new future abandoned project
  2. I would suggest you to increase your font's size a bit.
  3. Yeah guys I'm slowly going to make my come back into the community and one of the first thing i'm planning on to do is to edit and add stuff to this guide. For now i've added thing to the position part since it's one of the thing I need to do help @demsoul
  4. You won't be able to truly make them together without source edit but a fake fusion is probably possible.
  5. @demsoul Hey before I try it I just want to be sure to really understand what you want. I don't want to give you an answer that isn't what you wish to do. Here's a pic could you tell me if that's what you want? If it is then that's more work that I thought (didn't think of a full redesign of the playerbox else it will be awful ) The whole thing with centerH and with still the 10 hotbar item?
  6. I'm probably going to take a look to it this weekend if nobody reply until then.
  7. If I remember correctly that was a April fools from few years ago.
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