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  1. Aliensaliva


    Minimalistic and streamline...sexy
  2. I'd say one but with bigger trees. Yes, two looks more aesthetically pleasing, but one just looks playful and fun.
  3. whoa...everyone please calm down... im new to the whole forums scene. I didn't know there were such courtesies nor did i know necroing was a thing... now i know haha lets put this thing to rest yeah?
  4. Aliensaliva


    Its got this dark /depressing look to it...cant wait to play! ^^
  5. IDK what everyone's talking about. The legs are fine. gives em a "punky" feel.(cuz standing straight is overrated)
  6. The graphics are charming. Carry on good sir
  7. Looks good but could use a bit of work.
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