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  1. The only memes I like are crystal methamphetamemes. 

    1. OddlyDashly


      Meth will give you parkinson's disease, don't fuck with that shit.

    2. Agoraphobic


      Memes are love, Memes are life.

  2. Mighty Professional


    Anyone play? If so drop pics of your characters / gamertags / platform here! My gamertag on Xbox is: Marsh00 https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/xbox/Marsh0000000 Is my account, hit lifetime as I have not yet played season 6. Ill upload my guy tonight if I have time. I suck pretty hard and have never won a game. But I still enjoy it.
  3. Mighty Professional

    How would you refactor this?

    Where is get_map_left and get_map_right etc declared?
  4. Mighty Professional

    How would you refactor this?

    Why do you have identical shift map code 4 times with just some index's changed? I dont want to read the math there because im lazy but im sure there is a way to do it programatically. Also if your to lazy like I am, just make a function take a matrix and pass in the index's.
  5. Mighty Professional

    Windows is trash.

    Sounds like you have issues with c++, not windows. Though I must admit, a package manager would be damn nice. But that seems like something c++ should have, not force all windows users to have.
  6. Mighty Professional

    I'm back!

    Welcome back! Glad to see your doing well in life
  7. Mighty Professional

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    I find it odd you guys are all laughing at him for using vb6 and asking why not using intersect instead? Well maybe because he is looking for source code?
  8. Mighty Professional

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    Try installing this and teying again. https://archive.eclipseorigins.com/downloads/Eclipse Origins DX8 Run-Times.exe
  9. Mighty Professional

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    https://github.com/EclipseEngine/Eclipse-Origins That isnt working?
  10. Mighty Professional


    Its back baby! Let the world rejoice.
  11. Mighty Professional

    Need help

    You need to setup portforwarding to connect to the outside world. Attack is left click, and a key I forget which? I wanna say q? w?
  12. Mighty Professional

    Poetry Thread

  13. Mighty Professional

    Digi Adventure

    Looks pretty cool, and definitely good for a first project. I could see people enjoying this.