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  1. Who listens to Lo-fi hip hop?

    Listen to Summer's Day. [v2] by jinsang #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/jinsangbeats/summers-day-version-2
  2. Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    I find it odd you guys are all laughing at him for using vb6 and asking why not using intersect instead? Well maybe because he is looking for source code?
  3. Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    Try installing this and teying again. https://archive.eclipseorigins.com/downloads/Eclipse Origins DX8 Run-Times.exe
  4. Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    https://github.com/EclipseEngine/Eclipse-Origins That isnt working?
  5. Nog.

    Its back baby! Let the world rejoice.
  6. e55jg6gddrxz.jpg

    1. varinyc


      Well that escalated quickly.

    2. PhenomenalDev


      I thought it was Berenstein?

  7. Need help

    You need to setup portforwarding to connect to the outside world. Attack is left click, and a key I forget which? I wanna say q? w?
  8. Poetry Thread

  9. Concept Digi Adventure

    Looks pretty cool, and definitely good for a first project. I could see people enjoying this.
  10. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Welcome, I to love Chinese food.
  11. AGD Gaming Nights

    Protect your gardens all. Im down though I dont have a lot of time.
  12. Destiny 2

    Anyone playing Destiny 2? My gamertag is Marsh00 for xbox one.
  13. Was fun

    Man that really sucks :(. Fuck Cancer. What type of cancer did she have? Maybe we can turn this thread into a donation thread to battle it for her memory.
  14. Was fun

    Anyone heard from House?
  15. Classic Hero Maker v0.1.5B

    Looks very impressive!