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  1. You think your so tough? Ive raped guys in prison bigger then you. 

    1. Crest


      That's rood.

  2. Need Help In need of "Data Inputers"

    Is there any way some kind of automated tool could do this?
  3. Your beauty cannot be spanned by a finite basis of vectors.


    1. Crest


      THis has been my fave video of all time, I'm so glad someone else shared this. I'M OLD GREEEEEEEEEGGG!!!!!!

      Ya ever drunk bailey's from a shoe?

  5. Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    I think C/C++ can be a bit scary if you do not know them well. What also surprised me is game developers have the least amount of experience.
  6. Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    Gender,Race and sexual orientation are getting better with students this is great! Visual Basic 6 wins again as most hated language!
  7. Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018/ These are always fun to read! Any thoughts?
    1. IAskQuestionsTooMuchButHey


      Is this the one with the levels? If so I'm grabbing that. 

    2. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      You mean achievements? If so I think thats another one. 

    3. Crest


      I used to use the atom version of this all the time

  8. Real life photos

    Own confirmed dog. Get that human outta your picture.
  9. Real life photos

    Yea im fat, what of it.
  10. If your self esteem ranks low just channel your inner sea cow be proud and yell "how ya like me now?"

    1. Crest
    2. Crest


      *how you like me cow

    3. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      Cause why be a school fish, when you can be a manatee
      Doing his own thing
      No need quirky but float above all and most of all be dirty
      Sub straight, mud wallowing, fuck following
      Primarily solitary, just gobbling

  11. You work at Ubisoft right? Whoever came up with boomer the good boye for Far Cry 5 deserves a promotion.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. IAskQuestionsTooMuchButHey


      You made the right choice lmao. now you just need to confirm TESVI and we're good! 

    3. pandacoder


      He needs to make TESO Great for the first time.

    4. IAskQuestionsTooMuchButHey


      TESO is actually alright :1310_thumbsup_tone1:

  12. Best member nominee poll

  13. Best member nominee poll

    real talk