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  1. 8jzvEkj.jpg

    1. Zetasis


      That’s not creepy at all. 

  2. Could you perhaps put your game here we can see if anything is missing?
  3. Sorry man, I meant it as a joke because I knew you were banned from the shoutbox. I did not think you would take it seriously.
  4. This forum game can only be played by 1 user. Xeno. They will post random youtube links here throughout the day. Thats it. Thats the game.
  5. Not bad, I have already bought some of those assets at full price
  6. Where is the API documentation located? I looked here "https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Welcome.html" but could not find it.
  7. Eggnog is available at last!!! Go get it now!! Why are you still here??????
  8. As someone who uses UMMORPG 2D, I feel like it is better for people who already know how to program. If you do not and have no interest in learning then intersect is probably a much better choice. Unity is the same way, its not meant to be a no coding solution. There is some drag and drop scripting languages that can help but its going to be tough and your going to have to learn a lot. But thats game development for you, you will have to evolve. Nothing will ever be 100% done for you.
  9. TeamCity! Getting all professional! New bug tracker looks nice, would have been cool to migrate the bugs but I guess a lot of them arent relevant anymore.
  10. Anyone watch 30 rock here?

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    2. varinyc



    3. Phenomenal


      @varinyc I'm at 90 now, you better not be starting that low.

    4. varinyc


      90 what?

  11. Nope sorry man, no one uses this site anymore.
  12. Sometimes you just need to look at it with fresh eyes. So many problems I struggle with all night then solve it in 5 minutes the next morning.
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