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  1. Its quite fun playing around with this engine, something that stands out is the movement of camera especially when at the edges of the map feels a little jittery, on rpg maker or intersect this is super smooth, any ideas on this?
  2. what engine are you guys using? this looks amazing!
  3. Looking good man, much better than the first release, are you still using new tile sets?
  4. with this engine does it copy over all the vb6 issues into the new engine? I know player limit was a huge issue and obviously stability. ps the editor throws me an error I cant access it
  5. Where does it say source is released today? Thats huge news!
  6. Thanks guys! @Dashplant yeah I just got fed up of tiny sprites and the cost of assets is just crazy, when ever i start looking into custom like I have done over and over the cost is in the 100s of $.
  7. Hey all, so I went back to XP resources as it is timeless! what do you think?
  8. Hello guys, im playing around with a city for my game, what do you think so far? I may convert houses to a more stone like look? Update to City
  9. So interior has been a challenge but this is what I have so far with trying to mix and match
  10. I found the revamp and thats about it, did you find much on the interior side of things?
  11. thanks guys, @Kibbelz its a mixture of free to use tilesets from breeze to a few custom things I had made with some edits from some rpg maker to flesh the place out for no cost @Kasplant Yeah moving away from it as i got tired of wanting new graphics thank the tiny LOG and the cost was so high to do it. Engine wise its using RPG Maker VX ACE so I can make use of their tiles without worry!
  12. Hello guys! Its been a long time but finally I can reveal something I have been working on! Let me know what you think of the map and style
  13. What’s the news on this engine? Thanks
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