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  1. You could do a onRespawn for the player death. Have a player Variable that goes alongside the global one: OnRespawn: Conditional Branch "InDungeon = True" Set to InDungeon = False For player logging out in dungeon, I dont think that is possible without a source edit? You could set a timer instead like 15minutes to do dungeon, even if the players logs out it could refresh dungeon. To counter players logging out and waiting for timer to end and logging back in dungeon where another person is doing it, you could add a check to "Login": Login: Conditional Branch "InDungeon = True" Warp player Set to InDungeon = False
  2. What Beefy said... Also I have made huge maps and use PV with no issues... Down to spec of PC and server you use
  3. That is not possible. Would be something you would have to look at doing in the source.
  4. Hey buddy, thanks for the patch it works perfectly!! Really appriciate it
  5. Hey, you need to change: "AutoSizeToContents": true, to "AutoSizeToContents": false, This means it will not autosize to box (which starts from the left) and will make in central. When you do this make sure the box has enough room: "Bounds": "4,59,20,20", 20x20 seems decent size. I take no credit as it was @wishy that told me
  6. For me I think you have too much padding and margins that might be pushing other entities away? Especially "Padding": "0,10,10,10", on the mainbox which isnt needed as you want the whole main box to be the size of the image your using?.
  7. Wow! Thanks buddy, sorry Ive just seen this post (been busy with work) and thanks for the reply. I will give this a go and let you know
  8. Alot of trial and error but figured it out. PM me or raise a post and tag me and ill answer.
  9. Can you post your whole .json file? Padding might be too much for size of area it has? An element's padding is the space between its content and its border.
  10. You will need to edit the bounds, as well as check the padding/text padding. The bounds is set up like this: "X,Y,WIDTH,HEIGHT" "Bounds": "250,82,22,22", X = 250 = Position Horizontal (250 pixels in from the left) Y = 82 = Position Vertical (82 pixels down from the top) Width = 22 = Width of the box / entity (22 pixels in width = space allowed) Height = 22 = Height of the box / entity (22 pixels in heigth = space allowed) Also keep in mind the size of the overall box size that is set at the very top bound. This determinds the play area for the rest of the objects within.
  11. Thanks buddy Trying to sytle a few concepts into one. My game is very much based on "Ashen Empires (dransik)", with a bit of everything else haha
  12. Been working on UI lately. Still not finished as going to change font then align text for numbering in character menu, as well as character entity box needs to change so it displays _idle and show correctly in character menu.
  13. I believe map events only work on the map they are created on and will not move to a new map
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