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  1. Is RPG Maker MV Graphics usable with this Engine?

    Yes to both when the source becomes available. However, RPG Maker does not legally allow their assets to be used outside of RPG Maker
  2. The presents thread.

    Highlights would include a nice new hybrid watch from my girlfriend, a minifridge, some switch games, and tons of new clothes haha.
  3. Story Today I did this on my project...

    A few days ago I finished the prototype build on the Lego Lightsaber. I get to wear it at work all day haha. Been way too busy for game dev lately, but I do have something in the works to show you eventually when it's done. Ciao
  4. Story Today I did this on my project...

    So I work for Lego now, and star wars just came out, so I'm making these for myself and fellow employees. We get to carry them around at work lol. $60 + shipping a piece if you want one. They come in Blade Colors of Blue, Green, Red, or Purple with Hilt Colors of White, Black, or Painted Silver. Don't really expect any of you to wanna get one, but the option's there lol.
  5. Playable Nightmare

    Can confirm.
  6. Shadows

    Version 1.0.0


    Beneath the actual shadow tiles I made a solid white copy of the shadow shape. This is to help you select the shadow you want without having to have a white background.
  7. Tiled Shadows

    Took a few minutes and made this for LF, but it can really be used for any tiled project. Beneath the actual shadow tiles I made a solid white copy of the shadow shape. This is to help you select the shadow you want without having to have a white background. Here's how you can easily use this tool to make maps have an extra layer of "depth"
  8. Playable Nightmare

    SkywardRiver, self-appointed leader of the Firefang Clan. Really enjoyed my time with Nightmare. Currently waiting on new content, as I've done everything else a few days back lol. You guys should give Nightmare a playthrough. It's a great example of how to get started on new project and a superb example of what one can achieve with the Intersect Engine in it's current state, no source code required.
  9. Question about Unity?

    Not that I know of in Vanilla Unity. You might try taking a look at the asset store maybe haha.
  10. Need Help Recruiting a Mapper for Life Forge

    Bump. Edited the main thread as there seemed to be some confusion as to when applications were due. Sorry about that!
  11. Concept Build for the Savvy (ORPG Development)

    That's not really the point of this thread, but the engine is a custom version of Eclipse that myself and Benjo have been working on over the years. It's not available to the public.
  12. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Made some new quests for Life Forge today. Also finished printing the pommel of "A Song of Ice and Fire"'s (and the show's (GOT)) Longclaw! Layer height - 0.2mm Time - 11 Hours End result - 9/10. Almost a perfect print!
  13. Heyo. I'll get right to the point in saying Life Forge is looking for a dependable mapper. The position is currently unpaid, but if we are successful this Christmas, the position becomes paid, with said Mapper receiving a percentage of the earnings monthly. We're looking for a mapper who is skilled in the designing of maps. Someone who can take a documented idea and bring it to life in a timely fashion. This Mapper will be given a probationary period in which to establish themselves as a full member of the Life Forge team. If successful, they would be taking on the position of official mapper for Life Forge. You would be mapping out all of the game's new areas, as well as acting as a moderator in select situations. We'd like to have this position filled as soon as possible, so by the end of the week we'll be going through all submissions and selecting who we think is the best fit for us. To apply, simply sent us examples of previous works, your time zone, and a brief summary of your free time you would be willing to dedicate to Life Forge and this position. You can message me here, or on We look forward to working with you, whoever you are! EDIT* Thought I should give a little more info on Life Forge for peeps who don't know much about it. Life Forge is a free 2D ORPG on available on Steam. The game features over 100 hours of content, with about 1600 hours if you include the grind for absolute completion (yes, we have a player who's done this). The game features a massive world, custom artwork, unique features, and a cosmetic based payment system. We've also added Housing and Farming in one of our latest updates to Life Forge. Be sure to check it out. Thank you. Applications are due by NEXT SUNDAY - DEC 10
  14. Story Today I did this on my project...

    New Sand and Lava colors for the board game. Also a new tile design that is 3 tiles high, but obviously I'm gonna have to fix something on that one haha. In Life Forge I added a 2 new mounts, some new items, and a new boss with a unique item required to reach it's lair: I also added Lord of the Rings units to the board game lol. It's very fun so far.
  15. So I was recording some gameplay of Life Forge last night as part of a future series of videos for the Life Forge channel, following the adventures of Hildalgo the Bard (yeah I'm really good with names guys) and I remembered one of the biggest lessons developing Life Forge gave me. Fun fact, the tutorial map for Life Forge was made by Kibbelz nearly 8 months ago. Since then I turned it into the tutorial map for Life Forge.