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  1. Worked with Kibbelz to get Pet system/Mount systems added into Veridian. He works fast and helped patch any bugs/issues I found. 10/10 will come back for more features.
  2. Hey Kibbelz! I just shot you a PM when you get some time. Might have more stuff if your down.
  3. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    Hello Everyone! Sorry for not being able to post for awhile between changes in my life(Moving and New Job) and working on Veridian I can be really terrible at updating you guys. Although that will hopefully change as my long time girlfriend plans to take on becoming the Community Manager for Veridian so I can focus on making the game and she will help make sure you guys are up to date with what's going on. Other Big News! We now have our very own website live! https://www.veridian2d.com with that being released I am also going to start doing live dev logs in our discord channel. We are also working on getting our Merchandise store up and running. Veridian is also getting close to being able to go into Beta Testing! So come join us at our new website and join our discord to follow all the news! Thank you everybody! Hope you all have a Happy Easter!
  4. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    Sorry for the double post but I got a new updated screenshot showing off the new sprite and more NPCs as we get closer and closer to done with the first area!
  5. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    Thanks Agora! I'm glad to see your still around too! Always like talking to you. I also love that Kibbelz is still around because I remember awhile ago I use to always get inspired by his mapping skills. Also! I'm back in discord and live right now if anyone wants to chat about Veridian!
  6. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    Agreed! The biggest reason I didn't add names on certain NPCs is just because during quests those NPCs will have an animated quest icon above their heads. This would make it look terrible because of the icon appearing over the name but I'm going to mess with it and see if I can get something to look decent. I'm currently working on reworking the player sprites to fit with the rest of the graphics a little better then I'm going to go back and finish that town with quests and NPCs and fix all the bugs I or the team find.
  7. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    Hello Everyone! I'm back and Veridian is still not dead haha. I took a long break since I got a new position at my job and I've been settling in as Business Intelligence/ Software Developer. Although I haven't been posting here lately I've still been working on the project when I have had time. I since have recruited 2 new team members! Which will be amazing so that I can focus on what I love which is level design and less of the Quests/Features. Although I'll still be the project lead so I'll still have my hands a little bit everywhere. Without going on and on I mainly am excited to show you guys how far we have been getting already with some screenshots! We obviously won't be showing everything but hopefully you guys like what we are doing so far! *Note these are all pre-alpha so they are subject to change*
  8. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    Thanks you! Yeah I really love that UI it looks so nice with these graphics. Oh thank you! Saves me alot of work lol.
  9. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    @Agoraphobic I know right! haha I didn't think that was going to happen either but I am actually loving the new style. @MrValenza Thank you! I'm glad you like the new graphics. Now hopefully I can make good use of them haha. @boberski I would but that would be against his terms of service ut if your interested you can get them at pioneervalleygames.com @Jackson Thank you! I agree they compliment the engine really well. @Jumbofile That would be really awesome! I tried making one myself but mine was really basic haha I know you would make a really amazing one.
  10. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    *Fixed* Sorry for some reason half of my post(the half that explained everything) turned to the same color as the background so no one could read it lol.
  11. dxxknight

    WIP Veridian

    New Graphic Style: Hello Everyone! I know I have been quite a for awhile. This is partly due to me going back to school and not being able to post anything new due to running into bugs that kept crashing the client. After running into a few of those bugs which seemed to deal with me using the higher quality graphics which run at a bigger size then the standard 32x32 Intersect was built for. I had to make a hard decision to start over with new graphics. There are many options out there but after looking i have finally settled with our new graphics style using the "Time Fantasy" graphics. I know a few others on here use them but it was the same story with the old graphics. Either way I hope everyone will be okay with the new style! Time Fantasy actually has alot of resources that I plan to take advantage of that the old graphics never had and I'm quite excited about that. Okay no more talking about it let's show some examples of the new Veridian!
  12. A feature I'd love to see is the ability to subtract health from players with Events for traps or if you want to slowly kill the player if they get too drunk in game. I am loving the features being added so far though!
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