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  1. I've locked your post, if you still require help please make a new post translated into English as this is an English speaking forum.
  2. He wants the dash to ignore unit collision. I'll keep this in mind for future combat improvements but no promises at the moment.
  3. Kibbelz

    Sacred Stones

    I love the idea @Richy but how do you handle players logging off with a stone and never logging back in again? This would destroy the mechanic. Edit: Also what are the rewards for collecting all of the stones?
  4. @jcsnider we should probably put together a team of contributors to make it go faster. Have a discord and everything.
  5. Use the Questions and answers board. There are plenty of users who can help.
  6. The map is a little bigger now as we have some more expansions! So now currently sits at 22x21 maps in size so a total of 462 maps! This number obviously does not include house interiors and other various dungeons/caves etc.
  7. This topic is posted in "Forum Games". Please post questions in the actual correct board marked "Questions & Answers". Edit: Moved to the correct thread.
  8. Best of luck, looks like a promising start! I think if you added some shadows to your tilesets it would bring out wonders in your maps and entities. Also side note, as for a PK system when B6 is released you will definitely be able to make a complex PVP system with events!
  9. You can do whatever you want with open source go nuts.
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