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  1. This is a warning, not an error, you can ignore it. You did not provide a version of MySQL so we can't really help. The latest MariaDB is recommended over MySQL.
  2. We'd prefer that this game jam is specifically called out in the advertising material as not being official, e.g. being called "Niko's Intersect Game Jam". JC and I don't really have the free time at the moment to be involved in this, but it's not a bad idea. If this game jam does garner enough interest, we can work on planning a game jam together with the community to take place further into the future when we do have more time to properly support it and provide meaningful prizes.
  3. It doesn't actually do anything. I added it intending to put experimental features behind it, but it never caught on.
  4. 1. The screenshot is not an error, you need to follow the instructions 2. Your original post is not in English, but it is posted in the English section
  5. What version of Intersect are you using? What operating system, and what version of that operating system are you using? What overlay are these numbers coming from? What specific CPU model are you using?
  6. @Artheios v0.7.2-beta.2 had a bad workflow file, which worked fine when it was on my personal repo testing it due to bad cache-related configuration. I have since fixed the workflow and v0.7.2-beta.7 has the full downloads, but... they report the wrong version. This is because of the build caching, where it actually skips recompiling the binaries if nothing changes but the build number is based on the actual GitHub run. Before publishing build #7, I ran it once to verify that everything worked correctly in debug mode (it does not publish anything) and so since nothing actually changed between the two, it did not recompile to change the binary number. I think that this probably also applied to when I bumped the version from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2, because I didn't actually modify a .cs file to do that, it was a change in a .props file. Until we have another build that actually changes code however, the binaries will not actually recompile and so the version number won't change -- that said, v0.7.2-beta.7 does contain updated binaries, so you can use that in the interim, let me know if you find any more problems in that. I will see what I can do to make the release information match the binary numbers but that may take a few days.
  7. The inventory window is draggable by default, you do not need to change any settings in those files.
  8. Update on this situation: Wix cannot be used with Intersect's updater system. This is because it disallows uploading .json (which is the format the update manifest is stored in), and .exe (which is the client file format). A video walk-through and text instructions have been added to the official documentation: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/deploy/updater/
  9. This is (partially) covered in the documentation: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/deploy/updater/#creating-an-update
  10. @Blestro If you have it and are interested in a little bit faster turnaround, we can debug this problem on the Discord server. In the mean time, can you try replacing internal static void ProcessUnhandledException(object sender, Exception exception) with the following and see if the crash will dump any information to the logs or the console? internal static void ProcessUnhandledException(object sender, Exception exception) { var currentException = exception; var innerException = false; do { Console.Error.WriteLine(currentException.Message); Console.Error.WriteLine(currentException.StackTrace); var message = innerException ? "Caused by:" : $"Received unhandled exception from {sender}."; Log.Error(currentException, message); currentException = currentException.InnerException; } while (currentException != null); }
  11. @Blestro Can you try checking out specifically this commit (SHA d416695aefe79d7de7b6d88e6dcdf02dbb8916e5) and seeing if you can run without the crash? I have a feeling that the commit immediately after it is the one that is causing this crash with no information, but I have never been able to reproduce it and you are the first person who seems to be able to reproduce it and be compiling the source (which will help debugging it).
  12. Currently we do not have the ability to zoom the camera, so at least until it is something that can be done the recommendation is to just make 16x16 sprites, and then scale up to your desired "zoom" level (don't delete the 16x16 originals though! Zoom is something we want to support but we have not had the time to address it and nobody who has attempted it has succeeded to my knowledge).
  13. "Sprite Cast Anim" is an override for the player sprite added in PR#1347. The gist is that if you have a sprite called "base-male.png" you add "base-male_cast.png" in the same directory as "base-male.png" and it will be an allowed override for the player sprite itself when they are casting.
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