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  1. I will double check when I get home but I think I already did this on my own in Beta 5. May have only done it for EXP though (hence the need for me to check). @Khaikaa @jcsnider
  2. panda

    Closing server to the public

    Wasn't even thinking of your service.
  3. panda

    Closing server to the public

    While JC's right and we need to add this option, ultimately making the server not publicly accessible and having people connect to the server on LAN/VPN is a better option if you really don't want people connecting. But realistically, not disclosing your IP/Port combination or releasing your client should be good enough to stop most people trying to connect.
  4. panda

    Intersect Development Road Map

    Image link broken @SkywardRiver
  5. panda

    Game Editor Bug

    Changed Status to Duplicate
  6. panda

    Data Serialization (Storage)

    Implement, implement, implement, implement! How will you ever VBify Intersect if you don't get used to serialization @Damian666?
  7. panda

    Multiple Servers [Suggestion]

    Changed Status to Duplicate
  8. panda

    Cast Animation (?)

    3 options: Rotation Flip Custom Custom will require an additional byte to store 8 flags, 2 for each direction. First bit is to not rotate (so if the default is up/^ and you set this flag, then left will be ^ too), second is to flip perpendicular to the directional axis (so up would flip left-to-right, left would flip top-to-bottom, etc.).
  9. panda

    Where are you, anti-stun effect?

    The request sounds more like a stun prevention than a Cleanse effect (anti-stun being preventative, Cleanse being a solution).
  10. Options was actually moved into a submenu, but the system menu itself is Escape (I know because before I had implemented the button to open it I was using Escape to do so). @jcsnider Did we add buttons for the others...?
  11. panda

    game not saving

    Changed Status to Duplicate
  12. Changed Status to Duplicate
  13. Changed Status to Duplicate
  14. panda

    Have a bug in bank system

    Changed Status to Duplicate
  15. panda

    Bank duplicating itens

    Changed Status to Duplicate