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  1. Yo I found a old pic I took of your car



    1. buu


      Yea I remember that day

  2. Mighty Professional


  3. Mighty Professional

    I made something! ^.^

    Damn thats awesome, you have really cool side projects. Also was anyone else expecting a picture of a baby with that title?
  4. Mighty Professional

    Systems I want

  5. Mighty Professional

    Systems I want

    Hair stuff seems simple enough. Though im not sure what you mean by: "- Transformation changes the hair layer instead of overlaying a sprite" Hard to put a price on it without seeing the source though. Depends on how clean the code is.
  6. Mighty Professional

    Pokemon Gen 8 released

  7. c3cd7ca08e92354611adbfc1dc9658ed.png


    I swear I didnt start this conversation!

    1. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      lol, just had to add your dutch in there. 

  8. Mighty Professional

    Legit Job

    "Must bear a typewriter" Damn, so close.
  9. Mighty Professional

    AGD Interviews, part 2: Damian

    Reposted with Permissions from Damian! No longer redacted!
  10. Mighty Professional

    AGD Interviews, part 2: Damian

    Hey guys, we at AGD are a pretty tight community. We talk on the chatbox a lot and I thought it would be fun if we got some more information on some of the members. Like little stories about what they do for a living, their life etc. So here is the first interview with Kasplant. I have asked a few questions but most of the information here was gleamed from him talking about his life in the chatbox. So it may have a few slight inaccuracies. So without further ado, here is the interview. I have made it into more of a autobiography as a QA section can be a bit tiresome. Here is part two of the interviews. Some people said that they found the first interview a tad unrealistic, so this time I am sticking to verifiable facts. Once again I am telling the readers about his life in the form of a story, a sort of autobiography if you will. That is it guys! I hoped you learned something new about Damian today. I think I might not write anymore of these, I am finding a little to much about the members for my own comfort.
  11. Mighty Professional

    AGD Interviews, part one: Dashplant

    Next up is Damian, what really happens at the peanut factory. Find out in the next chapter.
  12. Mighty Professional

    AGD Interviews, part one: Dashplant

    Yea, idk what I was thinking either.