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  1. Agoraphobic

    Fart Man: Funny Fart Game

    I need an adult O_o Glad it is going well.
  2. Agoraphobic

    How do you Organize your Project?

    I have a notebook dedicated to each game that I write in; I eventually make a word document for the final draft.
  3. Agoraphobic

    Original Labyrinth Hearts

    Vus is the best. <3 Working on a game right now, but trying to juggle work and school with it.
  4. Agoraphobic

    Perspective is an art

    Perspective is a funny thing like that. :o
  5. Agoraphobic

    Original Labyrinth Hearts

    Was looking at a few things and found these two gems. I thought I would share and wonder if anyone else remembers it?
  6. Agoraphobic

    Perspective is an art

    The compass keeps pointing to your door. Be careful, there might be a quest or boss behind it. :o
  7. Sometimes I just want to run away from it all and live my life in solitude in a lighthouse amongst forgotten oceanic cliffs.

    1. jcsnider


      Love the idea. But your internet speeds might not be up to par. 

  8. Agoraphobic

    How parallax changes things.

    Can't deny the beauty of it; however, doesn't each map substantially have a larger file size created than normal mapping?
  9. Agoraphobic

    The Dysfunctional Family Reunion

    Sorry, was working and had a family emergency been dealing with. Hope everyone had fun! ^_^
  10. Agoraphobic

    Looping Dialogue...

    Solid tutorial. I personally assign a variable to each NPC, then you a single Switch (NPC Talking) for the loop on every conversation. Each Page checks the variable starting with 0 (Page 1 = 0, Page 2 = 2, Page 3 = 2, NPC Talk On, Page 4 = 3, Page 5 = 3, NPC Talk On). Each NPC Talk page contains a conditional branch with 4 choices that loop, with the fourth being the exit dialogue, while the pages without NPC Talk just trigger the NPC Talk Page. Variable Numbers -1 means the NPC is dead or is permanently gone. 0 means have not met yet and uses starter dialogue. 1 Buffer Variable, usually empty unless I need to something extra for the NPC. 2 Uses dialogue based on 2 Reputation. Then I set it to 3, then 4, etc as you progress in the story/quest or as things changed. Great tutorial though, this is asked for quite a bit.
  11. Agoraphobic

    Poetry Thread

    The Four Fiends of Madness Rot, Rot, Rot! Know that I am Milon, the Rotting Prince. I have been searching for you since you left the tower of Zot, Putrid rotting gas rises; prepare to die for I am the perfect villain, Come forth, my Poison! Drown, Drown, Drown! Know that I am Cagnazzo, the Drowned King. Disguised as a mortal, I wear the stolen crown. My power is that of a hurricane; it is endless as a wellspring, Come forth, my Tsunami! Suffocate, Suffocate, Suffocate! Know that I am Barbariccia, the Tempest Witch. The Magus Sisters, my concubines, you did selfishly slay, You are all, but wisps caught in my breeze; it is fitting that you shall perish in my windstorm. Come forth, my Tornado! Burn, Burn, Burn! Know that I am Rubicante, the Honorable Flame. Emotions shackle true power, as you shall learn, It was not I that killed your parents; someone else is to blame. Come forth, my Hellfire!
  12. Agoraphobic

    Spr Creator VX

    Yeah, it is an amazing program that I use for Rpg Maker and Intersect both. Glad to help. <3
  13. Agoraphobic

    Spr Creator VX

    Game Character Hub on steam is a great program; I do believe it has a looseleaf graphics and paperdolls as well.
  14. Agoraphobic

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    Keep up the great work!
  15. Agoraphobic

    Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Great work. Keep us updated!