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  1. Download not currently working for me. Just want the UI and .json files haha
  2. Nightmare is the all new retro MMORPG that hit Steam by storm last weekend, hitting peaks of 250 players online! Website Steam Page Discord We were even featured on KiraTV: How do I apply? Fill out the following application below and send it any member of staff on our Discord. Can I use Nightmares Graphics to practice? Yes! We also recommend using our graphics to learn with since that's what you will be working with, however they are licensed and legally owned by Magework Studios, resulting in anything made with our graphics being legally owned by us, so please don't waste both of our times using them for your own games! Good luck! - The Nightmare Development Team
  3. Our assets are owned by Magework Studios so legally we can chase anyone who takes them. Also anyone who needs to steal graphics to make a game probably wont make anything good with them so we are not concerned that much anyway. We now also think that Nightmare is now also known game established in the 2D MMORPG market so the probability of any player seeing them used and calling them out on it is very high. This also gives an opportunity for people to download Intersect and practice making maps with our assets as part of our upcoming recruitment process to get more mappers.
  4. At todays record high of 125 players online today, I would like to remind everyone that Nightmare releases tomorrow 06/09/21 UTC−04:00 Atlantic time Steam Page Play Now
  5. Hey everyone! After 6 long years of development Nightmare is ready to launch! We would appreciate you all checking out our steam page and our lovely new website! We have put so much blood, sweat and tears into this project and would love it if you would check it out on our steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1635770/Nightmare/?beta=0 Make sure to put Nightmare on your steam Wishlist, it not only helps us out but also gives you an automatic reminder from Steam when the game is public! Regards, -Nightmare Development Team
  6. If you can give some evidence to a forum admin and identify his forum account we can take action.
  7. Thanks for all of your hard work @XFallSeane. Recently Nightmare has launched its new website via Intersect CMS here! Its worth noting it is still a work in progress and the color schemes are currently being evaluated by @Xeno. I would highly suggest that most people consider basing their game websites off Intersect CMS. It is very sophisticated even though it is still unpolished at present. @XFallSeane has been working closely with me to get this site up and running with all of our custom systems. I'm also looking into some API optimisations to improve site load time.
  8. @XFallSeane I have started using this for Nightmare since its quite a sophisticated website template for Intersect based games. However, I have run into some issues. Mainly because the installation guides are either incomplete or poorly translated. I have been unable to complete this step: I have managed to connect to my webserver via PuTTy using the SSH protocol. However I have absolutely no idea what you mean by this sentence. Can you please tell me exactly what I need to type in to the Linux terminal? I have google translated the french installation guide and I completed everything inside it. The only step I haven't done is the one highlighted in the above image. Have I missed any other undocumented steps too? Regards, Kibbelz
  9. Hi everyone, usually we do not disclose punishments however @JackSoda has been banned from our forums. We operate a 0 tolerance policy for scamming on our forums. If a situation like this has happened to you please speak to a member of staff on the forums via PM. We will only be able to act if you have proof of your claims. Regards, Kibbelz
  10. Very impressed by this. Only critique would be using dirt pathways to illustrate direction to the player. Kibz
  11. Congratulations Jamie. I'll definitely be playing it! Kibz
  12. h (h)salut, combien demandez-vous de créer un système de guilde, mini-jeux, et debug mon jeu

  13. Very impressive. Is that Pixel Based movement I see? If so I would be very interested to know its performance on a network with a large amount of players. Did you make the graphics yourself? I like them a lot however I'm not much of a fan of the resolution difference between the entities and the tiles. Looks really good, all the best. Kibz
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