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  1. Si tu sais utiliser visual studio le mieux serait d'integrer cette modification gatuite https://boasfesta.itch.io/experience-bonus-spell-effect
  2. So yeah I'll post this in case of someone didn't hear or know the game.
  3. Indeed and would probably break if the player delete his character.
  4. Someday there is gonna be more than just tree. Well I hope so xD
  5. I'm starting to fill up the world The result seems not that bad unlike the background:
  6. Gibier


    Non la comumauté n'est pas mprte elle est seulement muette ^^
  7. Today I was able to turn back my project from B7.0.0 to B6.2
  8. @Beefy Kasplant that's sad but for now you'll have to shake your screen with your own hands.
  9. Nice but while you were making dash 2.0 we were all waiting for dash 4.0
  10. I started the main base of one of the three first city of my new game.
  11. Thinking about a new new project from scratch.

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