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  1. This game is stupid after playing f0r 3 years n0 0ne have win the game 0nce.
  2. You can't import a maps from an intersect project to another. Tgey removed the import/export feature in b5. But you could probably to that if both of them have a b4.9.1 version then export and importe them and update the project that you want to use to b5. But that's is terribly long for nothing.
  3. Well you have to configure your npc as an agressive npc then edit it to not attack a player that have tge variable 'summunwr' to true. (But it would be broke if anothrr pkayer have sumoned thr same npc) But you would be tge same if you use self switch.
  4. The only wait would be by event spell, make a switch 'summoner' Put the npc always agressif if the player's switch 'summoner' isn't true. The make the event fir the spell like this: -> set switch 'summoner' true -> spawn npc -> wait x second -> despawn npc -> end of the event
  5. Gibier


    Yes he can, i'll reply with the answer after work.
  6. You have to set those value as you want in tge config.json in the resource folder in the server folder.
  7. Gibier


    No, you will ned to wait for tge source to do that.
  8. You don't need to have any weapon to attack a npc, you only need to configure rightfully the npc. Exemple: Try to hit the npc without weapon, maybe it's your weapon that is broken.
  9. indeed but better tell that another way is possible to do that to learn the event system more.
  10. Gibier


    .ogg for the 'music' folder and .wav for the 'sound' folder.
  11. Personnally i would suggest you do to an event that trigger when the player level up at a specific level. This way you won't have to make an item.
  12. It should be fine in theory, i never had a broken package from a shipment. 0
  13. Yeah i already bought it just need to wait for the shipment, I can tell you that having 16gb ram but only 4gb usable isn't fun 0
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