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  1. jcsnider

    Shop/Inventory Bug

    Appears to be fixed in B6
  2. jcsnider

    (Bug) Animation Unknown

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. jcsnider

    (Bug) Animation Unknown

    Appears to be fixed in B6.. or you have broken strings that need to be regenerated. (Delete Editor/Resources/editor_strings.json)
  4. I want everyone to know that this IS being worked on. And a fix will be out with the new UI in Beta 6
  5. You can install apache/mysql/etc and host websites from a VPS as well no problem. You won't get a nice fancy web hosting interface or anything but it can all definitely be ran on the same machine.
  6. You don't rent web space/web hosting for game servers. Instead you rent a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server. Which run Windows or Linux that you get credentials to control. The servers I host using my platform 'appear' to run in the web but they actually just run on a Linux server in a OVH datacenter that I pay monthly for. I just happen to use a web interface that allows people to see and manage the files of their server and relay the console data. For reference I use https://pterodactyl.io, but Intersect doesn't work out of the box I had to create my own containers and do a bit of coding to get everything working. Also, pterodactyl is Linux only.
  7. jcsnider

    BUG - Unmute Command

    Dupe of https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/bug_tracker/intersect/unmutingunbanning-server-crash-r1512/
  8. jcsnider


    Changed Status to Closed
  9. jcsnider


    Big red text on the downloads page: Warning! .Net Framework 4.6.1+ is required to run this version of Intersect. If you have trouble running the engine please try updating your .Net Framework version. (Or Mono if you're on Mac/Linux!)
  10. jcsnider

    Server crash

    Changed Status to Blocked
  11. jcsnider

    Server crash

    @Weylon Santana: What version of MySQL are you using? Also upload your server_strings.json file.
  12. jcsnider

    Weather crash

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. jcsnider

    Weather crash

    The error log provided is regarding sound effects. We now have the engine anticipating this error and not allowing sounds to start that would otherwise overload OpenAL. I don't really foresee anything else that we should do. With 128? active sounds no one will notice a couple missing. This is simply a engine limitation.
  14. jcsnider

    Server presence before client

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. jcsnider

    Server presence before client

    Marking as fixed in B6. With new rendering getting into game even on low powered machines should be instantaneous.
  16. jcsnider

    It is flashing the map.

    This can't happen in B6. Marking as fixed.
  17. jcsnider

    My event stop for no reason at some point

    Better solution is to move that "Set Switch" to the bottom. Technically the Common Event command should work just like normal events do now. It might be fixed at anytime.
  18. jcsnider

    My event stop for no reason at some point

    Because when Event A starts Event B it checks at the start if the Event B commands can run. It then runs the Event B commands while the Event A conditions are met.
  19. jcsnider

    My event stop for no reason at some point

    Events stop as soon as the conditions are no longer met or the player is warped away. This behavior is new in B5 but was always intended. When you set the Mort switch to true the Page 3 conditons are no longer met and no more commands are run.
  20. Hi everyone! This thread is a simple way to say hello when you join the site. You can share as little or as much about yourself as you would like. I am going to start with a little info about myself. About Myself: I'm JC. By the age of 8 I was creative enough to use my initials and my last name to form a username of jcsnider and I've just stuck with it. () Joined the Eclipse community back when I was 11 with the ambitions of creating an online Pokemon MMO, several years later I had one, it was buggy, easy to hack, and I got my home internet shut down not one, but twice due to sending mass update emails and hosting websites on residential ISP plans. I won't go much into that, but those were my roots and that is also what led to me to gain an interest in programming. Using the original Total Eclipse game engine (I don't even know who the main developer was) I began to learn Visual Basic 6, it was great. Over the years I have honed my skills and continued with Eclipse becoming the head developer for a 3 year window. I retired a few months ago. I made an event system similar to what is seem in RPG Maker and I branched off and learned different languages like C#, Objective-C, Java and more. Due to some sheer luck I was found given the opportunity to work with Yale University on a small programming project. Last summer I went up there for a summer internship and I now work for them as an external contractor in my spare time despite living in Kentucky. I am a full time student, attending Northern Kentucky University. No, I don't think you have heard of it, but it is slowly growing and offers a great computer science program. I spend most of my time in the IT building and it is wonderful. School has been an absolute breeze so far, especially programming courses and I am currently set to graduate a semester early. I have no idea where I am going to work after school but I still have plenty of time to decide. Now I am starting this site with my good friend Joe (Irokaiser, or Kibbelz... you will always be Kibbelz to me.) We are trying to bring in some of our game development experience and create an open community to discuss game development of all types independent of the engine, platform, and skill level. I am extremely happy to meet you all and I hope to see you around! -JC
  21. jcsnider

    How to do Pixel Movement in Intersect?

    You don't. Intersect is a tile based engine. Pixel based movement would require a ton of coding, would put more stress on the networking, and would need all sorts of prediction algorithms to make it appear smooth and guess where players are going in the event of lag. This is not something that will ever be in the base engine, maybe someone will custom code it after source release.
  22. jcsnider

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    There a roadmap right here that we actually keep updated.... https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/forum/90-roadmap/
  23. jcsnider

    Client Loading Error

    In the class editor, make these values smaller:
  24. jcsnider

    Client Loading Error

    Experience overflow... Can you get into the editor? Try setting the exp values to level up to something much lower.