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  1. Let me give you an example of how to use the time system. A system to give daily rewards to the player, you would need a variable to set the server time(var serverTime), another to set the player time (playerTime) and another to set the number of days (daysLogin). (In parentheses is an example name.) When the player logs in, sets serverTime to time system, compares if playerTime is less than server time(initial value = 0), if day < 8 gives some prize checking the day, and adds 1 in the variable day, and 24h (in ms) in playerTime. That's it, this is a good way to use. So every time player logs in , as long as the playerTime value is greater than serverTime he will not receive the prize, and every time he logs the serverTime value will be updated, so when the value of serverTime is greater, it means that the conditional branch will run again, giving the prize, increasing another 24hrs and day+1, when it reaches the 7th day, it will add 1 more leaving the value 8, then the player will no longer receive prizes. If you can adapt this to invoke the boss at the time you want, then you can try, the problem is that the value of serverTime, for what you want, must be constantly updated to always spawn in exatcly hour regardless of the players, for that you must use api with recurring call.
  2. It's not possible. 1 - Avoid autoruns, an autorun event can make your game so heavy that not even 5 players can connect. 2 - There is an intersect timing system, but it wouldn't help you in this case. 3 - It is only possible with api, in fact it is the easiest way to do it and still make the server light for players.
  3. hahah It's ok, you can publish, we're here to help each other
  4. Hello everyone, I want to introduce a simple system, simply to teach how to use more events parameters and string variables for beginners The goal is to create a gate that will open when where 4 switches are active. There are 4 switches in your world and their activation form will be in two different ways. When the order of switches doesn't matter When the order of switches matter Redo all the steps in the two ways I showed you to learn more about how events work. Any questions you can send that I will respond as soon as possible. <3
  5. I understand now, his example was what really confused me
  6. In config on server has the option for this no? Amout of frames in each animation?
  7. I really enjoyed the game, it was a lot of fun and we'll play it more from time to time, it's very challenging, and the damn werewolf cost me good items, but I was victorious in the end. And Brazilians were being Brazilians in the game as usual
  8. I believe this could consume a lot of resources and give this part "1 NPC each chest + 1 Commom event each Chest " a headache. Look this: Here you can create several chests, (with a password or not, can customize to remove keys or not), and in a much simpler way, using only one variable (basically). Nice idea, but not very viable when there are many chests in the world (like 100-500) (I don't know to what extent my idea is also viable, but so far, everything seems smooth, for several chests)
  9. I always have the latest pre-release version. (today 126) The only thing I remember well is that I was doing a test by modifying some global variables and send chat messages to see values. I tried to redo everything I did when I made this post but it didn't happen again, I tried to speed up the modification of global variables, quickly modifying 2-3 variables at same time in short time intervals with chat messages between changes and still the error didn't come back to happen, that's when I didn't know what to do to reproduce.
  10. I spent all morning trying to reproduce this error, both on localhost and online, I couldn't reproduce it, I think it happened sporadically, it only happened 3 times before I created this post and then not anymore.
  11. He was trying to spawn a monster, but the monster disappeared 3s later, I said there might be an autorun event or common event somewhere that had the despawn npc command activated, then he found the event and deactivated it, now edited the post asking to remove the post because it solved the problem
