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  1. Hello, C'est surtout que si tu veux vraiment la communauté francophone, je te conseil de venir sur le Discord si tu ne l'ai pas déjà Lien : https://discord.gg/ux78HwS Tu pourras aussi présenter ton jeu, et parler autour d'intersect, partager tes ressources, graphismes si tu le souhaites ainsi que demander de l'aide si besoin :p
  2. Oh thanks for the sample code ;), I especially block at the level of the implementation of the API that I do not understand too much ^^'
  3. Ah okay, thanks for your reply jc snider. To answer other people: Yes I am comfortable in PHP. It's just that I never really understood how the API works, even when reading the documentation. Well if not, don't worry, I will try to read the documentation again and try to do something correct locally. Thank you for your answers !
  4. I use MySQL for the user database so that I can better manage this with PHP;) I was very comfortable with PHP earlier, and that is why I prefer not to use the API, especially since I tried to set up, but it is not really done for me i think lol
  5. Hello, I turn to you after having done so and trying to test a recording system via my website (for the moment local test). I know the API system is available, but I don't like and have never really managed to use API systems. I checked in your documentation to encrypt the password and the Salt. However, it fits well in the user table, I manage to connect to the website (always test locally), but I cannot connect via the test account, on the client.exe. So I would like to know if you could help me a little more, give me a sample code to encrypt the password AND the salt so that I can try to make my registration system. I specify that it has been 2-3 days that I am trying to find a small solution (in PHP) to try to encrypt its correctly, I have the basis of the code, but I do not know if it is really good, knowing that it works well via the website but not the client.exe (I'm talking about the connection with the account I created via register.php). <?php $id = gen_uuid(); $username = $_POST['Name']; $pass = hash('sha256', $_POST['Password']); $password = mb_strtoupper($pass, 'UTF-8'); $salt = bin2hex(random_bytes(64)); $salt_mdp = hash('sha256', $pass.$salt); $salt_finish = strtoupper($salt_mdp, 'UTF-8'); ?> Thank you in advance if you can take me on the right track. (Sorry for the translation, I don't speak English and sorry if it's not in the right section, I didn't really know where to put my message)
  6. Hello, It would be good to have an Arena attribute, which would allow us to delimit the area of the arena in order to avoid making too large an arena of several maps. In addition, why not put an option to choose where the player will reappear in the event of death in the arena.
  7. I tested and it's ok, I reduced the translated text so that the check box is displayed Thank you ^^
  8. aah okay, I'm going to reduce the translation and test it to see if it's good xd
  9. Yes, I am in Here is a picture: (by the way there should be a basic checkbox right? Because I can't see it ..)
  10. I have the same concerns, with the last update of 6.1
  11. Bonsoir tous le monde, Je tiens à vous annoncer via ce message, qu’un discord pour la communauté FR a été mis en place afin de pouvoir rendre la communauté FR de Discord, plus active. L’idée est venue dans le but de se partager les présentations de nos projets, les demandes d’aides, et aussi des tutoriels un peu plus facilement. Nous ne voulons cependant dans aucuns cas, rendre déserte cette partie du forum. Vous pouvez donc toujours faire vivre la section ici, mais disons que Discord est de nos jours, une application très utilisée car rapide à prendre en main, mais aussi à contacté des membres. Bref, n'hésitez donc pas à rejoindre notre Discord d’intersect FR disponible ici : https://discord.gg/ux78HwS N’hésitez pas non plus à faire de la pub pour le Discord afin que la communauté devienne assez active. Bonne soirée à tous
  12. yes too, but does it work for weapons (sword for example)?
  13. Hello everyone, Tell me, will not someone have a real paperdoll compatible with the new intersect engine sprites? Because I tested several, I even tried to adapt using a converter, but nothing makes it .. What I miss is the resources paperdolls, it's a pity elsewhere ... So I turn to you to see if you have any and if you can share them Thank you in advance to all.
  14. Bonjour tous le monde, Dîtes moi, quelqu'un n'aurai pas de vrai paperdoll compatible avec les nouveaux sprites d'intersect engine ? Car j'ai testé plusieurs, j'ai même essayé d'adapter à l'aide d'un convertisseur, mais rien n'y fait.. Ce qui manque je trouve, c'est les ressources paperdolls, c'est dommage d'ailleurs... Donc je me tourne vers vous afin de voir si vous en avez et si vous pouvez les partager Merci d'avance à tous.
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