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  1. Oh I see! I somehow overlooked that I guess. Well, good tutorial and clever idea. I might use this at some point.
  2. This is a pretty clever way of checking inventory space. Can’t say I would’ve thought about doing this myself. One question though, shouldn’t there be an event that sets the temporary variable back to 0 after calculating how much inventory space is available?
  3. Hey guys! I know its been awhile since I've updated this thread but there has been a few additions to the Mythirl Age patreon page that I haven't put up on AGD. First, I have released an animations pack with 18 custom animations. I've also added a temple tileset, a walls expansion set, and a pack of four elemental knights(earth, wind, water, and fire). I'll try and be better about updating this thread when needed. On a side note, everything I release for my patrons is also available on my itch.io site as well. Links will be supplied at the bottom of this post and I'll post them to the first post as well. Mythril Age Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/mythrilage Zeta's Itch.io Page: https://jd-collier.itch.io/ Anyways, here are some previews of the latest releases:
  4. Hey, I have officially launched my patreon page! If you are interested it can be found at https://www.patreon.com/mythrilage Currently available are 13 tilesets and 25 sprites! Zeta's Itch.io Page: https://jd-collier.itch.io/ Just a glimpse of the art included:
  5. Zetasis

    Higher or Lower Reply Mode

  6. Zetasis

    Rain Tale Online - More info and Design !

    The tiles remind me of Pokémon. Not a bad thing though. I’ll keep my eye on this project. Good work so far.
  7. Zetasis

    Trying to make a autorun

    Totally thought this would have been about making a player autorun.
  8. Another Update: I've released a set of 9 sprites designed with the idea of these characters being the main hero's, or even the villains, of your game. Included are 3 male characters, 3 female characters, an Orc character, an Undead character, and what I call a Ghoul character. I hope you enjoy these sprites and find them useful. To gain access to these sprites, as well as other graphics such as tiles and more sprites, simply make a small pledge of $5 a month to the Mythril Age patreon page.
  9. Happy new year everyone! In celebration of the new year I am releasing a couple new tilesets! Included are a couple new tree edits, some wooden bridge tiles, palm trees, new cliff edges in autotile format, and some market canopy stands. I hope you all enjoy these and keep an eye out for more updates! At least one more update is planned for later this week. Here is a peak of the Mythril Age Tileset Additions:
  10. Zetasis

    Higher Level Players are weaker

    Just my opinion but I feel like this would make players feel like they are being punished for advancing.
  11. Zetasis

    Introduction to cracking

    I get the feeling someone gets a lot of free programs.
  12. Zetasis

    Synthwave / Darksynth / Chillwave

    I’ve always loved this type of music just never knew what the genre was. Thanks for clarification @Xenogene! As for your tracks, I personally think they’re really catchy and upbeat. If you haven’t yet I recommend checking out the Axiom Verge sound track for inspiration. I love the game and the music is also amazing. Keep it up man I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of your work.
  13. Zetasis

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got sick af.
  14. Took in a dog from a friend and fell in love with him immediately. Unfortunately though, my dog didn’t get along with him and I had to return him 3 days later. #heartbroken :’(

  15. Zetasis

    Today I did this on my project...

    Been working on some DBZ sprites.
  16. Zetasis

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    No you don’t. Just use intersect
  17. Zetasis

    Can i do this on this engine?

    You can’t buy the source if that’s what you mean. You will simply have to wait until it is released.
  18. Zetasis

    Combat Text

    Sorry but I think you’ll have to wait for the source to do something like that.
  19. Zetasis

    Today I did this on my project...

    When I first began my game dev journey it was all because I wanted to make a DBZ game. Now many, many, years later I think I finally have the skills to maybe pull a DBZ game off. Anyways, here some stuff I've been working on for a possible DBZ game.
  20. Zetasis

    What i have to do if want more detail on my game?

    At current stage of the engine, no. You cannot add more walk frames or death frames or anything like that yet. Once the source is released though you could always program in all the features you want.
  21. Great tutorials. Only thing I would recommend are some pictures. Other then that they seem pretty straight forward.
  22. This is where I will post things I have made/edited for the Official Intersect Graphics. AGD XL Quick Sprite Generator NEW!!! Tileset Additions! Resources Sprites Paperdolls Stuff I made during a stream. Includes A sprite with and without a weapon and all the paperdolls that make up the sprite as well as the icons.
  23. Zetasis

    More AGD Graphics. (Tileset Update)

    Everything that isn’t autotiles should either have an autotiles option already in the tiles I’ve added or they are already in the original tilesets. Unless I missed something, which could’ve happened, so if I did just let me know which tiles and I’ll get to making autotiles for them soon as I can.
  24. Zetasis

    More AGD Graphics. (Tileset Update)

    Its been a while but I have an update! I have added several sheets of tilesets comprised of edits of the current tiles as well as some new additions.
  25. Zetasis

    Demo Game Murder!?!?

    Don't trust Farmer Joe.... He has murdered JCsnider and buried him in his garden. Look, I have proof! (please excuse my pants-less character. He likes to be free)