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  1. Yeah, "tonight" was yesterday. 😂
  2. Ok, that is the error I saw. Alternatively: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor/pull/14
  3. So my question is what else is in that directory? Because from looking myself, IGE uses Newtonsoft.Json 13, and the error nvh had is Newtonsoft.Json 12 -- which Intersect uses. Makes me think IGE was dumped into the same directory as the Intersect client and then run. That said, I get a totally different error on clicking Update because IGE doesn't create the temp directory if it does not already exist.
  4. Like I quoted from the actual documentation (not speculation), it's image/pixel format. We should add a try-catch to find out what the specific files are blowing up.
  5. The client and editor both have autoupdaters for assets. Artists and musicians would be using other pieces of software for their work, but when they have something usable for the other people working on the project the assets they made can be added to the autoupdater. Maps, quests, events, etcetera are all done via the editor, which will be connected to a server. Multiple people can be working on it different pieces of the game content at once (e.g. different maps, different NPCs).
  6. From the GDI+ documentation for the failing call:
  7. panda


    Supporting a WebGL client is not as simple as "we use mono, let's just compile it for the web", so... short answer: No. Slightly longer answer (but still no): We use Monogame for the client. The shortest route to a WebGL client is if Monogame supported a WebGL build. There is currently no official support for that, only prototypes still. The other route to a WebGL client is Unity. We do not have a working Unity client, and we have no plans for an official Unity client.
  8. Correct, it does not load UI position from the JSON file. It only loads the URL.
  9. I mean all of you downloaded Intersect for years before it was open source. If anything, the plugin system could open up an easier avenue for people to make cheats for games.
  10. Hey if you guys say 0 it makes Damian's life easier.
  11. Damian is literally awake right now why are we even counting? And JC takes night shift even though he says nothing.
  12. I'm for additional logging and am willing to provide input on how to structure it, but this is definitely something that should be contributed. I'd suggest opening a feature request on Github so we can have further detailed discussion on what specific things things should contain, etc. as a target for a PR.
  13. ngrok does not support UDP and will not work.
  14. Not seeing anything obvious in those logs. @jcsnider Any ideas? The version not being the same I would think is a different issue.
  15. Can you delete your error logs and regenerate them. There's nothing in the logs that would explain the symptoms you are describing.
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