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  1. Do you try on development build?
  2. Good work ! Thanks for share !
  3. its fixed but i don't want to share. updating with source edit.
  4. this system not work %100 now.
  5. use this and resize to %100 it will work
  6. in Server/Resources/confing.json "ItemDropChance": 0 change to 90
  7. hmm intersect's gather/resource is different maybe you can do that with source edit
  8. why you want to make a clone game ? make your unique game bro. yea you can do that source avaible now.
  9. You can do that with event system
  10. i should recommend to edit source resource system for this system. event system not enough for this system. edit source what u want with coding.
  11. I want add all steps for new users soon
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