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  1. There is no support for pets system natively in the engine, so any attempt to create one will have strange/unwanted behavior.
  2. I'm going back to making videos. I deleted the old ones because I'm going to change the way I make videos, using only gameplay (video and music) and subtitles. This way it will be less work for me, as I will only have to record my screen and edit the video and write the subtitles. Still, because of the time, I hope there will be at least 1 video per week (on Sundays) First new video.
  3. I totally agree with you, but this is out of the scope of my knowledge haha, the most I can do is ask as feat.req and wait for someone more experienced.
  4. Guys, I, like others, hate to see the block everywhere in the intersect, but it has no use. We have by default the Q button to block attacks, we have the "BlockingSlow" option on the server to configure something. In addition to references elsewhere (knowing if the player is blocking or not, or just blocking when he's shielded and etc) Navigating to the ends of the earth I found the original function of the action of blocking with shield, see: But today it doesn't work. So I set out to make some changes about how i believe it would be nice to have the block function working. I created 3 new properties for when we are going to create a shield. Block Chance (%) - Because I believe that not every shield should have a 100% chance of defending when we press Q. So this option sets a "margin of error". Block Amount (%) - Porque acredito que nem todo escudo deve ter 100% de chance de anular o dano quando apertamos Q. Then we define how many (%) the shield will absorb. The rest of the damage will be taken from the defender's health. See in action: Finally a friend gave me the idea to create the - Block Damage Absorption (%) Its function is basically to take the damage absorbed by the shield and use it as a base to increase the defender's health. A kind of reverse lifesteal. See in action: With all these points presented, I would like your opinion, if it is the will of the majority that the blocking function be this way. Or make additional points. I'll leave this topic open until the 20th or so. If it is the will of the majority, I ask the developers to do a review to see if there is a possibility (it is not guaranteed) to enter the engine for everyone. I made these changes, because it's how I believe it should be, I think the battles would be more dynamic with the shield working that way. But everyone has an opinion and I hope yours.
  5. Now it's (or almost) possible haha
  6. https://itch.io/search?q=monster+pixel+art here there is a lot Or, as you already have graphics, you could hire a pixel artist, to try to make graphics in the same style, sometimes it is more expensive, but everything is more coherent than using different graphics from different artists
  7. seguindo o mesmo modelo dos sprites - colocando _attack no final do frame de attack
  8. Hello, yes, yes, I intend to, I've been busy with other things (studies) and I've run out of time, but next month I intend to continue, and I intend to cover all the details of the engine (that I know of course)
  9. Do you know how to program? Why would you will need to modify the source.
  10. Okay, if you need help just ask xD
  11. Do you know how program in c#?
  12. With events, no. Sorry.
  13. Seria interessante você saber programação em si, e não como alterar a source.
  14. Não é possivel fazer mais de uma animação de ataque.
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