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  • Donating to Ascension Game Dev!


    Donations assist AGD in covering the various expenses of hosting our game development community, and providing free assets for Intersect, the flagship free 2D ORPG engine for the community. Our expenses include renting servers, off-site storage space for backups, purchasing and renewing software licenses, acquiring rights to or commissioning assets like artwork, and more. 


    Your donations help alleviate the financial stress of developing a free game engine, running an ad-free forum community, building up our documentation, and someday applying to release Intersect on Steam. Donations do not go towards the development and programming of Intersect. We volunteer our time and ask that you donate to ensure the longevity of our community.


    We hope that you will consider donating to AGD and we're happy to offer small perks to thank those who help us out!



    Donation Perks

    Users who contribute significantly to our site are thanked with colorful user names, the tiers are as follows and are based on the sum of all your donations:

    • Contributor ($5+)
    • Ascending Contributor ($60+) 
    • Super Contributor ($150+)
    • Elite Contributor ($250+)


    Every time you donation you will receive an icon next to your name for 30 days.  (Like:  ccccb2a1928affdf50fd5cc8b076db56.png)


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