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  1. Today I made a wall switch to be animated.
  2. But you said yeah, You agreed to my equation and therefore, it will always be 1!
  3. This looks slick. I wanna be the girl hitting those trees like that.
  4. Today, spend most of the day on sprites, to create animations via events. Also started on the event creation of my massive mission system. (Don't mind the map, it's just a test map for stuffs.) Heh.
  5. You can't zero a 0ne because zero can't cancel 0ne.
  6. Richy

    Common Event Q.

    Hello, so I wanted to create a death animation for NPC's on death. I know I can run common events in NPC Editor for when an NPC is killed. The question is... Does this work? It's only giving me the player entity option for selection or is this still WIP?
  7. Can't really show much as I don't have all the details I need yet. This is WIP of a dungeon base I did a couple days ago. (Ik I'm late).
  8. So I opened up mspaint and did some pixels. Here are my results.
    1. dxxknight


      Love that Ambardia is still being worked on!

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