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  1. This is the source/plugins request section. Fair game here.. although I am not overly optimisitc.
  2. No, unfortunately we do not currently have any sort of permission structure for the editor. Anyone with editor access to map has access to everything.
  3. Hello Fellow GameDev, If you are not a proficient programmer this thread is for you. While developing your game you may look into incorporating custom code patches or hiring freelance developers to create custom features or changes in your game. While the unique features and options that custom code allows might be appealing there are also a lot of pain points and possibly unknown expenses that you should be aware of before getting started. Custom code modifications are not a one time job or purchase, they require long term developer upkeep and maintenance. Any time you introduce custom code into your game you are modifying the vanilla engines code in some way/shape/form. Like 2 book writers trying to revise the same paragraph of a book, when the vanilla engine next receives an update to the section of code you have modified you will be stuck with a code conflict. Code conflicts require developers in order to reconcile. This means that every time you want to update your engine while keeping your custom code changes you will likely need to enlist a developer for assistance. The larger the size or number of changes you have made the higher the chance for conflicts on any given update. Often times the bug fixes and performance updates that we make to the vanilla engine are far more important than the custom features you've added to augment your game. You do not want to be stuck in a position where you have to decide between receiving engine updates or keeping your custom features due to unanticipated maintenance expenses. All code is prone to bugs and errors. You should always count in bugs and issues when introducing any new code into any project. If you are paying for code changes, request a compiled version with your requested changes to test and verify that the function or feature works fully before paying and acquiring the actual code. Major bugs can sometimes require the whole modification to be redesigned. You cannot count on developers to fix bugs if you discover them days, weeks, or months after a transaction has occurred to take your time to test very thoroughly before completing a transaction. Custom code modifications come at a great risk to stability, performance, and security. There are dozens or hundreds of different ways to implement new features or custom code changes, and not all are created equal. We go to great lengths to make sure the vanilla engine is stable, performant and secure -- the developer you hire might not have those goals in mind, or may not be experienced enough to know when their features have security flaws, or server crippling bugs when the server is finally under load. A feature might work great with 4-5 people online, but if poorly designed/programmed the server could slow to an unplayable crawl with any sort of actual load, and you will never know the problem exists until the worst time possible -- launch day. Finally, your game will not be made or broken by a couple custom features. Some of the greatest games of all time consisted of nothing but some text on a screen in a tiny console window. While custom features can augment a game for the better the success of a game will far more rely on the creativity of the developer. The best features in a bland world with no engagement or story will not lead to a successful game. Take it from Kassie, who has been stuck between keeping his custom features and upgrading to the latest version of Intersect for years now. If you are going to need custom code modifications, make a great game first and then chase after those modifications as late as possible, preferably right before you're game is about to go live and can possibly bring in either some revenue or volunteer developer talent so you can maintain those features. The most important thing is to have fun developing your game! If you aren't have a good time you're project probably won't see the light of day. Stop fretting about custom features and go have fun developing! I am going to pin this post for all to see. The goal of this post is to prevent you from getting into trouble early on. If you want to share similar experiences or ask questions regarding getting started and maintaining custom code modifications please feel free to do so below.
  4. It's in the itch.io image at the bottom. $20 as of this post.
  5. I'm only half awake. Felt a disturbance in the force... 0.
