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  1. I would totally recommend Pyxel Edit! It is so easy to use and I personally think It's easier to make pixel art with it. https://pyxeledit.com/
  2. Hi, Is the In-game chat stored somewhere in the engine or doesn't have that option? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I want to do this: Open the inventory and the 'Item Description Panel' will appear as well without having to pass the mouse over. Is there any way to do that on the XML file? Thanks
  4. Hi, yeah that doesn't work thanks anyways! I see I see...
  5. Hello! I have a problem. I made a resource (Grass 2D Platform) and I set the animation to "Above Target" so the character can walk behind of it. I did it that, but the character still walks above the resource. I have to mention in Resource Editor I have both 'Walkable before resource removal' & 'Walkable after resource removal' Maybe that's the problem? Help me! Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, yesterday I was cleaning my PC there was ton of files and I found this old base I made time ago so I'm giving it for free. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. All yours.
  7. I agree too! Hopefully It's not hard to do
  8. Ooooh I don't know about that I was just asking for that since It looks weird when making a projectile for a platformer/sidescroller
  9. I don't know if this got fix and I'm doing something wrong but I'm still having the same problem The purple dot should be UP just like the Right animation. I guess it would be something like a mirror effect? If this is not possible, It's okay, I understand
  10. I'm talking about the turn based for ground combat
  11. Looks beautiful and fun, but sadly I don't like that battle system ;w; thanks for sharing it tho, I'm sure it will inspire many people!
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