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  1. TeamCity! Getting all professional! New bug tracker looks nice, would have been cool to migrate the bugs but I guess a lot of them arent relevant anymore.
  2. Anyone watch 30 rock here?

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    3. Phenomenal


      @varinyc I'm at 90 now, you better not be starting that low.

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      90 what?

  3. Nope sorry man, no one uses this site anymore.
  4. Sometimes you just need to look at it with fresh eyes. So many problems I struggle with all night then solve it in 5 minutes the next morning.
  5. "//this.dgMissingSystems.Rows[dgMissingSystems.Rows.Count].Cells[1].Style.BackColor = Color.Red;" That didnt work? It should have. Though you probably dont want count for the first index. What happens if you just put this.dgMissingSystems.Rows[1].Cells[1].Style.BackColor = Color.Red; Or how about this.dgMissingSystems[1, 1].Style.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;
  6. You just want to get all the stuff in a list? Underneath: IEnumerable < XElement > games = root.Elements(); put List<string> NameList = new List<string>(); List<string> RomList = new List<string>(); Then instead of MessageBox.Show("Parent: " + pName + " Rom: " + pRom); Change that line to NameList.Add(pName); RomList.Add(pRom); Then at the end your list will have all the values.
  7. Cool idea for a loading screen game: https://stadoblech.itch.io/mr-loading-bar

  8. I dont understand how the counting in this thread works anymore
  9. That sounds like a pretty cool setup! I might try this if I leave github. Good to see you to! Its nice to see some old names around
  10. Created the quest menu, made the create character menu more like the other UIS.
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