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  1. then shit some more, because its very close
  2. you do see it says server status offline right? that's why it wont allow you to press the buttons
  3. Damian666

    Sprite and Code

    yea well, a system like that takes time, and no one is gonna do that , specially not for free imho.
  4. I don't believe so, a 32x32 pix tile, or a 1024x1024 sheet, huge difference imho but you don't have to duplicate them, just keep them separated, its still better to sometimes load a few smaller tilesets, then a few huge ones.
  5. memory wise its better to load 512x512 I believe, that's what we try to do anyway. because if you use 5 tiles from a huge tileset, its a bit of a waste
  6. Damian666

    Sprite and Code

    lol yea... that's something you gotta figure out yourself man
  7. dropbox tends to lock files its uploading, so that could lead to server not being able to write to databse etc. would be better off writing a script to back up to dropbox imho.
  8. screenshot the tiles folder, and the map editor. tbh, its hard to get what you mean, guess its the language barrier :?
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