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  1. Hi guys, I am super excited to see what games made here but I think 8 dir movement would be awesome!
  2. That would be cool, things like instances, kibblez player housing was awesome, pets and AH would be epic 👍😻👍
  3. Exciting after all these years, I hope to see tutorials like back in the day popping up 👍
  4. Awesome work!! He has some solid base features on his roadmap I think are super important, I agree on 8 dir
  5. Project looks good! the crystalshire assets are really wasted, its been years and nothing has emerged with them other than people using them in games and then having to remove them.
  6. I went to send you a message and posted on your profile kkkkkkkkkk

  7. Hi @Ricardo I have donated to you, I hope this can help you, if I have any more spare funds I will donate more
  8. Great job! It would be so good to see 8 direction movement in this engine, it improves combat for pvp and pve, not sure how hard it is to do but would love it to happen soon!
  9. Keeping track daily, very good updates
  10. @Ricardo I noticed a bug with the chat flickering on current version while playing, also I am not sure if its possible or not but the camera or motion of the players movement does not seem as smooth as engines like intersect or vx-os, again though love seeing all the progress its really really awesome work!
  11. Great systems are coming, really excited for the next release!
  12. Hey @Ricardo I have been checking your road map, ave you had anymore time to progress this week?
  13. Now I have started using intersect again I thought this would be a great quality improvement but not sure if its even possible, I find it frustrating mapping such small maps and having to load and save between them so often, is there no way to edit say a group of 4 maps together and save them if you move out of those 4 etc?
  14. Very cool, one feature that would be amazing is a sprite editor similar to crybits has, it would allow us to add custom sprites
  15. Hi guys, so I have been using intersect today and wanted to know if there is a fix or a work around for sprites that are big conflicting with fringe layers, rpg maker did release a fix for it so monsters or tall player sprites can work.
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