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  2. You can only do it with a source edit. Go to the code where it handles stat increases and add code to also increase the max hp when you increase defence.
  3. How do I make like, If I add +1 deff it will also increase my max hp by + 50? Also if it's from source, How do I edit it?
  4. Not sure if you read the whole post but: Event to enter: Set RoomLocked = 0 You'd need an event that starts a timer, sets the room to unlocked state after that time and warps the players out. I'm sure you can figure it out
  5. How to make a dungeon for passing through time? Suppose a player comes in - it closes, the countdown starts 5 minutes after 5 minutes the player throws back and the dungeon opens again
  6. How do you unlock the dungeon then if the player inside logs out after blocking it?
  7. In this case you don't need a logout common event system.
  8. I found this on youtube and thought I would share it with you guys, thought it was interesting
  9. The championship is about to start
  10. I made a logout common event system and shared it somewhere here, but it's hard as fuck and needs a 24/7 client working as a controller. Better hire some programmer instead doing what I said before source was released.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Depends on how rare the item is the boss drops. People will log into a alt account and just sit there to raise the price/rarity of the drop. I guess it's an extra feature but can be critical.
  13. Yeah, true, I forgot about the login trigger, let me add that since that's a pretty vital part. The timer is an easy add but that's up to the user, this is really about the system of locking a room while people are in it. Normally you'd have a bossfight or something and people would either die or beat the boss.
  14. Nice tutorial. You would have to also set a Login trigger to warp the player out of the map. Also, does that mean this event doesn't have a timer? Can't someone just sit in the map to not allow others in?
  15. I've seen a couple of people asking about this, and since there isn't going to be an instancing system in Intersect any time soon I decided to show you guys how to lock a map when there are people in it already. First you want to think about what the system needs to do: 1. Lock a map when a person is in it 2. Open up the map when a person leaves We're working with global variables here because the map needs to be closed for everyone. So the base system is simple: In our example we have a door leading into a private dungeon and the dungeon has an exit door for the player to leave through. Variables needed: Global Boolean Variable: RoomLocked Player Boolean Variable: IsInRoom Event to enter: If RoomLocked = 0 Set IsInRoom = 1 Warp Player to map Else Text: There is someone in the room. Event to leave: Set RoomLocked = 0 Set IsInRoom = 0 Warp player Add to Player Login Event: If IsInRoom = 1 Warp Player Yes, I can already hear you moaning and whining: What about when players log off, or die? What then huh? Your system will break. I have only one thing to say about that: Fuck you. There's actually a super easy trickster way that requires just a little bit of 'out of the box' thinking and I'll tell you for 5m OSRS GP. So please send me after you read this: Autorun Event in the Map: Run condition: Roomlocked = 0 Set RoomLocked = 1 The trick is that this event will only run when people are in the map. A map event won't be loaded otherwise. It will also only run if something sets RoomLocked = 0. So it won't be constantly running and putting strain on the server. Now, we have to change our first event slightly to make use of this system: Event to enter: Set RoomLocked = 0 Show chatbox text: Checking the Room Wait 3000ms (This will give more than enough time for players inside the room to trigger the map event and set the RoomLocked = 1.) If RoomLocked = 0 Warp Player to map Else Text: There is someone in the room. Enjoy, and remember to give credit and OSRS GP! NOTE: I wrote this off the top of my head, so please test or let me know about any bugs.
  16. thanks for idea at cheker respawn and timer, the best
  17. You could do a onRespawn for the player death. Have a player Variable that goes alongside the global one: OnRespawn: Conditional Branch "InDungeon = True" Set to InDungeon = False For player logging out in dungeon, I dont think that is possible without a source edit? You could set a timer instead like 15minutes to do dungeon, even if the players logs out it could refresh dungeon. To counter players logging out and waiting for timer to end and logging back in dungeon where another person is doing it, you could add a check to "Login": Login: Conditional Branch "InDungeon = True" Warp player Set to InDungeon = False
  18. @Jackson Do this: Create a Global Variable of the type Boolean and set it to false and call it "DungeonCheck" or whatever you want to call it Make an event on the gate for the dungeon that has this. Conditional Branch > Dungeon Check = False - Prompt the player if they want to enter the dungeon - If Yes: Teleport Player in Set Dungeon Check = True - If No: Do Nothing If Dungeon Check = True Tell the player someone is already in the dungeon Boom done. On the finish line of the dungeon, teleport the player out and change the variable to False again. Not sure how to handle the dungeon if the player logs out or dies tho. That is a completely different system for now.
  19. I know, the problem is that I didn’t quite figure it out, I don’t understand how to implement it, so I ask here in the hope that someone will tell you, I think it’s not difficult to implement it, but I don’t understand how
  20. You have to have a system that checks if the dungeon is still full
  21. Yes, a single dungeon that closes if there is a player, but so that when the player dies / exits the server or the dungeon, the entrance itself opens again. I tried changing the variable when exiting \ entering, but it doesn’t work, the variable will not change if the player dies in the dungeon or exits the server, I did so the variable changed when entering and then back when leaving the dungeon, I didn’t come up with another scheme. and yes, without party
  22. Can you rephrase what your looking for? Do you want players to not enter a dungeon when a player is in it, or do you want the other players in the party to also join the dungeon? You trying to do an instance?
  23. Hello, I tried to make such a system when the player is in the dungeon, then others cannot enter him, when the player is not in the dungeon, then another player can get into him, how to correctly implement such a system? I tried using events through the conditions of the player’s card, but nothing came of it.
  24. What Beefy said... Also I have made huge maps and use PV with no issues... Down to spec of PC and server you use
  25. If you load only 3, what happens when you stand in the corner of your map? Also, what's the point of making huge maps and then loading less of them at the same time? That seems worse than the current system.
  26. Can someone make a change in the intersect engine to load less maps at the same time. I guess its 9. Drop for 3. This way we can make a huge map and use better graphics like PVGames. Aplly the function to use decals and Parallax if its possible. Its only one idea. Thanks Anyway!! I want to see this engine grow!
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