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  1. I had searched and found only a video of kibbelz blocking a projectile, I tried and failed. So that must be it, I am putting your answer as the best.
  2. I thank you, I tried to defend normal attack, attack with someone equipped with a sword, magic projectile, I tried that and failed, and it has always been like that as I remember. It would be nice if there was some function explained or shown how it works.
  3. @SarcasticSloth24 when i saw your question i was in my bed, i got up and came to the computer to try to see better and answer you [and also use google translator for a long text] From what I saw, connecting the global variable interacting with the pillar is right. Global variables are for everyone. Your conditional branch is not wrong. You want the cutscene to happen to everyone on that map, that's fine with me, because it wouldn't happen to everyone who's playing. You have to understand something. Map events will run on the map they are on, regardless of whether they are marked with the '' global '' box. Hence the name '' map events ''. From what I've seen, an autorun map event is also able to target adjacent maps. There is something else about the events as well. Apparently for 1 player to activate an event and another event to start, an intermediate transition event must be passed. For some reason, it is necessary, otherwise events behave differently than we expect. Stays like this 1 - Event that activates the event and turns on the variable 2 - Autorun event that links another variable 3 - Autorun event that has this second variable condition Without event 2, 3 may not work as you imagine. This is not even the strangest thing that makes events behave strangely. I already saw the event crash because I removed 1 '' wait '' command. So get used to things like that. hahah Continuing ... I recommend that you try to make these changes to get started and see if things work differently. Use a global int variable. Event 1 - I set the global variable to 1 Autorun Event 2 - Set to 2 Autorun event 3 - runs the cutscene, if the global variable is 2. If it works fine. If not, I recommend using common events, this is how I do my cutscenes, common events are better to manage and always affect all players. The pillar map event sets the variable event to 1 And the common autorun event, runs the cutscene. If it doesn't work, then also, transition event. Any of these things can work Finally, you don't have to redo everything at the common event. Just copy the branch conditional [the whole cutscene is inside the conditional], and then paste in the common event, and check if everything is ok. I hope this helps.
  4. No, this spell shield effect I know what it is and how it works. The Block I'm talking about is when you press Q, while you have a "shield" equipped. There is how to configure this key in configurations. There is on server_strigs in the combat area "BLOCK!" If you hold Q while equipped with a shield and try to walk it will move extremely slowly. There is some function for him, but I don't know. It doesn't protect against normal attack, it doesn't protect against projectiles, I tested it for a while and I couldn't make it happen. This is my doubt.
  5. Since the beginning of the intersect I saw that there is a block [to defend], there is a button for it. But I never saw it in use, I never managed to get the message "BLOCK" to appear in the game. And I have doubts about that. 1 - What is the block? 2 - How do you activate it? [I know you need a shield, but I tried to defend normal blows and projectiles and I couldn't] 3 - Is there any configuration that I did not see which server to activate it? 4 - Is the player's status taken into account? 5 - What does it eat and where does it live? [hahaha joke] I know there are 4 questions, and the rule is 1 question per topic, but those 4 questions are related to the same topic. I believe it must be within the rules. If not, I can ask each of these questions on a different topic [moderators, notify me first if I'm wrong]
  6. This is great! The server itself will update the variable when someone logs in. Have you tested these with people who go offline in battle? Would it be possible to find ways to know when someone logged out? I will apply your comment to my game right now.
  7. Baixa a versao "updater" da versao stable ou development. Existe "full", "updater" e "patcher". Se desejar tbm pode baixar a full. Apos baixar e extrair o "updater", verá que tem somente os arquivos .exe e .pdb, basta substituir. Sao 6 arquivos. 3 .exe e 3 .pdb Cliente Editor Server. Basta substituir. Para ver os detalhes, veja: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/upgrade/upgrading.html#finding-your-version Se essa resposta for util, marque como a melhor resposta.
  8. So, there is no such thing, since to activate events the player needs to be online. It doesn't make sense to have the login activator (although it would be extremely useful on hundreds of occasions) By your title you wanted to access \onlinecount as if it were a variable integer? The easy part is that you can put a variable to check when someone logs in and use it for different things. Every time someone logs in add 1. The hard part is checking through events how many players are online to remove when someone leaves so that events are activated in that case. What's more, there are "false positives" players online. Players who left due to being in battle with monsters but that their accounts are kept online thanks to the intersect system to prevent players from going out in battle. I tested and these players, for example, the server identifies that they are offline. That player above the text box is an offline account. \onlinecount shows that only I am online. In my tests. If he for example is in a party, he gains xp and get new level. Even if he leaves the party, when he logs back in, he remains in the party of the player who did not leave and gains xp too. In this photo, this player has a light around it, it is a "consumable" item it is an item that is removed by events after a certain period of use. And yes, it was removed after a while, conclusion: events continue to run even without anyone online (0 players) if there is an account stopped in the game in this way. Until the current moment of the engine (use version 6.1.259). Final Conclusion: through events we can somehow check when a player leaves, (two people have already done this for events here on the forum), but now there are other situations like this, where the offline player remains and the events recognize him as online. In your counts this could disrupt everything.
  9. Is there still time to send the game or was it just yesterday evening? I would like you to follow Heroes, I would like to follow you step by step, but at the same time I am one step behind, because I am reformulating Heroes. For a better reception, it would be like 2 different games. I'm in doubt hahaha I don't know how to say, you could record and post on youtube only as not listed, for only me to see, I would like a feedback feom you like this to me have a north. I know it would consume your time, but when everything was ready you could make a public video from Heroes. Lately I have received good reviews, I just wanted to deliver something presentable to you before you present it to everyone. Just in case you will win 2 subscribers. Me and the Heroes account. I'm really looking for youtubers that support 2d indie games.
  10. Olá brasileiros. Temos um servidor no discord focado para a comunidade br. Para nos ajudar na criação de games, troca de ideias e discussões e tutoriais SOMENTE para o INTERSECT. Mas falamos de muito relacionado a jogos e outras coisas. Sinta-se livre para entrar e buscar suporte, ideias e também para colaborar com suas ideias.



  11. hahahahah thank you very much, I feel awkward like that. [hahahahah muito obrigado, eu fico sem jeito assim] I know that. In fact, all event systems only work if you have an online player. I did not mention this because it is something more advanced and complicated, those who already move and manipulate the intersect would know that it only works with at least one online player. In addition to your comment, I can say that php scripts are able to change and update variables even offline. But I don't know about it so I didn't bring it to this tutorial. One last thing. The autotrigger, self-regulates itself when a player enters. For example, you have an event that happens every 2 hrs and is 2 days without entering, when you enter it will be adding every 2 hours until the time is greater than gb. Happening even at times determined by you. Which is cool. But thank you very much for your note.
  12. E voce postou numa area destinada a projetos. Divulgacao de jogos. Para duvidas simples poste em Perguntas e respostas.
  13. As vezes, muitas vezes as portas sao bloqueadas pela provedora, mesmo que voce libere no roteador nao funcionará. Liberar portas é algo facil, se voce tentou e nao funcionou o problema está com a provedora. Ligue pra ela e peça a liberacao.
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