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  1. Technically the resource items given can be done via an event and therefore limited. The shop quantity control would need to be done via source. Technically all of it should be done via source.
  2. I'd report it as a bug for us to look into on the issue tracker.. might need to make a few tweaks into how animations are rendered.
  3. Is that tree a resource? Or is it actually fringe tiles? The rendering order is different.
  4. Small edit: EventCommand_CreateGuild.cs line 30 should be: cmbVariable.Items.AddRange(PlayerVariableBase.Names); Instead of cmbVariable.Items.AddRange(PlayerVariableBase.GetNameList()); The former sorts by the order in which the variables were created which is what IdFromList() expects. Also in GameInterface.cs after GameMenu.UpdateGuildList(); the following needs to be added: mShouldUpdateGuildList = false;
  5. Basically you will want to do view logic based on screen size in inches or dpi? Basically if you are developing for mobile you just zoom in or scale your rendering up. I don't see another option.
  6. If you open the migration files that EF generated and remove the addition of the foreign key it might work. Sqlite is weird in what can and cannot be added once tables exist.
  7. I like HostKoala.. a lot cheaper than $10/20USD a month. If you get high enough traffic you might need to upgrade but for getting started it's been rock solid for my smaller projects.
  8. ¿De alguna manera se puede configurar el movimiento lateral de los personajes npc y proyectiles? Buenas noches saludos desde Venezuela!

  9. How'd you solve it? Please update us
  10. Share the server logs too. If the server is erroring which stems from a client packet (or registration) it will kick the client and log the error.
  11. Additionally we just switched payment processors over from PayPal to Stripe, so if you were interested in hosting but PayPal was a deal breaker or wasn't available in your country I invite you to try signing up again. For all existing PayPal subscribers, your subscriptions will remain in place as-is until you cancel, but Stripe is the go-to platform for new hosting subscriptions. Thanks everyone!
  12. Explained here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/4967-dev-blog-452020-beta-62-development-ongoing/?do=findComment&comment=44979
  13. Just make a copy of everything. You will know in the first day or two if you want to stick to 6.2 or not. (Hint: You will.)
  14. Updates are done! When you login you will be greeted with an updated hosting panel! The file manager is much improved, but other than that it's mostly all the same.
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