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  1. Hello guys, How can i create homing projectiles for Intersect Engine? Thanks for informations...
  2. thanks i changed Today i started craft castle tiles for my graphic set and update base male
  3. Today i started creating new tilesets for my game ^^
  4. with source edit possible. you should write your own code...
  5. Today i started working with high fantasy graphics and creating new UI
  6. i just want to change center position foot to chest... i don't want more space that is more complicated and difficult...
  7. How can i change position from source? My sprite's center position at foot projectile going from foot and getting damage from foot...
  8. Intersect Engine have character generator in tools folder you can do sprites with that. If you have rights for this sprites you can share with us i think...
  9. Today i'm improved my graphic set... New base character and new houses...
  10. Today i do some character's items concept...
  11. https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-install-mono-on-ubuntu-20-04/ This will fix it
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