  6. Hey Everyone, I am announcing an ownership update for AGD. There is a TLDR at the bottom. For those that don't know, @Kibbelz and I started Ascension Game Dev and Intersect Engine together seven years ago. While we have been partners the community has seen several major redesigns and it has grown to be the home of over 7,000 members. With significant assistance along the way, we were able to successfully develop and open source the Intersect Game Engine. We met our goals of creating a cross platform, modern, c# 2d orpg engine with a larger feature set, better performance, and significantly more stability than any of it's predecessors. We have an amazing team of developers who are continuing to work on Intersect who are introducing new features, exterminating bugs, and working on expanding to new platforms over time. There is still a long road ahead but someday I hope that we can reach a stage where we'd feel comfortable releasing Intersect as a tool for the general public on platforms like Steam. The goal for Ascension Game Dev is to continue grow as a hub for all game devs and Intersect users to collaborate, get support, and share their creations. There are several updates and changes that we will need to make to AGD in order to support a larger influx of users that we hope to see in the future, not all of which I felt comfortable committing to with a shared ownership structure. So as of today I am happy to announce I have come to an agreement with @Kibbelz to buy out his stake and take full ownership of the AGD forum and Discord communities. I really appreciate and am grateful for all the help and support @Kibbelz has provided in getting us to where we are today. He will still be around working in Nightmare as an AGD member/contributor instead of an administrator going forward. As for site/discord changes nothing will happen for now, as official plans are made more announcements will come. Thanks, JC TLDR: JC is now the full and sole owner of AGD and the AGD Discord Community. Nothing is really going to change for a bit. Thanks to @Kibbelz for all he has done to build up AGD and Intersect to date, and more announcements will follow as plans are made.
  7. As @Blinkuz has kinda said, this is a very 'niche' feature for mmorpgs which wouldn't be suitable or worth maintaining in the base engine in my opinion. On the bright side It is something that can be accomplished relatively easily via source edit -- you can ask here and wait it out in hopes someone does it for you. As for other features which would be good for the base engine please post them and an bug reports in our official tracker.
  8. It was hosted by my own hosting services As of today @panda is hosting the servers. There are 2 versions of the demo game running for testing purposes (one for the main/stable branch and one for the prerelease branch of the engine). Super cool to have constantly running and up-to-date public test environments and much appreciated of panda for running them
  9. People couldn't server hop or anything with the same characters/accounts right now, and it would come with the larger amount of time/effort to maintain 3 servers but sure -- you'd just copy out the game dbs to all 3 servers whenever you want to deploy updates, and that would help balance your load if you run into limits. The listed tiers are also not all that is available, those are just what most people need/want. I've had people also want fully dedicated servers where your game gets a whole physical server to itself. In that case you could run multiple copies of your game on super machine or run a single game server will a ton of processing power. That route would be a better price to performance deal than several of the $50/month servers I offer but there are complexities. Up-front setup fees from whoever the server is leased from (I recommend OVH or SoYouStart) A day or two of time required for me to setup, secure, and configure the server for the web control panel + automated backups Very little leniency on late payments. (2-3 days before full deletion instead of 30 like the lower tiers)
  10. Cost of server does not always equate to power of server... someone could charge you $1000/month for a server that only supports 10 players online at a time. That said.. the engine has handled 300 online using Beta 6.2.... and a very large chunk of the work put into Beta 7 were massive performance boosts. We do not know what the current limits are (1k might be possible already). Whenever games get that large we can run profilers to find any code that is bottlenecking our logic and optimize further.
  11. No, not possible. Events are 'owned' by players so if there are no players then no events run.
  12. It'll be in the prerelase builds soon (if it's not already), having proper but buggy version will be better than one made with events.
  13. You can, but if it is a general question in which the response might help others I'd encourage it as a forum post. Otherwise I'll await the pm and assist if I am able to do so.
  14. I just updated the first post of this thread with a 'How Do I Get Started' section which contains a generalized overview. Will you give that a try and let me know if it helps? Thanks, JC
  15. In theory, but it might be frowned upon by Github.
  16. After much consideration we've decided to halt engine development, stop focusing on game dev, and reinvent AGD as a flagship NFT marketplace.

