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  1. Suspension of disbelief is one thing, but generally, a good story follows the rules set in universe. Sure, Ash carries monsters in a ball in his backpack, but if he would suddenly gain super strength and speed, that would not make sense. We suspend our disbelief and we accept that Pokémon exist, but there is no reason for ash to go super Saiyan. In your story, we accept that time travel exist, but there is no reason why you can't go back in time to before the alien steals the scrolls. Feels like you kinda jumped the shark too, with the sudden addition of some alien overlord. That said, unless you're a very gifted writer, the story should serve as a backbone for the game. The gameplay should be fun, so focus on that instead of the details of the story
  2. Don't think that's possible. There's a reason it gives you a warning and then makes you confirm manually that you want to start the migration process.
  3. It's pretty much point by point: Create a global variable, call it: NPCKilled Go to the NPC editor and add an event on NPC death: Add +1 to global variable NPCKilled Create an event in the main town: Page 1: Condition -> NPCKilled < 25000 Show text: You haven't killed enough NPC Page 2: Condition -> NPCKilled => 25000 Show text: Hurray, you managed to decimate the NPC population beyond repair! Their species will never recover from this massacre!
  4. Global variable NPC kill event: +1 to global variable Some event NPC or something that does something when global variable => 25000
  5. Today I added the Pocket Sized Monster Set or PoZiMon Set for short.
  6. Pretty sure it's because it's doesn't just round down at the end, but also in every step in the calculation.
  7. Can't even imagine how you would make a dynamic skill tree. Would be very cool as a plugin though.
  8. Post logs and do you have your weaponslot/shieldslot server config setup correctly
  9. Edited topic. Need help! I have a custom B7 that needs to be updated with all the latest commits.
  10. Lol. Classic. You're going to miss so much in Godot that Intersect does have. Make sure you pick one engine and stick to it, there are so many people here restarting their project in something new every 4 months and they never release
  11. Do you have any paperdoll files in your resources -> Paperdolls folder?
  12. Set the item type to Equipment Choose the equipment type: helmet, armour, boots, shield, etc Scroll down and pick the paperdoll for male and female versions
  13. There is a mod in 6.2, it broke so I hid it. https://kasplant.itch.io/kash-shop-item-stack-limits It's back online. It might serve as a good base? Not sure. EDIT: Also set the price to $0 lol. Sorry!
  14. Ctrl f: spell Replace all: skill I'd start there and then see if you need to pay someone
  15. I'm pretty sure the %boost is calculated over your base stats. So it doesn't matter which one goes first
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