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  1. Looks like a solid start to me.
  2. Zetasis

    Multiple People Same Project

    Yes. You will need a host/server to do this though. Once you you have a host/server with your game up just send a copy of your client, editor, and all the client and editor files to your team members. The team members will have to login with the client and you will need to set there power to administrator in order for them to gain access to the editor.
  3. Zetasis

    Need Paperdoll weapon

    Making these yourself isn’t very difficult. Just google rpg item icons, find one you like that matches your rpg maker style, load it up in a photo editor like ms paint or paint.net(both are free) and place it properly over your character. Im sure there is a tutorial on how to make paper dolls on the forum somewhere if you don’t know how to paperdoll items. Hate to break it to you but you’re going to have to learn to do most things on your own. Other people are usually busy creating there game and don’t want to take the time out of their own project to help out someone else project. I hope in someway this helps.
  4. Zetasis

    Macks FSM Graphics Mega Pack

    Well, either way, I just thought I would share so people would have another option for graphics lol.
  5. Zetasis

    Macks FSM Graphics Mega Pack

    A long while ago an artist named Mack created free to use graphics known as First Seed Material. They were mostly popular with the RM2K crowd but the site has since then gone down and died. This pack includes every tileset and sprite I could find after the site shutdown. I have ran the tilesets and sprites through a program, found here, which has converted the graphics to be used in the RMXP style, which is what intersect uses for sprites and has the autotile options as well. There are a couple draw backs with these but the benefit of having SOO MANY sprites and tiles to work with greatly out weighs the draw backs. Draw backs- - Sprites all have a background. In order to make them transparent you will have to edit them your self. - Autotiles and Animated Autotiles are split into their own images while normal tiles are put into a single image together. Pro's- - Almost 2000 sprites. - Over 2000 tile images. As far as I know these graphics are free to use however you would like. If anyone can happen to find the actual terms of use for these FSM graphics that would be great. Pics: Download here with Ascension File Hosting.
  6. Zetasis

    AGD Hunger Games!

    Ahh wtf, @jcsnider and/or @Shilo killed me. Bummer.
  7. Zetasis

    AGD Hunger Games!

    Woo me and @Agoraphobic are district 5!
  8. Zetasis

    Random Freezing

    For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// At random times the client will freeze leaving the player stuck in one spot unable to do any damage to enemies. This also causes all enemies/events to freeze as well. If I attempt to move anywhere during this time I get severe rubberbanding sending me back to the location I was at when the freeze happened. Completely logging out of the client and then logging back in seems to fix the issue. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Not sure what causes this issue. This has happened several times to me and it just seems to be at random points. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/cf2dde22c0d9854e420867e156c8b5c5.flv /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine. As far as I can tell there is no error log being created for this.
  9. My giant four month old puppy. His name is bear and he’s a Great Pyrenees. Full grown he’s supposed to be between 125-150 pounds. 


    1. jcsnider


      He looks like a good doggo, but I would be terrified of the cost to feed him :P 

  10. So a coworker of mine invited me to the skatepark tonight. I was hesitant to go considering I haven’t really skated in like 10 years but it sounded exciting still. I went and oh man I had a blast. I did a nollie hardflip and this dude who was really good at skating asked me if I wanted to play a game of skate to which I said “nah, I suck” and he said “dude, you just did a nollie hardflip. You’re good enough” so I did. I lost by one letter but it was close and super fun lol Unfortunately, I didn’t get much footage of me except for a little video of nothing really impressive but here it is lol Just wanted to post about the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I’m also probably going to start skating again more frequently as well. I had forgotten how much fun it is.
  11. Zetasis


    @Xeno Hey man I was just wondering if you were still producing music, and if so do you have anything in the works? Anyways, nice uploads man. Definitely some nice finds.
  12. Zetasis


    Just a quick answer and it may not work but try having the sound play before the warp.
  13. Zetasis

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    Haha I love the safe with the spookey eyes! I’m honestly pretty interested to checking this game out so don’t let me down.
  14. Zetasis

    Palette Giveaway

    Oh man, this palette looks great and the way you’ve aligned all the colors makes it fairly intuitive as well. Thanks for the share bro!
  15. Zetasis

    Ohria main menu UI Showcase

    Could just be me but I feel like the retro pixelated art in the first pic clashes with the non-pixelated look on everything else. Wouldn’t mind seeing the in game graphics though