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  1. I also had these doubts today. A .png file in the misc folder was what worked for me. Then in the config on the client put the name of the file.png
  2. Guys, here I was testing the new features of beta 7 and organizing my game according to the new functions, when I came across the announcement function. Giving "space" between two words causes an error. Look: As space is a special character, I tested several characters (without giving space, of course) is it a bug? could someone test if yours is the same? is there somewhere to activate to type whole sentences allowing space between words? if it is a bug for everyone, then I will report.
  3. Panda made the announcement instead of JC, we have a revolution here folks! haha Jokes aside, this is a wonderful job. The future promises. We are receiving our space in society. haha I wish the developers all the best, your dream is capable of fulfilling the dream of hundreds of other people. This is amazing.
  4. Thank you very much. We are in the tab in English so be careful, you can be warned for speaking in another language. Put an English translation too when you comment on something.
  5. no, never, except if you put an event to do that. nothing happens here. if the variable is already at 1, why set it to 1 again? Working with events, especially to spawn monsters is complicated. 30 minutes to spawn a monster, will I assume it is a boss? Your event on the map is right. The "x" that is causing you a problem is: the player. For the event to work properly, you need a player on the map in question or just online in game, 24/7, without players on game, so the monster in question will naturally despawn as I see it. If the monster dies, then the event will return to 0 again. If the monster doesn't die? So will a continuous spawn continue every 30 min on the map until the map is full? If you are using a global variable, which will be common to all players, I also recommend checking the box, global event, in the event on the map, if you have not already done so. An alternative for this case would be to do as @BabyLoves says Try to activate an event at an exact time, just one time, and make sure the monster spawns even without players on the map. If it does, just leave the event continuously as it is. commom event If Mob_Name (Global Variable) = 0 Spawn (Mob) X,Y Mob_Name (Global Variable) = 1 Wait... 30 Minutes (1800000) Mob_Name (Global Variable) = 0 Autorun I can say that I tested it for you, with an online player on the "x" map I caused an event activated at an exact time to generate a monster on the Y map, so I went there and the monster was generated. But as soon as I left the game and came back the monster disappeared. Because of this. The difference also between my method and your method is that in your method the event will only activate if there is a player on the map, in my method, you can spawn any npc on any map, as long as there is an online player (which is rule for all events). Any questions can send me a message that I explain better
  6. Forget it! I forgot to update the video drivers. I updated and everything is ok now. I can play! Sorry for any inconvenience. My Bad!
  7. I've been trying to play for a few days and the game won't open. I left it out because of Christmas and New Year. I formatted my computer today, installed and downloaded it from scratch and everything continues the same. I'm leaving the log. file 1 2021-01-04 20:17:54.967 [Warn] Directory was specified as a plugin directory but does not exist: 'resources\plugins' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- file 2 2021-01-04 20:19:16.511 [Warn] Directory was specified as a plugin directory but does not exist: 'resources\plugins' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- file 3 2021-01-04 20:40:40.308 [Warn] Directory was specified as a plugin directory but does not exist: 'resources\plugins' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. é possivel, nos arquivos do servidor, na area de mapa (pesquisa por "32", que tu deve achar) lá voce pode mudar o tamanho do mapa, que deve ser 32x26, e la tbm tem tile height e width, que estão iguais 32x32, basta colocar 16 em ambos, isso deve modificar a seleção do tile no mapeamento, além dos tiles no mapa. Vai dar também uma impressão de que o mapa diminuiu de tamanho, por que agora são 32 tiles de 16x16 de largura e de altura. Faça isso somente em um projeto vazio. Se você fizer em um projeto existente poderá corromper tudo. Faça sempre backup antes dessas modificações. Outra solução é redimensionar todos seus tiles 16x16 em 200% deixando-os 32x32, caso não deseje fazer alterações tão importantes.
  9. I agree, I immediately think it is a virus or hacker or at least suspected it.
  10. So I'm apparently in a gray area? Where it’s not white or black (it’s not a bug, but it is). So do I report this as a mistake? or do I open a feature request asking for the possibility to set the level to be something like defining variable? Where is it possible to add level, decrease level, multiply, divide and the like? (which would extinguish the level up command)
  11. I know I shouldn't do that, but I don't want players to feel that they can die as and when they want because there are no penalties, this "alternative method" is one of the 3 that I found to punish the player who dies.
  12. I check the player's level. If you are level 10 set level 9 so on I know there is no specific support for leveling down, but it almost simulates it. it’s like death punishment.
  13. Could anyone tell me if this is a bug or not? Or me who didn't understand how it works? I have the basic player class. With basic status, and earning 15 points per level. This class starts with no bonus points to distribute. I reached level 10, distribute some points, but left some without distributing. When the player dies, I lower his level by 1. In my mind the player should lose 15 status points. Either in the points he has to distribute, or (if there is no point to distribute) lose 15 points in the status. However he lost 30 points. 15 in the status and 15 in the remaining points to distribute. Note: Without changing anything, and gaining a new level, I don't distribute any points, I died to see if it happened again, and I lost 15 points in the statuses only. Am I missing something? Could someone explain better?
  14. Leave your sentence here in this post status! I'm creating a messaging system when the player dies! Many of them are references to pop culture, and many are to provoke the player. Anyone who wants to leave their sentence here, if it's not too offensive, or the more fun it is, I'll add it to Heroes !!!


    Deixe sua frase aqui nesse status post! Estou criando um sistema de mensagens quando o jogador morrer! Muitas delas são referencias a cultura pop, e muitas são para provocar o jogador. Quem quiser deixar sua frase aqui, se não for muito ofensivo, ou quanto mais divertida for, eu vou adicionar no Heroes!!!

  15. I remade the main page because I remade the game from 0. However, I left in game everything that people praised over time, I'm close to finishing again and made this little video to show a little of what exists in the game.
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