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  1. very nice, using eclipse?
  2. I like them as cosmetics 👍 would be cool if they gave some buffs 👍
  3. Anyone else want a tutorial for this :D Its awesome!
  4. Hey guys so I started working on a project, what do you think so?
  5. Yeah I noticed this, I could do with it not copying the tiles under
  6. Hey all, its been so long since I hit intersect I am trying to learn how it works, my first issue is can I copy and paste lights without having to make them over and over? I cant seem to do it
  7. So far so good, intersect has come so far its great
  8. I want to use MV sized sprites for more detail and to look bigger, I am not a fan of small assets on high resolutions
  9. Basically will there be any issues increasing tilesizes?
  10. I was playing around with a tileset I found thats Pokemon like, what do you think?
  11. I was thinking how cool EO4 housing was that @Kibbelz made and how cool a more improved version could be for intersect!
  12. Love this! imagine creating little houses around the world like minecraft!
  13. This is really cool, I'm not sure if you have ever seen world of Warcraft CMS for private servers but they have a way of clicking an exe that runs a server from your machine and puts the website live that way to your ip address. I think having this option would be incredible 👍
  14. Glad to see you back! Will this help to speed up the smoothness on the client? Intersect feels smoother in game than cry and eclipse engines
  15. This is cool, I would suggest space bar to jump and jump feels little low
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