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  1. t0m

    necesito su ayuda ♥ contactese

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    2. t0m
    3. Refur


      A simple vista, el error indica que el perfil que se esta creando en MonoGame (o sea la base del editor de intersect) no soporta la tarjeta gráfica nvidia que ahí señala. Te aconsejo postear ese error completamente en la sección que más arriba te había indicado y estoy seguro que jcsnider o algun admin sabrá exactamente qué hacer :)

    4. t0m


      Consegui una placa de video y ese era el problema jaja! 
      desde ya muchas gracias por su atencion y ayuda. Estoy pasando mis 3 años de proyectos en 6.1 *_*

      Una ultima pregunta amigo..
      Cuanta gente Realmente soporta Intersect online ???

  2. Púes aqui te dejo mi nombre y numero discord, porque quisiera ponerme en contacto contigo:  Yack#1858

  3. For some time now I have paused Nimue's development. The only reason is that I found a new job (much better that the last one) and I've been focus on that. The good thing is that I succesful passed the first stage and now my life will return to the normally again, so I hope to resume the game developtment soon. Anyway, I´m always checking the forum when I can, I've seen a lot of good new things, so I´m really exciting to back. Regards to everyone :15_yum:

  4. Los tileset se manejan con una dimensión de 32x32.
  5. @JD Collier It looks really nice! I like the house really much and the objects around it. Anyway, I think the same about the grass that clashes with the trees.
  6. Animation looks really good, although, it looks like a Rpg Maker resource, if it's the case, be careful with copyright ?
  7. jeje of course!, here is the complete animation! Thanks again
  8. Thanks for feedback @Sethis, here is the animation with a faster and stronger fall.
  9. @Sethis yee,I think you’re right. I’ll try it faster and with a higher distance. It’s supposed to be a sword haha,a weird one
  10. I started working on new animations for Nimue. I made this idea for a new spell.
  11. Really good, it has a particular identity
  12. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    Hey thanks!!, I'm always glad to motivate the community or help them on any way . About the building; Like you said, that's something like a "main hall". There're six rooms inside; Those who are in the corners of the first floor are classrooms, the others are the entrance to the dinning room. Inside of the dinning room are a entrance to the playground and a room for duels of magicians. On the second floor are classrooms also, but probably I'll add rooms for teachers and the school director. Anyway, the point was to made a small build, because it's part of a small town. What do you think? shall i add another stuff? (a library maybe, idk), if you have any ideas please tell me (anyway I''ll take a look and think in more ideas to improve the school)
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