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  2. WIP Nimue

    oh man.. i love all the details, great job!!
  3. Allies npc vs ennemies npc doesn't work

    @jcsnider The ennemy's behavior is already on Attack on Sight, the allies have the behavior Friendly. The ennemy follow the allies to try to attack him. But the allies doesn't care and don't get hit. It work fine if the allies dont have the behavior Friendly but if i do that i can attack him.
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  5. More than one Mapper

    Actually, what I was trying to say is to have two people editing different map at the same time. eg. I'm editing a town while my friend is editing a cave in a different map file.
  6. WIP DBZ Renaissance

    I found a way to fix my last quest so here a video of it: here
  7. DBZ Renaissance

    J'ai trouvé un moyen de déboguer la dernière quête de la saga saiyenne voici une vidéo de la quête: ici
  8. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    holy shi**** no, again, no... @SkywardRiver Thanks man, I hope some day implement this in intersect, as jc said, part with calculates the bars is hardcoded so I will not be able to do it now, sad
  9. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    I would say it looks good, but: Maybe you didn't know when designing it, but it's "suspiciously" similar to the point where you would probably get players from Diablo smack-talking your game if you used it. I don't know, just my thoughts. (lol jokes. Looks good man)
  10. WIP Nimue

    Your tilesets graphics is amazing, nice to see your project growing up..
  11. WIP Nimue

    League of Hunters
  12. Graphics Dragonball Breeze

    Really really good! I think the thunders should be whites
  13. Graphics Dragonball Breeze

    OMG! this transformation is awesome dude.
  14. Yesterday
  15. [Script] Intersect Data Export

    I know , I wanted to do it for those who do not know how to handle python and prefer something more 'executable'.
  16. Need Help [Paid] Project Elder Tales

    @Blestro I already found a pixel art to make the characters, items and paperdolls. But I still need a tileset maker, do you have those skills?
  17. [Script] Intersect Data Export

    Lol I was joking, no problem with python at all, but thank you for the work
  18. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    Life and mana bar separated:
  19. Graphics Dragonball Breeze

    Ooooooh I love it!
  20. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    @drikorios in the future I'm going to change the hotkeys icons for a more visible design and not use kenny's but it fits well in the design I wanted.
  21. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    Bem simples e clean, porém acho meio estranho a junção dos recursos com pixels visíveis com os recursos Kenney, meio que há um desencontro aí.
  22. Graphics Dragonball Breeze

    Well nobody liked that one... How about this for SSJ2? (Since SOMEONE kept complaining about SSJ2)
  23. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    @jcsnider it's just a concept, I wanted it to apply 100% in the engine but I'll wait for source to leave it that way. But is it possible to leave in current release in this format ?. Edit: I can make with two circles or something like that.
  24. [Script] Intersect Data Export

    @Khaikaa kkkkk python is very good, you should try it. I am creating in C# to make peace with you Update: C# Version:!X4MHQbBb!iU1FJ9ItdvE0D33q0vbjk49dmHQ-medZ9r44tVhKq_U Screens on topic.
  25. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    No one tell him that the hp and mp bars are hard coded to deplete towards the left o.O
  26. Concept Main Menu and In-game

    @SkywardRiver I was thinking about it yesterday, when they showed me a photo just like you posted above, but I used this concept to make my own UI: My design is really similar to Dark Story, but still think the model with the circle is different and I not see any problems, I believe the concept of the project itself is different. My idea was to leave the hotkeys similar to wasd movements But I understand your point. @Blestro kk, thanks for the tips man, but I believe that I will upgrade UI with the circle. @Refur thank you for the feedback, your project is awesome, it is good to see you guys sharing ideas. @Capivarinha @Khaikaa Thanks guys, helped a lot in my ideas, keep your eyes on this, more will come. Thanks!
  27. Just updated the post with the logo, two small animations and a mount.
  28. Last one to post wins

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