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  1. That world map is insanely good it really feellike the old final fantasy game.
  2. You probably could but there is no option in the json file for the game view so you would probably need to edit this in source. The characters are rendering at the center of the screen so with this edit your character wouldn't be centered anymore.
  3. You need to create a spell set as 'self targeting' and set the healing as negative. Logically you should have check the 'friendly' checkbox but it doesn't seems to work (tried with a new version and B6.2). So set the spell as negative and the client will display it as healing... Pretty sure it will probably make problem in your game so try to not do this in every spell.
  4. How the current engine works you have to create those skill with the event editor. That's how it was made to be. But skill with source edit would be way better.
  5. The city went bankrupt and couldn't buy the street light of the city's other half? 🤣 Is the map easy to walk into? The left side seems heavy couldn't player get stuck if there's to many people at the same place?
  6. You could create an event that trigger when the player get the item, then create a counter that will remove the item. If you meant after X utilization time then there's no way cause that would be made with an event item but item event don't affect stat.
  7. I haven't test those option but that seems to be doable with only the vanilla editor configuration. Just don't put animation in the projectile then link it to the spell. Thinking about it, if that work, then it's probably the easiest way to make linear spell like kamehameha and stuff.
  8. That won't change the actual inventory slot which the engine allow to do directly from the server configuration.
  9. Sadly pretty much anything with a cost here is a rip-off xD
  10. I've never seen this feature since I'm using the engine? Which make more than 5 years 🤨
  11. here's some pixel art tutorial here. there's also free asset on few websites you can find them on google. Here's one.
  12. No it's not possible without source edit.
  13. Eh?!? I think this is the thing you're looking for? I haven't used it but it's a feature that the engine have since alpha if I remember correctly. @Artheios
  14. I've been working on the interior tileset and some mapping. Here's what will become the school. There will be two floors.
  15. No there wouldn't be a way or at least something good/unbugged. This feature with or without UI should be make in the source code.
  16. Gibier

    WIP Stick Around

    [Update] The mapping is 'done'. I won't add more things to it. So now it's mainly going to be working on interior and system. Eventually a little story to start the game. Drugs: - Amphetamine: Will decrease the sleepiness level of the character. You can be addicted and more you're addicted it get less effective. If your addicted you'll be less stress else you'll get stress. - Cigarette: Will decrease the character's stress level. If the character get addicted not smoking will increase stress. Illness/Issues: - Lungs cancer: If the player smoke the player will have a change to get lungs cancer. - Stress: Doing things with negative result will increase stress. Stress decrease overtime and by doing some things. - Anxious: If the character get 100 in stress he/she will become anxious and will refuse do do some event like talk to people (Won't affect shop and essential stuffs). Assurance: The player have the possibility to choose between 3 assurance choice: medical drugs(10%), medical drugs and hospital (20%), Drugs, Hospital and Healt (35%). The player select the amount he/she want to pay and will get the % of the choosed plan. Then will be able to use it to pay a part or the whole bill.
  17. Quand 5 ans plus tard je recommence tranquillement à rajouter des systèmes au topic. Je viens d'ajouter un simple système de gambling par choix.
  18. It's been age but I'm slowly going to add more system to this page. I've added a choice gambling system to it.
  19. I made the fishing system without the animation. I'm pretty much happy with the current state of it. The players get more change to catch something with an higher fishing level https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/b9c691ece28e0cd9bbe21979001c5f60.mp4
  20. I mentionned this like two years ago and got the reply 'work as intended'. Happy that you got a better reply xd
  21. Gibier

    WIP Stick Around

    The majority of the exterior is done I just need to do the maire building. After I'll be making the interior. Eventually there will be more house around the city with a housing/renting system.
  22. Gibier

    WIP Stick Around

    [Update] Character creation: Now the player will have to choose his stickman color the first time the character enter the game instead of in the character creation. Eventually the player will be stuck in a mirror until he/she chooses the character's color. Also this will allow stickman to change color with chirurgic change. Class: Class are now base on the character's age and visual condition (missing body members). First IG connection: I had to change the system a bit to make it works with the stickman color selection. Growing up: With the new class and character creation system the character's sprite will grow up at 21 years old. Birthday presents: Since the character grow it just make sense to give characters birthday presents at their birthday. Each 3 days spend in IG time the player will get random items that he/she accept or refuse. This will be useful in prison.
  23. I noticed 'experiments' in the command menu of the server. Does someone know what it does? Is it to enables/disable event or source feature?
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