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  1. You need to find where the application starts up and put a jmp instruction to the registration then another to jump back to where it was. Or modify the return stack variable. It is going to be a bit more work.
  2. But everytime you do, your grandma knows and is disappointed in you. My super power is I can jump super high.
  3. Sorry if this already exists. So how the game works is that the first poster (me) posts what super power they want. But then the next poster gets to add on to it. For Example: Post Above: My super power is that I can fly Next post: But your butt cheeks are now pterodactyl wings. My super power is that I can go invisible. Next post: Whenever you go invisible you cant stop screaming. My super power is Etc: Ill start: My super power is that I can read minds.
  4. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/51ebc1e65589498084b9d635b751c97e.mp4
  5. Very cool! I'm sure it will happen again soon enough.
  6. Cool unique concept, looking good so far. Good luck!
  7. Please reply below, example, keyboard, mouse pad, mouse. It must have RGB.
  8. $250 for minimap. What features did you want expect? Screenshot example? $100 for screen shake. You want this automatic on all Crits and AOE or checkbox in editor? Prob can find cheaper if you wait.
  9. Phone screens are pretty condensed. I do not know much about graphics but maybe 32 x 32 pixels on a 4k phone screen will not be big. Most of the time the images are stretched. Try setting the scale to 4x. Trying googling it though?
  10. Did you mean Wasteland. Otherwise looks cool!
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