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  1. 53584eadc96c9414a77feab40b9f3643.jpg

    1. Oddly


      This looks like something I'd share.

    2. Zetasis
  2. This post is going to introduce people to the basics of getting started with hacking intersect. It will show you some of the tools needed, and how to put them to good use. This is just scraping the surface of what is possible. If you are interested in this topic you should try reading up on reverse engineering and c#. Tutorial: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/43ecff66a3fe2a66c781afc51f0f4c4e.pdf
  3. I know this is off topic and ill probably get warned, but could your signature be any freaking bigger?
  4. Happy Birthday Crest!!

    1. Phenomenal


      Is it actually his birthday or are we getting beaned? If not then happy anniversary of leaving your mothers womb as a small baby dylan!

    2. Oddly


      oh, haha, thank <3.

      and ye, I'm 25 now

  5. I know a lot of new users signed up for this, so if a ton of people dont know you yet. Feel free to post a bit about yourself or the kind of stuff you like!
  6. Pms sent, you have until Wednesday (December 25th) at midnight to send your gift. (Whatever timezone your in). Have fun everyone! If you havent got a gift by the end of the day on the 26th let me know. I will disqualify that user from entering next year and publicly shame them! All in the name of giving
  7. Ok guys, I am sending out the pms now. No more entries. Start thinking of that perfect gift!
  8. Signup for AGD secret santa!



  9. Hello all! I am starting a Ascension Game Dev secret santa! The way it works is simple, if you want to participate drop your name here. On Monday (December 23rd). I will randomly PM every user who signed up who their secret Santa is. You must come up with a gift for them. You must NOT reveal who your secret Santa is to ANYONE. (until you send the gift). Only I will know who each user has. Because there is some privacy issues all the presents will be virtual. You will have until Wednesday (December 25th) to send a present. If you do not send a present, you will be shamed and disqualified from participating next year. (Send presents via pm, or message the user somehow). The presents can be anything from Games, Gift Cards, or homemade stuff like tilesets for their game or music etc. Try to find out a bit about the user and see what they would like. Presents with cash value should be under 10-20$. It is the thought that counts, something home made is just as nice. So come on everyone! Spread that Christmas cheer! Sign up below! Registered santas: Marsh Ainz Ooal Gown Aesthetic boberski Kamus Zetasis AisenArvalis panda Jumbofile
  10. Looks fantastic! Keep it up!
  11. Could you perhaps put your game here we can see if anything is missing?
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