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  2. You can make a suedo Talent System with events. The main issue being an efficient way to allocate points. If the base engine increases the default 'Options' menu from 4 choices to 10+ (or to be able to set number in config) - then it would work much more effectively. I have a Skill Point system in my game: (Slashing, Blunt, Piercing, Magic, etc) -Randomly gain SP from killing NPCs (based on level of character/NPC) -A Skill Book you can open to allocate points via the 'Options' menu. -Gives player Skills depending on their skill level in that specific skill. it works decent enough, though the menu gets very 'clicky' since you can only add 4 options to a menu. Example: Option 1: Slashing Option 2: Blunt Option 3: Piercing Option 4: Page 2 Page 2 would list the next 3 skills and so on.
  3. I just saw that in this latest version 7.0.126, when changing the color of an item, the visual color change is not reflected on the paperdoll.

  4. This one is gonna be super useful for social media linking, wikis, and such ! thanks for this contribution
  5. Auction system sounds like might be a fun thing to have, its pretty generic to games and helps up to build a funky ilusion of capitalism within a game. As for a "talent system", i don't know man, sounds pretty specific/niche to me, only game i have heard about using such a system with the very same literal name its "Mabinogi". Also, mixing both things, its far beyong too specific already, hard to tell if something like this would be approved by head devs into the base engine.
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  7. Nice! Note that that's just my example, but you can add more buttons if you need them for other things. 🤫
  8. Instances I imagine you mean instanced dungeons only for groups of characters.That it was similar to wow, an instance screen where you can teleport there when you are the required level and you are in a group of DPS HEALER AND TANK, it would be something amazing That would be great really. As for changes in the quality of life, I suppose you mean things like, for example, this last thing that you added to the sounds in purchases and sales in an NPC has given it a more natural touch that I loved what about Now the loot only appears for each player, it seemed to me something surprising that I did not expect, great! And the guild has also surprised me enough how well they have left it and the possibilities that there are now are many to do hundreds of things.
  9. Right now Chesire is crazily expanding the capabilities of the plugin system. I have a half dozen smaller tweaks/quality of life changes I am going to make. We want to make it easier to export your clients and change their icons/metadata. Then for Beta 8 I want to focus on instances and a few other small things.
  10. Excuse me, I don't know if I can ask you the following, if you could tell me what is it that you plan to implement interesting to the Engine right now, I am very involved in the development of my game for almost 1 year and almost every day I enter Let's see if there are new updates and sincerely the change that the engine has given is brutal with the latest updates I give you my most sincere and humble congratulations for your work and the rest of your team of this wonderful Engine, this is going very far. Thanks
  11. Well, the skill tree is just something that occurred to me to ask why it would be very good to be able to customize the character more, but if at the moment the auctions can be implemented it would already be something fabulous
  12. Can't even imagine how you would make a dynamic skill tree. Would be very cool as a plugin though.
  13. Neither are planned at this time. Both might be possible in the future with plugins.
  14. In this latest version of 7.0.126 I find it incredible, I just wanted to ask if in the future they will implement an auction / purchase system and a talent system where you acquire points each level up in order to strengthen your spells and also obtain passives in the same way . Thanks
  15. You edited the gui\layouts\game\ItemDescWindowExpanded.json ? The last number on the first bounds should be the height value. If that edit does not reflect in the game then it will require a source edit.
  16. Sorry for the late reply, I'm not very active here atm due to some personal issues I always use fiverr, I believe it is an awesome platform to ask for comissioned assets, but I also trusted a few agd veterans and it always was an awesome experience. This guy was the first and only bad experience with an agd user I ever had so far, and it was my fault to send the money through unsafe ways. Hopefully my experience help others.
  17. Last week
  18. Looks like it hasn't changed. maybe max is 4090
  19. Have you tried changing the size on the JSON file?
  20. I want to increase the size bigger, because I have created a lot of new stats. thanks
  21. Custom Web Buttons Plugin Description: This plugin lets you configure custom buttons that can open a website anywhere* on the existing GUI. It's configured through a relatively simple configuration file that simply stores all the buttons and their properties and will on-runtime create all relevant buttons that it can. *= Objects that are not named in code (such as the main menu background) or are generated at run-time can not be used as a parent control. Basic rule of thumb is, if you can find the NAME of an object as a Json file or IN a Json file you will be able to use that as a ParentControl! Features: Add buttons to your GUI anywhere! Configure the website these buttons open at will. Customize the location, alignment, size and image of these buttons. Media: Download: Version 1.0.0: [Download] Or view the Github repository over [Here] Installation: Download the above file. Extract the folder into your Intersect Client\resources\plugins directory. Modify the config.json file and add any buttons to your UI as desired! Place the button images in the supplied Assets folder. Place the button sounds in the default Intersect sounds folder Run your client and witness your new buttons! Objects that are not named in code (such as the main menu background) or are generated at run-time can not be used as a parent control. Basic rule of thumb is, if you can find the NAME of an object as a Json file or IN a Json file you will be able to use that as a ParentControl!
  22. Why can't I choose a birthday before 1901, though there are choice to do so?

    1. Oddly


      Because you have to be under 120 to use AGD.

    2. Arufonsu


      this should be indeed get fixed the day that humanity reaches inmortality, as any date will be valid then :7_sweat_smile:

  23. The game is now officially released! If you want to try it, here is the download page: https://piratesouls.org/ Not yet, but we do intend to implement it!
  24. jcsnider


    There are other issues too. For example, the last I checked the only sort of web networking that could be used is WebSockets which is a very specific networking implementation on top of TCP. Intersect uses Lidgren UDP sockets. So not only would client networking need to be rewritten for web (and be less performant) the server would need a websocket implementation so it could actually talk to the web clients. I can think of 2-3 such problems. And then more would creep up if you actually tried a WebGL port.
  25. panda


    Supporting a WebGL client is not as simple as "we use mono, let's just compile it for the web", so... short answer: No. Slightly longer answer (but still no): We use Monogame for the client. The shortest route to a WebGL client is if Monogame supported a WebGL build. There is currently no official support for that, only prototypes still. The other route to a WebGL client is Unity. We do not have a working Unity client, and we have no plans for an official Unity client.
  26. boberski


    Do you have plans for webgl client, since you use mono?
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