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  1. Zetasis

    Need help with an event please.

    As far as I can tell everything looks right. Only thing I could suggest is making the condition branch check if the player is level 5 or below and if so move them one down else send them to the map.
  2. Zetasis

    Our WIP Map

    The only tips I have atm is not the mix retro style graphics with modern style graphics. They don’t mesh well together.
  3. Zetasis

    Today I did this on my project...

    No not really. Honestly havent decided what I want to do with them yet. Thought about maybe making a patreon with them but I have also thought about making a game with them. Not too sure yet lol.
  4. Zetasis

    Today I did this on my project...

    Put together a little map with the tiles I've created for fun and added some characters to give it a little life. Also, made some bridge tiles.
  5. Zetasis

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    @Damian666 I can’t believe you spoke that way about Time Fantasy! I love those graphics personally. Anyways, looks like a solid start for sure. Keep it up!
  6. Zetasis


    Noticed a bug with one of the trade skill levels. You must have not typed in the correct / command because instead of getting the player variable it’s just shows /pv.
  7. Zetasis

    How to use animated tiles?

    @defaultx Nice explanation! Ignore what I said last. I hadn’t fully read through the thread to be honest lol.
  8. Zetasis

    Intersect Character Generator

    @ThePolishBeast you can use this generator for any type of sprites. Simply replace the existing images inside each folder with your own images and you should be good to go.
  9. Zetasis

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    Looks decent but there is one major graphical thing that bothers me. The time fantasy and rpg maker tiles meshed together doesn’t flow well. Meshing retro styled graphics and modern looking graphics is a big no no. Just thought I would try and help you out a bit.
  10. Zetasis

    Equipped item red dot

  11. Zetasis

    Intersect Character Generator

    Dude you're amazing! Thanks sooo much for this!
  12. Zetasis

    Rebirth Fantasy Online

    So I checked this game out and in my opinion it’s pretty good for the little time I’ve put in. It’s a bit different then other games I’ve seen come out of communities similar to this. For example, this game seems to be focused more on combat rather then gear and trade skills. With that said, fighting some enemies also seem to require a certain strategy. I kept getting hammered by bees until I realized this. All in all though I’m interested to see where this game goes.
  13. Zetasis

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Another update for the sprite generator! I've added 28 new shirts, 5 new bases such as orc, panda, undead, and an avian race(edit of QuoteFox's chicken man), 9 Headwear items, and 20 new shoulder items. Total number of generator image's is now 561. Also uploaded some preview images for the generator.
  14. Zetasis

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    Made what I feel is a fairly large update. Uploaded a character generator which could be very useful! Read the OP for more info. Also cleaned up the OP.
  15. Zetasis

    More AGD Graphics. (CharGen Update)

    @Worldofjimmy Sorry I must have uploaded the wrong folder. I've fixed it and the resources can now be downloaded!