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    My server don't stay public

    I doubt that you can. If B4.X is working post a screenshot of that server console.
  2. jcsnider

    My server don't stay public

    This case might be beyond our capabilities. According to the debug output you have at least 3 routing devices between yourself and the public internet. The black arrows show how the internet reaches your pc. Most people only have 1 routing device between the open network and their pc, here is my network map for instance. In order to get your game to be publicly accessible you would have to do the following: You would have to login/configure the red router/modem to port forward port 5400 to the green. Then you would have to login/configure the green router to port forward 5400 from the green to the orange. The light blue line actually shows that your pc was able to go the last forward (Orange -> Black) automatically.. but all the other devices would have to be manually configured. I'm guessing that the red/green devices are not owned by you/not able to be configured and that the orange device is the actual router in your possession. Without being able to configure the rest you have no chance of hosting a game from your location. I think this is a lost cause.
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    Weather Animations

    He moved it from the Intersect Q/A board to Resource Requests.
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    My server don't stay public

    If you want help read this post and make a topic with all the required information in the correct board.
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    Intersect Beta 5 Released!

    Intersect Beta 5 Released! December 1st, 2018 This update is HUGE and took FOREVER, so thank you to everyone who has stood by us, and we hope you all enjoy! (Don't forget to report all bugs!) What to look for in Beta 5: New network debugging command to help us help you get your games online! (Link) Reworked Crafting Table/Crafts editors which require far less work to setup! (Link) Improved design to the item/resource/event/quest/etc requirement screens. (Link) Json format for strings, config, formulas, etc which will retain your changes better as the engine continues to evolve. (Link) This will be especially good for those who translate Intersect to different languages. The client now has screenshot functionalities. (Link) Server status label, and other interface upgrades. (Link) And about 30 other really cool changes! (Beta 5 Wrap-Up Link) For those migrating from B4: Please note that the migration process is long and only tested on a handful of games, be on the lookout for migration issues and if you notice any report them asap. Special Thanks: Due to the combined efforts of @Khaikaa, @Raku, @Mcadams, @Zetasis, @Niko, and @dxxknight well over 50 bugs were found and fixed prior to this hopefully making B5 rather stable from the get-go. Thank you all for all your help! Up Next Beta 6, which is pretty small, a password reset system, some other small things and that's about it! Download For existing projects, click here for migration steps! (SUPER IMPORTANT!) For new projects, download here, extract, and then run like normal! As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
  6. jcsnider

    Click sound

    Yeah. You can add sound effects via the new UI json files ^^. Open one up in Client/Resources/GUI/Layouts/* and for each button you can type the name of any sound effect.
  7. jcsnider

    Black screen when launching a game

    This shouldn't be much if any different from B4.X.. but in B6 this will be a lot better. Might be best to wait up for that.. it will be here a lot quicker then everyone expects.
  8. jcsnider

    Migration Issue to B5 or B5.1

    Weird, but that's promising. If you need help with the upgrade and can get the files to an accessible feel free to PM me and ill do the migration if you don't want to bother with Windows.
  9. jcsnider

    Event collision

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. jcsnider

    Event collision

    Global events and Npcs (monsters) cannot see local events. Just like players cannot see local events of other players. So this behavior is expected and intended. Global events are more restrictive than local events, but they work for your purpose then by all means, use them. Global events will not walk through other global events unless one is passable.
  11. jcsnider

    Event collision

    @Xenogene: There are instances where this is intended behavior. Such as when global events pass through local events. You'd have to share you event configs and such before I can look into this.
  12. jcsnider

    Big GUI help topic!

    When implementing the new UI I will be fixing the display of item quantities across the board. I’d recommend waiting until then if possible then revisit if necessary.
  13. jcsnider