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      I always wanted to be a nft artist here is my first piece of art





      you can send your prices.

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      We have also invested in merch!

      The intersect merch shop will be available soon!



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      So how does the project's doing so far?

  17. Beta 7 Released 3/28/2022 What's New? Too much to list again here, see the follow dev blogs: Dev Blog 1 Dev Blog 2 Back to Stable Live games should stop using prerelease builds as they will become increasingly less stable as new features are added. Unless you are ready for instability you should update to (stable) for your live projects. Up Next! Beta 7.1 will be promoted shortly from the development to prerelease branch. It will contain new features such as instances, guild variables, and layout hot-reloading but it is also expected to be a bit buggy for awhile -- you have been warned! Beta 8.0 will begin development on the development branch when Beta 7.1 is promoted to prerelease, and will be moving Intersect to .NET 6.0, user-selectable language (with multiple language files), and breaking cleanup changes to configuration, localization and project structure.
  18. Along with @panda and @Cheshire, both @Daywalkr and @Arufonsu have stepped up huge to help with the development and management of the engine lately, so wanted to give a shoutout and thanks for all they've done.
  19. Beta 7 Updates Round #2 3/28/2022 Part 1 Our first Beta 7 dev blog surrounded a bunch of performance changes and quality of life updates which were a result of Leafling pushing Intersect Beta 6 to it's limits and beyond. There's a lot of good stuff in that blog so if you haven't seen it yet go check that out first. Part 2 The second half of our updates were largely focused on small enhancements and keeping up with bug report but there are some features included such as Guilds, Quest Log Categories, and more. Performance Batched action messages, movement, and animation packets to reduce traffic (#657) Client fps improvements (#663) Reduce and/or remove resx dependencies (#671) Made listing/searching faster in all editors. Ordered all item selection lists alphabetically (#679, #682) New Features Guilds (UI, Banks, Variables, Custom Ranks, and more!) Server performance metrics are now tracked and accessible through the API! Map Critter Attributes (#656) Quest log categories (#693) Item stacking caps (#728) Chat/trade logging which are accessible via the API (#732) Exp loss on death (#748) Event command to reset stat point allocations (#765) Bonus Exp options configurable for party sizes (#773) Enhancements Option for Map Animations to be block tiles (#655) New common event triggers Equipment Change, Variable Change (#658) Show picture command options -> Wait until closed, auto close after X time. (#691) Custom error messages when requirements are not met for using items, casting spells, harvesting resources, etc (#791) Craft all button within crafting windows (#836) Custom sorting for crafting table items and shop items (#838) Bug Fixes Fixed chat bar scrolling issues (#816) Fixed Craft editor common event selector. (#904, 8/13/21) Fixed a memory leak in the bank window. (#933, 9/14/21) Fixed an issue blocking the use of the Fill and Erase map editor functions for Map Attributes. (#944, 10/9/21) Fixed an issue where Secondary attack damage would not apply when Base damage is 0. (#949, 10/16/21) Fixed an issue where scaling damage was never calculated if base damage is 0. (#958, 10/17/21) Fixed an issue where quest message custom colours were not used correctly. (#1008, 12/13/21) Fixed map updates when metrics is false (#1005, 12/13/21) Fixed an issue where GUI Json files would not create new layout files while caching was enabled. (#954, 12/18/21) Fixed an issue where the Has Free Inventory Slots condition would not display the correct variable upon editing. (#978, 12/18/21) Fixed an issue within GWEN causing certain numerical inputs to fail when typing a value after 0. (#1023, 12/27/21) Fixed some potential game breaking issues by changing the Character Select Screen behavior: characters should not be marked offline at some specific situations. (#1060, 2/8/22) [API] Removed groupby from get logs/trade (#1066, 2/9/22) Fixed an issue where DoTs would be applied multiple times for the same spell (#1078, 2/14/22) Fixed “Player is busy” message on Party Invites (#1084, 2/25/22) Fixed an issue where, with a full inventory, we would not propagate giving items properly to stacks that still had space (#1076, 2/25/22) Fixed an issue where bank withdraws ignored inventory stack limits (#1075, 2/25/22) Fixed an issue with playing interface sounds where they would stop playing prematurely due to losing a reference to them (#1032, 2/25/22) Fixed visual glitch when moving elements within the hotbars (#1089, 3/3/22) Fix step forward/backward not working (#1099, 3/7/22) Removed hard coded ComboBox sound effects (#1098, 3/8/22) Fixed out of bounds exception on spell cast cancellation (#1124, 3/18/22) Fix crash when trying to edit quest completion events (#1142, #1143, 3/23/22) Dozens of others but we were not yet tracking changes. A full list can be found here. Going Forward We're finally moving Beta 7.0 to our main/stable branch. If you have been running the prerelease builds of Beta 7.0 it is recommended you update to Beta 7.1 will be promoted shortly from the development to prerelease branch. It will contain new features such as instances, guild variables, and layout hot-reloading but it is also expected to be a bit buggy for awhile -- you have been warned! Beta 8.0 will begin development on the development branch when Beta 7.1 is promoted to prerelease, and will be moving Intersect to .NET 6.0, user-selectable language (with multiple language files), and breaking cleanup changes to configuration, localization and project structure.
  20. We do not have anything even remotely closed to turn based combat. That would take a skilled programmer months or longer of work to implement. Sorry!
  21. Yeah just turn off the server, go to file manager, and upload a new Intersect Server.exe and Intersect Server.pdb (any version you want.)
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