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  1. I confirm that the server is not starting, I have already communicated it to panda, he will fix it as soon as possible in the .60 version
  2. If you really encountered a problem, you could use this channel for a better support: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues You quoted a message in the console, but there are no images of the console, it would be good, if the server closes too fast, it could also be good to record the screen. You also could record running the .58 version normally, then closing the server and replacing the executables, and running the .59 version, to see the error happening. The above log doesn't show any errors, and all this information would be welcome in the above link I quoted ps: the above link can be found here https://prnt.sc/Ucq09pnO3uP1
  3. Here: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues You can report as a bug (in my opinion it's a bug) There's nothing you can do on your side, it's coded to be that way, there's no check of which animation to run when walking and attacking at the same time, so it tries to run both animations. I've already looked at it, but I've never been too deep, I think I'll review it again when the time comes.
  4. @Siege look this - https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/1417
  5. You can open a pull request or feature request here about it, it would only be necessary to change the value of the numeric up down, if I'm not mistaken most have a maximum of 10k or 100k, changing this doesn't take more than 1 min
  6. Impossible with the current Intersect, you will have to modify the source and make these changes yourself, to achieve what you want.
  7. I saw a 3d rpg that used this, a class had the ability to detect monsters on the map, so on the mini map appeared the red dots for each monster, after killing them all, the points remained on the map, and when they were born they started moving again, they didn't were they excluded from the map, were they just invisible and perhaps intangible? but it's interesting
  8. Yeah, you're right, that targets are never untargetted. Panda, analyzed what you said and sent a fix which you can find here: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/1405 Thank you for your contribution, we hope to have more suggestions from you in the future.
  9. "while working on some NPC logic" So there are modifications, that begs the question, how extensively modified? Can this be reproduced on stock intersect? Is the dead NPC still in the NPC list, or just the living NPC has a reference to the dead one still? Both issues are the NPC sticking around, but they're not the same And without knowing what you changed we have no idea if the NPC is sticking around because its death logic hasn't finished running, or because you introduced a bug
  10. This bug its already fixed. And the only valid answer to the original question above is "through change of source", any other means, even through events will only make everything even more torture. Only by modifying can you effectively have a correct implementation of durability for items.
  11. Only through source change.
  12. So, I spent 4 days playing full time with my girlfriend (enjoying the holidays), and in short, this game is VERY AWESOME. I would give it an 85/100, now I will specify more the opinion. Starting with the bad side, there are things I didn't like, like the price of the items (luckily, I didn't have to buy much in the stores, but if I did, I'd always be fucked), not having spawn point in cities (claaaaaassic of a mmo , here it becomes an annoying process to die far away and go back to the first city), many gave up right away when faced with this, but I understood the importance of this in this game, the world is not that big, still, it's annoying . Mining, fishing and tree cutting is slow, the speed is very slow, you kind of have to spend a lot of time mining, the difference between one tool and another is +1 damage and -100ms speed, which doesn't change almost nothing, there is the system of "the more you mine, the faster it will be", but to evolve in this it is also very slow, in all resources I got 15% bonus speed ("level 3"), and I didn't feel any difference playing, since the first contact with mining, cutting wood, fishing. For the mage the fishing system was not useful, I didn't need to fish for anything other than the missions, maybe it has more importance for the other classes. About the combat, I believe it should be reviewed, either completely or partially. I literally put all my points into 1 status (ability power), and I was able to survive everything peacefully, I should be "punished" like dying more easily, or not being able to kill some monsters for not having points in defense, but I was surviving. Some effects could also be reviewed, in the case of the mage he has: stun 3.5s, snare 1s, blind 5s, stealth 8s. I stunned from afar, and while the enemy tried to get to me I kept snare, when it got close I blinded, at that moment the stun returned, and I stunned again, and then I was invisible, until the stun came back and started the combo again, in pvp, mage would be immortal (but I didn't test), especially if added with the 2 spells to transform into duck and water splash. I didn't test it with the other classes, but I believe that a lot of the battle itself should be reviewed, my defenses didn't make much difference, even using armor, I should have been punished, dying easier. There was one or another thing more, but nothing much, things of mine even because I'm boring, that as a developer I understand why it exists and in the situation of this game I would do the same. But leaving the bad side aside and talking about what was part of 90% of my real experience The game is immersive, the dialogues are well constructed, there are fun references here and there, you can feel feelings while playing like humor, anger, fear, looot fear, really a lot fear. And so on. The dialogues are short and not boring, and all are very descriptive with the exception of a few (cough cough invisible portals cough). I played with the mage and the gameplay is amazing too, the spells are interesting, the progression is slow but you can feel the progression, the controls are reasonable, (a lot considering the base engine, but there are games that can screw with it, this no), for the way the game was planned I can say that the pve is well balanced, I didn't test pvp because I don't like it. For those who like pve this game is a great recommendation. The content is great (I spent 4 days to finish all the content (I just didn't finish the last 2 dungeons)) and the gameplay is even better if I play with a friend. Without a friend things are much more difficult. The sound effect part is impeccable, the background music doesn't get boring with time, the effects when talking to npcs and etc, the teleports, the cutscenes are amazing, what gets weirder is the magic animations and effects like explosions and etc, the animations are not in pixel art and it looks weird, but at the time of combat this is not even noticed. About the custom systems, they are great. The combo system is great, spells that activate when the combo reaches number x, the dungeon timer system, like the dungeons themselves, in party or solo, the bosses are very dynamic, the monsters too, because some have behaviors that go beyond the standard of the intersect (like running to you and blowing yourself up), the crafting system, rp, favors, class evolution is great, (I just didn't like the prices of items in stores like: tier 3 = 1500, tier 4 = 22000 {numbers for illustration purposes only}). But these systems are well worked out. In the game there is always something to do and this is great, the player never gets cold, he always has to look for something, kill something, investigate something and on investigation, the puzzles are above 100+/100, I never imagined seeing the puzzles I saw in a game made with the intersect, they were the part I liked the most, I should invest more in it, from the chicken to the one from the tic-tac-toe game, it kept me hooked on the game and excited, the racing mini game is very funny. And that's it, I would play it again, and I will continue playing when I have free time, because none of the negative points take away from the positive points, the experience is still pleasant and the game seems to promise a lot if development continues as it is. I hope I didn't give too many spoilers and thank you for the experience, I hope you keep moving forward and have a lot of success, I have a great game to inspire me now, in addition to my favorites, when I'm creating mine, I'm sure this one will be on my mind.
  13. There is no support for pets system natively in the engine, so any attempt to create one will have strange/unwanted behavior.
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