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  1. panda


    @Phenomenal Nah, because I've been posting in the shoutbox I disqualified myself from hardcore.
  2. panda


    99% sure I did not say anything that would lead to a definite conclusion that I was participating in this.
  3. panda


    It's lame that you would go for a 100 countdown and not do it in hardcore.
  4. panda


    I would think for HC "one" and "1" both count as a number, no? @Dashplant @Phenomenal This is me saying you just broke your HC streak with this:
  5. panda


  6. panda

    Mod groups GUI

    Needs to wait for source unless one of us (the devs) do it as a QoL change in our spare time.
  7. panda

    Chat box or discord server

    Discord server: already exists Questions: the forum has a Q&A section to record answers for a reason, rather than hunting through an unorganized chat message history
  8. panda

    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    The deadest.
  9. panda

    Intersect integration with Google Stadia

    More complicated than that. A responsive UI isn't good enough for a game -- needs to be different UI configurations, perhaps different UI controls too, for mobile vs desktop.
  10. panda

    Intersect integration with Google Stadia

    lolwut In all seriousness I'm not sure how feasible this is going to be without knowing the technical requirements necessary to use Stadia. Even if our technology stack is supported, Intersect is still currently only suited for keyboard and mouse input -- touch and small screens will require organizational changes on the screen. Stadia would need to work and be responsive to all of this.