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  1. I'm for additional logging and am willing to provide input on how to structure it, but this is definitely something that should be contributed. I'd suggest opening a feature request on Github so we can have further detailed discussion on what specific things things should contain, etc. as a target for a PR.
  2. ngrok does not support UDP and will not work.
  3. Not seeing anything obvious in those logs. @jcsnider Any ideas? The version not being the same I would think is a different issue.
  4. Can you delete your error logs and regenerate them. There's nothing in the logs that would explain the symptoms you are describing.
  5. Can we have the error log too?
  6. Or alternatively work on learning how to use the engine and in a couple of months when the dust settles make source changes then.
  7. I'm going to reiterate that I explicitly did not include either of these in my list of "things that are coming". They're things that currently involve changing a significant amount of code in the engine, and the engine as it is makes them impossible to do easily. The goal is not Unity support, the goal is for the engine to be clean and well architected such that Unity support will be simple for someone to add.
  8. No Steel Series here, I have a Logitech G502 and Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2
  9. Try writing "your message in quotes".
  10. 2020 Recap, Beta 6.2, Beta 7 1/20/2021 2020 Recap 2020 was a long year. The road behind us is so long that I'm sure source release feels like it was years ago already, and the road ahead of us is still quite long too. We haven't had a Dev Blog in 9 months so this going to briefly cover everything behind us, explain the present, and peek into what the future will look like for Intersect. 0.6.2 Branch April: Source Release June: Automatic network key generation for source users August: MonoGame 3.8 from the official feed began improving speed hacking and lag detection September-December: Bug fixes (including fixing the client on Linux) minor improvements to timing End of December: master branch dropped from the repository, 6.2 moves from prerelease to main 0.7.0 Branch March-July: Bug fixes development of the basic plugin system for client-side UI plugins July-September: Minor features, bug fixes October-December: More minor features bug fixes color adjustment for NPCs from @Cheshire basic action logging on the server side (logins, logouts, etc.) December-Now: refactoring of the packet handler system for large performance gains server-side plugin support networking support for plugins asset packing and obfuscation dynamic map layers cooldown groups State of Beta 6.2 (0.6.2-beta) As of now, it is all but officially released. It's the main branch and will not have any new major features, but will continue to receive support and bug fixes. This will be officially released soon, but there's no reason for people to not start using it now. In theory we could have released this a long time ago, but we still had a rather steady stream of bug fixes for it. Once the Leafling release hit in December, active development on 0.6.2 was effectively dead and any remaining bugs were kicked to 0.7. State of Beta 7 (0.7.0-prerelease and 0.7.0-beta) Being real for a second, Beta 7 has been in development the entire time Beta 6.2 was, but the changes being made to the source code were sweeping and would break source modifications. Rather than create a lot of churn for developers, major new features were put into Beta 7 to keep major merges to a minimum. Originally, Beta 6.2 was supposed to release in September and Beta 7 at the end of 2020 -- plans changed. 0.7.0-prerelease vs 0.7.0-beta Due to the massive influx of changes, we've split Beta 7 into two phases -- prerelease and beta. Prerelease is in the same state as 0.6.2-beta, it's "live" (and already in the prerelease branch) but not officially announced (until, I suppose, this post). Prerelease is for everyone who is uses Intersect but does not currently need to modify the source. This is to give everyone an opportunity to begin using the new Beta 7 features and testing its stability, as well as finally get access to the plugin system (which while it is not yet on the documentation website, there is an Intersect.Examples solution in the repository with example plugins demonstrating how to use the APIs -- writing plugins is safe, this will not be broken between prerelease and beta). Beta is the development branch and will be the "dangerous" branch for the next few months. With the exception of some changes that were harvested from Beta 7 branches and put into Leafling, most of the performance and major bug fixes have yet to be merged in, but this is the branch that they will be put into. The development branch will change a lot, and is not a good base for working with the source because of the amount of code that will soon change. For those of you who like a little bit of risk in their game development, feel free to base your work on the development branch. But keep in mind, here be dragons. Future of Intersect We've gotten to the point where many of the most requested and best features that we can add are simply too difficult to cleanly add or improve. Examples: Pixel movement Cross-platform Editor Server sharding Complete localization support Unity support for the client Mobile support Better party/guild (or "group") support Client user interface Complete source cleanup Camera controls Virtual events (sometimes code is just better than the event editor) .NET 5.0 We have lofty goals for the future, but for the health of the engine and the games developed on it, it's now a necessity. As a result of this list, half of Beta 7 (though with the Leafling release and subsequent performance discoveries a lot was added back on), and all of Beta 8 and 9 were scrapped. Beta 7 will be the last major beta release. In all likelihood, many people who make source modifications on top of Beta 6.2 or 7 will not want to move on and redo all of their work on top of an Intersect that supports or is easily modified for the above list of changes, and so Beta 7 will be our first LTS release. The next major release after 0.7.0-beta will end up being 1.0-rc1. Unfortunately given the amount of changes that need to happen and the personal availability of the developers (in particular myself), any timeline and most specific details will not be realistic to give at this time. That said, in 1.0 we can look forward to at least the following: .NET 5.0 (we will be leaving .NET Framework behind, and we will be single-targeting .NET 5.0 -- no multitargeting to other versions of .NET Core or .NET Standard) Complete localization support (this includes content text for multi-lingual games) Client user interface overhaul (those pesky JSONs that are limited to some colors or pictures will be going away and replaced with a more markup-oriented interface system) Virtual events Basic server sharding Cross-platform Editor Thanks to the community for sticking with us for this long, we hope to make Intersect easier to use for all of us and hopefully also give it a chance to live for years to come.
  11. Try shutting down the MySQL server and installing the latest MariaDB and seeing if you can reproduce this issue.
  12. Fresh source, fresh data, or both? If you are using old data, what version did you create it with? Are you trying to upgrade an old MySQL database to Beta 7, or migrate from SQLite to MySQL? The information in your post raised more questions than answers, you need to provide exact and specific answers to all of the above questions. More information can't hurt.
  13. panda

    Prefab system

    I think the point was that they do not want to have to navigate to multiple layers to copy all of the data, any normal tileset would effectively already be a prefab insofar as an image editor is concerned, and this doesn't help copy other data.
  14. Google Drive is not supported by the updater that is built into Intersect.
  15. panda

    Prefab system

    @BabyLoves I don't think that can do two layers at the same time which is the request. To the original post, it's not like I haven't thought about this, but I can't think of a good way of implementing this right now.
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