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  1. SkywardRiver

    Resource chance %

    I believe (if I understand your question correctly) that this is not doable until we have a source release. If I am to understand your question, it seems you want to have, say 5 items assigned to 1 resource and have only one drop at any one harvest instance. A fairly simple addition once the source is released, but I don’t think it’s possible at the moment. If you don’t need a 100% chance for something to drop, you could divide by the number of items assigned to the resource and give each an equal split of that number. So say you had 5 items assigned to the resource. You could give each a 20% chance to drop upon harvesting. It’s a far from perfect system as, in the end, it’s just a random number and you can have every item drop with a lucky number with this system. Still, for now I think it’s your best option. Let me know if I have misunderstood your question.
  2. SkywardRiver

    Saving Any Data

    Not sure if it's possible in VB6. Even if it is I think you're still better off just writing the save data in those smaller savesubs. More clean and less prone to errors.
  3. SkywardRiver

    Saving Any Data

    This isn’t the same Dax lol. And regardless if it’s all in one sub or not man, you’re gonna need to add in any extra data you add. It can’t save it otherwise. Like if you added a new map layer, you’d have to edit this massive save sub instead of the small map specific save sub. This whole idea (at least in VB6) is counter productive
  4. SkywardRiver

    Saving Any Data

    For layers on a player just use RenderPlayer and change what you need in there.
  5. SkywardRiver

    Saving Any Data

    Erm, you're going to have to add that data into a universal save sub regardless. There's no shortcut to save any data. Besides, many small save subs are superior to one huge one. Cleaner, simpler, and less prone to errors. Sorry if I didn't understand what you were asking about.
  6. I've mentioned a time or two in the past that I believe Life Forge ORPG to be the highest grossing and most successful game to ever come out of Eclipse (VB6 ORPG Engines). This may be biased of course, but I've yet to see a game with its own IP even come close. Notice that I say own IP. This is because there are several games that may have indeed surpassed LF in terms of plays, commercial success, or other areas. These titles, however, are usually not earned by the developers of these games. Now I'm not bagging on anyone who wants to make an Undertale game or a Pokemon game. By all means do so. Know that you have my full support and I wish you good luck. However, you are not creating or tapping into a market of your own. You are simply piggybacking off of a pre-existing market. (Again, please don't take this the wrong way if you are indeed making a fan project or whatnot) My point here being, if you make a pokemon fan game (and manage to monetize it) it would be considered a success of the brand, not a success of the developers. Massive fanbases such as Pokemon, Naruto, and Undertale and the like have customers in droves searching for the next outlet to let their love of said brand be shown. Now yes, if Gamefreak ever pushed out an actual 2D Pokemon MMO that shit would be lit and make them millions of dollars. If a developer from AGD made an even half decent version of this concept it would no doubt become very popular before Nintendo shut it down. Is that what you're going for though? Are you trying to create a great fan game that is doomed from the start? Now if you're simply a hobbyist, looking to make a game that YOU would enjoy and that you and your friends could play together, by all means, quit reading this thread and go work on it! Games are awesome and should be passion projects such as those. All the power to you! For the rest of us, however, the hobbyists looking to do this stuff full time one day or maybe you've had a success and want to do it bigger and better the next time around, commercial viability should be half of your cornerstone. The other half should be making a great game. (This is what I would pursue first. Make a great game, and THEN reap the rewards. Don't write up market plans and membership fees before you even have 20 hours of gameplay) This, finally, is where your very own IP comes in. We're going to take a look at several reasons why creating and cultivating your own IP is more viable than using someone else's. The first of these reasons being Brand Loyalty. So imagine you've just launched a PokeMMO and you're 3 months in. Player counts keep going up and you're rolling out updates. Now say a much more learned developer with more experience makes a new PokeMMO that's superior to yours a few ways. Your players would most likely flock to the new game. But why? You had so many players all happy to be playing your game! But that's not correct, is it. You had plenty of players all happy to be playing a Pokemon game. The fans of pokemon wouldn't be loyal to the developer of said fan game, just to the brand.(Now of course there are exceptions, but you get my point). By creating your own Brand you have a chance to foster loyalty in a market you get to establish, maintain, and cultivate. Instead of playing because it's the best pokemon game around, they're playing because you made a game they enjoy. Another perk of creating your own IP would be it's now your own. Originality is a novelty, and novelties are attractive. Do you ever wonder why Tibia is still alive and kickin'? It's because there is currently nothing else like it in the industry of similar quality. The game is 20 years old, guys, and people are still paying for crap in it. Take a look at a few games that came out just recently. You have Hollow Knight with this vibrant new alien world to explore. You've got Darkest Dungeon with its intriguing gameplay and lovely art style. These are both indie games with new IPs that are still going due to the amazing support and fandoms they have generated. Hollow Knight will be getting its 4th free content update here soon and Darkest Dungeon (if my twitter connections are to be believed) will be getting its 2nd paid expansion. New IP truly is the lifeblood of this industry, and creativity can lead to amazing success. Room to grow! Way back in the day my first big project was entitled Skywardens. While in development I created a massive world with a rich history and dozens of mysteries. My second large project was another Skywardens game which already had interest from the first screenshot ever shared because of its previous installment. Now I am in NO way comparing myself or my projects to those of industry titans, but the proof of concept is right there. That's why I'm very excited for games such as Age of the Four Clans and Ruinic. I can very easily see Age of the Four Clans releasing a volcanic themed expansion 6 months after launch or Ruinic offering new game modes. If you create an Undertale fan game, you can't exactly change the story of the core game for something you want in your game. If you own your own IP, however, you can do whatever the flup you want. So, in closing, creating your own IP is a must if you want to enjoy a commercial success for any stretch of time. At least in my opinion and based on my studies of the games industry as a whole. Feel free to disagree or to completely disregard this entire post. Just had a thought after seeing all the fan games on here.
  7. SkywardRiver

