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  1. The current progress of my game's world
  2. Today I was able to turn back my project from B7.0.0 to B6.2
  3. I did my first world's base It's only 580 maps
  4. @Beefy Kasplant that's sad but for now you'll have to shake your screen with your own hands.
  5. Nice but while you were making dash 2.0 we were all waiting for dash 4.0
  6. Indeed these are the tileset on jc's link.
  7. I started the main base of one of the three first city of my new game.
  8. Thinking about a new new project from scratch.

  9. That's not perfectly whaty he want. If one player is at 2A and another one is at 2C and move to the right the character will move to 2A and see the other player. The only way you could do that would be with source edit.
  10. If i'm not mistaken to trigger the player need to walk on it or touch it.
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