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  1. I want add all steps for new users soon
  2. nice share ! i'm waiting others
  3. but your want is so complicated maybe unfortunatelyaa
  4. same system as you wish
  5. Do you try ? It will working fine on my game now.
  6. solution/fix is ready i'm add to topic when i available
  7. We tested this scenarios and fix/solution coming !
  8. When Kill an Angel a Demon getting Angel Medal now When Kill an Angel an Angel Punished When Kill a Demon kill an Angel getting Demon Medal now When Kill a Demon kill an Angel Punished. Next work checking multiple kills and party scenarios
  9. I will test this scenartious @AisenArvalis thanks for reply ! finally i did working system for Punishement/Rewards
  10. Punishment/Rewards working now (Tested all scenarios)
  11. Its basic when Angel kill Demon its normal. When Angel kill Angel or when Demon Kill a Demon to jail map @Dashplant
  12. Punishment System Fix is now live !
  13. Okay i'm understand. Solution is coming in 20 Minutes
  14. Thanks for reply ! This is my game's functions we are tested and best way is this way for us. Thanks for reply ! Reward/Punishment system is work well is for my game we will tested. We added condition for Arena maps and Special PvP zones.
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