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  1. Currently building the fix, but please next time open a bug when you encounter a StackOverflowException on a clean build (especially when you know which version causes it). For what it's worth, the SOE only occurs with metrics enabled.
  2. There is a bug fix for inputs that may be related to #1455 merged and present in which is currently building. Please test with or later once available, especially @Ainz Ooal Gown (who I imagine is RecoStar on Github).
  3. Request a Feature Report a Bug From now on we are going to use GitHub Discussions to track and request new features and enhancements, and GitHub Issues for scheduled work and reporting bugs. This is not just so we can kick requests out and never work on them, but we have a lot of open requests that have little community engagement, and many also that lack sufficient details to decide on a final implementation. Discussions, unlike Issues, actually enable us to have a high-level overview of desired features by the community via an upvote system that is visible from the list! We don't get that much information from the Issue tracker, it's mostly just showing us tags and other bits of information that are more useful for when something is actually in progress, rather than the beginning stages of a feature request. This gives us better ability to engage with the community and prioritize features that are actually highly desired by all of you, rather than features getting lost to time on page 6 or 7 of the issue tracker because we have no idea how many people actually want them to be implemented. We look forward to engaging more with the community with this new change!
  4. I opened PR 1463 that fixes this bug. While I'm confident in the fix I'm going to let the other devs look at it first before merging. The fix should be in (0.7.50 is going to be built in a few hours but it will not have the fix, it has two other minor fixes).
  5. Thank you for providing the actual steps needed to diagnose the issue rather than just saying "settings don't save but they used to!!!". The information he provided is actually the step-by-step instructions I needed. Like Aru said I already pulled in a fix for this and I ran a rebuild, have just been waiting for it to finish publishing the new version before responding. The client should fix the issue.
  6. The API runs on TCP and the game connection is on UDP. It looks to me like you didn't allow inbound connections over UDP.
  7. The chat tab buttons are right below the section you modified.
  8. This error? If so the computer does not have OpenGL 3.3 compatible drivers and hardware, at least not as detected by MonoGame.
  9. This? https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/1207
  10. Well since moving to a generic ECS is our target, I'm not sure how useful a specialized system like this will be long term. I think it will probably still be possible after that move, but it's too bug-prone of a feature to include in our code base right now.
  11. It would have been beneficial for a bug with repro steps to have been opened on the Github repo, as it stands my PR was just a basic change that I think will have fixed it but I can't guarantee it. On the topic of garbage collectors, we are running .NET Framework on main and so we are locked into the .NET Garbage Collector. There are apparently some configuration options we can tweak even in .NET Framework, but none of those configuration options would have fixed this issue (and garbage collection is not even something useful for us to configure yet, the rest of the codebase is not performant enough for it to yield real benefits that wouldn't otherwise be gained by simply fixing the code). As far as I am aware, the .NET Garbage Collector, or any Garbage Collector for that matter, will only trim orphaned structures in memory; in other words ones that no longer have a reference. Our custom marking of an entity as disposed is nothing more than just saying "don't use this anymore" to our own code, but it doesn't trigger any sort of garbage collection. Assuming that the "Target" property was the only remaining reference per your description, my fix of just clearing the property value will allow the GC to collect it whenever it deems fit to run.
  12. This would happen if you don't apply the asset upgrade for prerelease.
  13. We get no money for development, and funding isn't currently the issue. We wouldn't be able to get enough funding to hire other proper developers anyway, so the code will remain 100% free both for contribution and consumption.
  14. So talking with the other developers, it's been there for as long as anyone can remember, but they're surprised that it's as obvious as it is in your video especially on local (your server is on the same computer as the clients, right?). One other question -- do you happen to be using tiles that are larger than 32x32? This also occurs on the smaller tile sizes but we're wondering if it's more obvious on larger tiles. You don't have to make your tiles smaller if that's the case (since it'll happen either way) but since it's been there for so long I also can't promise that we are going to figure out a fix for it any time soon (that said it will likely be fixed eventually as I carve out and rewrite more parts of the engine, it just won't be soon because I have so much on my plate).
  15. It would be extremely helpful if you could get another user to record a video clip of this happening, and provide the amount of ping both you and the other person had during the video. I can't say as I know what is causing it, but the above information may help narrow down what is.
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