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  3. + Added 1.06 update! Added armour rack to furniture customisation system in standard houses Fixed buying forever for standard houses Minor bug fixes Automatic leaderboards! Head to https://tinyurl.com/ddorankings Fort Acropolis, with Royal Pheonix Squadron and Bows with Trinkets! Changed the PC that runs the server to make the game run much faster! New places: Inferno Province - 100% complete Eternal Fields - 100% complete The Shrouded Expanse - 100% complete Added Royal Pheonix Squadron and SoulGuard, two factions who despise eachother and joining one of them is choosing glory by some and hatred by others! Changed animations for enemies that do not have a weapon
  4. Thank you ! In the future I may modify some things.
  5. Thank you ! One thing is true they are not talking, I will edit their names.
  6. You will see the sprites at 64x64 I’m game. Don’t worry about the class editor since only admins will see that and not players.
  7. stiiiiiiill waiting for b6

  8. Thanks for the responses. So put in a 64x64 tileset for a character in the entities folder, but when I go to the character class screen, it does not show the whole image. Does it show up in the game as 64x64? Is there something I have to do to let the game know the dimensions of the frames for a given sprite and/or for all sprites? Too bad about the import/export. It could have allowed people to work on maps individually and just forward them. I assume something about it just wasn't working out well.
  9. Nice work. Think the highlight could use some hue shifting (more yellow maybe). I like the palette, but it does seem to lack some light ambience. Other than that the textures are nice & animations look stellar.
  10. Проект жив, просто пара проблем с движком
  11. You can't import a maps from an intersect project to another. Tgey removed the import/export feature in b5. But you could probably to that if both of them have a b4.9.1 version then export and importe them and update the project that you want to use to b5. But that's is terribly long for nothing.
  12. I’m not sure about the maps but you’re sprites can be any size you want. Just make sure each frame is the same size and you're good.
  13. looking good hear, the animations are smooth and on point. Looks like some of them aren't really talking though.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi all, Is there a way to make all of the sprites 64x64, or larger/varying in size? Can maps be imported from another intersect project? Thanks
  16. Runic Set Get coins in the official shop and help us to maintain the DarkStory Server: https://darkstory2d.com/store.php
  17. A player variable/switch will not be the same for another player..? There's no point in using a self switch. Just remember though to set it to on login set summoner to false else someone can leave midway and join back, and can never be hit by another summoned monster. A sensible thing to do would also be to have a global variable based on how many monsters there are currently and set a player variable based on that.
  18. Well you have to configure your npc as an agressive npc then edit it to not attack a player that have tge variable 'summunwr' to true. (But it would be broke if anothrr pkayer have sumoned thr same npc) But you would be tge same if you use self switch.
  19. Yeah this is what I have thus far but it doesn't really do anything. I presume that would make it attack other players, though.
  20. Thank you ! I was thinking of doing that, let's see if I add it later.
  21. The only wait would be by event spell, make a switch 'summoner' Put the npc always agressif if the player's switch 'summoner' isn't true. The make the event fir the spell like this: -> set switch 'summoner' true -> spawn npc -> wait x second -> despawn npc -> end of the event
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