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  1. i think you can this with event system and quest system...
  2. yes with source edit i'm completed my UI thanks dude
  3. Hello guys i changed color codes in all JSON files but never changed Quest Log and Craft Table help me please
  4. you can write changing code manually guys...
  5. Hello guys, I share a program, a way play your games with gamepad... You can set keyboard inputs to your game pad... https://keysticks.net/ Cheers...
  6. i search in JSON files text by text but can't find
  7. Hi guys where i change this title ?
  8. @buu you're looking for a coder ?
  9. How i get unity addon pack in this video ? https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ascensiongamedev/filehost/9di1pfzQJXW35tWfhN.mp4
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