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  1. Weylon Santana

    Event editor (Label) ?

    The Label and Go to Label event commands are a pair of commands that need each other to work correctly. The Label command creates a sort of markup on the next layer command where it is placed in the event. It is therefore possible to go to this mark whenever the user wishes, using the Go to Label command. Here's an example: <> text: What do you want from me? <> choices: your name, your age, nothing <> If you choose "your name" <> Go to Label "name" <> <> If you choose "your age" <> Go to Label "your age" <> <> If you choose "nothing" <> Label "exit" <> Exit Event Processing <> <> Label "name" <> text: My name is Ricky <> Go to Label "exit" <> <> Label "your age" <> text: I'm 15 years old <> Go to Label "exit" <> Although the above example is simple, it shows how you can basically use the Label command. These commands are often used in place of the cycle, an event command that, while in use, prevents other events from being executed until it is finished by repeating the commands in its layer. The label may have a similar purpose.
  2. Weylon Santana

    "Why should you play my game?"

    I have to do my best. My goal with this text was to motivate people to try to create the new one in their games, and not to copy ideas from other places, people need reasons to play a simple ORPG 2d than a great 3d online game of which it usually plays. We need to arouse people's interest in this world.
  3. Hello, my name is @Weylon Santana and I work on my Heroes Apocalypse project. Heroes Apocalypse consists of an MMO 2D RPG created in the Intersect Engine and blah blah blah, all the shit that a lot of you must have read, according to the AGD page had 550 views. The question is not this, the question is "Why should you play my game?" "What have in my game innovative and different than other games do not have?" First think about the category of your game, mine is MMO RPG 2D, I would then have to play some MMO RPG 2D to be able to compare my ideas with what there is currently there, we could also say that there are subcategories like RPG 2D Top View, Open World, 2D Medieval RPG and so on. What would put us in a kind of competition with another game, realize that when we are creating a game and posting content in our topics, someone will compare our game with another game that already exists or existed, this is normal, as I know a lot of you have your games inspired by some other game, maybe you have played an incredible game and would have imagined what it would be like if it were done by you (which explains so many games of Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z), but why the hell do I have to play your game? Why the hell do you have to play my game? Heroes Apocalypse has in its planning a lot of content to try in many ways to affect you, believe me, I will try to do my best to destroy your psychological, I will bring questions about religion, of course, the religion of the game that includes Thirteen Gods, but will have a reality as the critical attitudes that people make in the name of religion. There is also the possibility of choices in the game, simple things like letting the person you love most die, or leaving children that once you helped die, who would you save? Yes, I will bring choices within the game that will affect the player, if you betray the King, believe me, you will never enter his castle again while the game is online. So far I have only seen in 2D Offline RPG, which does not fit my category, so it is not my competitor. Heroes Apocalypse will bring a war system, imagine you at the center of a war: NPC vs NPC, Player vs NPC, Player vs Player, and the country that wins will have numerous benefits like shops with cheaper prices, or the like, as well the country that loses will have punishments very difficult the life of the class that is born there. But this is in the distant future. Some of you prepare a closed beta, then open beta, then alpha closed and then open alpha and then release. I'll use a different system. Heroes Apocalypse is about Seasons. The First Season will have two classes and basic things, Season Two will have more missions and unlocked places and such, Season Three will have a new class, and so on. Always will be releases. I can only be crazy right? Tests are needed, as well as bugs need to be fixed, and will be with every change of season. Talking about the engine, the Intersect Engine itself puts some "cons" in our projects, like the static walk (up, down, left, right), there is no death animation, attack, archery, We can not add more slots in the character, or create systems that we want, not without at least making a connection of events and switches without size defined, taking the quality of what we expected from our game and among many other things. It sucks, right? But this is no task for @jcsnider, @Kibbelz or @panda. They are doing their best to give us a base, not to make an engine like you want, give up the idea of guilds or housings, there are millions of requests here? Yes, but it's not their job, it's yours, this is what will also give the special touch to every game made with the intersect, do it yourself or urinate money in someone's pocket to do for you, no more apologies in the engine why does not that still answer "why the hell am I (as a player) supposed to play your game? Your ideas do not answer that question, at least not all ideas, there are millions of games guys, millions, what are we going to give the different player? We have to think outside the box, have our own ideas or adapt ideas that exist our way to make it look new. Search what our competitors do not give and what we can give. In Heroes Apocalypse, I'll try to break the fourth wall, where you'll have to solve mysteries from inside the game, out of the game, on websites, images, places and so on, enough to solve normal mysteries like scooby and let's move on to the world real, is not just a game, this is one of my ideas that sets a simple MMO 2D RPG from my MMO 2D RPG. Is this all coming now? Of course! (not), will come in the future, God knows which season will come, but it will come. I try hard to think outside the box, I do not want it to be just a project, I want it to be "The Project" if not for you, than for many other people. I stopped doing it all for 3 days just because I found myself thinking about it, and now I've been able to respond. Have you looked at the AGD Inactive Projects session? You should be scared, so many ideas died there, people who gave up, have you ever wondered if your project will stop there? I hope this serves as a motivation, think the word "motivation", "Motive for your action", stop programming for a moment in any engine you are doing your project now and answer me here below: "Why should we play your game?" If I were to talk about everything I planned for "Heroes Apocalypse" that I can only create with the functions of the currently Intersect, personal, it results in 15 Word Sheets of pure writing and few tables, when the intersect source comes out, and God knows when it will leave, we can do much more with the Intersect. I want to make it clear that this topic is not about my project, but it is about all projects, this is a question for everyone, and for many times, not elaborating a good answer to this question or not thinking about that question yours game failure, I've done a lot in my project in the last few days, although I do not post anything here in AGD, I woke up early many days to mapping or plan, I ask for help when I need it, I search other projects to see what I can give of novelty, ways to get help for my project, I have studied, read tons of files, I have opened my mind to the new and try give to people a concrete reason why they should believe me. And I advise you to do the same, do not disregard your project, take it seriously as if your life depended on it and try in the meantime to have as much fun as you can. know that no engine, no graphics, no excuse answers: "Why should we play your game?" What I mean is, innovate, that's one of the main reasons why people seek to venture into games. Get new ideas, put them into practice, persist and show everyone why they should play your game. This is my "Because ..."
  4. Weylon Santana

