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  1. Kibbelz

    Mythril Age Tilesets on Itch.io

    Looks good but are some of the resources from the LPC?
  2. Kibbelz

    Intersect Progress Questions & Answers

    All i see is the bank @jcsnider, all i see is the bank. And those fat stacks *drools over keyboard*
  3. Kibbelz

    Intersect Progress Questions & Answers

    My eyes right now: $_$ cuz I'm in it for the money and our evil dev master plan got revealed by @Voltramas muhahaha :^) /s
  4. Kibbelz

    Intersect Progress Questions & Answers

    Im not going to bore you all with how I've been busy of late due to uni finals new job etc. I believe we've all covered how we all have lives in previous posts so i wont bring it up any further. Recently ive been bugfixing and adding a few stand alone quality of life features. Such as finally implementing lifesteal and cooldown reduction on items. Really just tieing up loose ends. You are right we can all be more frequent with our updates and we can try to do so in the future. Atleast updates do happen even though we do run through some dry patches unlike our "competitor" Atlas which is in active development for years with no progress to show since it was announced. Obviously it is a bad example to compare to but its making light of a bad situation :p For those who wish for a bit of trivia, I initially wanted to keep Intersect just for myself and jc for a game/project (dating back to when we started). He convinced me to help bring you guys out of the dark ages too :p. At first i really did not care for anyone else I was only in it for my own personal gain of a modern engine but over time I began to love this community and the impact I had on inspiring and enabling other users so my mindset and aproach to intersect began to switch. I began developing more for others than myself. This can be seen as a good thing and bad. I developed features that others desperately wanted whilst not so myself which ultimately results in less motivation on my half because it became a job rather than for fun even though i enjoy helping you guys with your projects (it feels good to see a successful project like Arcwyre or Nightmare and say "I enabled this to happen"!). Atleast for me this is where most of my lack of motivation lies even though i still wish to provide support to everyone, even so I will continue to provide awsome support for you guys :). As always give us time, we will finally be done soon (tm)
  5. Kibbelz

    Today I did this on my project...

    As much as I like fan based games, surely you want to make your own maps to make it unique and interesting? -Kibz
  6. Kibbelz

    Today I did this on my project...

    Oh god I remember the pokemon gen 5 sprites. They looked absolutely horrible. For example: Some of it looks alright however you definitely can tell some frames look complete shit
  7. Kibbelz

    EverEmber Reborn, Hardcore Sandbox Openworld MMOARPG

    @Kajamaz do you have a team of 3D artists or did you get all of the resources online?
  8. Kibbelz

    Today I did this on my project...

    @SkywardRiver take this with a grain of salt. Your cliff walls are inconsistent. Cliff walls must always be the same height in 2D. On the left side, just right of the cabe enterance your cliff height in tiles decreases. Also I'm not sure I like what you're doing with your cliffs above the water ontop of the waterfall. You're shadows are also inconsistent. Remember your light source is always coming from 1 direction in game. In nightmare we use top left. Currently you have light coming from top left for the little mountain bridge and from the south for the cliff just above the canopy. Your fields are repetative and very bare, always try and shape a direction into your world! Maybe add a river or more cliffs to do this. Even a fence. You've got the skills to be better and I know you can take constructive criticism so I didn't hold back like i usually do xD.
  9. Kibbelz

    Updating database

    The server saves characters on a timed interval. I believe 15 minutes (don't quote me on this) or when the character disconnects from the game. The timed save feature is to minimise rollback if the server crashes.
  10. Kibbelz

    Sidescroller Graphics

    Maybe try different shades of rock and material for houses? You probably could use autotiles and then just mask 1 and 2 objects on top of it.
  11. Kibbelz

    [C#] CryBits v0.4.0

    I like it however I doubt I could ever test it since its in Portuguese. Will you ever make an english translation?
  12. Really great use of the projectile and lighting system. I think you should focus on your maps though, they are looking very plain right now
  13. Kibbelz

    Can we fix a projectile ?

    Make the first animation be a static head of the kamehameha and all the rest static beam graphics. That or make an invisible projectile with a self cast animation with the correct offset.
  14. Kibbelz

    Stat Bonus Range in Equipments

    when the item is picked up each item is given a random +- modifier from anywhere within the range set so all items are not static and there is a bit of luck involved getting the perfect gear.