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  1. You are all invited to my college graduation if you are in the area!


    When: May 5th at 9:00 a.m

    Where: Shawnee State University (Portsmouth, Ohio)

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    2. General Awesome

      General Awesome

      Never mind. Didn't see the details you included. I'm in Arizona, so a bit far, but I'll raise a glass to your success :)

    3. Crest


      Congrats Agora! Same here though, Ohio's a far drive from Florida.

    4. Agoraphobic


      Glad to see so many other people graduating too! ^_^

      Congrats to all of us!

  2. True damage ? Taunt ?

    The A.I targets the last person that hits them. The way I create a Taunt is have an AOE spell that deals 1 Damage for X Seconds. That way every 1 second the spell ticks and the creature is "Taunted" to attack you. There is no true taunt though.
  3. Graphics Rate my game visuals, please!

    Very impressive.
  4. Player direction variable:

    Xenogene is correct. Just curious, what would you be trying to do with said Variable.
  5. Mapping Feedback on my super rough draft map

    I find that interiors are trickier than exteriors. I would suggest looking at rpgs in the super nintendo era, especially Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, and other classics. Chrono Trigger and FF 6 specifically. As Solomon said, look at how mappers are designing caverns vs other interiors. Keep at it though!
  6. WIP Veridian

    Love the graphics. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic.
  7. hello agora! again after 2 years! xD


    1. Agoraphobic


      My long lost friend! ^_^

  8. WIP Veridian

    I am glad you are working on this again!
  9. Trap Spell

    The way I did traps (in an early version) was to create a spell that releases a linear projectile. The projectile had minimal speed (1), and a duration (Range 2). You could try doing that, but I haven't tested it in the current version if it would work or not. This might be worth exploring because you can do this without source edits or a flood of Events.
  10. New or adjusting to Intersect's Event System?  Try looking at the .pdf file of the new tutorial:

  11. Hello, my friends! This has long been overdue, but I got her finished! Here is the .pdf file of Intersect's Event System Tutorial: Keep in mind this is the first version and she will change as the Engine evolves, and I make corrections. I hope you find her helpful! Please let me know about any bugs, mistakes, suggestions, or anything else. Enjoy! Thank you, Agoraphobic
  12. Need Help Rewards for filling out Intersect Documentation

    Does it count if I have been working on the Event System tutorial for a while and am almost done?
  13. Have you seen my bear, Tibbers?

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    2. Crest


      *Flashback to phen having a flashback of me having a flashback of phen having a flashback*

    3. IAskQuestionsTooMuchButHey


      *flashback to crest having a flashback of my flashback of his flashback to me having a flashback*

    4. Crest


      *flash back to phen's flashback of my flas back of phens flash back to my flashback of him having a flashback*

  14. Intersect Beta 4.8.1 Released! (Updated!)

    Awesome job!
  15. Split Sprites

    Download a free program like Gimp (or use Photoshop if you have it) and make the background transparent. · Download Gimp and open the PNG file(s). · Go to Layer – Transparency and Click Add Alpha Channel. · Go to Tools – Selection Tools- and Click By Color Select. · Click The Background Color – Hit Delete · The background now should be a checkered black and grey. · Check to Make Sure Sprite wasn’t damaged by deletion of same color. · File - Save. (Note This can be done for Icons, Tilesets, or any PNG file you are using)