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  1. This would happen if you don't apply the asset upgrade for prerelease.
  2. We get no money for development, and funding isn't currently the issue. We wouldn't be able to get enough funding to hire other proper developers anyway, so the code will remain 100% free both for contribution and consumption.
  3. So talking with the other developers, it's been there for as long as anyone can remember, but they're surprised that it's as obvious as it is in your video especially on local (your server is on the same computer as the clients, right?). One other question -- do you happen to be using tiles that are larger than 32x32? This also occurs on the smaller tile sizes but we're wondering if it's more obvious on larger tiles. You don't have to make your tiles smaller if that's the case (since it'll happen either way) but since it's been there for so long I also can't promise that we are going to figure out a fix for it any time soon (that said it will likely be fixed eventually as I carve out and rewrite more parts of the engine, it just won't be soon because I have so much on my plate).
  4. It would be extremely helpful if you could get another user to record a video clip of this happening, and provide the amount of ping both you and the other person had during the video. I can't say as I know what is causing it, but the above information may help narrow down what is.
  5. You should write a script that uses MSBuild to build the project and copies the binaries and assets to where you want, and you should specifically build it with "/p:Configuration=Release". Google will be your friend. As everyone has different desires, environments, and assets, we don't have a prepared script or anything like that to hand out.
  6. The logs folder, right next to the executables (client, editor and server all work the same way).
  7. What operating system are you using? Are you running or If you are on Linux, what version of mono do you have installed? Are you running the server by clicking, or from a terminal? Log files? Also the upgrade files for 0.7 are for upgrading from 0.6.2, you may be missing files that were included in the 0.4.3~0.6.2 upgrade path. If you've been away for 5 years it almost makes more sense to just download the full 0.7.x downloads, and start from there. If you have data you'd like to keep, you will need to do more incremental upgrades.
  8. For future reference, questions like this belong in the Intersect-specific Q&A section, not the non-Intersect General Discussion section. Client configuration is covered by our documentation, as is distribution of your game. Parts of your question are also covered by the server configuration, also covered in our documentation. MacOS support (at least for Intel-based systems) is covered by the cross-platform compatibility section in the documentation via Mono (installed separately). For Apple silicon (M1 devices), support is more limited, and if you can get Mono running then that can still be used to run Intersect. Mobile devices are not currently supported, and we have no mobile builds at this time. It should be assumed that it is not on the roadmap. If you want to customize the client icon (changing the name is just renaming the file), you need to compile the engine from source (recommended), or use Resource Hacker (not recommended).
  9. To clarify it has been in prerelease for 5 days already.
  10. Start with Beta 7.1 the binaries are just put in the default directories, for example "Intersect.Client/bin/Debug/net462/" or "Intersect.Server/bin/Debug/net462/". All of the "build/<configuration>/<project>/" folders are dead starting with 7.1. Assets are now no longer in "build/<configuration>/<project>/resources/" they are in "assets/development/client/resources/" for the client and editor or "assets/development/server/resources" for the server. Using non-default output directories like we were using in 7.0 and before was causing issues with the change in project type (if you look at the .csproj files of 7.0 there's a million things and it's a gigantic mess, in 7.1 the csproj files are almost empty -- that was the project type change). The new assets setup (since "assets/development/" is ignored by git) works really well and this is what my workspace looks like where I have both the Intersect-Assets and Intersect-Engine repos pulled, and I have a symlink on the resources directory so I can live-test the Intersect-Assets repo and update them as my client changes them.
  11. That link doesn't appear to work, there's a ... in the actual URL too (it's not just a text effect).
  12. To be clear, there was no issue before, it was just a warning that UPnP (automatic port forwarding) wasn't working. So long as you have manual port forwarding set up, the warning means nothing.
  13. Well if you're using Google Cloud you don't need UPnP and you can disable it in your config to get rid of the warning.
  14. See if your issue is related to this: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/1111
  15. Have a bug to report? Create an issue on our GitHub repo! Please include screenshots or a video clip, as well as logs if there are any, to help us investigate it.
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