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  1. Need Help In need of "Data Inputers"

    I made all of this through code when i was like 13 for my old PMD game. Trust me it is 100% easier (yes i know its not available right now). I'd suggest mapping until then.
  2. Event Autorun

    Ah i thought you were talking about a map event. It was a long stretch since i doubted events could be run with no players on a map. I'm fairly sure its not possible at this time. Why do you need this event anyway?
  3. Event Autorun

    Try making the event global.
  4. The real panda

    The @pandacoder is seen frolicking in his natural habitat searching for his staple diet of Bamboo and grass. By squatting and grunting, the @pandacoder tries to attract a mate. Today, he is unsuccessful, which is often most nights as the @pandacoder is an endangered species...
  5. Intersect - Playstore/appstore crossover?

    Best start is to move away from cliche rpgmaker graphics assosiated with rpgmaker. Then again I'm lucky to have my graphics god @Xenogene for our projects :D. As for app store releases, I know @jcsnider got an Intersect client to run in Unity, thus being able to be cross compatible with other devices. That does not mean it was a fully functional port, this was also on Intersect 1.0 so a really old version of Intersect. I know for a fact if he does decide to do this for Intersect it will not be for a long time and he will definitely be charging.
  6. Need Help In need of "Data Inputers"

    How is the battle system done? Do you play as a pokemon aka PMD or trainer?
  7. Need Help In need of "Data Inputers"

    What engine are you using?
  8. Super slow movement speed

    The speed stat affects the movement speed in game. Check your characters speed stat.
  9. Playable Nightmare

    Yes! A lot more content has now been completed which includes nearly all of the main dungeons of the game to around level 50. @Agoraphobic has joined the team to help create more quests and content outside of the main questline. @Xenogene has been mapping like a beast to finnish off the last couple of dungeons before the steam release, hopefully he will post screenshots as im currently on mobile for a bit. I myself have got my final year of uni coming up in around a month from nows time so Im super busy but my focus is Intersect B5 and source release so i can focus on Nightmare specific code such as pets, guilds, player housing, titles etc. We are hoping for a big release asap at the start of summer hopefully
  10. Concept How can i do this?

    Make the item a common event and take the item after its use using the take item command. If you want a bust up item in its place make a second item thats useless and give it to the player after taking the good item through events. It will apear in the same item slot so it will apear to the player it broke but you just swapped the items.
  11. Graphics Rate my game visuals, please!

    What tileset do you use here?
  12. No NPCs on map

    oh god this is one of the features I was requested to add by a user, can't remember who but it was a long time ago. I believe the idea is for checking if you've killed the mob before advancing to the next room as seen in most traditional RPG's. Think zelda. I'm not sure why the event only runs once. I'm on mobile right now so I can't look deep into the code.
  13. PUBG Mobile

    I only played the pc version and I have been busy recently but what would top 0.3% equate to in the current ranking system? I can never tell cuz PUBG keeps resetting the elo all the time.
  14. Mapping A new way to map

    Its certainly an original technique here at AGD. I think you should be focusing on your lack of detail though as oposed to finding loopholes. You currently have nothing on your grass. If you want to see what i mean by detail look at some of the maps in Nightmare if you seriously want to improve goodluck!
  15. Targeting and events

    This is fixed in beta 5.0 aswell as adding auto targeting. Release will be soon