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  1. Can't even imagine how you would make a dynamic skill tree. Would be very cool as a plugin though.
  2. Post logs and do you have your weaponslot/shieldslot server config setup correctly
  3. Edited topic. Need help! I have a custom B7 that needs to be updated with all the latest commits.
  4. Probably not. You know, you can always try it
  5. Lol. Classic. You're going to miss so much in Godot that Intersect does have. Make sure you pick one engine and stick to it, there are so many people here restarting their project in something new every 4 months and they never release
  6. Do you have any paperdoll files in your resources -> Paperdolls folder?
  7. Set the item type to Equipment Choose the equipment type: helmet, armour, boots, shield, etc Scroll down and pick the paperdoll for male and female versions
  8. It's my honour to give you your 69th like
  9. There is a mod in 6.2, it broke so I hid it. https://kasplant.itch.io/kash-shop-item-stack-limits It's back online. It might serve as a good base? Not sure. EDIT: Also set the price to $0 lol. Sorry!
  10. Ctrl f: spell Replace all: skill I'd start there and then see if you need to pay someone
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