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  1. Richy

    Sacred Stones

    Well I am pretty much discontinuing this project. I had high hopes for it at start as my concept seemed pretty slick, but I fell back in a state of "dgaf too lazy for effort" So mods can delete this thread or leave it up for the sole purpose of concept idealism.
  2. Richy

    Sacred Stones

    Small setback as I am porting my heavily modded EO 2.0 over to Orion's 2.0 .NET base. I've mainly done optimizations, moved a lot of the Constants over to Enumerations, changed the Long memory into Integers. Moved a lot of my client code into Orion's client. I still have to do all the form work but other than that, the client will be done soon.
  3. Hey partna, long time no see! How you been?

    1. DaScribe


      Hi Richy, How's everything going?  Still working on Ambardia?

  4. Thanks for the share. I might look into using some and I'll credit you as due. Unfortunate that my music engine only supports .mid, and I'm too lazy to try porting FMod to my project lol. You got some nice tracks though.
  5. Got more rhymes in my hat, you'd think it's magic. The way I break your lines is so tragic. My inspiration comes from causing havoc. I'm going Eastwood like Clint, bitch you got splint. With the 357 Smith, You'd just be chalk print. You think I'm faded? Shit, I got the blueprint. To create and premeditate the perfect state. Slaying your ass can be done any date. You paranoid now, watching your window. I'm at home, smoking this sticky indo. Laughing because you're scared out your mind bro. This isn't a threat, it's already meant. Got your mentality bent, you choke like Brent Favre. Get off this thread, you can't pack a bowl. I stole the show, rhyming harder than any of you can know. To produce, my lines seduce, slamming that asshole loose. Hot damn it's getting hot in here, Nelly. I don't want to see your belly, please keep your clothes on. I would rather buy Mighty's dick pic like a 5 dollar paypal trick. Fuck Crest, I need soap. I been a bad boy with my naughty. But all of you are faulty. Error out like the VB6 R.T.E. I'm out of memory, spending my IQ on you all is breaking me. My time is money, fuck you, pay me for conversation. Otherwise, keep my name out of your next translation.
  6. The last three posts were words that I sprayed. About 10 years ago when I prayed. I haven't done that in a minute. Fucking shit. My life ain't been happy. Not one bit. Asked God to take me away from this planet. Dumb ass life, Forever I rage but I panic. Going Frantic, eyes going panoramic. Call the paramedic, I need a sexy nurse to medic. Tripping cause Marshy called me to drop a line. Break some spine with a freestyle, with no decline. I stay fine, slick as shit, they called me Rick, but I'm Rich. Break your ass like you a bitch, toss you in a ditch. Cash me outside but you probably a snitch. I got the green, stayin' clean, fire blazing showing more than lightning. Fuck the right thing. I'm going hard, killing hos like nothing. Happy go lucky, bitch you sucky, on a five dollar Cucky. I'm as haunted as Chucky. Got more bodies in my trunk, see? Rolling through your hood? Inglewood? Compton? Bitch try Thieveland. Land of the Heartless, the ghetto got you with a scope to cope. Shit you got smoked and body bagged like dope for sale. I need to bail, I'm running out of rhymes to nail. Your ass in a coffin, can we just say that I win?
  7. Waitin for the skies to part and the storms to pass. On a journey through life that I want to travel fast. On my knees, how long will this last? Flippin' on my mental, so I pick up this pencil. Then I begin to write a piece of my mind. Unstable, feeling like this temptation is able. To tear me apart, twisting every thought. Then I start to speak words that are so cold. 38 years old, let's end this beginning. Sounding like hell and death is always winning. Two sides to this coin, heaven and hell. I pick heaven but the demons start to rebel. Throwing evil thoughts in my head, they want me dead. My blood is red and this life might be blue. Two words for you demons, screw you. This soul goes above, with the One who shows me love. Eyes blood shot red, cause I can't sleep. Everytime I close my eyes, I see demons creep. Counting down the time of my death for the reap. My faith, my strength, my hope, might be weak. I do need to pray the Lord my soul to keep. Cause these evil ways need to be raised. All the evil thoughts need to be erased. These last days is growing very weary. It's the battle between God and Devil. Now let me flip this script on another level. If demons heard a soul cry, they know what He means. If demons saw a spirit die, they know what He's seen. If demons