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  1. @Beefy Kasplant so much better and detailed than before! nice job!
  2. I like them as cosmetics 👍 would be cool if they gave some buffs 👍
  3. Anyone else want a tutorial for this :D Its awesome!
  4. Hey guys so I started working on a project, what do you think so?
  5. Yeah I noticed this, I could do with it not copying the tiles under
  6. Hey all, its been so long since I hit intersect I am trying to learn how it works, my first issue is can I copy and paste lights without having to make them over and over? I cant seem to do it
  7. So far so good, intersect has come so far its great
  8. I want to use MV sized sprites for more detail and to look bigger, I am not a fan of small assets on high resolutions
  9. Basically will there be any issues increasing tilesizes?
  10. I was playing around with a tileset I found thats Pokemon like, what do you think?
  11. I was thinking how cool EO4 housing was that @Kibbelz made and how cool a more improved version could be for intersect!
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