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  1. As far as I know, the only restriction is modifying the code and releasing it as your own engine. You can keep your modifications private if you want. If your making a GAME this should have zero issues. Though JC can expand on that.
  2. Especially when the majority of the old members and the team who made the engine have full time programming jobs.
  3. Which javascript API? I did not know they added that. The last one I knew about was discontinued awhile back, and it was Unityscript which differed from Javascript. How do I go about using that?
  4. This reads more like a rant then a review as others have said. A lot of your problems come from not knowing the programming space. There is comments and documentation, maybe a beginner programmer needs much more but a experienced one can read code like English and more comments just bog down the experience. Only complicated explainable sections should be commented. It may need more, but honestly the intersect code base is not complicated (from the parts ive read, im sure there are complicated parts). Visual studio is completely free, you just tried to get the professional version which is 100% not needed and you probably wont even know the difference at your experience level. Hell, almost everything is free now, im not even sure I know the difference anymore. You clear dont know programming, but you could rewrite your whole game in javascript in less time? Seems unlikely. You also argue that monogame is limited but dont say why? Seems like something you read somewhere and dont understand why. The github patch point is somewhat true. At the end of the day, a engine that requires no programming will be limited in what it can do. Rpg maker may be ahead in features as its been out longer. Not really a fault of intersect. If you want to make a unique game your going to have to program, or at least use visual scripting of some kind.
  5. It was either terraria or earthbound I forget which. This was years ago. but the pain is still as fresh as if it was yesterday.
  6. i am growing a bonzai tree and some coffee. Try not to dump lava on it this time.
  7. Damn sweet garden man, im jelly of your balcony. I want to grow some hot peppers soon. Ill try to snap some pics and send them. I dont really have a garden though just some house plants.
  8. That sounds amazing, im kind of a newb at japanese curry. I just bought the powder and liked it. I first had it in japan and fell in love with it. I never saw mushrooms in it but it sounds good. I have some nice shitakes and stuff dried. I will have to try your version one day, that sounds next level.
  9. You for sure made some good points. That is the correct way to do things. The apples could probably go in at a later stage to. Some had a bit of bite but a lot were to mushy.
  10. Yea I did not have any. Kind of winged it.
  11. oof, you only deseed the peppers if you want to make it less spicy. And yea you can rehydrate for sure but I just wanted some sprinkled on top. The smaller pieces of the beef were tender. But I should have cut up the bigger ones a bit more for sure. Im sorry my free tutorial was not up to your standards :'(
  12. I only cut up a couple, without it its pretty mild. I only have some because I picked them at a farm and dried them. You dont need peppers. If you want to spice it up a bit you can add like 5-10 fresh ones. Or just sprinkle some on top. It doesnt need to be hot if you dont want it to be.
  13. Yea you dont need rice, can be just have it alone. The rice is nice to soak up some curry but not needed. I just had a green apple lying around. Could use red. I feel like the green stay a bit crispier though. Not sure if the red would turn to mush. Maybe just add it in at the very end.
  14. Welcome to cooking with Mighty Professional, smash that like, suscribe or whatever youtubers ask for. Today we are making japanese curry. What your gonna need: 1 Onion, yellow. 3 Carrots, or 2, whatever. 1 apple, I chose green. Some potatoes, maybe like 2? You do you. 1 Clove garlic - Not that premixed shit Protien - Tofu, meat, whatever S&B Curry Powder - 6 TBPS Chicken stock, 2.1 litres. home made or from the store. Get low sodium if possible or this shit gonna be salty. Oil - Infused with garlic and ginger if you got it, olive if your some kind of animal. Gluten free flour - 12 TBPS - I used casava. Salt, pepper All the other ingrediants I forgot. Makes: A metric shit ton. 1. Cut up all your shit, dice them onions. Chunk dem carrots and potatoes. Dice the apples. Size doesnt really matter. 2. Throw the onions in the pan with some oil, and some salt. The salt will draw the water out and help them cook. Dont oversalt, your chicken stock is probably already salty as fuck. 3. Throw you curry powder in with the onions and oil. Cook that shit till soft. 4. Take the onion mix out, clean the pot with some paper towel, doesnt need to be perfect just get it dry. 5. Take your protien and make sure its dry, dry it off with some paper towel if you have to. 6. More oil in now empty pan, sear that meat. This will seal in the flavor. When meat is seared throw in 12 tbps of the flour mix it all up. 7. The flour and meat and oil should form a paste. If not more oil. Should be equal parts fat and flour. This is a roux now, cook for like 5-10 mins to get flour taste out. 8. Pour chicken stock in, add all your veg, onions. Simmer for 20 minutes or until potatoes are soft. This will thicken in the process. Stir occassionaly. Can add more water if it reduces to much. - Season to taste 9. Make some rice, pour curry on. Eat. If you wanna spice it up chop up some dried chilis and sprinkle that shit on top. 10. Do all the steps I forgot. 11. Post in instagram, with heavy filter usage. I said this curry is good, not nice to look at. In fact I never even said it was good, you assumed and thats on you. Pictures of the steps, hopefully in the right order.
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