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  1. Damian666

    Tileset max size?

    yea, it supports huge sizes, BUT... keeping them small will help with memory management. normally a 512x512 is used.
  2. you should stop decompiling shit, and just use the default one for starters...
  3. Damian666

    Safe Zones

  4. Damian666

    Custom NPC Assets

    personally think they should go with stuff like this > https://pixanna.nl/products/ancient-dungeons-base-pack/
  5. Damian666

    Map Editor Resolution Problem

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Damian666

    Map Editor Resolution Problem

    ditched external editor, only editor in client now, and that works great
  7. Damian666

    Automapper disconnect

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Damian666

    Ressource editor

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Damian666

    Chat History?

    don't think so atm
  10. should have checked the frequently asked question board... https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.html#page_How-can-I-make-it-so-other-players-or-designers-can-connect-to-my-server-to-play-or-help-design-my-game
  11. Damian666

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    yea so? I hate them. looks awful... sue me xD
  12. Damian666

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

  13. Damian666


    yea, gotta remember there are lots of trolls on the internet mate
  14. Damian666


    lmfao, seriously? no man, no virus to be found here xD
  15. Damian666

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    oh ffs... you also use that ugly ass tileset etc? awww and here I was hoping this would be a great game