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  1. Some cool Stats

    Very possible with source edits.
  2. Attack animation

    Yes you will need to edit the source for this
  3. I want my beef, and I don't wanna have to milk it outta ya. So get beefin ya COWard or mooooove on outta here. There ain't enough room in town for two chocolate cowfolk.

    1. Beefy Crest

      Beefy Crest

      Moooooo *in aggression*

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    More than anybody else in this place bb
  5. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    Please, this community would be better off without you tbh fam smh
  6. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    Wooop! In Holland it's the 20th already! Thanks to the devs for this amazing engine and thanks to the community for keeping me entertained (at times)!
  7. Graphics Dragonball Breeze Power up!
  8. Gilgamesh's Cyberpunk Graphics

    Sad to see this project die! Loved the art! If you want to do some work for free I have 3 tilesets and 200 paperdolls you can do for me! Trying to help you build your portfolio and I will credit you! Hit me up, needs to be done before wednesday though
  9. Graphics Dragonball Breeze Showing off the customization options - mix and match to create unique outfits. We got currency! We have a power up! Which also emits light! Some mapping has started (Heavy WIP) Loads of different trees! Already 40+ pieces of equipment with more on the way!
  10. [C#] CryBits v0.3.1

    Sweet! Going to check it out!
  11. mp/hp regeneration and mob's behaviour

    Keep it English please The problem is that it needs to be at least 1 to work, since the regen only works with whole numbers. So 3% of 20 is 0.6 which is <1. For it to work it would need to be at least 5% which is 1 hpregen.
  12. does not collect items

    Did you try and press space bar?
  13. Can I use this angled 2D Tile Set?

    Not out of the box no
  14. Can I use this angled 2D Tile Set?

    It's called isometric, but that wont work without source edits
  15. Convert sprites and paperdolls

    Hahah, I'll think about it