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  1. Version Checker?

    Switch identifiers you mean? So that minor versions also aren't compatible with each other?
  2. Version Checker?

    Uh what? This is already effectively built-in as of B4. B5 has a different identifier plus I will be generating a new default key pair which will make it totally impossible for a B5 endpoint to connect to a B4 endpoint. There's no need to add in explicit version checking.
  3. Intersect and Virtual Box ?

    I assume you don't have the requisite graphics emulation running in the virtual machine. That being said, if she's only running the client and not the editor she doesn't need a VM, the client and server both run on any platform (they are advertised this way too).
  4. Dev Blog 2/17/2018 - Screenshots!

    I don't even know what it does. I've never pressed it.
  5. Dev Blog 2/17/2018 - Screenshots!

    I haven't started adding in easter eggs yet.
  6. Dev Blog 2/17/2018 - Screenshots!

    I was thinking of adding extra hotkey bars that you could scroll through, but have not discussed this or given it much thought since there are plenty of other things to do still that are "add this" rather than "add more of this", and they take priority. I am interested in doing a fully configurable keyboard (similar to the one MapleStory has), but I do not have any plans for this at the moment. I do not know what JC has in mind.
  7. Dev Blog 2/17/2018 - Screenshots!

    The best part is that my code isn't the reason it works this way either. Whatever handles blocking isn't interrupting the key press so it makes it all the way to the last bit of code which handles the menu logic.
  8. Dev Blog 2/17/2018 - Screenshots!

    Woops. The way I have it coded apparently the quests still open. 😂
  9. Screenshots! Feb. 17th 2018 News and Updates After several months away from actively working on Intersect JC and I are back doing some work on the engine. We've released Beta 4.8, and are actively working on Beta 5 (if you've been watching JC's stream). Jsonification is close to completion, and next on JC's plate is animations. I've put a full overhaul on database reworking on hold for now (it's really hard to write and write well, and I only have so much patience and concentration at the moment), but that won't prevent the database from being legible. Screenshots It took me a while, but I noticed in the last day or so that I couldn't take screenshots directly with Intersect, so that's what I've been working on today; and good news! It's already finished! There are a few constraints on the screenshots at the moment. In the future I'd like there to be a configurable screenshots directory, but at the moment they are just being stored in the <Client>/screenshots directory. In addition to this, screenshots are of the game only -- which means no cursor, and no window frame in the screenshot. I know I occasionally like having the window frame in the screenshot for some applications I write, but ultimately this is not in the cards based on how screenshots are being created right now, but I don't think it will be missed. What will probably be missed, is the fact that the cursor will not be present in any of the screenshots (at this time) due to the cursor being rendered by the operating system, and the screenshots only include what is rendered by Intersect. If in the future we enable custom cursors, or if I come up with a way to render a fake cursor only for screenshots (this likely will not be the native cursor though, be forewarned), the cursor will also be visible. One constraint that doesn't exist is the keybind: I've already gone ahead and added a configurable screenshot key, and this comes with a default F12 binding (similar to Steam and several games). People are free to change it to Print Screen if they so choose, but as to not conflict with ShareX, or the actual print screen key I opted to use F12 as the default instead. Some examples of the new screenshot key at work: What's Next While adding the screenshot key, I also added 8 other keybindings that I still have yet to write the code for. The first keybinding, opening the menu, will default to Escape, and introduce a new menu to the client through which you will be able to access the Options/Settings, the future Exit to Character Selection button (which will be a server-controllable feature), the future Logout/Exit to Main Menu button, and the existing Exit to Desktop button. The icon buttons for Options/Settings and Exit to Desktop will be removed. The next six all have default keybindings, and they are Open Inventory (I), Quests (Q), Character Info (C), Parties (P), Spells (X -- unless someone has a better suggestion since S is already tied to Down by default) and Friends (F). When I implement these 6 I will also introduce a user-configurable setting that defaults to automatically closing any of the other windows when a different one is opened. The last one I think some people may like, but I don't see most people needing it so it doesn't have a default keybinding, is an Open Options/Settings key. This will skip the Menu and open the Options window directly. Other features that I personally have in mind to add soon are import/export capability for keybindings, and configurable MySQL capability to the server, so keep your eyes peeled. As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress! -The Intersect Development Team
  10. Colgate is better than Crest, a new study finds.

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    2. panda


      I use Sensodyne, I'm just Doddlerousing.

    3. Crest


      Was doddlerousing supposed to a pun on my name?

    4. Crest
  11. Source for DB redirect

    I actually stopped. I don't know what my plans are anymore for this, but I'm thinking what isn't in dev won't be getting finished or into Beta 5.
  12. The route to a fully mapped Pokemon World :)

    Hey if you map accurately then I have no problem... but you're using inaccurate tilesets which produce inaccurate maps.
  13. The route to a fully mapped Pokemon World :)

    Accurate maps with accurate tilesets. Every map I've seen so far by anyone has been wrong because their tilesets aren't correct. The issues are minor, but they exist and are irksome.
  14. Giant pandas are magical creature that make good toothpaste. You have heard of it, it's called Colgate.

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      You spelled Crest wrong @panda.

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      No, Crest is bad.

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      See... I personally use sensodyne sooo...

  15. Intersects current state

    You specifically have been busy playing League.