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  1. Pretty sure in the animation editor there is a 'render above fringe' option which will do what you want.
  2. You can't pull it off now, but it will be very easy once the source is released :).
  3. Beta 6 bug where large variable values get lost upon modification should be fixed! Try out the latest stable build from here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/4231-stable-builds/?do=findComment&comment=40525

    1. Weylon Santana

      Weylon Santana

      All Fine Jc. I tested a short time ago...

  4. Make a bug report for me. Ill check into it on my next fixing spree.
  5. You'd have to program a custom authentication bridge for your forum that uses the servers API for account management and credential verification. That's very complex and would require some extensive programming knowledge to pull off.
  6. His guide is slightly outdated. Check this for how to use \gv now
  7. Our goal for the engine from this point on is optimizations and stability for a smooth open source release. Afterwards those requested edits can be made by anyone, but those are beyond the scope of what we have planned for the vanilla engine. Our roadmap can be seen here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/forum/90-roadmap/ Topic locked.
  8. The text dropdown, can that be changed to json? Edit: Also, what tool are you using? Knowing may help.... or not lol.
  9. Need to use post, not get.
  10. The server listens on all addresses, so inputting the Hamachi address into your client's config is all you need to do. Your server will still contact our servers through the internet to provide 'useful information' such as your public ip but that can be ignored. If you are unable to connect via the hamachi address that means you have firewall issues on your pc or antivirus programs blocking the connection.
  11. Latest build is from Oct. 6
  12. To communicate with the server and modify live game data you should use the API.
  13. Not in Intersect until we open source and someone custom codes it.
  14. Not if you're changing tile size, only map size. If you change tile size without changing the number of tiles horizontally or vertically on a map then the only thing you might need to delete is the Editor/resources/mapcache.db file which will automatically regenerate.
  15. https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/upgrade/upgrading.html#upgrading
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