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  1. I would totally recommend Pyxel Edit! It is so easy to use and I personally think It's easier to make pixel art with it. https://pyxeledit.com/
  2. Hi, Is the In-game chat stored somewhere in the engine or doesn't have that option? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I want to do this: Open the inventory and the 'Item Description Panel' will appear as well without having to pass the mouse over. Is there any way to do that on the XML file? Thanks
  4. Heeeey! I don't know If this the right place to ask but is there any side scroller/platformer online engine out there? I used google but the only one I found so far is a very old one called 'Project Vertigo'. Does anyone knows about other or a new one? Thank you!
  5. Thanks, but now I'm using Photoshop and After Effects to create the animations.
  6. I made a game skill effect in Unity 2D and wanted to convert/export it into a sprite sheet. But apparently there's no way
  7. Thanks!, but apparently there's no way to do it. I guess I'll have to find another software
  8. Hi, I don't know if this is in the right place , but I'm new using Unity and I was wondering if anyone here knows if there's a way to export an animation as a sprite sheet. Thank you!
  9. Magnificent! Love this Jcnification aha
  10. Thank you for fixing the panorama thing, It looked so ugly without it
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