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  1. You can change the tilesize in the config. Not sure how well that works though
  2. Doesn't help that you call it Silvershire and then copy the style though. I don't care, and I don't know the legal backing that Robin has, but if you make something similar in style, colours and name, be prepared to have people question you.
  3. In the animation editor you can click -> Render below fringe
  4. Might be possible if you change the classes with event spells or something roundabout like that. Best option is to wait for source
  5. When people take off their paperdolls, their sprite would be a floating head
  6. Not at the moment.. Even if you could, what would it look like if people took of their paperdoll?
  7. When transformed it will stop rendering the paperdoll.
  8. You should set an integer variable so the system knows the player already received the message. Then you should also reset this variable when the player leaves the PVP zone
  9. Dont you have to give the colour 'red' an ARGB value too somewhere?
  10. Just the specs won't help. You need to give more information. Show the lag For who is it lagging What kind of events do you have that might lag the server etc etc etc
  11. U need sum milk!

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      *Drinks the milk*


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      Ah! 'Tis the finest cow juice I ever did lay thy lips upon! 

    4. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      *nods approvingly*

  12. You have to rotate the animation file so the slash points north. You have rotations disabled -> why? Make sure the animation file is aligned properly
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