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  2. So, this may seem a little stupid, but i'm not finding the resolution list (in the source), i already searched for everything, and i can't find it, i want to modify the resolutions available in the game settings and remove some. Could someone tell me where i can find?
  3. almost got it, all logic happens serverside now just trying to get the buttons to disable/enable decently Embedded Video Link
  4. Some function that can be activated on the item, with a system similar to that of tibia, that when dying does not lose the items in the inventory, only the item equipped, in this case an amulet or ring (it can be a check box equal to the BOUND on the items) . Ex: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/67f8aca2dc6b8cc2dea018b0cbb81843.png
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  6. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    Character Information UI. (The default language is English. The UI is being translated.) Throdok Town (Still to finish the port) (We will use the Inquisitor tiles as a base, we will start from there.)
  7. I managed to change the maximum number of members in a PArty to 12 members, can someone help me now to make it appear in the UI too? If possible, I'll pay for it
  8. Yes, if you had the previous version, you just need to download the latest patch and apply it. Or you can search the zip file to apply the patches you have missed.
  9. Just need to download and patch again?
  10. i managed to animate the attack frames, assuming youre also using an 8x4 spritesheet. mine just looks twitchy bc the base attack speed is super high. it looks better with a slower weapon, and can be changed easily to fit your desired speed i think you can just copy paste the code into the DrawEquipment() section just below to animate equipment paperdolls to match your char sprite i also made the walk anim work with 8x4 but i wasnt able to make it use the latter half of it where the attack animations are, the anim just comes up blank im not sure where you can edit that but i will look into it tomorrow if nobody else can tell us. here is what I got for now! hope it helps gif: code:
  11. Hair Illustration for female Stalker
  12. now my client doesn`t open
  13. They're not bad at all More info here: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/advanced/packets.html If you do fix our bad logic please consider doing it in another branch and then making a pull request
  14. Thanks for the info, will have to dig into how packets work then
  15. JC,to add the new number of members in the UI, just edit the UI right? Or do you need to change the code too? Of course, right after configured as above
  16. Patch updated. The NPCs and players can now do diagonal attacks and NPCs do not behave strangely when on diagonal any more. However the diagonal attack for the player is not that efficient in real fast game situation so I am going to work on auto diagonal hit when a target is on focus. After that I will probably check out for diagonal projectiles.
  17. Made an official issue for it and will fix it personally soon: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/76
  18. But modifying the quantity, it will work anyway, right? I saw your comment about XP up to 9 maps on the way back, which you haven't done yet :P
  19. Gonna take a lot more than that.. there is a whole ui involved XD
  20. The logic as it stands is pretty bad: Client checks if the craft can happen. Client tells the server it's crafting and starts the bar motion. Server receives the crafting starts a timer. Once the timer is up the server checks if the craft can happen and then actually does the item changes. In the base engine we need to change it so the logic happens as follows: Client tells server it want's to craft an item Server does the requirement checks and if it succeeds it sends a packet which triggers the bar to start moving If the requirements are not met server side a message should be send in the chatbox telling the client that they have inadquate resources Afterwards everything stays the same, the server monitors the timer and eventually crafts the item like normal. In that second scenario there are bonus points if (in the base engine) the craft button is disabled if they don't have the resources. All of that needs to be fixed in the base engine via a PR or by us devs at some point and then afterwards you can hook your requirement checks into the ingredient checks on the server side which would then control whether or not the crafting bar ever starts moving.
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  22. In the intersect.Server, Player.cs line 3513 if (Party.Count < 4) { target.LeaveParty(); Party.Add(target); //Update all members of the party with the new list for (var i = 0; i < Party.Count; i++) { Party[i].Party = Party; PacketSender.SendParty(Party[i]); PacketSender.SendChatMsg( Party[i], Strings.Parties.joined.ToString(target.Name), CustomColors.Alerts.Accepted ); } } else { PacketSender.SendChatMsg(this, Strings.Parties.limitreached, CustomColors.Alerts.Error); } }
  23. I managed in an easier way, changing in the source what it saves in the text when the server opens., "left": "{00} has left {01}.",
  24. The killed string is only used when the admin uses the servers kill command via the admin panel, server console, or the api. If you need that message for PvP then use events. https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/blob/c85fe3381d2e6db6949aa8188cbd1c1a68b7ac7e/Intersect.Server/Admin/Actions/ActionProcessing.cs#L70 The left game message is here. You can remove or comment out this line with // https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/blob/c85fe3381d2e6db6949aa8188cbd1c1a68b7ac7e/Intersect.Server/Entities/Player.cs#L304
  25. I'm trying to add requirements to crafts, which went successful. I can check if crafts met the requirements in Intersect.Server\Entities\Player.cs with Conditions.MeetsConditionLists() While the check happens, and the craft won't happen, I still get the crafting bar to start (as seen in the video below) video: As far as I understand, the crafting timer starts in Intersect.Client\Intersect.Client\Interface\Game\Crafting\CraftingWindow.cs in void craft_Clicked(Base sender, ClickedEventArgs arguments) { //This shouldn't be client side :( ... I can't get an idea on how to do do a condition check here, or another way to not trigger the craft timer, so any help or pointing me in a good direction would be appreciated
  26. I am sure that it is not necessary to modify the source code, that can be done with global event.
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