prayed to the Lord, they be cleaned. If demons got the Holy Spirit, they will sing. If demons knew love, He will be their King. Demons deny Him so they fear the lightning. Pain and suffering is what them demons about. If I had to dropped my life with this shout out. I'd say that 13 years of my life were pain. And the rest of these years are suffering. But I'm still gonna pray to the King of Kings. To get my spiritual body today. Cause this ain't my real life, so hey. I'ma get right with God and pray. Cause if I died today, my sins against me. A judge without a defense equals hell to pay. And I'm guilty of letting some demons stay.. I don't hold the sword, but I'll shout power chords. And with them, I will always praise the Lord. No matter how these demons react. Get back, with the Lord, ya'll can't touch that! Mayne! Don't even try to attack!
  8. It's a fearless situation. I'm dealin' with these demons.. This world's corrupt and already too bankrupt. How long before the riots and looting. Martial law and our troops starts shooting. When the people calling for a revolution... Like it's really gonna make any difference. Tribulations coming closer, no interference. No commercial breaks. All high stakes. Life or death.. The choice we have to make. Then I got these demons trying to take. Cut them or fuck them. I never been one to hang with them. All lies with no truth. I'm bout to bust loose.. Spit it and rip it. I'ma break the mic. Last they thought, Richy gone solo, right? Nope, I really just need to release The tension in my head needs to seize. Before getting back on track. I need to see. Need to wake up, and pick my stake up. I feel like killing some demons tonight. For trying to take me away from the light. Lord knows I'm trying to be right. Alive in the spirit and ready for the fight. Armageddon coming and the horses are riding. Look in the sky, the sun is shining. The Lord is guiding, the forces are lining... At the battlefield... If you with us, grab that sword and shield.. Meet you on the other side... Now let's ride...
  9. There's no escape from the pain and tears. There's no escape from Satan's reign of years. There's no escape from this mentality we got. There's no escape from the souls that rot. There's no escape from the governments that rule. There's no escape from the people whom are cruel. There's no escape from the money that buys. There's no escape from the one who denies. There's no escape from Gods wraith. There's no escape from this worlds path. There's no escape from the left or the right. There's no escape, either die or fight. There's no escape from the religious groups. There's no escape from the advertising loops. There's no escape from the racist terms. There's no escape from the crooked law firms. There's no escape from this earth. There's no escape from the days of our birth. There's no escape from our identity. There's no escape from this mentality. There's no escape from the days that remain. There's no escape from the ones that died in vain. There's no escape from the weather that evolves. There's no escape from this worlds flaws. There's no escape from this wrecked economy. There's no escape from the shows like, Lie To Me. There's no escape from getting lied to. There's no escape because that's all they do. There's no escape from the sins that corrupt. There's no escape from the volcanoes that erupt. There's no escape from the demons that pollute. There's no escape from the criminals that loot. There's no escape from the games that they play. There's no escape from the feelings of dismay. There's no escape from all this rain. There's no escape from any of this pain.
  10. He can't catch that two because I posted after you.
  11. I feel like I should bump my intro. It's been 4 years lol. Hi everyone. I'm Richy. I'm 38 years of age and I hail in Ohio/US. Next to JC, Kibbies and some others, I'm one of the oldest members, but I have been inactive for a long time because I fell in a major depressive state, having had suicidal thoughts and attempts, then was placed in some mental hospitals for psychiatric treatment. So I was in a dark place for quite awhile. I still have low days but they're not as bad as they were last year. I'm a Type 2 Diabetic now yay /s/. I get to take insulin with my sugar-filled coffee now. Other than that, I have been very bored and time is the devils workshop so I'm trying to keep my mind busy, so I came back here in hopes to do that, I lose motivation and interest really fast these days so I'm not sure exactly how long I can stay active in development but I'm gonna try.
  12. Is this the server and client of LH? If just the client; Is the server online?
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