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  1. Can't connect to server

    Not sure why the server can't connect to AGD but I did just realize one thing -- you're using a WAN IP. Did you port forward (specifically port 5400 UDP)?
  2. Can't connect to server

    Something is clearly blocking the Intersect application from accessing the internet. I believe ufw uses iptables so try disabling both and restarting the server. If the server works, then your configuration for one of the two (or both) is bad, but if it still doesn't work come back with a list of network devices on the server and their states.
  3. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    But do I also keep you entertained.
  4. Client ping/lag bug

    I'll run this setup on my own machine to see if I can replicate. If I can't replicate it though you're going to need to do more investigation on your side.
  5. Client ping/lag bug

    The reason they get laggier with higher speed is a direct result of loading more things faster because they're moving further. To clarify when you said earlier that you were connecting via external IP, you meant connecting to your own external IP, correct?
  6. Client ping/lag bug

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Client ping/lag bug

    If you're using an external IP you're likely leaving your LAN. If you're connecting via localhost you aren't. We can't fix your ISP.
  8. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Good enough to warrant someone making a C# engine to use the graphics with.
  9. [C#] CryBits v0.4.0

    Highly recommend using version control (specifically git) and setting up a GitHub repository where we can access the source instead of MediaFire.
  10. Improve animation editor

    Still going to be a bit of a pain, but this is up to JC. I personally think it's constrained to a small enough usage target that it doesn't necessarily make sense to be in core Intersect, at least not at the time.
  11. Improve animation editor

    I'd almost suggest upscaling the animation. It would be super weird for a spell to be getting cast with no player visible.
  12. Improve animation editor

    Didn't see that you added it. Not sure I totally understand it?
  13. Improve animation editor

    Can't comment about the light since I haven't used it, but if the animation isn't rendering in the correct position it should be rectified by changing the image, not by making the render code more complicated.
  14. Improve animation editor

    1. Legitimate suggestion, should be taken into consideration. 2. Is a duplicate of an open bug. 3. What does this mean?
  15. Can, yes, like @Kibbelz said. It's illegal to do so though.