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  1. That's exactly what i wanted to do but seems that my current editor system but and don't let me set a variable....
  2. Meh the only reason why this doesn't work like niko want is cause we can't set a variable by affecting it with another. Else it would work fine with few lines. The event system is fine but with few more feature it would be awesome.
  3. Meh who screw up my 420 community reputation? >:(

  4. @FroziDeamon je t'ai envoyé une demande d'ami sur discord.
  5. @faller-magie la prochaine update n'esy pas l'open-source ^^ Release Candidate 1: Rebase Resource entities on the server the improve ram usage. Further packet cleanup, combining some groups of packets (see TODOs in code) We will use this time to fix bugs, get guides/documentation written and more before everything officially goes live. Release Candidate 2: We hopefully won't need this but it's here, just in case. We will use this time to fix bugs, get guides/documentation written and more before everything officially goes live. Intersect 1.0 (Source Release!): For the final release we are going to reset the version number to 1.0. Instead of Alpha 1.X or beta 2.X we're simply going to call it Intersect 1.0. The source will become available at this point. We (Joe and I) will spend less time developing and more time helping everyone make games. We will start releasing source tutorials, getting started guides, and more! We want to be here before Q4 2047! ..and then we can start on the Intersect 2.0 road map.
  6. I think my cooking system would be a good event tutorial. I would create it but i'm too lazy, ig would be nice to see how you would make it. And would know maybe you would make it better or find anoyher way to use event (i doubt it but who know) If you recreate it i'll upload my system's event page to show that you can do the exact same event without making the exact same event page.
  7. Good luck with your request, i ask for tutorial request on my event tutorial age ago and never got one. Hope you have more luck than me xD
  8. Click on the noc and you will see his level on the target window.... Also level are made to let the player an estimation about the npc's power level.
  9. Pourrais-tu mettre ton sprite sur ce sujet? Je doute que l'on puisse t'aider sans l'avoir.
  10. Let's face the truth (Yeah yeah i know i didn't adapt my memes but that it's not your business.
  11. Instanced maps, like guild it can be made with event but it's bad and basically a waste of time.
  12. The npc's level seems to be hard coded at maximum 100. You will probably need to wait until intersect 1.0 is release to edit the source to increase the maximum level of npc.
  13. The engine is made that when the character die, the player respawn on the same map then the first connection after the character creation. You have two choice: 1) Make an event to warp the character to the death location map. Set the event trigger to 'respawn' 2) Make that the character spawn at the death location map and make a switch ''Have already played '' and an event that will warp the character to the ''Home'' map. Add the event condition with ''Have already played '' is false. In the event add the command warp player to map 'Home' and set the switch ''Have already played '' to true. Set the trigger to automatic.
  14. It seems to be hard coded, you should wait until one of the engine's developer reply to your question.
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