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  1. But it makes you sad.. so, so, sad. My superpower is that I can phase through walls.
  2. Put it on my wishlist. Will definitely be grabbing a copy. Congratulations man, you got a game out on steam! Thats so awesome!
  3. I added sound when switching beams as well as a little flash on the beam icon. I also added a high light to the player when they go behind things such as doors. Embedded Video Link
  4. Awesome. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks soo much for the feedback. I've been play testing it so much that I tend to over look somethings since I've become so good at the game with all the play tests. Edit: Oh yeah! Thanks for mentioning the map. Totally forgot I had it displaying the whole world. I meant to have it only show rooms as you discover them. Going to get this fixed asap.
  5. @Kibbelz Working on getting an installer setup. Shouldn't be too long I hope. I'll let you know when its ready. Edit: Ok, custom installer now ready to go. Just download the game from the itch page and the installer should be included.
  6. I've just released the first demo for Pentacore. If anyone would like to check it out and let me know what you think that would awesome! Download can be found in the first post.
  7. New area, new enemies, new weapons! Also, some map expansion!
  8. So I made a twitter account to help promote the game. If you want you can follow me here: https://twitter.com/mythrilage/status/1328462311229706246?s=21
  9. More updates and progress along side a new (official) name for the game.




  14. I’m using Pixel Game Maker for the engine. It’s a pretty nice tool, especially for people like me who specialize in art lol.
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