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  2. The Crzy Doctor

    Windows is trash.

    Say what you will... Java sucks.. and Python pays my bills... So its GOD!
  3. OddlyDoddly

    Windows is trash.

    Can we get a dislike button please?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Damian666

    Intersect Server got offline out of nowhere

    guess vps trouble. done.
  6. Worldofjimmy

    Wait timer

    Thank you jcsnider, that worked perfectly!
  7. Kibbelz


    Version 1.0.0


    Alpha version of Nightmare
  8. jcsnider

    Wait timer

    Have that npc set a player variable to 600 after healing the player, and make sure that npc does NOT heal the player if that variable value is > 0. Then make an autorun common event subtract 1 from that variable and then wait 1000. The common event will eventually get that variable below 0 and the npc can heal the player again.
  9. Worldofjimmy

    Wait timer

    Hello, Is there a way to have a switch turn from true to false after a preset time? I tried using the (Wait...) function. The result was that my npc totally ignored me during that time. I was unable to interact with it. I want to create a npc that can restore your health points once every hour for a small fee.
  10. Khaikaa

    Windows is trash.

    Stop crying Java is the best language and python is for noobs and posers only Peace
  11. Mighty Professional

    Windows is trash.

    Sounds like you have issues with c++, not windows. Though I must admit, a package manager would be damn nice. But that seems like something c++ should have, not force all windows users to have.
  12. Last week
  13. OddlyDoddly

    Need Help Salem2D Developers Wanted

    Salem2D Game Development Kit Project Name: Salem2D Game Development Kit Project Language: C++ Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac OsX, Windows GitLab URL: https://gitlab.com/salemgd/salem2d Discord Community URL: https://discord.gg/szADqTM About Salem2D Game Development Kit: Salem2D is basically the shell of an engine. It is a Game Development library which includes tools for simplifying game development, and decreasing the time it takes to develop an indie game. The reason we (The Salem Game Development Team) chose to do a library is to add flexibility to the types of projects which can be created using the GDK. In other words, the kit is not limited to developing Sidescroll, Top Down, Isometric, Tile-based, etc. games. It is not limited to single or multiplayer games. After we're done with base implementation, we will be using the library to develop tools to template out different kinda of games. So if a user wanted to make a sidescroll mmorpg, they would just simply copy a project which templates a sidescroll mmorpg and work from there, or they can make one from the ground up using just the Salem2D library. The design patterns somewhat resemble some of Unity3D as a lot of my development ideas are modeled after real Triple A game engines. To add on to its flexibility, because Salem2D is a library which can be built on windows, creating a wrapper for other languages (say C# for example) is also a possibility. So, just because the library is written in C++ does not mean that the implementation of the library is limited to it as well. Currently Completely: GameLoop Pattens, Sprite drawing and animation Map Rendering Basic Network Implementation (still needs some security stuff finished) Network Event System Game Object and Behavior System Game Scene Systems Currently In Development: Game World with infinite map scrolling Server & Single Player Based Physics systems Networked Game Objects (Spawn on server, displays on client) Backlog: Documentation UI System (Buttons, Textboxes, etc.) Server Caching System NoSQL Database Implementations World Editing Tool Map Editor (Low Priority, we're currently using Tiled) Current Staff: OddlyDoddly Depre (Kibblez) Contributors: @Mighty Professional @panda Roles Needed: SalemGdk is open-source community driven development. Anyone can create a branch, pull a ticket, and develop a feature from our gitlab repository. It is volunteer work only, as the project is open source and free for all to use. Why Help? The purpose behind building SalemGDK is to give a flexible solution to creating more diverse games around the community and to bring in more senior developers. Most of the developers we have around the community are pretty novice, and our veterans don't really work on their own individual games enough. The idea of bringing in more veteran developers will be to give the novice developers more learning resources, and to help the community blossom. Our communities have always been about senior devs helping the novice devs, and it would be good to see more of that happening around here again! I think SalemGDK is an excellent solution for this! If Interested: If you want to help out, message me on the Salem Game Development Community Discord Server: https://discord.gg/szADqTM Ascension Game Development is the home forums of my community, so we do not actually use a forum board. Our entire community exists on discord. Screenshots: As SalemGDK is a library, there's not really much to show such as "maps" and "sprites" and what not, because it's just simple a bunch of code for others to be able to use, so the most I have to show is the map rendering and sprite drawing i've gotten working and the some networking example i wrote using the Salem2D Networking Interface:
  14. OddlyDoddly

    Windows is trash.

