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  1. Yuck ! Bigger's better, here's the Mighty Megalodon !
  2. There's none, it's actually been used before ... if you see what I mean.
  3. Adenovirus. Induce hepatic necrosis to marine wildlife. Now I dare you to find something that could kill my baby here
  4. Am I the only one to find this .... astounding ? That's quite a piece of work mate, keep it up !!
  5. Sethis


    Though the beginning looks a bit classic, I'm having fun so far ! Maps are neat, with the right amount of details Good job guys ! Keep up the good work !
  6. Sethis

    Intersect Beta 4.7 Released!

    Excellent job as usual !
  7. Sethis

    Free "Softwood UI"

    Can't argue with that !
  8. Sethis

    Today I did this on my project...

    @Niko Your mapping is neat, I like the palette and globally it feel really natural and everything seems in its place .... but this : How do you even "park" a boat like that ? Is it feasible ? It seems to me that it would require some unnecessary work to accost or leave the port, having to turn around and such
  9. Sethis

    Free "Softwood UI"

    Really nice ! Might even use it for my own project ! Thanks a lot Ky' !
  10. Sethis

    Real life photos

    More like this kind of panda
  11. Sethis

    Oddly Doddly Title Screen

    It really reflects its maker. Weird af
  12. Sethis

    Transparent Rooftops when entering buildings ?

    I don't think that's completely impossible to do as of right now but you would have to do it in such a convoluted and counter-intuitive way that it wouldn't be worth it ... like a loop with a static animation of your rooftop which disappear when entering the building. Something along those lines. Better wait for source pal, and work on laying foundations for you game, like the rest of us
  13. Sethis

    Intersect Beta 4.3 Released!

    Wonderfull ! Thanks a lot !
  14. Sethis

    Games You Should Play!

    Duly noted, i'll check this one for reference. Without further ado, here's my list : Unepic, sideview action RPG : solid, simple gameplay while allowing several playstyle, good and varied skillset, with excellent multiplayer system. The bosses are what you want to look at, feels a lot like Zelda II, the adventures of Link. Dungeon of Dredmor, turn based roguelike : props for the originality of the skillset (you can play with magical mathematics, archeology, fleshsmithing etc ...), the humorous lore, and excellent replayability. Ryzom, mmorpg : just awesome ! the stanzas system which allowed you to create your own f*ckin skillz ! you want to snipe with ultra-long ranged acid dart with long lame ass chant ? or crazy fast rotball that cost life instead of mana ? not talking about the lore, the originality of the world, and the work poured into making it alive (with life cycles, and migrations of herbivores, while carnivores are hunting them etc). Helen's mysterious castle, turn based RPG : short game made with RPG Maker (if not mistaken), and vanilla tileset (i heard some crying in despair), worth playing through the 8 hours and so for its battle system, really original and tactical, not repetitive at all ! which is great for me because TBS tends to bore me to death after an hour (even FF10 which i consider one of the best). I tried to name some of the most unknown games in my list instead of classics that everyone played at least once (they are classics for a reason ). If others come to mind, probably some older games, i'll do another short list