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  1. If i'm not mistaken to trigger the player need to walk on it or touch it.
  2. @Engelion your pictiure's link is broken.
  3. You will need to edit the source go to show the map outside this box
  4. 0 moderator is sleeping, @Damian666 doesn't have pupils so he can't sleep.
  5. I think there are all in the xml format
  6. Impossible sans modifier les sources.
  7. That would be perfect in the class editor.
  8. Indeed, but my source version is almost a vanilla version though.
  9. Never mind turns out that i didn't know how the mod work.
  10. @Beefy Kasplant @seethingword This patch work with the 6.2.0 (that will depend on your custom source though) I tried with and without this mod
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