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  1. hi! I recently found this new mmo engine which is amazing, but I wanted to ask if there's a feature for using paperdoll hairs for when there are no helmets equiped. Removing the hair when equipping a helmet makes pixelarting a lot easier

  2. You're on the right track. Having players take actions which would impact the existing tile data is totally feasible but not without a bit of code.
  3. Hi, I have 7.0 Beta and wanted to report these bugs so you can fix them.
    (1. It does not matter the probability of falling of an object that you put on an enemy, everything always falls even if you put 0%). (2. The set range does not work, the items with the random statistics appear according to the range, but these elements when equipping them do not add to the statistics). (3. when a profit is released, the profit box does not appear on the screen as active)

    oh by the way, once these bugs are corrected, how should I not lose my project and fix these errors? thanks in advance

  4. Click those to change layers. Put the grass on the lowest layer, and then everything else on the layers above.
  5. The package it creates is technically for updating, the editor can auto update as well which is why every single file is included. For the client, you can delete everything in the /resources folder except: gui/layouts fonts config files And then you can put the 'packs' folder from the update into the client/resources folder and the client will read from those compressed & kinda encrypted files.
  6. Sorry for the super late reply, but we just worked this out ourselves. The launch command needs to be: Without the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set it won't find the sqlite library the server extracts for some reason.
  7. The answer is maybe, but not without some major refactoring which we need to do anyways.
  8. Bumping this because it was written before we had the Beta 7 prerelease builds working properly. I don't have a whole lot to add but be sure to go check out the Beta 7 prerelease builds! Along with what Panda mentioned there's an updated Chatbox with tabs, a new loot window, and more thanks to @Cheshire For anyone not in the loop, Leafling launched on Steam using Beta 7 back in December. Since it's launch Leafling has averaged 80-90 online players at any given time. For all of those constantly asking what Intersect can handle, we know its at least 200 simultaneous players, and based on the metrics we've collected it should be able to handle a lot more We will be bringing a ton of performance updates, bug fixes, qol changes, and overall engine improvements from Leafling into the Beta 7 prerelease builds over the next few weeks/months which will make Beta 7 the first truly ready build for those launching larger games.
  9. Have you tried connecting with the client? It might be working fine. If not you may have to open ports within the VPS and outside the VPS as well if your host has an extra firewall or anything.
  10. So the client requires graphic assets, shaders, fonts, etc in order to run. If you download the Stable full archive here and copy the resources folder into your /build/debug/client and /build/debug/editor folders that you are compiling into it should run fine.
  11. 0.6.2.X The X value is a revision number. When our official systems create builds we always have a revision number that increments each build. The 0 means that your copy was built custom from source so without the source its impossible to know which of our versions it aligns with. Furthermore, when clients and servers are built security keys are generated for both so they can talk to each other. That means that you client cannot communicate with any of our builds, it needs the server and editor that was built at the same time. If you are paying for modifications to the engine you should be paying for the source changes and not compiled .exes. You will ultimately need to make further adjustments, or at least keep up to date with our changes, so the source is the valuable component and the exes are pretty much worthless. Sounds like you're being ripped off. Get the source if you can and walk away.
  12. So you will get an email with a link tot he hosting panel and your login information. There you will see a server list: The host is in red. The port of your server is in blue.. type that into your Client/Resources/config.json file. Go into your server and use the Stop button to turn it off: Then go into the File Manager tab, delete everything there and upload the "Intersect Server.exe", "Intersect Server.pdb", and the "resources" folder from your own computer. Finally go back to the console tab and hit start: Your client should connect and let you play the game, the editor will let you edit the game, and when you're ready to share your game you can send the client to others and they can play too.
  13. Technically the resource items given can be done via an event and therefore limited. The shop quantity control would need to be done via source. Technically all of it should be done via source.
  14. I'd report it as a bug for us to look into on the issue tracker.. might need to make a few tweaks into how animations are rendered.
  15. Is that tree a resource? Or is it actually fringe tiles? The rendering order is different.
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