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  1. It's a game, it's got chicken and slime and dude wielding sword and house and yes, it's a game. Only problem is: It's not a game worth making this post for. Anyways, I'm not going to get into the debate of (free vs paid). Some actually do work for free, and they do it in/of their own reason. Others drive off the motivation in potential of monetizing and that's fine to. But, if you want to get anywhere with your project, put in your time to do so as well. Don't just expect a white knight to make you a game that you just accredit yourself to.
  2. Thanks Joyce. Will be using your system in our project. :)
  3. Map sneaky preview of the remastered 21 Gates of Ambardia. Gates 4-6
  4. But you know that I know that you know that who knows?

  5. Mind on whats your.

  6. So your wings, you make just the wings and cut out the sprite, then it'll just render the wings over your original base.
  7. I thought Paperdoll just renders over the base sprites? So it shouldn't effect the base sprite sizes at all.
  8. That's because your actual character sprite height is offset. If you look at your sprite sheet, if there's a wide amount of transparency between the sprites feet and the end of image, it renders that transparency as space as well. So you would have to trim the transparency off the actual sprite sheet for your character to look aligned correctly.
  9. The events can be ran by using the option (player collide). Setting the event to 'passable' will allow the player to walk onto a tile to trigger the event. But the Map Block attribute will overpower the event options, so don't use the block attribute on events. If you want to block an event, you would have to use a 2 page event and a variable to determine if a player should pass or not (triggered by variable).
  10. You'd have to trim the transparency off the bottom of the sprites, it creates an offset and renders the entire sprite frame. The height difference from the sprites feet to the end of frame would be rendered as well which makes it look like the player is standing on blocked tiles.
  11. I map a Castle out of house walls cause I'm that damn good. :)
  12. You are awesome, thanks so much for your additions and contributions to Intersect. <3
  13. The NPC would have to be an event, and the event should be controlled by a variable, use a true/false to determine 2 events. Set the first event to your move route, set the second where your move route ends, to have it random.
  14. Mapped like a beast tonight. Still WIP but the walls and grounds are finalized, just have to detail minor. Some wall errors I have to fix, I know. The tileset is hard to really work with, I'll have to go back and fix those as I was cutting off tiles to make quicker turns.
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