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Story Today I did this on my project...


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Actually i'm 100% focus on the mapping, i'm trying to build my WorldMap for my game !

It's a big task, so many many many thanks to the Intersect team who provides the best mapping tool for a 2D World <3


The project for my World map is actually to make around 700 maps (outsides) all connected with differents ways to go at the same place, and give to the player a free exploration feel :)

I think i'm at 40-50% of the work for the structure and after it's gonna be a long work to fill the map with interest points, but it's an exciting project :D 


Here is my Map, sorry for the bad quality i'm actually searching a better way to share it (but it's not complete so, for the moment it's enough).




Actually, it's very empty except the North-East island (with map grid bugs by the way), but I will end the structure as soon as possible, and share it again to show my progress :D 

The island can give you an idea of the graphism and of the kind of area I want to make! There is also not a big diversity for the moment with only lands and grass except the dark lands at the south, but there will be desert, snow landscapes, beach... 

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Building a base of the world to later evolve, basically will be an extensive island. All the lake in the center I did yesterday and all the rivers around along with the fill in the lower left corner I did today. I want to make connections between the rivers, outward expansions and greater detail, I'm only "printing" the ground per hour, then evolving into the buildings of cities, forests, details, etc.



It reminds me of a butterfly <3 . (But with all the details it will cease to be :'( )

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I finished the base of my world today. Now I will move the mapping task  to my partner. I left the next tasks for him.

Delicious 702 maps and there is still plenty to do. The grounds are only the basis for demarcating territory, we will change everything over time.



1 - Create connections between rivers and lakes.
2 - Create Borders for all maps.
3 - Create Small Rivers and Lakes.
4 - Create Roads for cities. among the citizens.
5 - Build Walls for the cities.
6 - Work in the outskirts of cities.
7 - Work on reliefs (try to create mountains and the like).

And I'll start working on the base date (animations, items, resources, spells, etc.).

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Today I'm fooling around with a new project idea. So far I've added Voxel-based collision which is far superior to mesh based collision in terms of performance. I've also added controller support, an attack combo system, and isometric view. We'll see what becomes of this.



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@Refur I f*ckin love this monster, i don't know where your inspiration is coming from, but you're acing it ! Keep it up pal !


More on topic, today i fiddled with the event system to streamline one of the main feature of my project, that is to say : (semi) randomized dungeons. I ought to do a topic about my project, sometime.

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