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  1. Updating database

    The server saves characters on a timed interval. I believe 15 minutes (don't quote me on this) or when the character disconnects from the game. The timed save feature is to minimise rollback if the server crashes.
  2. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Maybe try different shades of rock and material for houses? You probably could use autotiles and then just mask 1 and 2 objects on top of it.
  3. [C#] CryBits v0.3.1

    I like it however I doubt I could ever test it since its in Portuguese. Will you ever make an english translation?
  4. Really great use of the projectile and lighting system. I think you should focus on your maps though, they are looking very plain right now
  5. Can we fix a projectile ?

    Make the first animation be a static head of the kamehameha and all the rest static beam graphics. That or make an invisible projectile with a self cast animation with the correct offset.
  6. Stat Bonus Range in Equipments

    when the item is picked up each item is given a random +- modifier from anywhere within the range set so all items are not static and there is a bit of luck involved getting the perfect gear.
  7. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    As always I love it, maybe make the dude lighter bro? Currently the same color as the rocks
  8. Minigame player requirments

    Unless there is a left game event trigger (I forget now) the only alternative solution is to simply check if each second if the player is there by running a map autorun event to check every x seconds. If this event counts 5 people (by running separate instances of the event) clearly someone has dc'd so you can check that way. Honestly with any kind of lobby system if someone dc's it always ruins the game, there is not really much of a way around it. Going to be honest if its just a casual chill little mini game I wouldn't even bother about it.
  9. Minigame player requirments

    Make an event you have to interact with, teleport the player into an enclosed room and increment a global value by 1. Once it reaches 5 the game starts. If you really want it sophisticated you can even decrement the global value if you put another event in the enclosed room allowing the player to leave and teleporting them out.
  10. Player bans

    They do get IP banned.
  11. I personally would like the equipment one for myself since I have thought it would come in useful, especially in Nightmare. When Intersect is open source all of you guys will be able to submit source code into the main branch via github (being regulated by myself and @jcsnider and @panda in order to prevent buggy code and features we believe does not fit inside of the goal of intersect: A simple modern engine that features are not game specific. Aka no clutterfuck engines as we liked to call them back at eclipse. I'm currently in exam period in my final university year so unless you're willing to pay me I'm not touching the code until then xD. (only a week left don't worry guys )
  12. Pet System I've been working on for Nightmare so far

    Gotta keep some stuff for my own projects to make bank xD
  13. Totally forgot you put in XP autotiles and animated tiles


    Much love <3, best feature yet!

    1. Kibbelz


      hell yeah boi

    2. Giligis


      Kibbelz getz it in

  14. Arcwyre Very Good News!

    I'm glad your situation has improved. It must have been hard seeing your birth mother but I'm glad you've done it. If you ever need a chat I'm here :). Trust me only release when you are 99% happy and if you need to go beyond 3 months create a kickstarter!
  15. Arcane Engine - 3D MMORPG Java Framework

    Looks interesting however why use this over somthing way more superior like unreal engine or unity?