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  1. Advanced Animations

    That is something you will have to put in when source comes out.
  2. Create a sprite for my game

    Not saying I will ever make my game, but sometimes I enjoy spriting. Anyways: Go to this site: Post your favourite fusion (Preferably an image, not a link The 3 posts with the most likes will win and Ill try to create that sprite!
  3. Advanced Animations

    You can put in animations with more than 4 frames. You can put your own resources in.
  4. Logo

  5. [RMXP] NetMaker

    So does this have all the features that RMXP has? Or how does this work?
  6. Last one to post wins

  7. Y'all need sum milk? :256_cow2:

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    2. jcsnider


      I need to disable name changes -- this is getting ridiculous...


      but yes, milk plz

    3. Beefy Kasplant
    4. Crest


      I love name changes.

  8. Spell or skill that creates minion - Suggestion

    This will never be in the base engine. It's a cool feature and I am sure you will find someone willing to program this once the source is out.
  9. Y'all need sum milk

  10. Show a variable value in CHARACTER INFO screen

    When source is out this will be an easy add-on. But right now it's not possible
  11. Intersect Beta 4.4 Released!

    Nice work JC! Appreciate it as always!Might even test dashes this time
  12. Suggestion: NPC faction system with reputation points

    That will be possible once source comes out. Won't be hard to program in yourself
  13. Common Event, On Kill Player (PVP)

    Yes please. Would be a nice addition for shuuureee
  14. On Monster Die Event

    Im pretty sure you can do this already? If not, seems like a must have feature to create proper boss battles
  15. Finding player stats

    You need a program like SQLite to open the Intersect database. Which is located in the folder which @Gibier pointed out. .\Server\resources\intersect.db