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  1. Intersect assets

    But if used with no-commercial purposes, have problem?
  2. About events

    Thank you
  3. About events

    When the source be released, if I add a function in the event editor, all the previous events will be lost?
  4. [Tutorial 3] - Editor de Classe

    Eu que agradeço ^^
  5. [Tutorial 3] - Editor de Classe

    Ótimo guia, dá pra equilibrar muito mais agora as classes com a intersect. Só uma dúvida, para que serve aquela caixinha escrita "Bloq." ? Na versão em inglês fica "Locked". Para que ela serve? (Fica do lado do nome da classe) Abraços. ^^
  6. Paperdolls.

    You can do something like this. I did it in paint lol. I put the sword behind the character and cut the char after. The problem is that you need do it for only 1 sprite
  7. [RELEASE] Ordem das Lendas

    Hello guys! First, sorry for my bad english . So... I did this mini-game a long (not so long) time ago, it has only one dungeon. It wasn't originally made for play online, so you need to open the server. The game is in Portuguese, I'm sorry, I did it only for my brother play But I don't think this will change the gameplay. Engine: Eclipse Origins 2.0 Note: If you make a more balanced edit, tell me the changes you made. I KNOW that this isn't balanced. World map: Screenshots: Download: Update (I did this after upload hehe, only nerfed a monster and buffed a magic) :
  8. Orion+ 2.0

    Hey, I am doing a game in O+ latest version in Github. I have all pratically all resources made, and now I'm starting the maps. If I upgrade to future versions that you release, will my maps be lost?
  9. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// When I am selecting the sprites of the class, I can't select sprites with number higher than 83, while I HAVE the sprite in the correct folder. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// This persists with other class numbers, not only Class 1. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  10. Intersect or Orion ?

    If you don't know how to code in VB.NET, use Intersect.
  11. Disable HUD in Orion

    thaanks! ^^
  12. Disable HUD in Orion

    Hello, I was a Eclipse Stable user, and now I am back for study the new engines(that are very well programmed, nice guys). Well, I want to create a map, but the HUD is in front of the map. Exist any way for disable the HUD? Or I need to create the code for this? If it doesn't exist, i suggest to do this, a button where when is clicked, the HUD dissapear. Sorry for bad English