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  1. There is no default engine ui that would work for what he’s trying to do. Also, I don’t think I’m understanding how @Dashplant is planning on doing a skill tree. Seems like with how many different spells there are available you’re going to need a TON of images and conditional branches in order for it to work.
  2. The one that remembers where it’s buried. Who wants to to help me learn to program?
  3. Interesting. I was expecting something more like what Dragonball Heros did with Namek transformations but your way works too. They remind me of a dragon or something. Is that what you were aiming for?
  4. Being weird old people. What should I ask next?
  5. It’s all in your head. What is your favorite thing to do in an rpg?
  6. With your mouth. What is reality?
  7. Agreed. The animations are minimalist but not bad. Definitely a solid start!
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know that right now all the Mythril Age assets are 50% off! The entire collection can be purchased for $30 if you are interested.
  9. I was skeptical at first, and still am just a bit, but this post has helped alleviate some of the negative thoughts I had towards this game. I would offer my services but my but my new daughter was just born and I’m probably going to be fairly busy for a while to say the least. Good luck on the project and I hope everything turn soon out great!
  10. The animations are nice. Makes me want to go pixel my own animations
  11. I have updated the OP with links to a new freebie and paid/patreon asset. Freebie: Spell Icons Paid: Ground Tile Expansion
  12. Your line art doesn’t look bad but your sprites could use some shading. Not a bad start by any means though. Keep at it man.
  13. If you take the time to prepare the weapon images then yes. Editing images such as weapons to work as paperdolls isn’t very difficult.
  14. Just use the character generator to make paperdolls.
  15. Zetasis

    Help please

    So for a good amount of these questions I feel you’re going to need to at least get familiar with the Intersect engine first. Some of these questions are fairly simple but others are more complex and will require technical know how, which judging from the questions, you seem to lack at the current moment. Good of luck with your game dev journey and have fun.
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