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  1. Dev Blog 2/17/2018 - Screenshots!

    @panda good idea however Q is currently used for blocking with shields.
  2. Concept Ghoul Online

    Its good to define it as either a fanbased game or not from the get go. You can run into some legal issues down the way. Using things as inspiration is totally cool just you have to make sure otherwise it will stab you in the ass ages down the development line.
  3. Concept Ghoul Online

    Looks good but is it technically a fan based project?
  4. Playable Nightmare

    Thanks a lot for noticing, i'll go back and patch it up
  5. A cool pokemon theme cover

    Is that old dude the original pokemon singer? Edit: it is, holy fuck.
  6. Intersects current state

    Nightmare gunna show all yo fools the true power of Intersect But yes myself and @Murdoc have been busy but just wait for our upcoming steam release thats gunna blow a hole in the ORPG scene, (hopefully).
  7. Improper use is the biggest factor but the code is garbage. Fairly sure i coded it drunk at like 4am in first year (most of my code back then was also coded drunk )
  8. NPC AoE Spells

    then post it in the bug reports.
  9. NPC AoE Spells

    They shouldn't unless they are set against each other in the NPCvsNPC properties
  10. The next project begins!

    Or you could use the AGD filehost. Wither way i like what you've done.
  11. Are the Events handled by the Client?

    Events are handled server sided.
  12. Tutorials?

    I would personally like to see a tutorial for each editor. So we can refer the average newbie to it.
  13. Graphics I need your Feedback

    You're clearly tallented but i can't help but think the styles and quality between sprites varies a lot. I think you should work on consistency to maintain the same style between sprites. All the best, keep at it
  14. WIP EverEmber Reborn, Hardcore Sandbox Openworld MMOARPG

    @Kajamaz do you have a team of 3D artists or did you get all of the resources online?