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  1. jcsnider

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    @TheKezStrel: Maybe someday. While updating directly from a web server would be faster, this updater was designed for those who don't have to one. The google drive api is nothing like a web server, so it would require rewriting a ton of code to get something like that working.
  2. jcsnider

    API info

    The state of the API in B5 is barebones and only really offers the functionality of looking up player stats. Furthermore, it isn’t something that you can simply guess and figure out how to use. I don’t even remember how to login to the thing. Until I personally dive in and learn how to use it again and then write up the official documentation you’re out of luck, and it won’t be until B6 and after before the API is really usable anyways.
  3. jcsnider

    Event - Copy and Paste

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. jcsnider

    Event - Copy and Paste

    Click the following button to change the behavior @Ainz Ooal Gown
  5. jcsnider

    InventoryWindows.json - Close Button Position

    The close button is contained within the Titlebar. Your titlebar only has a width of 10px in that json. If you set your titlebar bounds to the following it should look better: "Titlebar": { "Bounds": "0,0,413,24",
  6. jcsnider

    InventoryWindows.json - Close Button Position

    Please share the entire UI json file.
  7. jcsnider

    So... Help with B5, to put online.

    There could be equipment beyond the router that also need configuring, if you want to share a picture of your routers ip config/status pages that can't hurt.
  8. jcsnider

    So... Help with B5, to put online.

    Have you tried contacting your ISP? I'm sorta guessing they are blocking ports on their end.
  9. jcsnider

    why isnt my game multiplayer

    Please read the entire thread here. That thread will tell you everything you need to do, and all the information you must provide us, and where to provide that information in order to get support.
  10. jcsnider

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    My partner and crime (co-owner of AGD and developer of Intersect) @Kibbelz created one. Last I heard it is pretty dead/unmanaged. Link here. This site has a shoutbox that becomes available after 1-2 weeks of a probationary period for people to get used to the board/forum structure, so that's where I normally am.
  11. jcsnider

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    First off, welcome to AGD @Rafferty. You've come to the right place. Orake was built using the Eclipse game engines. The engines we offer here (Orion & Intersect) are the successors to Eclipse that have been rebuilt from the ground-up and now exceed the Eclipse engines in every way. You should find making an Orake-like game to be fairly simple, you can even obtain the same graphics they use, as long as you're ready to put in the work. Take it from someone who used to lead development of the Eclipse engine. Even if you had the money, that would be a terrible deal, and you're going to be better off this way. The base Eclipse code isn't great. The original Orake owner recruited anyone and everyone who would even touch the code to fix stuff and make changes meaning you have all sorts of kids with little/no programming experience meddling in everything. Finding programmers willing to touch VB6 is becoming harder and harder each day. Even if it was all in perfect condition VB6 has countless crippling limitations which simply cannot be fixed/overcome. (Hence why we are rebuilding from the ground-up). You saved yourself a massive headache I promise!
  12. Check out the response here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/3219-equipped-item-red-dot/?do=findComment&comment=33499
  13. jcsnider

    Overlapping Tiles

    Clicking on the icons in red will let you place your tiles on higher leveled layers making them overlap instead of replacing each other:
  14. jcsnider


    No. Damian leads the official Orion+ engine development. Someone else translated it to C#, which is cool, but hasn't been tested much yet. It also remains to be seen if that C# port will keep up update-wise with Damians build going forward. Time will tell.
  15. jcsnider

    How do I add new equips slots?

    Good find!