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  1. Still alive. Little sunburnt. Hope you all are doing well. Home soon!

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    2. Oddly


      I've been setting things on fire since your departure.

    3. The Bunny Gamer

      The Bunny Gamer

      I've not been on much

      @Oddly @panda 


      *Edit 5 mins later: Oh I only just GOT that :p

    4. jcsnider


      Anything less than total thermo nuclear war around here would have left me disappointed @Oddly @panda

  2. Panic packing. Flight leaves tomorrow morning. With drive time and layovers we will be on the go for 21+ hours. Game of Thrones is top priority when we arrive in Honolulu. 

    1. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Ainz Ooal Gown

      Enjoy your adventure mate

  3. No, we have our own proprietary editor and map format. Maybe in the future.
  4. jcsnider

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Sooooooooo I was in Iron 1 last week......
  5. Intersect Dev will pick back up after May 21! Funeral this week, and I'm hopping on a plane Sunday for vacation.  I'll see you all when I get back!

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    2. Khaikaa


      Good luck dude, hope to see you at your best when come back

    3. Oddly


      Sorry for your loss, Enjoy your vacation bbgrl :18_kissing_heart:

    4. Jackson


      have a good holiday

  6. Sorry to our recent donors, the block is temporarily broken and not showing your icons/goal progress.  I'll have it fixed ASAP. Thanks for the support!

    1. djkic


      Check your mail, i ll send you my server resource. Thanks !

    2. The Bunny Gamer

      The Bunny Gamer

      it's ok :p thanks for telling us instead of just pretending it doesn't exist!!!

    3. varinyc


      JC always good on transparency. :28_hugging:

  7. jcsnider

    How can I make one animation

    It looks like the Animation is setup incorrectly. Please see this page for how to set the Horizontal, Vertical, and Total Frame values: https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Animations/UsageExamples.html
  8. jcsnider

    Import/export map

    Import and Export needs to be completely rewritten. It will probably return but not until a later point in time (Maybe RC versions) Please do NOT do what bunny suggested. By copying maps in the DB you can end up with multiple maps sharing connections to adjacent maps or sharing the same events (not copies). At best you create inception, at worse you destroy your game.
  9. jcsnider

    How can I make one animation

    What you're looking for is a "Map Animation" which is found under the Attributes tab in the map editor. That let's you place an animation on a singular tile that will not move.
  10. @placido: best route is to do your own stress test, gather some people and see how well the game runs for them. We cannot give you an exact answer or range based on simply server specs, or internet bandwidth, and even if we could the engine is getting better with each version so the number is only getting higher. Locking this topic, plenty of answers above.
  11. Unknown. There is no coded limit. I don't know what the max # that others have hit so far. It will really depend on the machine you're hosting the game with along with dozens of other factors.
  12. jcsnider

    Intersect Development Road Map

    Increase the rate in which the server processes projectiles so when they hit a target the server doesn’t take so long to send the animation or apply damage.
  13. jcsnider

    Destroy The Layers - Boss Idea & Sprites

    Removed off topic posts. The concept is above if you'd like to use it. I don't foresee any productive discussion coming from this thread moving forward though so topic locked.
  14. Our inspiration for events came from the RPG Maker engines. Their event system is slightly more powerful than ours right now, but we really liked that concept. Intersect is generally the logical step up from RPG Maker since we provide multiplayer functionality. Making the transition as smooth as possible for those users seemed like a good idea. I'm glad you're figuring it all out though phawse, and if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  15. jcsnider

    Help Sreen balck

    Trying having them turn RenderCache off in Client/Resources/Config.json @Darkmg