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  1. I’m not sure about the maps but you’re sprites can be any size you want. Just make sure each frame is the same size and you're good.
  2. Zetasis

    New Eden

    New Eden Dev Log - August 18th, 2019 "This week we’re going over some new Enemy Designs, Emotes and a new music piece! Sorry this week’s log isn’t as long, it was a bit of a slow one for us!” Enemy Design Emotes Music Thats all for this week! Thanks as always for the support guys!
  3. Zetasis

    New Eden

    Thanks for all the nice comments. We have a great team here and we're all very dedicated. Keep an eye out for the dev logs, which are released every Sunday on our discord, for more updates!
  4. Zetasis

    WIP New Eden

    Summary Story Features OST Discord Meet the Team In Closing Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave your feedback and critique on this thread and on our Discord Server! We're always looking for ways to improve! Be sure to stay tuned for our Dev Logs, released every Sunday! Dev Logs Dev Log - August 18th, 2019
  5. Zetasis

    Phantom Farm

    Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows so this has got me intrigued. Also looking forward to some of that awesome 80's synth music Keep us posted. Edit: Btw, your sprite dude looks terrified. Thats when you know the horror is real.
  6. Checked out all 3 and I gotta day I could see any of those songs used for a number settings. Thanks for the songs and all your dedication!
  7. You could always resize your images by 200%. There are no camera control options atm.
  8. Episode 2 has been published. In episode 2 I cover the map editor for the Intersect Engine as well as some helpful advice on how to reach administrative access with the server console. This episode is a bit longer then the last but the Intersect Map Editor is a powerful thing and takes a little while to explain lol.
  9. It sure is! I need a quick pic of the intersect graphics in action and that one worked perfect.
  10. Yeah I plan on using B6 from here out. I just wanted to start with B5 since that’s what’s available now and I didn’t want anyone to be confused when downloading.
  11. I have been planning out a YouTube series for Intersect and have finally made my first video. I was a bit nervous but it was fun. Let me know if you have any ideas on things I should cover. For now I'm just planning on covering the basics but I'm still open for suggestions as well. Anyways, here is episode 1 - download and login(also added a class). Episode 2 - The Map Editor
  12. Yes. There is always a converter for new versions.
  13. While eating cheetos
  14. Going to have to give this engine a play with. Just wondering but is the npc stat generator the same one that I made for eclipse way back in the day?
  15. So what I’m gathering from this is basically this would work great for a dev team. Maybe not so much for actual players but a dev team I could see this being really helpful.
  16. Lmao because I’m not a musician. This was mostly just me messing around having fun. I’ve had my fun for the time so I’m going back to something I know, pixel art.
  17. So I've made another attempt at making some sort of game music. I think, so far, this one is my favorite. Here is another one that my son and I made in tribute to one of our favorite games.
  18. I think he’s just looking for pixel artist in general. Doesn’t really matter what engine he’s using when considering a pixel artist. And maybe he has posted on the rig maker forums as well. Just my thoughts anyways.
  19. lol to be honest, I’m not sure what type of video game genre I am aiming for with these. They’re mostly just practice.
  20. Thanks for the reply and kind words! I’m don’t know much about music but I feel like I’m learning a little bit more with each new song. Anyways, I’ll keep at it and post whatever else I happen to come up with.
  21. I have made two more songs. Again, they're probably not great but I think I'm getting better(?). Anyways, as always, let me know your thoughts and how I might be able to improve! Shop Theme Maybe?(My second attempt) Castle-Cave-Battle Theme?(My third attempt)
  22. As the title says, this is my first attempt at making game music. I know its not very good but I don't think it terrible and I would like some input on it. Let me know what you like, don't like and what you think might make it better. Here it is, I call it Cheerful Day.
  23. 111 sound effects to be used in your games! I created these with an RPG type game in mind but that doesn't mean these sound effects couldn't be used in many other types of game as well. With 111 sounds, I'm sure you'll find some use for these. All sound files are in .wav format. Download Here! Here are 22 sounds I have randomly selected out of the 111 to present a small preview.
  24. It’s not possible with the way you are asking. To achieve what you want you will need to make 4 different items.
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