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  1. Version 0.6 I am adding several images of the game on the main page, in addition to also describing a little about the work system of Heroes Apocalypse [ver0.6]. If you have an opinion, you are welcome to participate. If you want to help with the tests, leave your comment. I call you.
  2. Now I found the magic of transforming to make the paperdoll disappear weird, wouldn't that be a bug? If it were the case, it should be reported, so that it could be corrected and then you would have the system you want for a dbz game.
  3. Okay. I'll put your name on the list, because as I am going to leave a week and a little to test, you can explore a lot. Okay?
  4. Version 0.5 We are finishing translating 100% into English. Global version. I made several small changes in this process. For this reason I am downgrading, from playable to closed beta. The most important is ... We need players to be able to test the game. To help us look for everything to be in English, you can make corrections if you need to, and also on the site / game features. So if you are reading this, and if you were interested in the game for what it says on the main page, we will leave 10 vacancies available, we believe it is necessary to find all possible bugs and errors. Then we start planning the game's release right here on the forum. Comment on this topic or feel free to contact me in private. I will create a chat so that we can communicate. Whoever helps will be rewarded after we reset the database at the end, on launch day. Heroes Apocalypse is a totally Free to Play game, with no items sold, etc., the reward that players will receive will only be a small advance in the beginning, when we go to launch, to reward their work. I will leave this accountant, and update every time someone volunteers. 4/10 players Call only if you have enough time to play, we will start testing as soon as we fill the vacancy or no one else appears to start. Then taking advantage of the quarantine where many have free time, and while I finish the translations. Thanks for listening. I'm quoting you three here for looking interested, if you want, send a message xD @felipesmoke94 @wishy @Blestro @Jackson
  5. Your problem is that you are transforming an entire png file. Not just a paperdoll or something, when you created something just from the head, without a body, it is from this png image that it "transforms". About the paperdoll, I don't know if, because it has no body and is transparent, the paperdol stops rendering or something. Your mistake was to think that transforming spell is placing one image on top of the other, in fact it replaces the png. I just don't know about the disappearing paperdoll.
  6. So ok. If there is nothing to do I will leave it in my own language.
  7. Main page updated. Ver0.4. Go check
  8. It has nothing to do with it. I simply modified this part there, colors, if I leave it in my language it works, but if I leave it in English it doesn't work. Only those lines there, if it is in English, no colors, if it is in my language, it is colored, and I do not understand why, I have not modified any more files.
  9. I copied and pasted the '' colors '' part of the original file to my game file [client and server strings], and now all messages through the events are white. This, for example, should be red. Am I missing something?
  10. Estou esperando Tiago ajeitar o site, para fazer download e cadastro, mas o servidor está on, assim que tudo tiver ok avisarei aqui. I spent a week making it all work, I tested all the bugs that happened, I believe everything is working normally. Thank you very much, and I am really thinking about making an English version and leaving the two servers running, or translating the entire game into English only, since it is an almost global language. I'm analyzing the situation, but maybe in a few weeks.
  11. I am returning to the topic again. The project is active and has always been active. I'm revamping the main page and adding points that I didn't have before, besides working a little on the aesthetics of the topic. The game is online and playable. I'm posting images of the latest news[v0.3], Efficiency in Hunting, if you came to this comment, please see the main page to find out how this efficiency works. Location of the barn in the village. Interior Automatic chat notification for checking the vacancy and sex of the animal, only when it is inside the barn. Outside it, it simply says whether the player won or not. Chat notifications when the animal is hungry. and so on [Using the JC format now hehe] What are the next Search for a song for the farm background. Give the animals a chance to breed. Insert diseases and night theft for animals to be more vulnerable. Stay tuned
  12. Simples, basta ter animações, dos emotes, cria um evento comum, ativador do evento com /comando, e na linha de comandos ''executar animação, no personagem, 1 ou 2 tiles acima''. Ele executará uma vez ao digitar o comando no /comando. Nesse caso /:D. Dependendo do caso, não precisa de animação completa, mas emoticons, uma imagem [32x32] se preferir colocada na pasta de animações. Acredito que de certo.
  13. I saw this ... I fragmented the event and cleaned it up more ... now everything works.
  14. What is it? And why does he delete an event? He gives the following message Common event eliminated due to commands processed in a single frame that exceed the threshhold event watchdog.
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