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  1. Haha, I came back at the right time !! Incredible !! Congratulation guys, you did it (Hey, I even reinstalled Windows today simply to try the latest version xD )
  2. Much better ! But I hope you're planning to keep the disappearance part too 'cuz it was really cool
  3. Neat ! I really like both the style (even if I can't figure what the "staff" is supposed to be lol ) and animation (especially the disappearance, the fire is well done too), but something seems off to me : the part when the "staff" is going down. If it's an attack animation, I imagine the "staff" is supposed to pierce through the enemy then end it's course stuck in the ground ? If so, I can't help but think that it lacks speed or power to do so as it is. The "staff" goes down too "slowly" ... not sure how to describe it but it doesn't give the impression that you'll be pinned to the ground by some divine godly magical ass spear or whatever Maybe make it go faster or add speed sfx ... ? Sorry I'm not am not of much help, I'm such a noob when it comes to giving art advices
  4. Sethis

    WIP Nimue

    Nice art as usual, I'm always delighted whenever you're showing your progress dude makes me feel motivated or something On the flip side, I hope that it's not the entire building you showed us 'cause it would be rather small for a school, I think. If it's the main hall or something that's okay though. Anyway, keep it up !
  5. Sethis

    WIP Nimue

    I'm a tad bit late but let me say this : Anyway, as usual, I'm impressed with the quality of your work. Seriously dude, when can we expect an alpha ? I HAVE to try this game Keep it up !
  6. Sethis

    WIP Nimue

    That's pretty much it ! I can't wait either ! Good job once again dude
  7. Sethis

    WIP Nimue

    There's indeed some "Potter touch" in this Really nice, keep it up Refur
  8. Sethis

    WIP Nimue

    Beautiful, as usual ! But I think that for a clothes store there should be more dummy and clothing exposed, if you see what I mean
  9. Damn pal, the colors are vibrant and I just love the atmosphere ... when will we be able to test the game ?
  10. I don't like being this guy, but I'll take the role for today nontheless ... Everything you asked for : "Not possible until source is out, sorry."
  11. 4ea.jpg

    1. Oddly


      One of the greatest movies of all time.

    2. Sethis


      No doubt.


  12. Sethis

    WIP Nimue

    Yay ! It's been a month since you last posted something, I was worried you'd stop
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