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  1. The cast animation is linked to the player, not the map. I think there's no good way to do what you want at the moment. If you are a programmer I would suggest to edit the trap spell to be visible. Makes more sense anyway
  2. Set the respawn timer to 15000ms Set the HP to 5 Show a gif or vid of whats happening
  3. The NPCs probably respawn immediately. If not, post your NPC editor please
  4. Theyre basically saying that beta prerelease is a good base to start a project on, but that there are big rewrites planned, so if you make edits to the source, you will need to implement future updates to the engine yourself.
  5. I might be interested, I've added you on discord
  6. Dont use this patch if you want to use b7. Intersect b7 has their own way of doing unlimited map layers and both are not compatible
  7. I don't really get it. Are you saying there will be pixel movement in the future or not?
  8. 051a0aba5ed0290191233bb51f286097.png

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      Beefy Kasplant

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  9. I think the placement of the vegetation is a bit out of place which makes it look chaotic
  10. Server config: Drop chance: 100%
  11. You'll have to add more animations by editing the source code
  12. I'd report this as a bug in the tracker: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues
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