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  1. SkywardRiver

    Intersect Character Generator

    -edited- Dami Looks good from the screenies. Would be worth it to have a hue slider for each character part as well
  2. SkywardRiver

    Today I did this on my project...

    Well for someone who "really sucks at mapping" it's not bad in the slightest.
  3. SkywardRiver


    If a game has been developed for 19 years, one guy or not, and all it has to show for it is “potential” then I’m afraid I’m not game to get invested.
  4. SkywardRiver

    Original Labyrinth Hearts

    Hehe I remember this. Good stuff
  5. SkywardRiver

    Intersect Server

    Looks like your config was wiped of data. You can delete your Config.Xml and then run the server again and it should create a working new one.
  6. SkywardRiver

    How parallax changes things.

    I think RM has spread this misconception of what Parallax mapping actually is. I might have to explain what it actually is in a later post. Hmmm.
  7. Don't stick a hand in the shit you eat.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Oddly


      That's the way the cake stales.

    3. Agoraphobic


      I eat only glitter and rainbows.

    4. Oddly


      I think what Agora is trying to tell us is that he shits magic, so the hand is happy to be shit in.

  8. SkywardRiver

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Good to see you around again my man.
  9. SkywardRiver

    Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Been playing this for not even 10 minutes and it's already the most polished game I've seen come out of Eclipse/AGD. Looking forward to sinking some hours in. I'd especially like to praise the work you've done with the UI. I especially liked the shaking effect on the items in the inventory. Really grabs the attention of the player during sections of the tutorial. Furthermore the combat and spell systems are damn impressive, as well as the npcs that run away when hit. I think many, many people here could learn an awful lot from what you've done here, Sherwin. In a word, fantastic.
  10. SkywardRiver

    [Java] Belres Engine

    I like your open source from the beginning approach. More “community driven” software should follow your example :^) Looking forward to seeing where this leads. I’d take more of a contribution look at it if it wasn’t Java lol Also looking forward to a slick post about your game! Good luck man! Keep us posted
  11. SkywardRiver

    The Dysfunctional Family Reunion

    Had a great time. Many laughs, as well as many tears shed. The puny minds of the people that were absent could not possibly comprehend what a historic event this was. It’s a night I look forward to telling my descendants about.
  12. SkywardRiver

    Wanderwolf Studios Looking for Artist

    Edited the topic a bit. Still looking for a talented artist.
  13. SkywardRiver

    The Dysfunctional Family Reunion

    I'll be there, otherwise I'm square.
  14. SkywardRiver

    Paperdoll layer

    Unless of course they already have a similar system implemented and I'm just not aware of it, which may seem to be the case based on moscano's post.
  15. SkywardRiver

    Camera zoom functions

    I don’t think it’s planned, but it’s doable once the source is released. You’ll just have to keep an eye on the performance hit you’ll take depending on how zoomed out you are.