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  1. *Proceeds to show a perfectly working Minimap.* Lol Looks fantastic man. Tons of depth in your game already.
  2. Try grabbing the shaders from the latest automated builds instead of that repo: No need to shout.
  3. Grab them from the prerelease-upgrades branch https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Assets/tree/prerelease_upgrade
  4. Just merged a fix into pre-release. You will need to do a PR to update your repo and then fetch those changes in Github desktop: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/pullrequests/pulling.html
  5. One or two people, but strictly for personal/private use afaik.
  6. If someone figures this out I'd love to see a full guide written for this. I have never looked into it personally.
  7. I don't think any have been created since we replaced the UI in Beta 5...
  8. Change it in resources/client_strings.json
  9. Adding on further. There is nothing that we can do to stop people from stealing the assets if they wanted to. We cant stop screenshoting, dumping of textures from opengl, or people reverse engineering any sort of encryption that we add. What Joyce has done will be the best option that we could realistically add to an open source engine. It'll have to do.
  10. Well you gotta know how the that encryption tool actually works in order to program (code) decryption into the engine. It's very complicated and only protects your files marginally. Good news is that @Joyce just submitted a PR which will add similar functionality to Intersect. It would be added in Beta 7. Patience is the best route.
  11. Intersect can't read the encoded files from that encoder fyi.
  12. You already have threads regarding this topic: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5425-how-do-i-encrypt-resources/?do=findComment&comment=47782 https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5472--/?do=findComment&comment=48062 The forum already has a standing source request for asset protection/encryption: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/4765-read-first-standing-requests-rules-please-dont-make-threads-for/?do=findComment&comment=43988 Due to the above I am locking this thread. If a developer sees this and would like to attempt asset protection/encryption please pm @luciferofhell or share in the source modifications board. @luciferofhell please refrain from creating duplicate/further topics for this as they are cluttering up the forum. Thanks.
  13. Downloads page is back online. Automated teamcity builds are running again. Progress :)

  14. You can't port forward to host a game for the public via a phones hotspot. A phones hotspot doesn't have a upnp service. Nothing to worry about until you want to make your game public, you can develop locally as you have found, and when time comes you will want to use a different network or rent server hosting.
  15. Custom code. Not something supported by default in Intersect because if everyone used the same protection then cracking that protection for every single Intersect game would be trivial.
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