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  1. Wrapped up all B5 additions tonight! :321_crescent_moon:


    Only thing left are bug fixes and cleanup. Release Soon!

    1. Cashplant


      Awesome work! 


      Thanks Jessy, you're amazing! 

    2. Gibier


      @Cashplant why do you always thank me when i do nothing?

    3. Cashplant


      Always thanking you for all the hard work in the community of course

  2. jcsnider

    Editor not launching on Linux

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. jcsnider

    Editor not launching on Linux

    @eins the editor does not work cross platform and likely never will. Only the client and sever are meant to work on OS X and Linux. Edit: Even if the editor used OpenGL (which it isn’t) it uses all kinds of windows only win32api calls for its tabbed windows and such. At this time there are no plans for it to ever support Linux.
  4. jcsnider

    Chat History?

    Not at this time. Storing chat logs is a goal of mine but probably won’t happen until after we go open source.
  5. jcsnider

    Will be a new API system released in B5?

    Short Answer: Yes, most likely, but it won't be super useful. Long Answer: An API system has been started, but offers very little functionality at this time. The API system will be expanded upon and documented after B5s release. At the B5 release we will post some documentation on how to use the available options. The docs will include steps required to authenticate, and the available endpoints which will initially be limited to fetching server config and player stats. After B5 the number and size of changes we will be making to the engine will decrease significantly. I will then proceed to take requests and expand the API so it can actually be really useful.
  6. jcsnider


    Just like any unknown software created by individuals or small teams Intersect is often flagged as suspicious by the more sensitive antivirus programs. Once we go open source it'll be very easy to show that there are no sorts of viruses in our engine. Sadly until a time comes where those companies decide to take an interest in us, or a time comes when Intersect games are installed on like millions of pcs we will continue to be flagged as unsafe.
  7. jcsnider

    Network problem?

    Not sure... you can ping our server, but your server application can't talk to our server.... It's probably an amazon firewall issue outside of the vm itself blocking uncommon ports... but I do not have any experience with their infrastructure.
  8. jcsnider

    [PAID] Front-End Game Programmer in Stockholm, Sweden

    I think this might be a bit beyond what our membership can offer.... regardless I wish you all the best of luck.
  9. jcsnider

    Network problem?

    Have you tried typing in the servers public ip address into your client/editor config and connecting? Just because it cannot communicate with our servers doesn't mean your server isn't available to the public... and when hosting outside of your household upnp doesn't matter.
  10. jcsnider

    Network problem?

    Open a command prompt and try the following command: ping ascensiongamedev.com Screenshot the output and post it here.
  11. jcsnider

    New Scripter section

    As an added note: its infinitely easier to start with a scripting or plugin system and design around it then it is to add those sorts of things as an afterthought. Having either or both while nice would still have limitations that having an entire open source engine won’t. If we were going to add either/both it should have been done 3 years ago. Edit: Sorry!
  12. jcsnider

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    I, for one, really like the time fantasy set, and seeing that Arcwyre hasn’t had any updates recently you’re the only game here using them ^^ Keep up the good work
  13. @Eraor, you gotta set the tile type to Autotile or Animated Autotile when using those sorts of tiles:
  14. jcsnider

    Intersect Character Generator

    If the "switch" is ever made it would be done in such a way that the default graphics become 3 frame, and the engine supports 3 frame by default, but there'd be an option for 4 frame as well. So nothing to worry about, and that's wayyyyyy down the road anyways. We're getting pretty far off topic lol