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  1. Read the PDF. That stack trace is from the Migrator tool which isn't used for upgrading past Beta 5.
  2. I am guessing what character regions include those because you only told me 1E00 - 1EFF, hopefully this includes the necessary characters: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/1240892267821aed133aba5f4648ee06.zip If it does not include the necessary characters you need to tell me what character regions you need in addition to 1E00 - 1EFF.
  3. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/42e2859de2bc09c0fe47a4d17b714c3b.zip
  4. Can you provide the .spritefont files you created?
  5. This is answered in our documentation: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/project/about.html#licensing-cost-100-free
  6. Do you have a specific font that you want it for (example being Arial or Open Sans)?
  7. Until we actually intend to support HTTPS natively in Intersect without a reverse proxy CORS settings should not be used. Long answer: TheAPI should not be interacted with outside of a server-server context on localhost unless it is over HTTPS, which at this time requires a reverse proxy, which will eliminate the need for Intersect's CORS settings.
  8. It's kind of hidden up in the top right.
  9. If the same version of Intersect and Ubuntu work, then the problem is probably the version of the DB the connector is trying to connect to. @Devo Can you post what version of MySQL you are using for the server, and whether or not it's MariaDB or normal MySQL?
  10. panda

    Max Map Size

    This naturally depends on every system that uses it. Some computers lag on the default (also recommended) size.
  11. https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Assets The readme has the licensing information.
  12. Not on the roadmap before source. After source this can be contributed. WPF and Winforms is hardly the reason we aren't using .NET Core, particularly given that the client and server do not use either. "From"? We migrated to OpenGL for better cross platform support. Supporting both within the same client will make maintenance harder and will result in bugs being opened for differences between the two that we can't control (not to mention feature development is not 1:1 between the two media pipelines). Any reasonable NVIDIA+Intel/AMD computer released in the last 10 years should be able to run the engine.
  13. Ahhhh, I vaguely remembered there being like a list of version ZIPs before so I got lost and just used a backup I had on disk.
  14. @jcsnider When I was looking I wasn't able to either, I assume you removed it?
  15. Pretty sure this is correct, as migrations up to 5.0 required the migrator binary, and migrations beyond 5.0 are integrated directly into the server.
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