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  1. this CMS working fine now... your settings not to be true i guess...
  2. can i use this items in my game ? i will write to you in credits
  3. Xiphoid

    Quest Marks

    Feel free to use !
  4. [Git Patch] https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ascensiongamedev/filehost/3daeb9161c5d784d6b85ef1d0cb34526.patch Use this at your own risk, this changes a LOT of different aspects of the source code and I am NOT going to take responsibility if you break your upgrade path! A future version of Intersect may or may not get an official Faction system, so don't say I didn't warn you. there's also no guarantee this will work on your build as it was written against an in-development version of Intersect, you may need to fix conflicts yourself as I am not going to keep updating this every other day. Descriptions: A basic feature of faction system. You can do your game between faction pvp ! Note: You should choose faction for pvp. If player don't have a faction server giving error. Thanks to @Cheshire. I'm using her Guild System source. Lets Enjoy !
  5. Today i did equipment/pet system in my game with paperdoll
  6. @sofia1970 i sent you a message about unity migration
  7. Today i started fresh project with a think = open world sandbox mmorpg
  8. I can't create new character after delete my character with my build its a bug?
  9. today i started making high defination tiles for my game
  10. @Shenmue this addon working on development branch too bro? we need for stable version
  11. hmm should i create a VM on my linux pc?
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