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  1. Yesterday
  2. Extra, Extra! The third tome of the Dragonia's Newspaper has been released, you can check it for free here
  3. Hi Everyone, This week’s new seamless texture images are on these pages on my site: BARK (Artistic) CONCRETE (Artistic) FUR (Artistic) You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ NEWS How You Can Help to Support My Efforts If you find my free assets helpful, please consider making a small donation on my website to help support my efforts. I pay for everything myself and donations from the creative community really help a lot. http://soundimage.org/ Thanks in advance…and please stay safe.
  4. Hello everyone The development is a little slowed down but version 2.1 will soon arrive. Some sites are already on the version and we can fix many bugs. Some ask for custom systems that I'm doing that allows me in mem time to optimize the cms. I come back as soon as possible with more information at this level
  5. Updated patch for prerelease version if anyone needs it. Hair Patch
  6. Merci beaucoup vraiment dommage :'(
  7. We will add a new quest type called: Building Players will be able to complete this type of quests by using some materials and build skills/buffs, prepare for new exotic quests! PS: This is not a House System
  8. Last week
  9. But you have to consume your body weight in food every hour to stay alive. My Superpower is the ability to adapt to anything and everything instantly.
  10. But everytime you finish a map you forget to save it. My superpower is now to be able to eat without taking weight.
  11. But you'll never feel enjoyment from it. My *next* superpower is to be able to map in Intersect like a god
  12. But you can't check it was passed on, because you were banned from this place. My superpower is to finish a good game in less than a 1 week.
  13. But you materialize everything inside your ass My superpower is to pass my superpower disadvantage to the person that posts it
  14. But not your clothes... My superpower is to be able to materialize things just by thinking
  15. Oh yeah its quite easy. Keep in mind I use time fantasy tiles at 48x48 but i dont think it should be any different. A normal un-animated auto tile sheet looks like this: An animated sheet, would have 3 sets of this auto tile, with three different frames: In the editor, load the tileset with the animated auto tiles (put it in your tilesets folder) and select Animated [VX Format] (or whatever format your tiles are in, this example is VX, refer to RPGMAKER) You can see the white border selected all three frames, now just use what ever tool to add them to whatever layer on the map.
  16. I really can't figure out how the animation auto tiler works. I looked at some posts on this forum, but they didn't help. Do you have a link that could help me out, please?
  17. Tile size shouldn’t matter, you set the tile size in the settings and it will just splice the tile set into the correct tiles for that setting. Just make sure your autotiles are set up correctly to be used property in the editor.
  18. But it makes you sad.. so, so, sad. My superpower is that I can phase through walls.
  19. But everytime you do, you slip on a banana peel. My superpower is the ability to comprehend anything in the known universe
  20. Put it on my wishlist. Will definitely be grabbing a copy. Congratulations man, you got a game out on steam! Thats so awesome!
  21. I'm assuming that auto tiling doesn't work properly with 64 pixel tiles without some coding?
  22. In the next update you will be able to interact with all the NPCs behind a table using [Space] key
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