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  1. Por el momento este proyecto quedó en pausa. Me encuentro desarrollando otro proyecto saludos!

  2. For some time now I have paused Nimue's development. The only reason is that I found a new job (much better that the last one) and I've been focus on that. The good thing is that I succesful passed the first stage and now my life will return to the normally again, so I hope to resume the game developtment soon. Anyway, I´m always checking the forum when I can, I've seen a lot of good new things, so I´m really exciting to back. Regards to everyone :15_yum:

  3. Aún seguimos buscando personas !
  4. Los tileset se manejan con una dimensión de 32x32.
  5. @JD Collier It looks really nice! I like the house really much and the objects around it. Anyway, I think the same about the grass that clashes with the trees.
  6. Animation looks really good, although, it looks like a Rpg Maker resource, if it's the case, be careful with copyright ?
  7. jeje of course!, here is the complete animation! Thanks again
  8. Thanks for feedback @Sethis, here is the animation with a faster and stronger fall.
  9. @Sethis yee,I think you’re right. I’ll try it faster and with a higher distance. It’s supposed to be a sword haha,a weird one
  10. I started working on new animations for Nimue. I made this idea for a new spell.
  11. Really good, it has a particular identity
  12. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    Hey thanks!!, I'm always glad to motivate the community or help them on any way . About the building; Like you said, that's something like a "main hall". There're six rooms inside; Those who are in the corners of the first floor are classrooms, the others are the entrance to the dinning room. Inside of the dinning room are a entrance to the playground and a room for duels of magicians. On the second floor are classrooms also, but probably I'll add rooms for teachers and the school director. Anyway, the point was to made a small build, because it's part of a small town. What do you think? shall i add another stuff? (a library maybe, idk), if you have any ideas please tell me (anyway I''ll take a look and think in more ideas to improve the school)
  13. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    A friend made an illustration about one of the main enemies of Nimue. Obviously, the draw style is different of the latest illustrations I uploaded, but I think is always nice to have this kind of stuffs, even more if it's a free work. Leshiier, by Cristobal Rodriguez.
  14. Refur

    WIP Veridian

    I like your game concept and all the role features that you are adding!
  15. I think it will be just a meaning discussion. In my country we say bookcase, bookshelf, library, rack, etc to it. Anyway, thanks for your feedback
  16. I use Pixel Former App to draw, but is too basic, so I'm looking for another pixel app. I usually use the pencil and brush for my work, maybe you could try play with those
  17. Thanks for the comments! haha It's just pixel art!, I just like to add many shadows and play with a big colors range to get something deeper. I like to add details to every object also.
  18. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    Hey! Thanks for the feedback The “Air Castle” is a fantasy place made by Merlin to Nimue,you can find it searching for Merlin’s history. Well, Harry Potter talks about four (not three) brothers that makes Hogwarts school. I think that’s the only reference I made about the points you mentioned ( although my characters aren’t brothers)...deathly hallows? where I said something about that?...fighting with “bad guys”,I think almost every game you must fight with bad guys. Im really interested about how can I improve the magic conservatory,so if you have some tips,please tell me Edited: I change the title "Magic Conservatory" to Brocelandia's Magic School to be more coherent.
  19. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    Brocelandia's Magic School (night)
  20. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    Oh I see. Well, It was one of the first things I made at the begin of the development. I'll give it a look to make a better design!
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