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  1. Today i did equipment/pet system in my game with paperdoll
  2. @sofia1970 i sent you a message about unity migration
  3. Today i started fresh project with a think = open world sandbox mmorpg
  4. I can't create new character after delete my character with my build its a bug?
  5. today i started making high defination tiles for my game
  6. @Shenmue this addon working on development branch too bro? we need for stable version
  7. hmm should i create a VM on my linux pc?
  8. Hi, I'm bought a pc but its linux i should use Visual Studio Code but idk him settings... Anyone can help to me for that ?
  9. Do you try on development build?
  10. Good work ! Thanks for share !
  11. its fixed but i don't want to share. updating with source edit.
  12. this system not work %100 now.
  13. use this and resize to %100 it will work
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