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  1. Veridian Logo

    True I definitely appreciate your feedback! it definitely is closely similar to RuneScape 3's font style but that is basically what I asked for is RuneScape meets Diablo look to it and the Text resembles Runescapeish and the Flame dragon symble resembles Diablo series so I think it's perfect for what I was going for.
  2. Veridian Logo

    That looks perfect! Thank you so much Jumbo! As promised I'm adding you to the credits I'll even screenshot it so you have proof.
  3. WIP Veridian

    Sorry for the late post but I didn't post anything do to nothing exciting really being done until today! I am currently in the progress with a new game feature that will change how Veridian will play. Basically in the screenshot bellow there is a Fort that 1 player can buy for 10,000 gold. Once you buy this Fort you will become king of that faction. Currently there is only 1 faction but essentially with the crown you put a target on yourself because anyone can kill you and take the crown and become the new king so it's best if you create an army of your friends to help defend you. Because most areas in the game will allow other players to kill each other (adding to the roleplay of the game) as king you'll have to be on the lookout. As king though you get access to your own room inside the fort that only you can access. Also adding to the Fort is a faction special forge! This is really cool because a skilled craftsmen will be able to fashion you and your army in your factions colors so you can differentiate who is part of your army. In other new I recently bought a server from Jcsnider's server hosting so I do have a 24/7 host which is currently just for development but it's really nice to have.
  4. Veridian Logo

    Okay so I looked at both of those logos and realized that might be a bad combination. Instead I found this one because I like the simplicity look of it. I was thinking "Veridian" similar font style to this one but behind the letters put a nice but simple dragon symbol somewhat like the one bellow but in a style that would match the font. I think that would look really cool. Thank you for time Jumbofile! I can't wait to see what you come up with if you do decide to take this on.
  5. Veridian Logo

    Old Runescape is where most of the inspiration is from I didn't really like how it's changed now. Same with Diablo the inspirations from that come from Diablo 2 rather then the newest one.
  6. Veridian Logo

    Hello fellow game developers! As Veridian gets closer and closer to alpha release with alot of amazing things being added in as we speak! I am admitably not the greatest at logo design so I was hoping one of you guys could help make Veridian's logo. Credit will be given! I personally was thinking a RuneScape meets Diablo look because those are the biggest inspirations but if you have a better idea that would also be great! Thank you guys for your time!
  7. WIP Veridian

    Agreed that is really strange. Maybe we should team up with all of those coincidences lol
  8. WIP Veridian

    3/23/2018 Weekly Updated! This week I didn't get alot of big things done I've just been adding finishing touches on other areas before I move on to new stuff. Part 1: I Finished this quest and added a secret vault. Part 2: I added contracts! So there isn't so many big quests dealing with monsters I made a more optional choice of making certain monsters have contracts. Finally Part 3 of this weeks update I hinted last week on a new system I added. Basically it's a skill system that adds more role-play. Basically every level your gifted 3 points that you can put into either Mining,crafting,swordskills,bowskills,intelect,wood cutting. The idea behind this is yes you can try to be a jack of all trades but you can never master any of them. A master craftsmen can craft the best armor but can't battle well, or a master swordmen can wield everything but can't forge any of it. In other words you'll need some team work to get your character to where you want to be. Intellect is a fun one because it opens the doors to, if you have high enough intellect you get optional text options or maybe you can spot a secret door no one else can see plus once your intellect is high enough your understanding of the world begins to gift you with magic abilities. So every build has it's perks that the others could benefit from. P.S Thank you everyone for your kind words it is definitely encouraging for me and the team!
  9. WIP Veridian

    Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I posted because life has been busy. I got a new job for a software company and I've been adjusting to some changes dealing with that. Everything is all good now and I have still been working on Veridian every chance I got and got a few people from work joining the team! One of which is a really talented artist who is in the process of converting some of the graphics we use to his style. Anyway here are some pictures of some new areas I've been working on. I have also implemented a new system that will defintely change the gameplay a bit but I don't want to give to much away until we fully tested it to make sure it'll be good. Also I will be trying to post every friday with updates on progress so you won't be left in the dark for so long again hopefully!
  10. WIP Veridian

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  11. Welcome to AGD, old friend.

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      Thank you guys! It's good to be back that's for sure. I'm happy to see alot of people I remember from years back.