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  1. Thank you so much for this update! The future looks incredibly promising.
  2. Can you show it in a screenshot? I have a hard time imagining your problem. Sounds like an easy fix
  3. That would be incredibly difficult to program well, and the end result would always end up looking very lackluster compared to hand-made maps. What you could do (as a timesaver) is map a few nodes (maps that fit together like puzzle pieces), which you can copy-paste together to create a larger whole.
  4. Hi, I came across these tiles in the default tileset, and was wondering how you effectively use them. As they consist of pairs of 8x2, the Cliff (VX) tile type does not work. How do you use these tiles? Thank you in advance.
  5. A little late to the party, but these are great features! Amazing work.
  6. I thought about that! Granted, I'm not entirely sure how well it will work as I dont have a player sprite yet & I haven't tested the thing yet, but it should be okay The blue tiles might need a little tweak, but that really depends on the sprites
  7. Trying out a new style inspired by older Zelda's. Might need to change the hues a bit as the colours look way too vibrant on older monitors
  8. This looks great! Really loving the paperdolls. My only criticism right now would be that the "Starting Town Area Place" is very square/angular (all houses are 'blocks' and paths are straight), with a lot of empty space: but that might be the aesthetic you're going for.
  9. There's a lot of empty space (notably the relationship between the houses and the townsquare): this might be intentional but creates a very empty feeling. Mapping everything closer together makes it feels more lively and detailed. An example of this in practice: Notice how there's no need for large spaces to create a sense of vastness. A negative of mapping like this that it can look very 'busy', especially with players running around. I personally like to find a balance between an empty style and a more closeknit one.
  10. Trying out a minimalistic artstyle The smaller trees still need a rework
  11. Amazing work! Quick question: Will Beta 5 also bring more control over entity sprites? I'd love to be able to add extra frames to walking animations or to add casting animations for sprites.
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