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  1. yea its possible with source edit
  2. need add use "Sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\Configuration\IsGranted;" too or get error in 2.1
  3. @XFallSeane i can't edit Database... What is wrong?
  4. or yea you can... you can sell with site for currency and you can create special shop for that currency yea you can without source edit...
  5. you can sell items on website with intersectcms if in-game you need source edit
  6. @Blinkuz i'm manually added code but don't working i'm opening 2 client
  7. there was a code conflict i needed to edit
  8. Ahh okay maybe i get a membership in PAYTR we can do together...
  9. @XFallSeane i want to use my country payment methods... I live in Turkey and want to use PAYTR so our laws is different for dedipass...
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