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  1. The real panda

    Why are you telling fake news ?
  2. Need Help In need of "Data Inputers"

    It could be useful to include what pokemon gen you want to include in the game.
  3. Work with a friend

    Guys you have forgot to tell to@Raza that he need to upgrade the accounts level to 2 (administrator) to let his friends to be able to use the editor. Normal/moderator account doesn't have the permission to acces it. You will have to write on the server: '/poweracc' + 'account name' + '2' Ex: /poweracc Raza 2
  4. Chatbox text size

    Maybe this feature is still hardcoded ?!?
  5. Chatbox text size

    @Khaikaa Search for those lines: <ChatboxWindow> -> <MessageList> -> <HorizontalScrollBar> -> <DownOrRightButton> -> <Font>arial,10</Font> <ChatboxWindow> -> <MessageList> -> <VerticalScrollBar> -> <UpOrLeftButton> -> <Font>arial,10</Font> <ChatboxWindow> -> <MessageList> -> <VerticalScrollBar> -> <DownOrRightButton> -> <Font>arial,10</Font> <ChatboxWindow> doesn't have any <Font> directly, you have to change every <Font> inside every of his child.
  6. Closed Alpha La Ultima Guerra 2D/ The Last War 2D

    It would be better to interchange the two language part cause it's the english section of the forum. Also lower the use of bold, abusing of it is against the rules.
  7. I've found that amazing website

  8. Show Text in front of player

    @Peaverin , @PinkAngel, @Rayslay At this moment you could make a global event 'Text on player' without any trigger (with condition "Player variable 'Text player is higher than 0'") with a player variable and some conditionnal banch. Then make many animation of only one frame as you want-> one .png for one text. -> player variable 'Text player' at 1 give the text 1.... Put some event on maps which will set the variable 'Text player' then activate the event 'Text on player' so in your event would looks like: if player variable 'Text player' is egal to 1 then: Play animation Text_1 on top of the player Wait X ms (time of the animation) Set player variable Text player to 0 Else if player variable 'Text player' is egal to 2 then: Play animation Text_2 on top of the player Wait X ms (time of the animation) Set player variable Text player to 0 Else .....
  9. Graphics Rate my game visuals, please!

    Surely one of the best game at a visual point i've seen since i'm here. Can't wait the releasing day to try it.
  10. Change Color

    @18jonatas18 you are looking for the image with the ending "item.png" such as menuitem.png, inventoryitem.png, shopitem.png....
  11. Game start with invisable player

    The set road option have a feature to hide name, i think it's available for player. So what @kronoX1 will have to do is: 1) Set is class with the sprite invisible.png (no pixel on the spriteset) 2) make a player variable 3) create a event trigged by login 4) put in this event like you want (at the start of it make a "set road" to hide the player name (with wait for player complete route) 5) dont forget to make another player route to unhide the player's name and set the sprite you want.
  12. No NPCs on map

    @jcsnider @Khaikaa npc spawned by event doesn't work with this feature. My boss appear after my "cutscene" and after spawning the npc it spawn alot more. So the player as agains 5 boss at the same time. Edit: please if you edit this feature make that we can choose the maps, this ways would be alot better.
  13. Map size (events)

    Yes you can, i don't know if it will have a with the B5 migrator but for intersect's performence yes. Please read it completely:
  14. PaperDoll Options

    Sadly the engine don't have this feature.
  15. Animated Sprites config tag

    Dont forget to put a ' , ' between each spriteset (if you want to animate more than one.