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  1. panda

    Lack of translation resources.

    @jcsnider I guess I had a brain fart earlier. That being said, it's sort of an issue with both. Though the correct solution is to make sure the JSON file is in UTF-8 @Weylon Santana. The improper solution would be adding the characters to the font at the correct code points for the encoding the file is in. That being said the reason I said they were missing is because I wasn't sure if I had remembered to include them in the alternate font.
  2. panda

    Lack of translation resources.

    @Weylon Santana @jcsnider It is definitely the characters missing from the fonts. I can check this afternoon to see if the pre-packaged fonts need to be adjusted to include them, but this is resolvable by users and isn't really a bug.
  3. panda

    Sharing Game?

    Not without a source modification. Just want to point out that it would be trivial for anyone to track down where the assets are stored and rip them anyway.
  4. panda

    PokeOne - 3D Pokemon MMO (Beta)

    He's referring to me catching a level 6 Furret outside of Pallet. Not a Sentret. A Furret. He's currently refusing to play FYI. Also, I don't know how to add people without being able to click on them.
  5. panda

    PokeOne - 3D Pokemon MMO (Beta)

    @Damian666 and I are also playing now.
  6. panda

    Account Passwords

    Beta 6 Plans.
  7. panda

    Change EXP bar to Money bar

    Max level to one makes sense, but they specifically wanted to use EXP as their money bar.
  8. panda

    Change EXP bar to Money bar

    1. Not at this time, source would be needed. 2. It is not possible to delete the mana bar, but I believe you can hide it. 3. You can't collect an infinite amount of experience without a level up, you could just make it really high (billions), but eventually they would level up. Source would be required to prevent level ups. Not sure if there's a way to prevent mana regen, but if there is I would think using the mana bar for money would be much easier (wouldn't ever level up) than using the exp bar, but there might be a lower limit than 2.1 billion for vitals (health/mana).
  9. panda

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    So while this is true you have to read in columns for several tables regardless, and the more import part is that you can't run search queries if it depends on a variable stored in the JSON blob. I'm definitely leaving lists in the JSON blobs, and will not move out fields into columns if they don't really make sense to be the target of a search query.
  10. panda

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    Based on his comments, it was to use not just fool around. Orion is still better to fool around with though.
  11. panda

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    It's going to be a significantly slower process than that in all honesty. I still fully expect blobs to get stored, just less of them, and in the current iteration of the code I don't actually intend to change any of the table structures, only how we communicate with them, eventually I would be extracting more data from the blobs into their own columns. We shouldn't have any more tables that what we already have once I'm done though. My reason behind not going and converting all the blobs completely is because 1. json is easily parseable and human-readable (maybe even without us documenting its structure, and definitely once source is released) and 2. any dynamic lists would actually require extra tables, and I'm not sure it's worth the increased database complexity (and that code I'm much less willing to write, at least given the current state of the source base).
  12. panda

    Source Code Eclipse Origins 4.0

    *hears about VB6 in the shoutbox* *looks for vb6* *sees* *contains hysterical laughter at the office* *rolls out while nomming on bamboo*
  13. panda


    The only place egg nog is actually good.
  14. panda

    Client Error?

    Errors don't belong in Q&A, they belong in bugs. That being said, in the Q&A section there are FAQs, and this error is one of them. Go here for more information: