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  1. Gibier

    Tutorial on intersect's UI

    I just made some edit on the first post to update the tutorial to the B5. I'm thinking to use the new intersect UI that will come with the B5 or later to make it. It will probably be a good idea cause it's really different than the actual UI.
  2. Does someone here want to have overwatch? This game will never be on my pc for sure.

    1. jcsnider
    2. Gibier


      I send you the link, not sure if it's a good idea with the B5 development :7_sweat_smile:

    3. Cashplant


      Jeez, the one time JC interacts with the community...

  3. Gibier

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    It would be nice to update the screenshots to show the time fantasy tileset.
  4. Gibier

    No NPC's on Map bug

    I think jcsnider said that this function was created to work only with npc on map with the map editor.
  5. Gibier

    change the character's top down

    He want to change the keyboarding configuration from qwerty keys to azerty.
  6. Gibier

    How do you Organize your Project?

    I use google document.
  7. Gibier

    How can i do "Use if doesn't know skill"

    With the current event system you will need to create player switch related to you spell. If the player doesn't know the spell 1 than the switch "spell 1" will be set to false. If the player know it than set it to true. But with this method you will need to give your spell by event.
  8. Hey Humble bundle giveaway Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine until the 1st september.

  9. Gibier

    Few questions

    Hi so here's your answers to almost all your questions: click on move: no you will need to edit the source when they will come out. Auto attack: You will also need to edit the source for that. NPC drop more than one item: The engine already have that feature. You have a slider where you choose with item the npc will drop and how many different item. Common event editor commands: Sorry i don't know the answer. Turn on the spot: You will have to edit the source for that. For now the only way to do that is by event and mouvement key dont trigger event. Diagonal mouvement: also need source edit. Only the engine developper can tell if those feature will be added but they are not on the road map so i don't think so.
  10. Gibier

    Perspective is an art

    @OddlyDoddly Did you start smoking weed again?
  11. Gibier

    Boss Raid Event

    As @Phenomenal said it will be able with the B5. Just create a global event and a player switch "Is in boss room". (I would personnally use event on map to teleport the player to the boss room instead of tp. This way you will be able to set the switch to true.) Set the conditionnal branch to trigger it to if player switch "Is in boss room" is set to true.
  12. Gibier

    Tutorial on intersect's UI

    Hey guys as you already know i'll rewrite this tutorial when the B5 will be release. I was wondering if it would be a great idea to include a spoiler to show how to make specific edit with picture?
  13. Gibier


    All the equipment can use paperdoll.
  14. Gibier

    Tutoriel sur la dimension Z

    Avant de commencer cer tutoriel il faut configurer le moteur de jeu pour qu'il utilise la fonction qui est bloqué de base. 1) Ouvrez le config.xml du dossier serveur. 2) Ajouter la ligne <ZDimensionVisible>True</ZDimensionVisible> à la fin de <Map> (utilisez CTRL + F pour faire une recherche. 3) Ouvrez le server.exe, puis l'éditeur. 4) Faites votre carte: 5) Ouvrez l'onglet Attributs pour voir ceci: 6) Mettez vos bloqueurs et vos passerelle de niveau: 7) Mettez les bloqueurs du niveau 2: 7) Mettez les bloqueurs du niveau 1: Explication: Lorsque le joueur sera sur le niveau 1 il pourra aller sous les tiles au-dessus des joueurs. Lorsqu'il sera sur le 2e niveau il passera au-dessus de ces tiles.