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  1. Sounds like it's breaking because you're doing something you aren't supposed to do, to be honest. Do you have some events linked to this? Also, I don't see any stat point gain in the editor screenshot you showed, or any levels in the other screenshots
  2. Thanks for linking this in the sb! Shack-a-lacking is what I say
  3. You're missing the GUI files
  4. You always have to restart the editor to load new graphics.
  5. Right now it's closer to release than when you posted.
  6. Nesting conditional branches If X is true If Y is true Else Else
  7. Lmao. Someone is clearly working on a game.
  8. You'd have to put events around the water edge Item usage conditions: NextToWater = True Event: Set NextToWater = True Event2: Set NextToWater = False WATERTILE | EVENT1 | EVENT2 That's a very messy solution, but it works
  9. You know it boys and girls! It's like a sale, but better! 100% off of all patches! You heard that right! Everything is 100% free! Get them while you can! NOTE: If you get the patch while it's free, you are not entitled to support of any kind. Everyone who bought the patch before and feels wronged, feel free to contact me. @panda / @jcsnider, it's not a PR but you can grab any code and add it to the base engine if you so desire. Thanks!
  10. Your game looks so nice, I really don't think this trailer does it any justice to be honest. Very boring!
  11. Yeah, it will fire a spell when it hits a target. So you could make for example a rocket launcher and have a projectile that fires an AoE explosion when it hits.
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