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  1. Phasing out Beta 6.0! 3/28/2020 At this point in time we feel as if Beta 6.1 is equally stable or more stable than Beta 6.0. Beta 6.0 is now officially phased out and further development builds will be released as Beta 6.2. If you are still using Beta 6.0 it is time to upgrade to the latest version of Beta 6.1 by downloading the Upgrade package and following the instructions within. Currently there are no differences between Beta 6.1 and Beta 6.2 so it doesn't matter which version you are using. Going forward Beta 6.1 will only receive bug fixes and performance tweaks, while Beta 6.2 will start to receive other small enhancements and quality of life changes. This was one of our final steps towards being ready for an open source release-- it's just around the corner now!
  2. See: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/start/setup.html
  3. Updated the roadmap again. We've been working so hard on getting the engine ready for the source release that we haven't really kept up with and fully decided upon our future goals. We're working on final code cleanup now, and we will be shifting versions soon (6.0 will become obsolete, 6.1 will become stable, 6.2 will become dev). Source will be released very shortly after we have 6.2 dev builds working. (Expected within the next 2 weeks!) There won't be any new features/enhancements for 6.2 over 6.1 at the time of launch, but it's important that we phase out 6.0 as we head into the world of open source After we open source the engine we will work on user enhancements, bug fixes, overall stability, and eliminating performance bottlenecks. Our ultimate goal is to launch the engine on steam but we will need a project management control panel type app in order to make that viable. The engine could use a bit more polish, and we are exploring ways for people to host in strict networks without port fowarding or paying for a VPS. Right now our goal is for a smooth open source release. We will get together and make a list of goals for a Steam release soon!
  4. You gotta regulate speed first on the client, and then use the server for corrections. The client and server should both know how fast the player can move from one tile to the other. Outside of that input event you need to check and see if the player is already moving, if so don't send any packets. The server needs to keep track of the last player movement time and if another movement packet comes in too fast send a position correction to the client. The goal is to find a happy medium where the server allows some timing variation due to potential latency and doesn't send corrections but for that variation to be small so speed hacking isn't an issue...
  5. I ultimately think it looks different enough, but I do post the blanket warning because most people don't actually know. Best of luck!
  6. It looks really good but please be careful. To me that looks exactly like the old Crystalshire UI which is pretty much the only UI that was never publicaly shared for reuse. Robin does stop by every now and then and has been known to ask developers to cease using those assets in particular. I'm not sure if this is all custom or not but I want to give a fair warning. Ricardo has also been warned for the use of the same assets in Crybits and plans to phase them out in the near future. Best of luck!
  7. Events are instanced per player. If you need locations to sync up check the global checkbox by the events name. It is intended that events ignore npc avoid tiles at this time.
  8. Can't. Wait for open source.
  9. Because in the database the colors are saved via string I bet. So in the database it's saved as the colors in your language. Edit: That shouldn't be the case.. but if it is we're certainly not going to change it.
  10. I'm not sure, but that's a completely different issue and needs to be asked in a new thread.
  11. That was fixed in Download the latest Development build and it will work.
  12. Nothing in play yet.. these sorts of very specific and arguably niche edits will have to happen with source edits on a game by game basis.
  13. Computer is configured correctly. Router doesnt support UPnP so you have to manually port forward port 5400 UDP to your PC's local IP which is Figure out what router you have, and then find the guide here on how to port forward by selecting your router brand and then model: https://portforward.com/router.htm
  14. You packed textures. Delete client/resources/packs. Don't use texture packing unless you absolutely have to.
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