    Language file

    @GnoW are you using 5.1?
  14. Beta 5 Wrap-Up Dev Blog Nov. 8th 2018 News and Updates We're all but finished with the creation of B5 which will arguably be the largest update this engine has ever seen! I'm gonna quickly touch on some of the changes you all can expect to see and what you all should test as soon as you have your hands on this incredible update! Weather Effects Use a mixture of animations and map properties to create crazy awesome weather effects: The weather is configurable per-map in the map properties box: Equipment Vital Buffs and Animations Worn equipment can now buff your vitals along with your stats! You will be able to give equipment animations as well, so you can create cool effects like glowing boots, or torches, or whatever you want! Spell Updates Lots of bug fixes here but Kibz also added 2 new spell effects which include cleansing (removing all other effects, to escape from stuns and blinds and such), and invulnerability. NPC Combat Conditions We've removed the basic npc types (Attack on Sight, Attack when Attacked, Guard, Friendly) and added far more customization for NPC combat behaviors. You can make NPCs defend your players and attack your players based on conditions such as level, quests statuses, variables, switches, and more! The uses here are limitless but these conditions would be great for having guards of specific towns attacking or defending the players based on factions, or player actions in that town. It wouldn't be hard to make a bounty system like in Skyrim where the player could get in trouble and then pay off their bounty so they wouldn't be attacked on sight moving forward. New NPC Behavior Options: Using event switches to alter NPC Behavior/Aggression on the fly: NPCs that use switches/variables and decide to defend players: NPC Fleeing & Swarm Mechanics This was asked for a lot.. you can now make npcs run away when their health falls below certain thresholds. This is configurable on a npc by npc basis which is really cool. Furthermore swarming is where npcs come to the aid of their friends when they're in trouble. Super easy to setup now and really effective! NPC & Resource Common Events You can now make common events run when a npc or resource is killed both for the killer and for everyone in the killers' party NPC & Resource Dynamic Drops You are no longer limited to only having 10 item drop chances for NPCs and Resources.. you can create however many drops that you want! Resources from Tilesets Don't want to rip trees and stuff out of your tilesets for resources? You don't have to anymore! Resource graphics can be selected directly from tilesets now! General Combat Upgrades Targeting is easier now when trying to click on moving entities. Kibbelz even added in a hotkey for "auto targeting" which will target the nearest enemy when you hit the hotkey (tab by default). Lifesteal and Cooldown reduction on equipment items now work! Items/weapons can now have static attack speeds when wielded, or increase the players default attack speed by a certain percentage. Hotbar Rework The hotbar used to forget items/spells when you no longer had them in your inventory/spellbook. This isn't the case anymore, and the same items don't have to be drug to the hotbar over and over again each time your players go to the store! Class Balancing Updates This is a big one and requested often. Starting in B5 when you make changes to a class your players' stats will auto-update to reflect those changes! This even works with adding/removing the points your players allocate into their stats individually. Event Upgrades You can now use event conditions to compare player switches with other player switches, and compare player switches to global switches - same thing for variables too! Furthermore you can set the value of switches and variables to the values of other switches/variables in the game! Finally, you can set variables to the value of the current real world time expressed in milliseconds. With these values you can keep track of when players accomplish tasks, create real-time farming systems, daily events, and more! Setting a variable to the value of another variable, or the system time: Comparing variable values with other variables: New Escape Menu Tap escape to reach the options window, you also have buttons that will allow your players to logout, go back to character select, or quit directly to the desktop! Better Disconnect Handling Has your server ever crashed on you while you were play testing your game? What happened? In Beta 4 the client crashed too! In Beta 5 the client returns to the main menu and informs the player that the server connection has been lost! This is minor, but also a nice polish update for our engine. Beware: Updates below are targeted towards our developer crowd and technical speak lies ahead! Jsonification We've already been over this once, so I'll link back to that dev blog and just leave it at this; all of the Client, Editor, and Server language, ui, formula, and configuation files use the json format. This simplifies our code, and is arguably easier to work with. Database Overhaul The entire database system for B5 has been redesigned from the ground-up. We are using Entity Framework now to handle a lot of the database communications for us. This new system properly stores your game data in either a Sqlite or Mysql database using proper database columns and values instead of our previous design which used impossible to read binary data dumps. If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry, it's a good thing! Once you're game is running on B5 you won't have to use the migration tool anymore, the server will handle database upgrades for you automatically. The player database is now separated from the game database... so they can be stored in different locations, or you can store player data in a networked Mysql server and game data locally in a Sqlite database or vice versa. We highly recommend that you continue to use Sqlite for the game data.. but it is really up to you. The server has a 'migrate' command built in now so you can switch to the different database formats whenever you want! API Use web services and other applications to communicate, query, and control your server! In Beta 5 this is just proof of concept. We will release documentation soon on how to authenticate with the API and how to start grabbing player data. In Beta 6 we will have more options so you can alter player inventories, change switch/variable values, and more! This will be the de-facto method to integrate your game with your websites/forums, handle microtransactions, and much more! Stay Tuned! The next big post will be outlining our Beta 5 release plans. Our goal to is to get Beta 5 out to everyone as quickly as possible. We really appreciate your patience, and hopefully you are as excited as we are!
  15. jcsnider

    File Encryption

    Please see: https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.html#page_How-can-I-encrypt-my-graphics-sounds-etc-so-they-can-t-be-stolen
  16. Need help getting your game online? We have a new board available where we will help you get it up and running! Click here to read the getting start guide, browse basic troubleshooting tips, and see the information we need to help you out if you wish to make a thread. The new board is under Intersect Q/A and can be found here.
  17. jcsnider

