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  1. I like it, this is a good alternative, I will try to look at how the url property value is obtained and I will try to replicate for position and size, I will do that soon, can I call you in discord if I have any questions, if doesn't bother you?
  2. Are you referring to this plugin code? https://pastebin.com/eQyTJHp1(At the end of the tutorial this is what the main script looks like) or to the official intersect plugin that panda made?
  3. @gooby I finished reading and writing your tutorial today, I loved it, I'm not a programmer and I barely know how to program, I only know very basic concepts and the way you explained I understood everything perfectly well, I could even put the button inside the game (if (lifecycleChangeStateArgs.State == GameStates.Menu || lifecycleChangeStateArgs.State == GameStates.InGame)) ( just to test if it would work and it did). Thanks for your time in doing this. I would like to know (in case you want to add it in your tutorial in the future as an optional thing), how to generate those json files that are generated in the gui so we could change the position of the button through the json file, how does it work for the rest of the interface? It would be possible?
  4. Dude you explained everything about plugins and explained how to create plugins and detailed how the discord button plugin works as if you were talking to monkeys and that was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you so much for taking the time to create something so (not so anymore) complex. I'm learning C# (when I have time) so as soon as possible I'll follow your tutorial and get back to you if everything went well.
  5. To handle formulas I believe in the formula file on the server. But I'm not a programmer I don't know anything about. I just showed you the solution to your problem, I don't know how to get there
  6. armor penetration and dodge is only possible if you change the source to do, in this file you can only use the basic statuses The critical is calculated when the player manages to hit a critical hit in the game. The formula will take into account the critical multiplier, which by default is 1.5. The multiplier can change for each item or spell when you are setting them
  7. Update - new video added on Videos List. #003 - Upgrading
  8. This is quite new to me hahah for windows any executable is virus. You can download the source, compile it yourself and use the program, it doesn't have many dependencies so it's very simple to compile, any newbie can do it. I believe that opening the solution with visual studio and pressing compile in "release" instead of "debug", you will have the program. Or send me a message in private and I can see another way to send you the program. or the simplest solution, allow the program to run through the antivirus, you can control which program it blocks or not.
  9. Thanks It's really hard, I hope to make it a little easier for newcomers I know, I can't even imagine that I could do something like this, there's still a lot to do, but I'm happy with what I've achieved Me too haha But this way I'll balance it better, when I want to change the formula or the balance in my game I have to spend a few hours modifying and re-modifying the cells, with this program I can make my life easier, export the work and continue in excel whatever I'm missing haha
  10. The intersect can trigger common events when equip/unequip item, using that and some checks just switch classes with the switch class command.
  11. Hi guys, it's me again, so motivated by wanting future changes to my game and not having money to pay, so I've searched and I will seek knowledge about programming, and c# I learned a lot of basic stuff about a lot and sought some knowledge using the source of the intersect also to create a simple program that can help you with balancing (i hope) this is the RPG Balance System Explanation of what I tried to do: 1 - Player Area The maximum level is what will define the amount of rows in the tables, you can increase or decrease as you wish to be in your game. Basic status values (attack, defense, etc) which are the basic values you will put in the Intersect class editor. Base HP and HP Inc by Lvl% - so you can track how much hp the player will have at level x (unfortunately I only did it by percentage, maybe I'll add it by points in the future or or i quit the program here) Exp Base and Exp Factor(%) for you to follow the player's leveling, to know how to distribute exp among your monsters at the player's level x. Points to be distributed at each level and Maximum points so that you do not exceed in the distribution Base damage (I'll always consider unarmed combat because that can already shed light on how much base damage to add to weapons and spells) Scaling Status and Scaling Factor, work like the intersect (I think) Critical Multiplier 2 - Builds Area This here has to do with the distribution of points Balanced - It will take the points gained in each level and distribute it among the 5 stats (for this reason it only works well if you put points per level in multiples of 5) Strong - Will try to simulate a crazy player who takes all his points and puts them in attack, in which case the points will go to where the ScalingStat is selected. Tanker - Will put all points on defense (so if you change the formula, use defense) 3 - Enemy Area Pretty much the same as the player, but the stats are by percentage, when i did this i thought "how many percent do i want the monster at level x to be stronger than the player at the same level" That's why I didn't do it for points too The hp is also in percentage, you choose how many percent will be more than the player's hp 4 - Functions Area Update will update the tables according to the data you entered, add/remove rows and so on. Save will save the 3 tables in an excel file. You choose where to save, the 3 tables will be on different sheets in the file. Information will show this warning: Player/Enemy/Summary will switch between tables 5 - Formulas Area This is for you to change the formula any way you want The critic is not necessary to add to the formula because I calculate separately in the summary table Intersect works with a Random(min,max) value in formulas, which I have separated into 4 formulas Min True - Min value obtained for true damage (no defense interference) Max True - Max value obtained for true damage (no defense interference) Min Real - Min value obtained for real damage (with defense interference) Max Real - Max value obtained for real damage (with defense interference) I called it real damage to differentiate the name. And as the formula (usually) is the same for physical damage or magic damage so I called it real damage. 6 - Summary Grid Well, here is a summary of damage and hits Player level and monster level for you to compare damage and hits of both on the same level True damage and real damage showing minimum deferred and maximum player damage on enemy and vice versa (so in game damage will be between these two values I believe) Critical (min, max) to also monitor what will be the critical Hits True and Hits Real that shows the amount of hits that the player must take on the enemy to kill him I use approximate value because "maybe there is some life left, right?" Here is the download Here is the source: https://github.com/WeylonSantana/RPG-Balance-System Credits: To me - That I almost gave it up a hundred times @Blinkuz - Who solved many doubts for me while I was building this thing My Gf, @Daniele Santana - Program Icon Intersect Engine - Some formulas and functions (like customizing the formula) I took directly from source, studied a little and made it work even without understanding much Anyone who wants to help and improve, feel free. If you find bugs you can report it, but I don't guarantee to fix it because I'm soooo new to programming Thanks <3
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I learned a lot of basic stuff about a lot and sought some knowledge using the source of the intersect also to create a simple program that can help you with balancing (i hope) Full explanation in this topic:
  13. I already know that autoruns events are evil processor-eating things that even the devil asks for a license to use, BUT I've been looking at some things here, I think they're recent about: "Processing": { ... "CommonEventAutorunStartInterval": 500 }, 1°) Is this value the time interval in ms when the autorun is executed? 2°) Larger values here could positively impact the performance of server when there is the existence of an autorun event in execution? (Something between , 10000 and 30000) 3°) If it's not those assumptions above, what's the function of this? 4°) When there is a need for an autorun event, is there any other possible alternative that can simulate an autorun event, but without swallowing the server's performance at breakfast? (For example: the value of a variable that must be constantly updated) - (Possible alternatives: Loop using label, Common event that executes itself at the end of commands (Recursive event? wtf?) and whatever) I intended to have an autorun event in my game(i hope just one), but I've seen recently how it drastically affects performance in another game. PS: These four questions are part of one question related to autorun and performance, I just divided it so that it's organized.
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