    Randomize Experience

    Will be a very easy addition when the source comes out.
  8. SkywardRiver

    Best forum software?

    Xenforo is by far my fave
  9. Stark died in Season 1 man. Sean Bean was a perfect actor for it too. I did like the movie. I wish they had ended on the snap of his fingers. Would have left us going "what next" instead of "oh how are they gonna fix it?" Cause regardless of the great impact it would've had to have heroes like Black Panther and Dr. Strange die when the franchises were just starting essentially (thus giving more depth and realism to their deaths) as if the studio is gonna pass up on the money those future movies are gonna print. Peter's death scene was very touching though. Tom Holland remains the most "human" super hero in the MCU to me and that last scene just solidifies my opinion.
  10. SkywardRiver

    Today I did this on my project...

    Chronicles has an H in it haha. Looks good though!
  11. SkywardRiver

    Intersect - Playstore/appstore crossover?

    I would agree if not for the fact that putting a game in the appstore versus releasing another naruto fan game are two very different things. If I release a crappy game and am wanting to sell it, odds are I'm not going to know how. If the App Store was an option, however, it's a flat fee of $100 and it's out there. That crappy game with an asking price of $10 is out there and odds are it's going to look and feel like vanilla Intersect. If you want a first hand look at what kind of devastation this can bring to a project, just take a look at some of Orake's reviews on steam. The crappy Resbak engine has made a name for itself in crappy game history. Granted it didn't help that Orake looked like Vanilla Resbak not too long ago, but the point still stands. Crappy games breed crappy feelings about the software they're made on. Just look at Unity or RPGMaker. Both are great pieces of software, but you see a decent looking game made in unity and peeps are like "Oh it's made in Unity so... we'll see if it's any good" Giving the masses access to that kind of market is just bad for business in nearly every aspect. Best, for now, to leave marketing and pricing to the people making said crappy games. They'll fail and not bring bad vibes to the Intersect brand as a whole, rather than succeed in selling a bad game and the casual masses gaining a bad taste in their mouth where Intersect is involved. Best to not poison the well, as it were. (of course this is all my opinion, but it IS based on some personal experience within the industry. You know how many people just didn't even install Life Forge cause they thought it was made in RPG Maker?)
  12. SkywardRiver

    In need of "Data Inputers"

    Personally, I'd create a new "region" if you're sticking with Pokemon. There's half a dozen Pokemon online games centered in Kanto already. If you keep the simplistic mapping style as the original games and scatter a balanced mix of pokemon throughout the game world, you could have a very popular game on your hands. (Though of course keep it under wraps because Nintendo be monstrous)
  13. SkywardRiver

    Intersect - Playstore/appstore crossover?

    I can't speak for the developers, but I don't believe this will be featured in the base engine. Very possibly as a paid addition. The reason, in my mind, would be that if Intersect were App Store compatible, you've now got dozens upon dozens of young persons (13 or under) developing hasty games and releasing them for cash in the App Store. This would reflect VERY poorly on Intersect as, for every good game ever made with it, you'd have 100 cashgrabs. Intersect's reputation would sink to levels equal to or below that of even RPGMaker. You can, of course, make great games with RPGMaker, but due to it's easy accessibility, every child and their mother has messed around with it, created a 20 minute game, and tried to sell it on Steam for $20. Having this feature as a paid addition rather than stock would deter a great number of individuals from which this problem would stem from in my mind. Again, I can't speak for the devs, but in my opinion it would be in Intersect's best interest to not include such a feature in any vanilla releases.
  14. SkywardRiver

    Today I did this on my project...

    Today I've been doing some research on how to incorporate a wired controller support option into Intersect via the monogame component (Project Mythril being a game with an action heavy focus). Of course I'll have to reevaluate once the source is released of course, but from what I can tell, there shouldn't be too much of an issue in terms of difficulty. More gross tedium than anything. I've also been writing some pseudo code in my afore-mentioned notebook for more advanced features I'll be wanting to have a handle on BEFORE I dive into the source code. Not much in terms of music lately for Project Mythril OR Arcwyre as I've been slightly uninspired as of late. I'm shooting for at least a song a week for each game starting today. Hopefully I can do more.
  15. SkywardRiver

    Rewards for filling out Intersect Documentation

    Just saying, I still have a $10 iTunes card up for grabs. I gave the first to Agora for his amazing Event System Documentation.