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  2. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    Tore my very soul asunder
  3. I want my beef, and I don't wanna have to milk it outta ya. So get beefin ya COWard or mooooove on outta here. There ain't enough room in town for two chocolate cowfolk.

    1. Beefy Crest

      Beefy Crest

      Moooooo *in aggression*

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    More than anybody else in this place bb
  5. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    Please, this community would be better off without you tbh fam smh
  6. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    But do I also keep you entertained.
  7. Event triggering bug

    /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// While trying to trigger events which should work for more than 1 player by triggering them once, the events don't trigger as they should. Sometimes it only triggers for 1 character, sometimes it triggers to all characters, sometimes only triggers for 1 character but multiple times... You can check how the events where made on the Screenshots/Other media sections. Also, if you remove the "wait" sentence on the common event, it will only trigger in only 1 character. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// You can check them on the Screenshots/Other metia section. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// You can check them here: /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// There is not any error log.
  8. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    All me
  9. Common events again

    Nope, it's not a bug with text but a event triggering bug. I just tried it changing the text message for the exp giving, and works exactly the same, not working when using the events as you said and working with the same patterns when using the events as I said. Yes, this definitelly is a event triggering bug, I'll report them on the bug section. Hope they can fix this.
  10. Common events again

    I think it's just a bug with text. I tested it with EXP, where I can see an exact number going up or down in real time and it only went up in intervals of 1 each time. Might be a good idea to submit a bug report of it.
  11. Common events again

    The text message event is just an example, what I need to do is some events which filter players by their player switches & variables and then make things with them, such as teleporting them, managing their switches/variables... etc
  12. Common events again

    Oh, I didn't realize you wanted it to show for both players. Either way, I don't know a way around this, I think it might be a bug actually. Also, not sure why you'd want to do this in the first place. By having this happen, everyone in the game will have the text pop-up. Only (kind of) fix I can think of is to only allow the event to play the common event once. It seems to work first time just fine for the first time. Only after that it seems to trip up.
  13. Common events again

    That doesn't work, or at least it doesn't work for me, it only shows the message to the one who triggers the event
  14. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    yea it is, congratz to us
  15. Common events again

    Try these, I highlighted anything you need to change: Common Event: Event: Edit: Forgot to mention, remove the condition list in your Common event.
  16. Common events again

    Ok, I'm having problems again with this issue. I want events to do things to everyone on the server(or, at least, the online ones), such as changing some player's switches/variables, teleporting... Some time ago I talked about the problems I was having, but now I saw a pattern of behavior. I recorded 2 of them on video so you all can see them, 1 doing strange things and 1 working just fine. What is happening? These are the events I'm using: The global event The common event Anyone knows why is this happening and how coul I make events working fine no matters who and how much consecutive times triggers it?
  17. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    Congrats devs! you're doing an amazing work!
  18. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    Wooop! In Holland it's the 20th already! Thanks to the devs for this amazing engine and thanks to the community for keeping me entertained (at times)!
  19. Last week
  20. Graphics Dragonball Breeze Power up!

  22. Gilgamesh's Cyberpunk Graphics

    Sad to see this project die! Loved the art! If you want to do some work for free I have 3 tilesets and 200 paperdolls you can do for me! Trying to help you build your portfolio and I will credit you! Hit me up, needs to be done before wednesday though
  23. Gilgamesh's Cyberpunk Graphics

    For now I'm starting my own design studio, so that's actually a good thing. I still want to make a game in the future, I actually wanted to make a brawler, and I wouldn't be able to do that without Intersect's source, so it's a no end way. Thank you
  24. Gilgamesh's Cyberpunk Graphics

    Your graphics style is seriously amazing !!
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