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  1. Intersect Beta 4.1 Released!

    Amazing work as always!
  2. Open Beta Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

    Undertale is pretty much my favorite game of all time, will be cool to see this project grow!
  3. [RMXP] NetMaker

    That's so cool how this was all made in RPG Maker, didn't even think something like this was possible.
  4. Closed Beta Age of the Four Clans

    The amount of progress made is insane! So cool to look back on the past of games like this.
  5. These are all so amazing! Automatic portforwarding is definitely a major feature, I remember the first time I ever portforwarded it took like half the day to figure it out. I also love the ability to change keybinds, great way to make the engine suitable for all types of players.
  6. Roguelike Assets

    Very cool! Always love the graphics Kenney makes.
  7. Max number of players

    Eclipse is still limited by VB6 though. I could be wrong but as far as I know it's impossible to use more than one core no matter what you change as that's how VB6 works. Any engine made in C# will outperform it.
  8. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    Like everyone else, second for sure!
  9. [VB6] Legacy Game Engines

    Definitely fun to look back on but yeah nobody use these engines as a base for an actual project. Intersect source is just around the corner so there's no point. Even if the features from some of these old engines sound appealing it's not worth it.
  10. Screenshot thread - and so it begins!

    Agreed, the style looks great! I think my favorite part are the signs showing what each building is. I imagine that'll be quite helpful for players.
  11. Intersect Development Road Map

    So happy this is finally a feature. Little updates like this that add some polish to the engine are always appreciated.
  12. Maysoon's Resources

    I'm surprised I hadn't seem this topic until now. These are great, keep it up!
  13. Intersect Development Road Map

    Love all the updates today! Keep up the good work!
  14. I need comments!

    Looks very nice, the blue glow on the edges is probably my favorite part.
  15. Screenshot thread - and so it begins!

    Wow, this looks great! The music seems pretty fitting as well!