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  1. @felipesmoke94 If you have any questions or require support. Please make a questions thread
  2. I know when i added these features into 6.1 you could easily make a guild system and even a title system. Will defo check it out further later.
  3. Kibbelz

    Grand Beasts

    Interesting concept. I look forward to seeing some ingame screenshots.
  4. Looks very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Kibbelz


    Love the maps, but this sorta stuck out to me. The waterfall cliff should go down a tile further where the other cliff connects to the wall. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks Zeta, You are more than welcome to join and assist when you can. No time commitments required, contribute as little or as much as you wish when you wish! Also congrats on your daughter!
  7. Closing this thread, put up a more formal one here.
  8. Heroes of Ascension Name to be subject to change As a community we have decided to all get together and make a community game using our nice shiny new engine: Intersect. What does this offer the community? An opportunity to learn from other developers experienced in different areas of game development. All assets made for this project will be distributed with the Official Intersect Assets Pack for you all to use in your own games. All profits (If any) will be put back into the website, Intersect Developers and server hosting of this game. Give back to the community offering you this free engine and support. Have fun with other like minded developers! Development rules: Development roles: Developer Artist Musician Tester If you want to contribute please respond to this topic using the following template: Users with a large number of warnings and rule infractions will be denied access to contributing towards this project. This does not mean you will be bared from this project forever. Improve your behaviour both on and off the forums and apply again. Quality Control When this idea was initially created, Myself and others really wanted to allow everyone of all skill ranges to be able to contribute towards this projects development. Sadly that is not going to be feasible as I know a lot of talented developers are going to pour their heart and soul into this project. For example pairing this map next to this map would simply be a disservice to their hard work alongside creating an extremely toxic atmosphere very quickly which is the exact opposite of what we want to create here. We also want to use this game as a showcase for good development, something we should all aspire to and be proud of! If you do not meet our development standards do not worry, you can always apply again after honing your skills! Everyone is able to become a Tester and contribute through ideas and play testing the game, so no one should feel left out! We will be communicating on the AGD discord channel, if you have been accepted to collaborate simply ask for a moderator to change your roles within the server to get stuck in! You can access our discord server here:
  9. Examples always helps in any field. We wont be recruiting coders until Intersect is open source though.
  10. Yes but we will be speaking in English.
  11. @JackSoda are you on the AGD discord server?
  12. Please provide some screenshots of your maps
  13. While i agree that we shouldn't exclude a large portion of newbies. You can understand everyones reasoning as to why they are doing it. For now lets watch how this project turns out (It may not last) If successful I'll start a newbie community game. Also @Uyarrr @Ainz Ooal Gown check the AGD discord as you've been added to the project.
  14. Just an update to state that we now have a private development channel on the discord server. We would like to ask those applying to provide examples of their work and we will either accept or decline applications
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