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  1. Your welcome. Mark with best answer to close. ^-^
  2. I use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out on map grid. Try it.
  3. This is not a bug report. But it's a mistake that happened to me once, months ago, and now it's happening again. When I try to create a char I get disconnected, the server presents this. What can it be? I tried to create a character named "Heroes" several times and then "123456" does not accept either.
  4. For the guild system, the guild master can send titles to its members, which will have another color than normal members.

    For the mail system, I made one more update so that the player can block messages from all players, so that their gameplay is not interrupted.


  5. Online Message and Guild system through events in Heroes Apocalypse


  6. if the guy doesn't comment i would never see this message. on the server there is how you choose a base size for the tiles, would that help? just curiosity.
  7. Hello guys, as I am following The Last of Us part 2 on youtube [because I am not rich], I was delighted with their system of spreading letters with passwords [usually numbers] so that safes are opened. So why not bring that to the intersect? Using events we will reproduce this. ATTENTION - To understand this tutorial it is extremely important that you understand the @wishy tutorial on variable strings. [click here] This tutorial is basically a simple example of what can be done with his tutorial, using only 1 variable [essentially] so... both variables must be string (you will understand step 4 of the image above if you see the tutorial I mentioned above.) (correction = price - prize*) step 6 of the image above. when chest empty Wishy said this in his tutorial and I will repeat it here - all events must contain unique names so that there are no conflicts. This is an example of what can be done, much more can be done, such as putting a password in the players' chest, password set by the players, guessing games, among other things. Use your imagination. Any questions can post below. And I would like to thank Wishy, who with that tutorial opened up many possibilities and my knowledge about the variables. I like to learn new things. xD Result ingame Embedded Video Link Edit - The chests will not reset when you restart, probably also when the server restarts, remain open. You can rest easy.
  8. Hello good afternoon. It's all right. This site is outdated and We are redesigning the whole game and site. Even if you download, the server it will not appear online for you. So I would like to ask you to enter our discord server where I post more updates and answer questions, as soon as I finish redesigning the whole game I will come back online for testing and I will warn you here and on the discord. With Regards... https://discord.gg/6e79npC
  9. I know that and used the scripts the way you said, but some stopped working when I changed the variable's place, it worked again. I don't remember if they were all in if or not, but I know, deciding to warn you, it's a small detail, but it can make a difference, since then it's always how I use it.
  10. New Ui Made by me, using a free internet interface base. - v0.7 MAIN MENU INGAME
  11. I would just like to make a correction to your script, the logic of the intersect has changed a little in 6.2. The "Set variable to true" should be the last command, below the message successful in chat. This is because when you set it to true, it goes out of the "if it is false" condition, so it doesn't reproduce the rest of the script. It has been like that in b6.2
  12. I find it a difficult question. Try to create 1 global variable. and 2 common events. In / command the event sets the variable to 1 or on. and the second event in autorun checks if the global variable is 1, and delivers the item and sets the variable to 0.
  13. There was a sparkle in my eyes already but reality is cruel ahah send photos of the events currently
  14. If you change the variable to 2 and 1 player go to the event. 1 monster will be summoned. If 2 players are, 2 monsters will be summoned. As Aisen said, the event runs for each player on the map. So one more variable could be better in this situation to stop multiplication per player. Test my way, if it works you will already have the solution, if not, from there then, start making changes. Let me know if it works, this case is looking like a soap opera where we can participate hahaha
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