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  1. Agoraphobic


    *gasp* You switched!
  2. Doing final paperwork to purchase a house! ^_^

  3. Agoraphobic

    Legacy of the Dragons

  4. Agoraphobic

    Dev Blog - Moderator Snark

    Ha! ^_^
  5. Agoraphobic

    Legit Job

    Hey, I got this in my email today! It seems super legit, and wanted to share so you all could get rich too!
  6. Agoraphobic

    Count as high as you can while staff are sleeping!!!

    You are crushing them too fast. Let them build their hopes and dreams. <3
  7. Agoraphobic

    How to make custom sized sprites

    Get Game Character Hub on steam, it is a godsend for any type of sprite editing/setting up. I use it in all my editing.
  8. Agoraphobic

    Count as high as you can while staff are sleeping!!!

    Need more people! 0
  9. Agoraphobic

    Generating Combo Points

    Not sure if this is helpful. What I did in my game was have the class have a maximum of 5 Mana Points (with no regen). Then use different abilities to increase your mana by 1, while other moves drained the points.
  10. Agoraphobic

    What did you get for Christmas?

    A Nintendo Switch (Diablo Edition).
  11. Agoraphobic

    Merry Xmas Ascension Community

    Love you all.
  12. Agoraphobic

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

    JC has already sold the source to Eclipse, and he is living on royalties now.
  13. Agoraphobic

    The story thread

    the souls of...
  14. Agoraphobic

    Guess the person who is going to post below you

    Gah, you got me. I thought no one would guess me... Kibbelz.
  15. Agoraphobic

    Need help with an event please.

    When you step on it at Level 6+ what is it doing? What about Level 5 or lower? Do you have any Spawn/Execution Conditions (The button outlined in blue), not the ones in the Event box.