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  1. Kibbelz

    joint development

    You cant combine files. You can give your friend a copy of the client and editor and he can connect to your server to help edit the game. You may need to portforward if he cannot connect to your server.
  2. Kibbelz

    AGD Hunger Games!

    My character was just a coward and did nothing haha (except die lol)
  3. Kibbelz

    AGD Hunger Games!

    How does this work? Are the outcomes random each time someone clicks on "progress" or are the results already predetermined for anyone viewing the link?
  4. Kibbelz

    Nightmare Showcase

    More work on Daikokuken Pyramid from myself and @WereAlpaca https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/548855793219534859/566591008503103499/Diakokuten_Pyramid_F1.png
  5. Changed Status to Closed
  6. Thats literally the point of the feature. To randomly add an offset +- of each stat. If you want a static value for your stats assign them invidually in the scroll bars above.
  7. Kibbelz

    Weapon Cooldowns

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. Kibbelz

    [AOG] Lift System with Events

    I personally would make the lift more like pokemon where you go to a seperate map and leave the map and arive at your floor destination. You can even select your floor using a multi select dialogue. Good tutorial and interesting use of the event editor though!
  9. Kibbelz

    Intersect Development Road Map

    Probably but nothing I did in that dev blog was technically on the roadmap. The roadmap is sorta like a todo list for us, so no point adding somthing to then just cross it out. I might add my changes later for clarity. (On mobile right now)
  10. Kibbelz

    Nightmare Showcase

    Khione Pyramid F1!
  11. Kibbelz

    (Suggestion) Npc On Death Sound

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Kibbelz

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    @AriusII could you please upload this to AGD's file hosting service so we wont have any external links going down in a few years time.
  13. Hello, do you know how to port forward using RDP, the Remote Desktop. (Using AWS EC2)? I need to know so i can host my game.



    1. mrhiroman


      I opened all ports in Firewall and created in the AWS Dashboard inbound/outbound rule to allow traffic

    2. Kibbelz


      @SupermanPlayZ_YT use the questions section to ask for help. Not status messages.

  14. Kibbelz

    Cleanse does not remove stat changes

    Cleanse only removes status effects not debuffs
  15. Kibbelz

    Creating maps outside of editor

    I would just personally make a hub out of preexisting tiles like any other map. Lets say you decide to change your map in a year or however long, its a lot hard to do by editing the image files than just editing the map slightly... No main advantage here personally. Unless you were copying maps from another game aka a pokemon clone just to save time and they would never change in the future.