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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    yea it is, congratz to us
  2. Graphics Elus Online Concept 2

    for some reason... i like it??? and i normally never like tiles like that lolz. so good job
  3. Convert sprites and paperdolls

    don't think so, but if you pay for it, ill do it by hand for ya lolz
  4. that was me actually, solved everything
  5. Story Today I did this on my project...

    its from pokemon allright. trust me, I know xD
  6. Need Help Alone Online is recruiting

    its fine now, approved
  7. Stackable food

    no, again, wait for source
  8. Double xp events

    yea, no problem even if source is out that is lolz
  9. Changing default UI

    nope lolz im way to busy
  10. Changing default UI

    that too, but that is done in a xml if i recall correctly
  11. Changing default UI

    should be, just edit the pictures?
  12. Story Today I did this on my project...

    now to paint that shit, oh, and the sword can be taken out of that pedestal ofcourse
  13. WIP Nimue

    now that are tiles I like... looks awesome...
  14. A problem with the Source.

    try checking for updated packages in nugget. it seems your missing the asfw dll.