    Today I did this on my project...

    This nation is almost finished. It only remains to work in detail, but in essence it will remain that way.
  5. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Update November 22, 2017. New update of world map. The Nation of Anfloçare will remain so in its essence, is almost complete.
  6. Weylon Santana

    For Language Learners: Language MMO

    Maybe a mystery text game can get people's attention. There are several good ones like "untold stories". Research, it may be that you open your mind to something. If you can do that and still connect people, it would be even more interesting.
  7. Weylon Santana

    For Language Learners: Language MMO

    You're not that crazy, man. It's a good idea, yes, but not so much for MMO, usually such a game involves adventure, action, mystery. Your idea involves learning a lot, the question of learning, I say this by being a teacher, in schools, creating a game where the attacks or spells would be translated in real time, could teach to learn a new language in a different way and much more easy of than books and classes. The missions could be how to use them, this was vague, translate is easy, knowing how to use within the language is complicated. You have thought well of this project that you have idealized, but it involves much more learning, "teacher-student", than a project of mmo in itself. It's just my opinion. If you want to continue forward, maybe you could get support from some school, but maybe a big one, as you said in your state, another language is almost a crime. If I presented something like that at school here in Brazil it would be applauded. But it's your idea. Anything can go away with time (I say, a lot of time) and effort (I say, a lot of effort).
  8. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Update November 19/20, 2017. All villages were completed, each village with its own history. Paths have been created connecting each village to a total interconnection between cities. And we have a new member on our team. The UI Designer: @AspiringAdventurer
  9. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    New Update November 18, 2017. Corrections were made in the Kingdom of Anfloçare (some things changed on the map). It was created a new village "The Village of Zenave" (The first one was deleted and redone this above), A brief description was added to the Kingdom and the Village, photos were added to the village. Replanning some things for the base and some minor fixes.
  10. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Update November 18, 2017. Changes in "what has been done so far", Extra notes in "what has been done so far" and insertion of extra images and information in the map session.
  11. Weylon Santana

    Today I did this on my project...

    Kingdom of Anflorçare. More Images of this Kingdom In: Heroes Apocalypse.
  12. Weylon Santana


    You need add a line on config server on map section. Go in your config server, scroll down and after map you add <ZDimensionVisible>True</ZDimensionVisible>
  13. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    @Joyce and @Henry I used the crates on center to put there. Maybe misplacement. I will organize them. Thanks for the opinions, I am taking into consideration.
  14. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    I will check. Also take into account that there are several prints there, so as at the top of the entrance some things have become misaligned, there also may be, perhaps a bad image editing, my failure. I'll try to post some prints separately today.
  15. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Thank you very much. I chose not to delve into the question of the history of each character right now. But eventually when we buy the rest of the graphics (and it's very close) I'll put the stories together and publish here. As for the house. Thanks for the note, but it was intentional, humans are not perfect nor so organized, even more then. I decided to leave several things not only there, misaligned, it does not make sense everything to be 100% aligned, sychronized, perfect. There have to be flaws like these, it gives a more special touch on the map, a natural mess of the human being.