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  1. This is a suggestion for the event system: Currently the event system has the ability to "Equip" an item to the player, but does not have the ability to "Un-Equip" and item from the player slots. This will be useful for changing class of a player so you can force an un-equip of items that are not allowed to be worn/used by said class (That are set in "Edit Usage Requirements" of the Item) I would love to see this a part of the core build of the event system commands. Thanks
  2. @Khaikaa hope everything is ok buddy and hope to see you back soon <3
  3. 12 characters the players name is limited to I believe.
  4. Interesting way of doing this, however Im not sure what would happen if the global event is triggred at the same time by two PvP battles and two deaths...
  5. you will have to make the dialog images in the GUI bigger then edit the .json file to match the new size.
  6. When you create the new variable and make it a boolean, click off it and click onto a different variable you have, then reselect the boolean you just made... is it still a boolean? I had a issue a while back that is wasnt saving as a boolean, but click off it and back on seemed to fix it. But I believe this was fixed in newer versions as Ive not had this issue since.
  7. You have to set variable to a boolean in editor. What you are trying to do is possible.
  8. Nice one Marshy, I'm game for this Xmas spirit for AGD!
  9. Hi, it sounds as though you are doing it the correct was. I have not attempted to change the hotbar but other parts I have changed with no issue. Have you double checked that the .json has the correct dimentions of the hotbar image you are changing and that the naming convention/format is correct?
  10. @Gibier haha I would never denounce you <3, but that was the last cookie! lol Why do we have to go to work?
  11. It was @Gibier Why do people believe the world is flat?
  12. Yeah I was thinking that would be the only way to do it based on visually showing the skill tree. But even then that will be a lot of images and conditions needed to be set to show the right tree (image) based on what the player has learned.
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