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  1. Agoraphobic

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

    JC has already sold the source to Eclipse, and he is living on royalties now.
  2. Agoraphobic

    The story thread

    the souls of...
  3. Agoraphobic

    Guess the person who is going to post below you

    Gah, you got me. I thought no one would guess me... Kibbelz.
  4. Agoraphobic

    Need help with an event please.

    When you step on it at Level 6+ what is it doing? What about Level 5 or lower? Do you have any Spawn/Execution Conditions (The button outlined in blue), not the ones in the Event box.
  5. You lie and murder, in the service of liars and murderers.

    1. jcsnider


      I’m trying to kick the habit....

    2. Richy


      I'm clean, legit. I swear.

  6. Agoraphobic

    Our WIP Map

    Oh, this was an older map that I did that has a lot of issues. I just thought it would showcase it to help highlight what everyone was talking about with Shilo.
  7. Agoraphobic

    Our WIP Map

    Awesome feedback from everyone. It has already been said, but choose a single graphic set and stick with it. Time Fantasy, 7 Souls, or High Fantasy are popular right now. Check https://www.gamedevmarket.net/or https://itch.io/game-assets You can also find some graphics on the Rpg Maker site or Steam on other websites that allow you to use it outside Rpg Maker. I don't have much time tonight, but let's look at this monstrosity to see an example of what everyone is talking about: 1. Transitions: If done correctly each connected map should look like it is connected (like a puzzle piece). Look at this map how some of the maps line up (trees, grass) for the most part look good/okay from one map to another. Then we get some maps that lines up the grass/hill on one side doesn't connect or is not the same size as the other map next to it. There are even instances (bottom left corner and top right corner) there is no connection at all. 2. Mapping: The areas are large enough for exploration and combat (even with several players). We got a pretty straightforward path through the area; however, we have some exploration areas as well. The problem is depth. Some of the hills are mapped to the correct height and flow correctly. Then we get others (Top Middle/Right) that throw off the depth. There is variation to the terrain decorations in some maps that look okay/good, but we get other maps where the terrain has little in it or repeating decorations next to each other. 3. Ground/Mask/Fringe: This is important because it affects the character within the game. I will get back to this one later, if no one else does it is getting late here. Btw feel free to discuss the map and tear it apart for education purposes
  8. Agoraphobic

    Need help creating an event.

    Hello, it is very possible to do it with the Event System. I recommend reading this tutorial to help familiarize yourself with the system:
  9. What the game looks like now: https://imgur.com/a/2ufBOw3

    1. Vus


      Looks great! Good to see you working on something again! 

    2. Oddly


      all the colors!

    3. Khaikaa


      looks so beautiful, great job

  10. Agoraphobic

    Fart Man: Funny Fart Game

    I need an adult O_o Glad it is going well.
  11. Agoraphobic

    How do you Organize your Project?

    I have a notebook dedicated to each game that I write in; I eventually make a word document for the final draft.
  12. Agoraphobic

    Original Labyrinth Hearts

    Vus is the best. <3 Working on a game right now, but trying to juggle work and school with it.
  13. Agoraphobic

    Perspective is an art

    Perspective is a funny thing like that. :o
  14. Agoraphobic

    Original Labyrinth Hearts

    Was looking at a few things and found these two gems. I thought I would share and wonder if anyone else remembers it?
  15. Agoraphobic

    Perspective is an art

    The compass keeps pointing to your door. Be careful, there might be a quest or boss behind it. :o