  12. What does "Sounds like a deadlock somewhere" mean? I could try reproduce to report as a bug.
  13. discord: Weylon#7909 ou https://discord.gg/N4Et2Mx
  14. Cara gostei dessa sua intenção, apoio totalmente, muito legal sua ideia. Sobre o video em si o que eu recomendaria é cuidado no background, as vezes acontece uma coisa engraça como o gato que pulou na cara da pessoa atras de você e ela bateu no gato, fiquei rindo muito com aquilo, e pensar em outras situações para aquela além do seu planejado. Você fez uma arma, que mesmo que tenha pouco dano tem uma distancia muito longa, isso os jogadores podem usar em qualquer lugar, além disso, editar o video com qualquer ferramenta simples por exemplo para cortar o final pode ajudar bastante, além do mais mostrar mensagem na tela pode ser bastante chato quando você estiver jogando, mesmo que seja um prototipo já deixo o aviso. Por fim, por que esse editor não está boa parte traduzido? Tenho quase certeza que traduzi uns 95%, só não traduzi as ultimas atualizações que teve. Partes traduzido e partes não, não atrapalha você? Sem mais a dizer, desejo boa sorte. ===================================================================================================================================== Dude, I liked your intention, I totally support your idea. About the video itself, what I would recommend is careful in the background, sometimes something funny happens like the cat that jumped in the face of the person behind you and she hit the cat, I was laughing a lot with that, and thinking of other situations to that one beyond your plan. You made a weapon, which even if it has little damage has a very long distance, this players can use anywhere, besides, editing the video with any simple tool for example to cut the end can help a lot, besides showing On-screen message can be quite annoying when you're playing, even if it's a prototype I already leave the warning. Finally, why is this editor not much translated? I'm pretty sure I translated about 95%, I just didn't translate the last updates you had. Translated parts and parts not, doesn't it bother you? Without more to say, I wish you good luck. PS: Se for me responder em portugues, coloca a tradução abaixo, regras do forum, como eu fiz acima, se precisar de ajuda e tiver duvidas sinta-se livre pra me chamar quando quiser. If you're answering me in Portuguese, put the translation below, forum rules, like I did before, if you need help and have questions, feel free to call me whenever you want.
  15. At some point, while I was doing something, I don't remember what, everyone stopped, npcs stopped, it wasn't possible to send a message in the chat, etc., but the server didn't crash and there was no error, whoever was in the game didn't took off, but the world didn't work, it was like you were a ghost there. The error only comes when closing the server, this one below, I was wondering if anyone knows what it can be? Can I report even without having "step playback?" 2021-10-05 01:50:01.295 [Error] Message: Got ack for message not yet sent? Stack: em Lidgren.Network.NetException.Assert(Boolean isOk, String message) na C:\Users\primero\git\agd\lidgren-network-gen3\Lidgren.Network\NetException.cs:linha 62 em Lidgren.Network.NetReliableSenderChannel.ReceiveAcknowledge(Double now, Int32 seqNr) na C:\Users\primero\git\agd\lidgren-network-gen3\Lidgren.Network\NetReliableSenderChannel.cs:linha 246 em Lidgren.Network.NetConnection.Heartbeat(Double now, UInt32 frameCounter) na C:\Users\primero\git\agd\lidgren-network-gen3\Lidgren.Network\NetConnection.cs:linha 255 em Lidgren.Network.NetPeer.Heartbeat() na C:\Users\primero\git\agd\lidgren-network-gen3\Lidgren.Network\NetPeer.Internal.cs:linha 379 em Lidgren.Network.NetPeer.ExecutePeerShutdown() na C:\Users\primero\git\agd\lidgren-network-gen3\Lidgren.Network\NetPeer.Internal.cs:linha 268 em Lidgren.Network.NetPeer.NetworkLoop() na C:\Users\primero\git\agd\lidgren-network-gen3\Lidgren.Network\NetPeer.Internal.cs:linha 236 em System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) em System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) em System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state) em System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()
  16. I believe that to make changes to the source, you should at least be a professional in C# or at least have as much knowledge as a professional, you must know what to do, if you are just learning, you should try to do several other things and evolve a little more to start looking through the code yourself and know exactly what to change or how to change. If you are a beginner - intermediate, you can try doing it for fun, but never use it on a serious project if you don't know how to fix it in the future. Try to start with small changes too.
  17. If you could do that, it would be revolutionary, It's impossible to do, and there are no plans that the intersect will ever have. Solution: Have two global variables, then pass the value of one to one variable and the value of another to another variable and compare the two global variables and then reset the global variables Problems: 1 - having many variables, because at least you'll need two to store the player's name, and others for other actions 2 - ESPECIALLY IN PVP you won't get the results you're looking for, because if it's a player against a player that's fine will work perfectly, but if a player uses an area spell and kills several players, there will be strange behavior, or if the player uses a projectile that pierces and kills several in a row , strange behaviors will also occur, and so on. Test my solution and test all scenarios and see for yourself
  18. also, you can change a little how these stats interact in battle by modifying the formula. For example, putting speed to increase or decrease damage too, and so on.
