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  2. Oh I see! I somehow overlooked that I guess. Well, good tutorial and clever idea. I might use this at some point.
  3. It gets set back to 0 on the first line, so right before it is ran. At the beginning or at the end doesn't matter too much.
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  5. This is a pretty clever way of checking inventory space. Can’t say I would’ve thought about doing this myself. One question though, shouldn’t there be an event that sets the temporary variable back to 0 after calculating how much inventory space is available?
  6. Hi everybody, Today I'm teaching you how to break another limitation of intersect engine: how to know the empty inventory slots of a player's inventory. Let's start with an example of usage: Imagine that you created a very nice minigame that gives a nice reward to your players. But... what happens if a player starts the minigame with a full inventory by mistake? This player will lose this nice reward and there is nothing you can do to solve that... right? WRONG! You can check that player's inventory and send a warning message to him/her, so the player will notice he has not enough empty space on his/her inventory and go to the bank/shop to make more space. But how? We will make this with an event that fills the player's inventory with a special item. For each item we add to his/her inventory we will add +1 to a player variable and repeat. After his/her inventory gets full, we will take all these special items so the player gets back his/her inventory empty spaces. That simple! This is as so easy to do: Before getting started, make sure you have an available player variable and a useless item. If not, create them. First of all, we set the player variable to 0 and add a label(I called this first label "contar"). After that, add a "change player items" command which will be adding the useless item. If it successfully adds the item, we add +1 to the player variable and go back to the "contar" label. At some point there won't be any empty spaces in the player's inventory, so this loop will break. After that happens, add a new label(I called it "vaciar") and add another "change player items" command. This time, it will be taking the useless item. If we successfully take 1 of the useless items, we go back to the "vaciar" label. At some point we won't be able to take more useless items from that player's inventory and the loop will break. After that happens, add some show text command(i did this with a show chatbox text command) and tell the player that he has "(value of that player variable here)" empty spaces. You can optionally tell the player that he needs at least "x" empty spaces so he/she can earn these great rewards. or you can even forbid his/her entrance until he/she has enough empty space. I hope this helps someone!
  7. I understand. But it's because items or maps, or npc and etc. They may be connected with the mission. Kill npc right, get a certain item, and various things. Its system is also good, could be mixed with other systems as well as the tutorial of the moscano. But I understood basically. Ahh, now I see, I really did not understand it that way. Good is a good way too.
  8. Eric Matyas

    Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

    I opened a new page this week that has templates for maps. They might be handy for treasure maps, game world maps, etc. Just add graphics and text. You’ll find them here: https://soundimage.org/art-map-templates/ Feel free to edit as needed. Enjoy!
  9. In this tutorial I'm only talking about quests. There is a way with variables to make it multilingual(except for item/spell descriptions&names, constants... etc), but I'm not talking about that here. If you ever tried my game you would notice that I already did the select language event(and, as long as I know, I'm the first one who did that). I think you didn't get the point. I'm gonna try to explain it better with another example: Imagine that you have a weapon system in your game just like my own(there is 1 master for each weapon available in your game who gives you 1 quest for each level you can reach with every single weapon. Lets say that we have 6 weapons with 3 levels each, that would be 18 quests. Now imagine that the game is multilingual and supports 3 languages(in my case, spanish, galician and english). You have to do these quests for each language, so 18 x 3 =54 different quests. Now imagine that you want to have the possibility to change the game language at any momment(as you can do in my game). That mean you could make the first quest of the sword in english and the second quest of that same weapon in galician. Now imagine that you want all these npcs checking if you are currently doing any quest and, depending on which quests you already did and which quest are you doing at the momment, do some stuff. Congrats, you have 54 conditional branches to play with. That's what I solved doing this, and that's why I wrote this tutorial.
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  11. You mean that for the missions would it be multi language? What about items that should have unique names? Events? Name of the maps that appear next to the name of the player? Among other things in the game they should have unique names, such as warnings on server-strings, client-strings. Technically the game would still predominantly be in one language only. If it is the Creator's need to translate only all the missions of the game, simply create Player Switches for each language. When the player enters the game chooses the language he wants. The events then check which switch is on and display the speech in the selected language. There would still be a need for a mission for each language, the npc still checking for this condition of the mission switch would give the mission of the specified language. That is, there would be a lot of copy and paste changing only conditions based on the option that the player chooses at the beginning of the game. It would be possible to change the missions, speeches of events and etc. But the intersect limitation continues, as for event names, map names, name of items, name of spells, name and etc ... depending on how many languages the creator wanted to have, would have to share all this information in the descriptions of each thing.
  12. The Bunny Gamer

