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  1. Thanks! Much appreciated. I’ll check it out and see what’s up.
  2. Did you make that spin wheel? I don’t remember it in the tilesets. If so, looks good.
  3. Well, once source is released this shouldn’t be too difficult to do. I’m sure for someone with programming knowledge this would be fairly simple.
  4. You should totally do Grizzy’s portrait! @Grizzy is that a Vegeta tattoo!?!?
  5. You can set a spell to use a projectile. So make your projectile then in the spell editor select the projectile.
  6. This, pretty much. Just take a sprite that you want the armor from and delete any and all skin related pixels. What should be left is your paperdoll armor.
  7. I think I like the dirt road without the outline better. Just seems to fit the rest of the tiles better.
  8. More freebies and paid assets everyone! Freebie: Download here. $5 Paid: Purchase here. Also updated OP with a link for the new freebie.
  9. You can modify your sprite sheet so there isn’t so much space above your sprites.
  10. Could be your sprites. Names and hp bars are loaded above the sprites image so if there is extra space on your sprites that would be the cause.
  11. You have to set the sprite to be animated. I think it’s in the config file.
  12. I think you can reposition the map name in the gui json files.
  13. You need to delete the packs folder I believe.
  14. I don’t know for sure but I think you have to manually add the slot.
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