  19. About the color of the text, I can say that there are so many places that don't work, it could be something related to gwen or I don't know, I've tried to change the color of the text in crafting and mission editor, for example, and it didn't work, I tried also change the "render color" and no response on the font when it comes to custom font i also don't know how the intersect works. I've never tried to change the button's text color, but it could be another. Always try to do clean tests before changing, for example, take the clean version and change the color and see if it changes, then try changing the font to another default font of the intersect, see how it behaves This can help save time at many points when is about intersect.
  20. This tool only makes multiplayer games online, tools that make games offline have rpgmaker, construct, gdevelop, many of them don't even need to know how to program
  21. Make sense? it does now, but it's my personal preference to find aliens and time travel weird (I even find marvel weird, even in the context of heroes), because as I said it's a personal preference of mine. Regarding the meaning of the game, it doesn't have to be believable as you said, but there were these flaws that I questioned, a sign that needed to be worked on better. About the date of the post, I saw that it was posted sunday, so I thought it was strange no one comment. About the look, I saw your other post that is making your own graphics. About me thinking it would be online, it was for lack of details about how it would be done or which engine used, since the main engine of this forum is to build online games, lack of specification made me believe this by default, as it won't make any sense have an end. And remember, that no one can say that the concept is good or bad, the good and bad comes from personal preferences, as I do not like this fusion of themes very much, I believe the concept is strange, but it is not an absolute truth, and when your game go out I can be surprised. right? haha Anyone with common sense would do this
  22. My personal opinion: I didn't like it. But stay tuned to what I said: "personal opinion". What I really believe is that no one can say it's a good concept or a bad concept, maybe that's why there were no answers so far. The concept should also be shown with graphics, ideas already implemented, so that it can generate interest, in this game area, the book is usually judged by its cover. You are giving the contents of the book, but not the cover. Having said that, whether or not it's a good concept, nobody knows, people will give an opinion based on what they like or dislike, not necessarily your concept is bad, but it also doesn't mean it's good. How it all fits together is mainly visually what will shape people's opinions. But emphasizing here again in "my opinion" I believe it's something totally meaningless, alien if it wanted to take over the earth, he would destroy everything, he wouldn't take some scrolls, and if he stole it, why are they scattered all over the place and worlds? And if there's going to be time travel, why don't you travel to before the scrolls are stolen and kill the alien? That way your game would end in 1 min. And about end game If you're talking about a single player, that's fine, but multiplayer games can't end If it finishes, the player will not stay any longer and will give up your game, and the success of his game will depend on the amount of player + amount of time you can hold them online + content + visuals + sounds/musics
  23. It wouldn't work for new types of magic, but it works for a lot of things, plugins works in the pre-release or development version, the pre-release version is what everyone uses. Joice and panda should be expanding even more like this here: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/924 , a good user explained a lot about how to write plugins, you who should be a programmer will understand the context very well. People have been using the plugins that joyce made(1, 2) for example, so if you intend to sell something in the future, that would be my recommendation, or my focus if i were a professional programmer, because that way, anyone can use it, without modifying the source.
  24. The idea is super interesting, something I'd like in my game too, but the way it's implemented I didn't like it at all, This spell is looking like a combat spell that can deal damage, buffs, etc, and it doesn't seem viable when it comes to just giving exp bonuses. If it's a combat spell, then the stat escalation has become totally useless since you can put damage too. You should have created a new type of magic, like the dash or teleport type, and organized the editor to contain only scalling ammount, stat duration and run the buff as an effect somehow (after all, those who know how to program can do everything) Adding a new effect and leaving it within the combat area makes all the elements very useless why anyone will not use, but would probably still have an effect if used. Maybe it would even be better to avoid bugs also, who knows It could still be single target, like teleport spells to use as gm buff like you said Finally, one last tip, maybe be better to focus on plugins, as there will be few people who will continue to risk modifications to the source without having a fixed programmer to continue fixing them when they broke with new updates Maybe it's better to sell, a simple dll with configurable json, any idiot like me could use it without crashing anything And as I said, the idea is great, I would like to have it in my game, but I will never be able and I will not accept the risks
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