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  1. I always have to restart VS before it builds correctly: Build - Restart VS - Build again
  2. Lol, sounds like you just looked up some programming languages and terms and just started shouting those to seem knowledgeable. You're so concerned with trying to look like you know programming that you don't even respond to the points people make either. You said you were leaving this community, so get on with it.
  3. Open source rushed, that's a new one. Agree with the patches, it's annoying. You don't have to buy Visual Studio, just use the community version. Anyone could have told you that Intersect is not the right engine to create a 'game' like yours in. Hope to see you back, with some more backbone! PS: How is the android version coming along?
  4. In like beta 3 or something it was on by default. Know your history dude!
  5. In the server config you have to add under Map "ZDimensionVisible": true,
  6. No, anything that requires character animations, new windows or buttons and most visual stuff needs to be done through source edits
  7. Probably easiest is to make a 'ladder' map attribute and give that a special 'walking' animation
  8. Can't really think of a reasonable way of doing that without source edits.
  9. It's already in the class editor. Use the `stat points` box
  10. Why was I not in this minecraft server
  11. https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues You can report bugs there
  12. It works, the hitbox will still be a 32x32 tile at the bottom middle of your sprite though. Projectiles will also fire from that tile, so keep that in mind!
  13. Would it be easier to instead have the event commands: Give / Take HP (number or %) Give / Take MP (number or %) Buff/debuff (number or %) And then also be able to pick if it only affects a specific NPC / all NPC / Player / Everything
  14. That's something that hasn't crossed my mind to be honest. I'd say in a basic system it'd be enough to just use the base damage and ignore any stats. As far as I know, player/NPC stats would still affect the damage received but the power of a spell would always be the same as the base damage / buff values you put in.
  15. Would love to see an event command where you can set a spell to fire off. Would also need to add a direction for projectile spells. Extra options: Choose if it affects a specific NPC, al NPC's, just the player or everyone. PS: Willing to pay if that helps
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