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  1. Folder: Client and Editor\resources\gui\layouts\menu File: CreditsWindow.json Header: "HorizontalScrollBar": {
  2. Hi, what do you mean by "avoid the player to attack?" Like dodging, or making it so players cant attack at all?
  3. I believe you have to be facing the grapple tile and be within range, and I think it only works in weapon slot? Not used it in a while so could be wrong...
  4. Which image did you change? As there is more than one set in the GUI folder: Ingame options: ingame_charselect ingame_charselect_clicked Main Menu: mainmenu_login mainmenu_login_clicked
  5. Ainz Ooal Gown

    Floor 100

    Looking very impressive buddy! Keep it up
  6. wont be long til source is released
  7. Sorry buddy but I still dont thin that will work, the way you have done rewards, it will either always be true or not...
  8. Not at the moment, when source comes should be easy enough to add
  9. Aisen that deserves the thanks, he put a lot of effort into making this for people to use
  10. Should not slow down system, but speed of game is based on server specs
  11. @AisenArvalis Thanks for the shout out buddy
  12. Might be hardcoded then, in which you will have to wait for source
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