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  1. Por el momento este proyecto quedó en pausa. Me encuentro desarrollando otro proyecto saludos!
  2. Welcome @Shinitenshi @Newboot Newman @Labrynthia @Own
  3. Nice news. Do you recommend still working the UI with xml? I mean,the json files will have the same properties? @jcsnider
  4. Can you show us your NPC template image?
  5. I think no, but I have an idea for for something similar. Put the enemy with Npc Avoid attribute around it. The enemy template must have only one view to make looks him like he isn't walking. The idea is enclose the enemy with that attribute, he will not walk in that way. Now you have to think how to make the enemy don´t attack.
  6. Amigos hispanos, @panda ha corregido un problema en la traducción actual del programa para la versión en Español. El problema consistía en que, dentro del editor, habían ciertas palabras que no se podían traducir y en su lugar sólo se mostraba ''None". Para corregir este problema es necesario descargar este parche: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/437469f9cb3a23a5349047e5c34ffd38.zip Saludos
  7. Hola @djnesio00, A simple vista, por las imagenes que publicas, creo que podrías mejorar más el mapeado de tu ciudad. Le faltan más detalles y quizás mas elementos, se ve como vacío y sin mucha congruencia entre una cosa y otra. Podrías buscar referencias en internet de ciudades y pueblos para que te hagas una mejor idea. Saludos y éxito!
  8. Go GameEditors> Switch and Variables Editor, create a new player switch. Create your event. At the end of your first page; insert>set switch "your switch" true. Add a new page. In the new page go to Spawn/Execution Conditions Add List>Add Condition > player switch "your switch you created" is True. That should work
  9. You must create a new page (inside the event) and after all the logic you coded,change the page with a switch or a variable.
  10. Looks nice! ,maybe you could try adding shadows,shields specially
  11. Thanks for the good work. I'm working now with beta 4.3
  12. You should modify this tag: <TextColor>255,255,255,255</TextColor> For your purpose, it's inside of <CharacterNameLabel> and <ChatacterInfoLabel> tag
  13. Refur


    broken link
  14. A few games that won my heart: -Zelda Ocarina Of time: Excellent history, and a lot of RPG elements that could help you to get ideas. -Zelda: Link to the past: Same as the other, but with a pixel perspective - Final Fantasy IX: Amazing history and world. Every character has a really well personality/history worked. - Chrono Trigger: What can I said?, one of the best RPG. - Dragon Nest (MMORPG): This game forces you to work as a team. Is not only about the healer, dps and tank roles, the dungeons are so difficult and each stage has an speciffict mechanic, with puzzles and that kind of stuff. The PVP is really good.
  15. @Sethis randomized dungeons? amazing!, can't wait to see you project @MCADAMS I loved the old wizard npc!
  16. Today I made a new monster. I really don't know for what I'll use him, but I hope to finish the rest of the positions.
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