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  1. Congrats! I need the latest playerdb that isn't working when you try to upgrade it (so from and if you want to also provide the older DB from before that's fine too, I can use that to make sure I fix the issue for both.
  2. The generic UI art is in default-skin.png and intersect-2021.png, from the screenshot it looks like you are using the intersect-2021 skin. MenuWindow affects only the menu window, for the non-generic windows they each have their own layout files:
  3. Ok, unfortunately the logs aren't giving me a hint as to why the SQLite migration is failing on your PlayerDB. If you could send me a copy via a more private upload (honestly if you wanted you and the playerdb is under 20MB you could use email and send to my public email listed on GitHub, pandacoder@pm.me) I can see if I can figure out what is going wrong.
  4. Can you upload the logs? (If they don't tell me enough I may also end up asking you to DM me a copy of your DBs but uploaded via something that allows you to delete the file, which the AGD file host does not.)
  5. No. The strings JSON file is for mapping the names or values in the source code to end-user visible text, the formula JSON corresponds to the actual names in the source code which do not change.
  6. Can you check if you can upgrade beyond .74 now? I wonder if the way migrations are applied that a straight upgrade from 0.6 can't go to .77+.
  7. Being completely honest I'm going to need to run the upgrade on your DB through the debugger because while I know what is failing I do not know why, but I also don't have time to do that right now (since I can't even build B7.1 on my computer right now, I will need to fix that first). As an interim solution/test can you try upgrading to instead? The log is complaining about something introduced in .75-.77 so I would expect .74 to work (or produce a different error). Also just to be sure, have you only ever used the stock builds that we provide, or have you made source code modifications?
  8. No, because the storage formats of the columns are different between MySQL and Sqlite (they have different features). The only correct way to migrate between the two is via the server migration command. If the migration command is not working you need to file a bug with detailed information on reproducing this including logs and either screenshots/text dump of the server console.
  9. BLOB Fields are not empty, it just shows BLOB instead of their binary data (which is unreadable anyway).
  10. What version of Mono do you have installed? What command did you use to start the server?
  11. @Arufonsu opened a bug report for you and submitted a fix, it will be in tonight's build and should be available in the next 6-12 hours from the time of me writing this.
  12. Looks like you replaced the comma with a semicolon and that is not parseable (resulting in the file being overwritten).
  13. Yes, but it strongly recommended against doing so and not something we can deal with having to support.
  14. is not the latest version. I also do not recognize that error even after translating it to English, and can't find results for it. I would suggest making a backup of your current files and then downloading the latest version from the main builds thread and trying again.
  15. You need to provide: - what operating system you are using - what version of the operating system you are using - screenshots of the server console - any log files generated by the server when trying to upgrade (errors.log and Intersect-Server.<date>.log)
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