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  1. Happy bday ~

  2. You can change the 'selected layer' in the View tab I believe at the top of the editor. When the selected layer is set to current layer only, then that is the only layer which will be selected/moved/copied.
  3. Great writeup. Please do add/share more as things come to mind. I am sure there are far more lessons to take away from your experience over the past few years.
  4. Try this: apt-get install -y sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev
  5. Bug reports here will be lost and forgotten, please post bugs in our bug tracker.
  6. A singular event on login will not be a problem.
  7. You use patch when the only difference between your current build and the new build is the revision number (0.7.1.XXX). You upgrade when the major or minor number is changing, and upgrades must be done in order (0.7.1 -> 0.7.2 -> 0.7.3 -> 0.8.X) etc.
  8. We do not ship new language files in our update or patch releases only in the 'full' downloads for brand new projects. So when you overwrite your current project with the updated files you should never lose your language json with existing translations. When you launch a new version of the server/client/editor any changed or newly added language strings should appear in your json alongside your existing translations. Unfortunately we don't have a good way of showing what is new/changed at this time but a complete replacement isn't necessary.
  9. We had a misconfigured DNS record due to a recent server switch-up. Should be fixed now but might not take effect for 24 hours or so while we wait for dns propagation.
  10. The problem is with our status checker and not your server. I will move it up on my list of things to check/fix.
  11. Site is for general game dev, over just intersect, however.
  12. UPnP only applies to home networks. You need to configure your servers firewall and any firewalls within OVH to manually open the game ports.
  13. I am just learning about this beautiful engine, just as I had dreamed to create an online mmorpg game, my question is if this engine can implement the option of putting a marketplace for players to buy from other players and they can buy and sell equally a kind of general market, or that a person can create a store to sell their game items to other players.

  14. Acabo de aprender este hermoso motor, tal como había soñado con crear un juego mmorpg en línea, mi pregunta es si este motor puede implementar la opción de poner un mercado para que los jugadores compren a otros  jugadores que estos tambien  puedan comprar y vender igualmente, una especie de mercado general. 

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