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  1. @Atsuya you can't without source.
  2. Well when someone log into the server it need to load all the player's data which use cpu ressource.
  3. Took me two hours to do this The player's level will be display by default to new characters and the systems will adapt it for old characters.
  4. I didn't see it but i would like too see the two version: The actual movie and the original
  5. Did you do it while the server was close?
  6. did you click on the client .exe then click on rename? If yes you didn't rename the game. You have to change it in the config.json in the resource folder inside the server folder.
  7. Yes, but it should also be limited at inside the player box.
  8. Si la taille du champs dédié au texte est supérieur à celui de la fenêtre alors le texte sera coupé. Il n'y a pas d'autre moins que d'agrandir l'espace ou le texte est affiché dans la fenêtre. Par contre si un objet a une courte description la fenêtre affichera un espace vide.
  9. Cause you want to live somewhere inside a home instead of outside? When are you guy going to buy another cookie box? I'm hungry
  10. Cause it is? @Ainz Ooal Gown Why did you denounced me
  11. Why not work on the actual UI of the engine instead? XD
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