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  1. Gibier

    How i change the speed of player with a event ?

    With event move route.
  2. Gibier

    Higher Level Players are weaker

    Well if the goal is to get weak.
  3. Gibier

    How i put a sound in Inventory button ?

    Open MenuContainer.json search the line 67 which contain '"ClickSound": null' change null by the name of your sound.
  4. You will have to wait for the source.
  5. Gibier

    No NPC Condition

    Event dont care about spawned npc from another event. It will only work if every npc of the map is dead. (Declared npc in the map editor)
  6. Gibier

    What did you get for Christmas?

    So i learned today that steam gift card was total shit:
  7. Gibier

    What did you get for Christmas?

    A christmas card with 80$ in it and a 20$ steam gift card.
  8. Gibier

    Orion+ 2.0

    Not vb, vs (visual studio comunity is free)
  9. Gibier

    character select

    Open the file config.json in the resources folder of the server and look at line 14 it have '"MaxCharacters": 1,' Change the 1 to what you want.
  10. Gibier


    Surely, the launcher is verify the file in the game's folder then checker if an file isn't in the same version that in the google account. But i didn't tried it so @jcsnider will be able to reply to you.
  11. @stephane @GameMasterQC merci d'éviter les necropost.
  12. Gibier

    Intersect Beta en Francais

    Si tu as des questions en lien avec intersect veillez les demander dans la bonne section.
  13. Gibier

    Blue Evolution - 2D Dragon Ball MMO

    @MintyFresh @Dashplant Blue Evolution is still in the making progress. I'm ask to the creator to give me the invitation link. https://discord.gg/eZ3Kh9