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  1. I don't know how to say the limit of the string, but I believe it should be enough, maybe enough to cover all the chests in the game, but I would be an idiot to say that too, because each game is a game, so if you don't intend to have more than 10,000 chests, then it should work
  2. Yeah, you can download de source and compile yourself if chrome don't let you download.
  3. The variables aren't buggy, you're not using it correctly or you don't know what you want to do, I myself didn't understand anything in your title, I don't have the slightest idea what to say to help you, maybe it's better to add step by step than you did, with prints, to try to understand, because from the text you sent nothing is clear
  4. https://www.middleages.online/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1929990/Pirate_Souls/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1635770/The_Looking_Stone/ i dont know about pirate souls yet, but the other 2 is awesome
  5. This is not the place to give suggestions anymore Here is the place to you suggest things for engine - https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/discussions I must remind you to only create one thread per idea, don't put them all in one thread.
  6. Sim, e você só precisa baixar os arquivos e substituir dentro das pastas, existe tutorial dentro também. Existiu muitas atualizações desde o dia que fiz essa tradução, então não estará tudo traduzido.
  7. in server config exist this property - https://prnt.sc/uoV3p6SZTA99 try to put false, and test again, tell me the results
  8. You will need to modify the source for this, I don't think it's too complicated
  9. Hey guys! Many here already know me, due to greater reasons, I am accepting paid jobs that involve programming (whether modifying the source with jobs with the intersect API). I've been making small contributions that show I know a thing or two. My Skills: Basic knowledge (maybe intermediate) with C#, Javascript, Typescript Knowledge about the engine and events My experience: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+author%3AWeylonSantana Maybe I don't have that much knowledge, but I learn fast and I believe I can develop some things. I determine my price based on how much hours i would spent on each system. But because I'm not a professional in the area, obviously I won't charge the same as a professional, i know my place, and if I am not able to do it I will let you know as soon as possible If you want to contact me my discord is: Weylon#7909
  10. I recommend my girlfriend (obviously, but not because she's just my girlfriend), you can see her portfolio here https://pyxel.space/portfolio She works/worked for several people here on the forum, you can get recommendations anywhere here Her discord is "Daniele Santana#8672"
  11. a "ponta" da imagem/animação que você quer que rotacione deve estar voltada para cima no editor de animações deve desativar rotações no editor de projeteis deve ativar o rotacionar fazendo isso deverá funcionar, se não entre no nosso grupo do discord para acompanhamento melhor.
  12. You should take a course on github on youtube there are several free ones, so you will understand a little how the process works, on youtube there is much more information than a simple person could give answering this topic (the answer to this thread would basically be a course on, so I don't think anyone will answer, at least I'm giving you the direction of where to start)
  13. Very interesting and cool idea, but why not create a new editor and make the whole process more visual for whoever is going to use it? and instead of using /something, use a prompt window? Besides, is there a usage limit? by character? on account?
  14. It's not possible, it would just be modifying the source
  15. It's because it's an old tool, so you'll only have option for the old stuff, not the newest
  16. I wouldn't say it so soon You are using autorun events which is the main thing to avoid using in the intersect If this is a tutorial focusing on beginners, I understand the use of so many variables, but it would be nice to add that with only 1 variable of type int you can do the same system (explanation below) A false information, because when using the event command "set variable" you can set the variable to "time system" where it can be used for comparisons with the current server time, and you can remove the player's vip even with him offline , (in this case I would remove it when he logged in the game), that is, it is possible to "track" the player's vip time even offline, so when logging in, remove the vip if expired, without modifying the source To summarize, the best way to do this system (if you want to do it through events) is: 1 - var global type int (player variable to aplly only a players, user variables to aplly to whole account) 2 - Give vip commom event if the variable vip is equal to 0 set the variable equal to system time (now) add x (x = time you want to add in ms) 3 - Remove vip commom event if the variable vip is not equal a 0 and is lower than global time (create a temporary variable, set the value to for system time to be able to compare) set vip = 0 4 - Anywhere you need to see if the player is vip, just see if it's bigger than global time But maybe this is a bit advanced if many people who are a beginner, maybe your tutorial is for beginners But I could have thought of these solutions available without modifying the source
  17. This modification was not finalized, so it was not included in the source, the intersect currently does not have such an option. You will have to know how to program and then you will be able to modify this option on your own
  18. A configuração é possivel, mas se a pessoa tiver uma tela maior que o mapa, não funcionará, então não vale a pena no final.
  19. It means the spell is bound. Uncheck the "bound" checkbox so you can forget about it https://prnt.sc/C9tX4Cxk2oMm
  20. @Xiphoid The new animation system was created so if you have 1 base sprite, you can use different types of animations. It is an extension of the standard "_attack", "_cast", "_weapon" Imagine you have a base image - player.png If you wanted to add attack, cast and animation for when you have a weapon equipped, you would do player_attack.png, player_cast.png, player_weapon.png Now imagine that this same base image will have to use a different animation for each class (unarmed attack), you would do player_attack_warrior.png, player_attack_monk.png, player_attack_mage.png The same is for cast and weapon add another "_" and customize the name you want player_cast_fire.png, player_cast_water.png, player_cast_wind.png player_weapon_sword.png, player_weapon_axe.png, player_weapon_bow.png It was a system designed also for classes that use two different weapons, such as an archer that would have an animation for a bow and a crossbow. Speaking of weapons that shoot projectiles, if the item/spell has a custom animation, the _shoot will not work, as the custom animation will be priority this extension only works for "_attack", "_cast", "_weapon" add another "_" and type the name you want always follow this pattern <baseSprite>_<animation>_<customAnimation>.png
  21. I confirm that the server is not starting, I have already communicated it to panda, he will fix it as soon as possible in the .60 version
  22. If you really encountered a problem, you could use this channel for a better support: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues You quoted a message in the console, but there are no images of the console, it would be good, if the server closes too fast, it could also be good to record the screen. You also could record running the .58 version normally, then closing the server and replacing the executables, and running the .59 version, to see the error happening. The above log doesn't show any errors, and all this information would be welcome in the above link I quoted ps: the above link can be found here https://prnt.sc/Ucq09pnO3uP1
  23. Here: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues You can report as a bug (in my opinion it's a bug) There's nothing you can do on your side, it's coded to be that way, there's no check of which animation to run when walking and attacking at the same time, so it tries to run both animations. I've already looked at it, but I've never been too deep, I think I'll review it again when the time comes.
  24. @Siege look this - https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/1417
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