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  2. Your History Missions idea is really neat, keep up that sort of creativity and your project will be sweet! One note on the map, the building in the upper left has some misaligned crates in front of it But good map
  3. I have a feeling like you purposely let it get to 8 to then swoop in with the 0 You are too much on your game to let us get past 1 usually also. 1
  4. Thanks @Gibier will be very useful for AGD. I worked my head for several hours but I figured mostly everything out via trial and error over the past few weeks. In a way it was a fun puzzle game I will throw some paragraphs into this thread. If they would be deemed useful. Understanding the alignments/bounds and how they relate to the different entities was the biggest challenge for me when learning from a blank slate. Quick Tricks: -Elements can be stacked on top of each other just have to be mindful of their location in the xml for that is how they will be stacked in game and certain elements can obscure others. -Digging in the xml you can find the hidden trade button and make a UI for it if you wish. -You can add images to some things that do not have them by copy and pasting the image part of xml to the area you want an image. -Control+F is nice The UI feature is amazing and very powerful as has been stated, it may seem a bit daunting at first, but once a person gets used to it, its very flexible. It really allows for some creative effects as seen in a few of the projects floating around the forums. Give it a try and see what creative design you can come up with! I would suggest making your art first and then learning to fit the xml around that art. Even if a person just starts with a custom chatbox ect.
  5. Henry

    [WIP] Life Forge

    Nice event Gonna check it out on Emerald server
  6. Looks good dude. Move the pixels on the eyes down one or two pixels, or maybe make the head one pixel taller. Good stuff dude, you have talent, keep at it. Pixel art is a difficult art to learn since its all about color hues to make imagery much like impressionistic art ... and not just outlines of things. *Thumbs Up* Honestly the first screenshot has a charm to it as well. Perhaps its the pixel size consistency.
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