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  2. Mapped like a beast tonight. Still WIP but the walls and grounds are finalized, just have to detail minor. Some wall errors I have to fix, I know. The tileset is hard to really work with, I'll have to go back and fix those as I was cutting off tiles to make quicker turns.
  3. Did you make use of global variables anywhere by accident?
  4. Scaly

    server time

    I think if you want to show it like a minimap type of thing you have to modify the source. Otherwise you can do a chat command that will show the in-game time.
  5. is there a way i can display the time in game?
  6. so i made a quest and it worked fine for me the first time, but when my friend tried it they npc doesnt even talk to them, i made a new character and the npc wont talk to that character either, any idea on how i fix this?
  7. Yesterday
  8. More of a technical update today, I've made a class that is capable of copying data to the system clipboard on Mac, Linux and Windows.. as well as paste data from it. I'm aware there's a ready made solution for this, but it has the tendency to lock up on Linux, and flat out refuse to work on most recent distributions. Likely not going to excite anyone here, but I did it. Now to implement it in the engine itself for chat and textboxes!
  9. Current showing of our bosses in Tales of Tria all are subject to change but the general scale and design is there.. Let me know what you think. 2x view is in the spoiler
  10. Will you release some of your mods in the future? Like the minimap and auction house?
  11. Nothing special just a simple login screen.
  12. When i patch says it's have an error on line 130
  13. Scaly

    On Hit

    You can make an event item that lasts X amount of time that basically equips an item into a hidden equip spot. The equipment could have lifesteal which then gives your spells lifesteal for a duration.
  14. https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/sharing/applying.html
  15. Lmao. Someone is clearly working on a game.
  16. So basically @Joyce Need visual studio, load the file then compile it? - Where would I put that text file though? You know what I'll get on that discord lol.
  17. It's part of Beta 7, but https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/334.patch works.. Unofficially.
  18. How to install this patch ? i'm a little confused
  19. never mind my software allows me to do that, thanks for the help
  20. ah, can you explain to me how i do that?
  21. You want to modify the .png graphics themselves and add whatever level of transparency there that you would like.
  22. the ones that display the health and mana, aswell as the chatbox
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