    I've been doing C++ cross-platform development for SalemGDK, and I would like to dedicate a bit of my time to bitch about how much I hate windows. This is the entirety of this thread, just a wall of text about me bitching about how much i hate windows. Have you ever developed a cross platform application in a language where you need to link libraries like C or C++? It's all fun and games until you get to windows. On OsX and Linux, it's simple, so let me tell you the steps to linking Boost and SFML in C++ on Linux and OsX On OsX: Download and install brew with a single bash command found on their home page. /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" Once brew is installed, go ahead and install boost and sfml: brew install boost brew install sfml Now in your CMake, you just gotta reference the libraries because your compiler already knows where to look for these. So, ya add a couple lines to your CMAKE, telling it which parts of Boost and SFML to use and you call a simple function basically FindBoost and FindSFML and you're done. On Linux: Practically the same as OSX. except guess what? Linux already has a package manager! if you're on arch: sudo pacman -S boost sudo pacman -S sfml sudo pacman -S lib32-glibc (because you need a dependency) Or if you're on ubuntu: sudo apt install libboost-dev sudo apt install libsfml-dev sudo apt install lib32-glibc Guess what, if you started with OSX your cmake shit's already in there! Cool On Macrosawft GarbageOs Spend hours trying to figure out how to get visual studio to use CMake and your MingW compiler. You need to compile Boost and SFML for that specific build of MingW. You get an error after finally getting it all compiled and linked realizing that you compiled something wrong. You understand that from this point on your life is going to be absolutely miserable, so you give up, go have a drink, come back weeks later and decide, shit let's just get this jazz working with VisualC. So you go out, you download the zip archive of the library files you need from the interwebs, link everything in, realize that Boost does not have released binaries for Visual C++, and you need the compiled versions because the header only libraries don't support a part of the library you need, and if you tried to install from Nuget, fuck you because those are all header only anyways, so now you need to compile boost for your specific version of visual C++, you finally get through it, then you realize the output build directory is insane, so you write up a python script to copy the libraries you need, otherwise it would take you an hour to sort through the cluster fuck of files they have. You finally get it all copied and linked up, you finally build your library and you go to setup your application to use the library you've been trying to build, and for some reason you need a .lib file for symbols AND a .dll file... plus you still need to include your header files and you wonder what the point of the .lib file is if its supposed to resolve your symbols... which are defined in your headers. Then you read an article telling you that you have to specify all the functions and classes you want your dll to include and export for you, and my god why is there so much shit to this?! And by the way you remember how easy it was to link libraries in cmake? Yeah in visual studio for whatever reason you gotta go into the project settings, setup your preprocessor definitions, get rid of some stupid flag for their stupid precompiled headers, like i don't want to use that trash, quit trying to force your garbage implementations on me. Then you define every single one of the .lib files you need, and include a list of where all these libraries are located (mind you on linux they all go to this one place called the fucking Libraries folder, god forbid windows had one!), and jesus christ, can we all stop using windows? Dear Macroshit, Like what the hell is up with your system directory structure, and why cant you decide what should go where? Why is there no single place to put library files and applications? Why you gotta use \ (the standard "escape" character) instead of / for your directories? Your console commands are trash and your console applications are just ugly as hell. Why is it so much work to modify path variables, and how come when an installer says "add to path variable" it rarely ever works?... Hold on windows is forcing me to update... Why don't you have a package manager? Why do some applications get installed directly to "appdata" and some get installed to "program files". Why don't you have a package manager? Your desktop environment is ugly, and why the FUCK does GarbageOS come with candy crush saga? I don't even think my grandmother plays Candy Crush Saga! Why do you even come with crapware? You charge an arm and a leg for your operating system and not to mention you sell user data, like honest to god why do you need to piggy back crapware? Seriously, that package manager... Your operating system is the single least most secure thing, hell i don't even need an antivirus on unix based OS's. Why do i have.. **Explorer.exe has stopped responding** .. two different consoles (CMD and Powershell). Like, no really, Why don't you have a package manager? Oh and don't even get my started with edge and the edge development team. Edge can't even keep up with web standards, it's already turning into the next version of IE. If it weren't for the gaming market and their target platform, you'd be dead, and i hope you die soon. Sincerely, I fucking hate you and your terrible operating system. P.S. GET A FUCKING PACKAGE MANAGER!
  15. So I heard you are looking for another developer possibly?

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    2. Tdogthedog


      Ah. So how have you been? It's been a long time.

    3. jcsnider


      Been good for the most part... I unfortunately don't recall our past interactions on Eclipse but it's good to see old people looping back around!

    4. Tdogthedog


      We've talked a little. I use to do a lot of stuff with Kracken (gnome guy), be a pain in the ass to Robin, and just overall help in the programming section of the forums.

  16. Eric Matyas

    Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    Happy Saturday, everyone, New free seamless images are ready here: TXR - ABSTRACT https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ TXR - BRICK https://soundimage.org/txr-brick/ Have a good weekend!
  17. Tdogthedog

    I'm back!

    Yea its been fun. My new job now gives me a little more free time and I was thinking about this community the other day so i decided to come check things out.
  18. OddlyDoddly

    The Dysfunctional Family Reunion

    Was a good night, we'll host another one soon
  19. Mighty Professional

    I'm back!

    Welcome back! Glad to see your doing well in life
  20. ALMAOnline

    Guards and C#?

    you need to wait the open source version of intersect for edit all C# codes (All we waiting it)
  21. ALMAOnline

    Suggestion - Event editor

    You can create with a lot of variables that thing I dont know exactly how much you need to work on it But i like the idea of "/jail X" to send a player to a jail
  22. ALMAOnline

    [QUESTION] Buff Active

    Hello! Exactly, what you wanna do?
  23. Kasplant

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Perfect! Works like a charm
  24. jcsnider

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Not a big deal. You want: "Background": "launcher.png", "LaunchApplication": "DragonBreeZee.exe"
  25. Kasplant

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Im thinking them being in the same directory might cause issues then?
  26. jcsnider

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Using the full file path will not work for anyone but yourself and you shouldn't expect your users to make that change for their own pcs. Please post screenshots of the directory your launcher.exe is in and the directory where the client exe is in.
  27. Kasplant

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    I got it to work on my own PC now, do people have to edit the filepath themselves to make it work then? I have this> "LaunchApplication": "C:/Users/Kasplant/Google Drive/Dev/DragonBreeZeeAlpha/DragonBreeZee.exe"
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