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  1. Weylon Santana


    Hey, is jsonification already working? or will it only be for version 5 or higher? I would like to make the new intersect translation to Portuguese already in the json file. 1: to help people. 2: why am I thinking of changing the language of my project to Portuguese. The things will go make more easy in my language.
  2. Weylon Santana

    [WIP] ANS Online

    Assim como eu trabalho no meu.. dia e noite.. vamos ser concorrentes hein kkk espero que possamos ter mais amizade que competicao kkk
  3. Weylon Santana

    [WIP] ANS Online

    Adorei tudo! Estou no aguardo de mais sobre!
  4. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Photo of the day # 2
  5. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Photo of the day # 1
  6. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    So folks. I hope someone is reading this. Heroes Apocalipse is having a lot of advancement, in its logic, in its planning and of what is already done. For example, we have the first 30 minutes fully playable game, one or two tons of bug fixes, adjustments in history and theme among many other things. I have been working hard together with my team ... (despite 2 losses on the team: Jesusbleach [who will still help us in a lot, but not as actively as before and Draxius12 who for life's occupations (like family, work, course) left the project]). ... despite these losses we are hard work. This project was making me anxious, I wanted to pitch it before my classes started, after all we have everything we need to launch it still in February. But through this post I say that I intend to delay the project a lot. I want in addition to having the whole story consistent, I want to launch the game as coherently as possible, playable and without so many bugs to correct. Tested as much as possible so that I can release a direct and official version and not yet in beta. Then in June or July we will launch. I will not be in such a hurry even though you are very excited and have everything basically ready. Some people are following this project so I decided to postpone it so that I could have more time to work on more things, to insert new ideas that until then were selected for the following seasons. Working on comic missions and easter eggs (which I particularly love the idea of inserting a thousand secrets into my designs). The entire project is being cataloged. Every feat and idea is being strictly noted, and so on. We have the organization and time, but I will postpone further for better quality of the game and I hope that in these next months some things can be realized for a more epic and fun game. I will try to update this topic more often. I will try for more videos (despite the extremely weak pc I have). Personal notes and anything else to draw your attention and make you more interested in venturing with us. We have a good team, great ideas, consistent and consistent planning, great features and so on. This project will not be overlooked. We are even more motivated than ever.
  7. Weylon Santana

    About damage formulas

    I know that feeling.
  8. Weylon Santana

    About damage formulas

    1 - Nop, just the creators can or you when the source is out. 2 - I believe nop. I dont see events managing damages types. 1 - On server side, in config.xml, you can manage how much drops can happen, in editor side, in resources or npcs, you can manage all drops, with events its no possible to manage the drop chance. I see other way to do this, more fun, more fast. 2 - As i Said, isnot mandatory kill some scort to catch the flag. The player can just touch on event to catch the flag to return to own group. Isnot Possible. Just with the source. Nop. Sometimes happen when you link a lot maps fast. Its a bug, i believe someone was reported, so just wait to Jc fix this. For organizational purposes, Jc asks only one question per topic be posted. In your title you say "about the formula", but it is already involving many other things besides the formula. Read the rules on agd, is boring but keep you away from troubles. And welcome.
  9. Weylon Santana

    Acessos / Transformações / Atacar sem parar

    Errado, somente a primeira conta criada é configurada como administradora, todas as outras são contas normais, deve haver alguma diferenca na cor dos nomes. Você deve criar a classe primaria na qual os jogadores escolhem quando registra, e depois deve criar as evoluções com a opcão locked (bloq.) selecionado, assim você muda a classe do jogador via evento e o jogador nao podera escolher no inicio quando registra. Isso pra evoluir de classe. Para alterar a aparencia do personagem por meio de magia tem a funcao "transform" no editor de magias, mas só durara por um tempo como moscano mostrou acima. Os status aumentados assim como a duracao do sprite serão o mesmo. Há tambem dano ou cura ao longo do tempo, que é explicado melhor nos tutoriais que postei no tópico do intersect aqui nessa sessao. Para atacar voce deve pressionar E ou clicar com o mouse repetidamente, pressionar e segurar não fará com que ele continue atacando. (se eu entendi bem essa pergunta). WeylonSantana#7909 pode chamar E como percebi que você é novato, Seja Bem Vindo
  10. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Update December 22, 2017. Two new members. Welcome aboard: @SkyZero and @draxius12. About the game. The project these days, has gone through a series of bug fixes and general tweaks.
  11. Weylon Santana

    Black widow spider

    I've been observing your graphics, you could create a unique topic here in Resources, something like "PinkAngel's Graphs" and update periodically whenever you make new graphics. Its a good idea, and j love all, its a lot realistic.
  12. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Update December 16, 2017. In the last days [December 9] until today [December 16] were made: All the items we need for Season One. All the craft tables we need for Season One. All the monsters we need for Season One. All the animations and spells we need for Season One. The distribution of monsters throughout the nation [in the two nations]. The balance between the xp that the monsters give and the level of the players, so that it is not extremely difficult to raise of level, but that also will not be easy. *This balancing was tested by me, where I put myself in the skin of the player and I passed level manually [killing monster by monster]. Personal note: Now we have to create the jobs, history missions and daily missions. And finally a cleaning and overhaul. I believe you can launch in the middle of January or at the latest, february.
  13. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

  14. Weylon Santana

    Projeto Eternal Moon Online

    Acho que enquanto ficar pequeno e eles nn souber.. fica deboa..
  15. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Update December 09, 2017. Updates were made in the history, images and content of some topics. Changes were made in the Session Maps: Addition of Stories and New Images were relocated. A change was made in the Class Session. For the last few days I have finished all the external mapping across the country and re-selecting what will be released in Season 1.