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  1. Back in November 2022 changes were made to the api to require HTTPS (secure) communication for non-local api requests. This means that the api requests need to originate from the local machine or at least the local network if you set 'AllowedNetworkTypes' property to 4 in api.config.json. Future versions of Intersect will have the capability to setup and accept https connections on it's own, but that is still 1-2 major updates away. If you require your api to be publicly accessible right now it is highly encouraged that you use an Apache or Nginx reverse proxy with an SSL certificate. Please excuse the plug but for anyone using my hosting services who also stumbles on this post I already have a reverse proxy setup for all the servers I host making this really easy for you guys. The configuration changes/connection information you need can be found here.
  2. Ever heard of happy wife happy life? Bring in the bulldozers
  3. Hey everyone, quick update. I've increased ram allocation and cpu performance across all tiers and regions at the same prices. Should out preform other vps hosts with the added benefits of working out of the box, no security/firewall management, reverse proxy pre-configured for api access, automated nightly backups and all the other good perks of hosting from a datacenter like ddos protection, ridiculous uptime, etc These updates also apply retroactively for all current customers. If you're looking for hosting or fed up with your current host check out the updated packages/specs at the links below North America Europe
  4. Feature is hidden by default because if you map incorrectly, or have situations where you can warp away (spells or otherwise) while on the higher dimension then your players can end up in areas on the higher dimension where it's not intended... otherwise be careful using this feature and try using it in very small/limited areas.
  5. Tile and WASD (although the specific keys are configurable in the options menu)
  6. The filename != NULL lines are just something that mono spits out.. it's not a problem and should be ignored. The game not being accessible means that you need to setup firewall rules to allow public access to UDP port 5400 on your VM. A quick google search of your linux distro and how to port forward should get you on the right path. As for the config files, the only thing you will need to do once you port forward is modify the client/resources/config.json and replace the 'host' with your public ip that you have hidden in your image.
  7. Any diagonal movement seen in the past was due to a user created source code modification here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/4908-diagonal-movement/#comments That modification no longer works on the latest versions of the engine, and the author of the mod has not kept it up to date. Work to have diagonal movement is in progress to be implemented into the engine as a base feature. You can track the conversation and progress in this pull request (pr) which is effectively an official request to bring new code into the engine. Due to the nature of pull requests, and open source development you can go see the 53 files which are being modified and technically build your own version of the engine with the feature before it's ready... but that would be an option only available to developers. Currently developers are going back and forth a lot to refine and polish before it is merged and released. We cannot provide an ETA but progress is moving rather quickly, it probably won't be long until is is available in the base engine for everyone.
  8. We have no restrictions on what assets you load up into the engine. I cannot speak to any rules/agreements with the third party marketplaces or sellers within. If you want to be safe you might reach out to the sellers and make sure if you purchase any assets that you can use them outside of Unity.
  9. You can change the 'selected layer' in the View tab I believe at the top of the editor. When the selected layer is set to current layer only, then that is the only layer which will be selected/moved/copied.
  10. Great writeup. Please do add/share more as things come to mind. I am sure there are far more lessons to take away from your experience over the past few years.
  11. Try this: apt-get install -y sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev
  12. Bug reports here will be lost and forgotten, please post bugs in our bug tracker.
  13. A singular event on login will not be a problem.
  14. You use patch when the only difference between your current build and the new build is the revision number (0.7.1.XXX). You upgrade when the major or minor number is changing, and upgrades must be done in order (0.7.1 -> 0.7.2 -> 0.7.3 -> 0.8.X) etc.
  15. We do not ship new language files in our update or patch releases only in the 'full' downloads for brand new projects. So when you overwrite your current project with the updated files you should never lose your language json with existing translations. When you launch a new version of the server/client/editor any changed or newly added language strings should appear in your json alongside your existing translations. Unfortunately we don't have a good way of showing what is new/changed at this time but a complete replacement isn't necessary.
  16. We had a misconfigured DNS record due to a recent server switch-up. Should be fixed now but might not take effect for 24 hours or so while we wait for dns propagation.
  17. The problem is with our status checker and not your server. I will move it up on my list of things to check/fix.
  18. Site is for general game dev, over just intersect, however.
  19. UPnP only applies to home networks. You need to configure your servers firewall and any firewalls within OVH to manually open the game ports.
  20. Welcome @aranis a lot of us are here from the Eclipse era. Our engine is open source and has been for a few years now. Here is a link to the repo: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine
  21. I think it got removed because random projectiles from non-tools we're hitting resources with harvesting requirements and spamming chat with "you need a different tool to harvest this resource" lol. Allowing projectiles to hit resources again should only be a change to a couple lines of code, however.
  22. Pretty much and then you just constantly upload your updated resources to that webhost whenever you want to deploy an update.
  23. If you rent a vps from anywhere all you really have to do is install the .Net Framework (if it's a windows vps) or Mono (if it's a linux vps). Open firewall ports, and then run the server. Finally you modify the client config so the client and editor connect to the server on that vps. The instructions are really not any different than for a game like Minecraft so you can find guides for that in your language and then just adapt for Intersect. Don't worry about MySql until you start having performance issues. Sqlite is fine and requires no setup. I modifying or removing that verbiage soon because not only is it outdated it's also just inaccurate. The 5 players is not a limit or restriction. The size of your game, whether you have custom coded changes, and how efficient your events and other game aspects are just as important as the allocated specs. If you have inefficient custom code or a ridiculously massive game then 5 players might be the max, but if you have a smallish/medium vanilla Intersect project then it's not unreasonable to think that it could hold 20 on its own -- maybe more. If you had a single empty map on vanilla intersect it could probably handle 100+.
  24. You need a web server of some type to host the files and the updater config file which is generated by the editor. https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/deploy/autoupdater.html
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