    Plans for Future Updates

    + Added 1.01 update! Most major outstanding bugs have been patched, thanks a ton to those who pointed them out to me in-game! Added a new cave. Hoping to expand in 1.02. Changed sword paperdolls! Cobalt swords are now blue, eletric swords yellow and electromagnetic swords blue and yellow!
  13. jcsnider

    There has to be a simpler way!

    In the spirit of keeping things organized/easy to find can we move that to a separate topic? Give us screenshots of your quest config. Your final task setup, and the final event the player should talk to. I'm sure we can get it working. I'm going to go ahead and move this thread to the answered forum.
  14. GGJay

    There has to be a simpler way!

    Ye dont i know it So the one thing i am struggling with is Quest completion, it does not seem to end after telling the player to return to the said NPC , ETC: no reward no dialogue , did i miss something?
  15. jcsnider

    There has to be a simpler way!

    Lol it's no problem! I agree with you for what that's worth.. and long term it's a goal of mine to have various simplified events or event "templates" to make all of that easier/quicker. Sadly development time just doesn't allow us to tackle everything and there always seems to be a list of larger priorities to tackle. Good news is that with a little event practice it does get quicker. Game dev as a whole never really does though with the ever growing list of things to do haha. Hang in there dude!
  16. GGJay

    There has to be a simpler way!

    Just realized how this come across , now i feel bad sorry @jcsnider Not saying i dont understand it btw i do , just really cuts in to my time having to do it all this way , but not to worry
  17. jcsnider

    There has to be a simpler way!

    It could be simpler for sure, we could have fields for a basic message, and basic item rewards, etc... but events allow all of that and infinitely more. It was more important to us to provide the powerful option with our limited time over the more limited/user friendly option.
  18. Hi all , im new to Intersect and i find everything in this game engine outstanding i love it. However , talk about a long winded way to make quests , surely there has to be a simpler way to create a standard kill x quest other doing everything via events , because that is just confusing as heck!
  19. The Bunny Gamer

    DDO Wallpaper Download

    Darkest Dawn Online Wallpaper is now here! Dark version potentially coming soon. You can download it here.
  20. c3cd7ca08e92354611adbfc1dc9658ed.png


    I swear I didnt start this conversation!

    1. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      lol, just had to add your dutch in there. 

  21. The Bunny Gamer

    Darkest Dawn Online MMORPG

    Game has been transferred to game page!
  22. buu

    Heroes Apocalypse

    this looks pretty lit
  23. ryolosu

    Not unicode???

    ty bro working
  24. jcsnider

    Not unicode???

    Changed Status to Closed
  25. jcsnider

    Not unicode???

    Not a bug. Our default fonts simply don’t include those characters. You’re welcome to compile your own fonts, but the more characters you include the larger the file sizes and worse the performance will be: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/771-replacing-fonts-and-adding-font-characters/
  26. ryolosu

    Not unicode???

    For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// transalate game and find bug :S /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// http://www.kepfeltoltes.eu/view.php?filename=298bug_yes_or_no.png /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine.
  27. jcsnider

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Agreed. Well done!
  28. The Bunny Gamer

    Darkest Dawn Online

    Version 1.0.0


    Please download our game from the link below (not hosted here at AGD) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KEi-xKA0bzyRVm_iRhcN6gsilA3WF95z DOWNLOAD INSTUCTIONS: 1) WINDOWS: Download the .exe file that should have a green mail icon as a logo. MAC: Download the .zip file that should have a black arrow pointing downwards as a logo. 2) WINDOWS: Double click the file in file manager and it should pop up with a file directory, and you must click accept. MAC: Right click the folder and click extract. 3) Open the folder once it has finished extracting the file. 4) Open the file under the name "Intersect Client.exe". 5) If the server is currently online, then you're aces!
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