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  1. Why can't you guy accept that the answer is 0?
  2. Well first of all you need to wait until the game is release (when i'll be safe finacially (I got a new job last week and want to be sure it is stable before "wasting" money on the game. And well it's basically a memes game so i'm not sure that i'll pay for a 24/24 7/7 vps xD cause I dont really see the point of buying one for a game which have one event (the event only have one conditionnal switch and 3 lines xD) and one map
  3. This game is a total rip off of this game, but made with intersect engine instead of Invision cms, so it's way better Gameplay: Just select your character and login to the game to see the count increasing while no moderator or admin are connected nothing more to do. Credit: @Sweet Candy for helping me with ALL THE GAME'S CONTENTS
  4. Gibier

    Use \gv in login event with B5.1

    I already planned to do it and also mention your help in my game's credit!
  5. Gibier

    Use \gv in login event with B5.1

    Thank, i'll try it when i'll back at home. Seems like the tutorial need to be updated ^^
  6. Gibier

    Show Off - HypnoLotus

    Then, maybe you should do like crest and stop doing drugs
  7. So i'm not too sure why but it doesn't work in the B5.1: My line in my event is litterally: \gv 1 (I tried \gv1, /gv1, /gv 1) Nothing work so does the feature is broken? I need this to be able to release the best game ever made with intersect.
  8. Indeed Itsn't hard, it's just basically wasting time that cpuld be use to do something that you wont have to delete after source release.
  9. No you will need to wait for the source to make that system.