    Server Offline

    @OliverBlack: I just created a new forum section with a guide on getting your game online and guidelines for requesting help. Please visit this link for information: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/3432-read-first-getting-your-game-online/
  18. General How-To Guide Getting your game online and accessible to the world should be an easy task, but in this day and age where security is critical to project your systems and personal information this can be a harder task than you'd think. These quick steps will show you what you need to do to get your game online. Please follow these steps exactly, and if you need to make a request for support let us know which step you're stuck on. Step 1: Start the Intersect Server The server talks to your router on startup and requests that it opens the necessary network ports for you. If the server says that your game is accessible to the public then continue to step 2! (If not, refer to the troubleshooting tips below and try again.) Step 2: Configure the Client/Editor for Distribution Open your Client and Editor/Resources/config.json file. Please use Notepad++ for all json editting! (Using normal Notepad or Wordpad that comes with Windows will often break these files and lead to crashes!) Set the host and port to the ip and port values your server shows you! (Do NOT use a domain or no-ip address yet!) Save your changes to this file and restart your client/editor. If you can connect then you are ready for distribution. If you can't connect you should try step 3 and seeing if a friend can join in. (Sometimes routers block outbound connections to itself.. and you would have to continue using localhost for yourself and your public ip for everyone else.) Step 3: Zip the Client and/or Editor and Share It! To distribute your game (for players): Go to your client folder. Highlight Intersect Client.exe, Intersect Client.pdb, and the Resources directory (Img Ref) Right click on any of the highlighted items, select Send To -> Compressed Zip Folder (Img Ref) Upload that zip archive to Google Drive, Dropbox, or another filehosting service and send your players the link to download! To distribute your game & editor (for colleagues): Go to your client folder. Highlight Intersect Client.exe, Intersect Client.pdb, Intersect Editor.exe, Intersect Editor.pdb and the Resources directory (Img Ref) Right click on any of the highlighted items, select Send To -> Compressed Zip Folder (Img Ref) Upload that zip archive to Google Drive, Dropbox, or another filehosting service and send your colleagues the link to download! Basic Troubleshooting Tips (Relaunch your server after trying each of the tips in bold to see if it helps!) Windows Firewall can block the servers' network access. Try temporarily disabling Windows Firewall! Some antivirus programs include firewalls/shields that could block players from connecting. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus! VPN Applications, if you browse the internet via a VPN disable that, it only adds complexity during this process. Disable any VPN software! No-IP, or other Domain names might be setup wrong, or might take too long to update. Always use your public ip in the config files while troubleshooting. You can go back to No-Ip or whatever else you're using once you know your server is online! At a university, or on a network that you do not own? You're out of luck, you must be able to configure the network in order to host games. Hosting Services I'm happy to help you get your self-hosting working (if possible) but you can avoid all of this frustration with a professional hosting service such as my own: Low ping, low cost, no port forwarding, up 24/7, and a friendly web control panel, and super fast! Click here to find out more! Getting Support Before asking for support, please read and attempt all the troubleshooting tips above. Include all of the following when you make a post looking for support: Screenshot of your server console. Link generated by typing "netdebug" into the server console (without quotes). Operating System (Windows, Linux, or Mac) Did you disable your firewall? Did you disable your antivirus? A brief description of your location. (Home/Apartment/School/Work/etc) Anything you can tell us about your network that might help. Did your internet provider give you all the equipment? What makes/models? Do you have multiple routers or anything? Do you own the networking equipment? Click here to make a thread for support.
  19. jcsnider

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released! December 5th 2018 Bug Fixes/Problems Solved: Mysql game databases not saving/loading correctly (They will need to be wiped and recreated!) Attacks being cancelled/not registering on the server. Server crash when saving maps that players are on/around. Loading of certain translation strings. (Like Escape Menu & Server Status) Copying/Pasting of game components in the various editor windows Item equipped icon blocking mouse clicks in inventory (Requires re-downloading InventoryItem.json ui file) Bag window failing to load (Requires re-downloading BagWindow.json ui file) Npcs losing targets when firing spells Npcs firing projectiles in random directions Wording for consumable item editor ('Interval' -> 'Amount') Deleted characters not actually being deleted Engine allowing life steal from resources Fixed EndQuest event command Fixed weird event behavior when using labels inside common event. Fixed trading error where item amounts could multiply and make people rich! Up Next As more bugs are found we will get a 5.2 out.. in the mean time we are working on B6 and some performance improvements! Download If you're already using 5.0 just overwrite your .pdbs and .exes! Download If you're already using 4.9.X please view the migration guide! As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
  20. It’s a SQLite database file which means you’re need to treat it as such: https://sebastianraschka.com/Articles/2014_sqlite_in_python_tutorial.html Doing what you want will require some sql knowledge or lots of research.
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    Migration Issue to B5 or B5.1

    That's probably a good idea. Another good thing to try would be running a clean server (without migrating) and see if it's going to have the same problem.
  22. jcsnider

    Official Event System Tutorial

    Most of it, yes.