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  1. Yes, you would do this through map events
  2. Server config.json Find: "Map": { "GameBorderStyle": 0, Change GameBorderStyle to 1, camera wont follow player I believe.
  3. Hi, I am trying to fully work out how Guild Variables should work when using an Input Variable. Whenever I try to do an Input Variable with a Guild Variable, the input prompt box does not show. Tried with, Boolean, Integer and String and none seem to want to show the input prompt box. Player I was using was part of a Guild. Player and Global variables work fine. Not sure if this is a Bug, or me being stupid (most likely) and not understanding how it should work. Also can Guild Variables be put in event text variable? like \gv{WorkerPayRate} (I know that's the global one, just using as example) Thanks
  4. Yes you can change the size of the tiles from 32 to 40, but you might need to modify the map width and height to compensate for additional tile sizes (or the map wont look seemless in client) Also note by doing this, it will scale items size you have to the tile size, example 32x32 image item, and a 40x40 tile size, will scale the 32 item to 40 when on a map tile. You can modify this in server config.json: "Map": { "GameBorderStyle": 0, "Height": 26, <-------------------This is the height of map "ItemAttributeRespawnTime": 15000, "TileHeight": 32, <-------------------This is tile height size of tile can change to 40 "TileWidth": 32, <-------------------This is tile width size of tile can change to 40 "Width": 32, <-------------------This is the width of map
  5. Thanks Panda, yeah I am RecoStar on GitHub. Weylon also compiled a test for me which worked. Glad this wasn't me just going mad lol. I will test when its out.
  6. I've used Intersect for years with same OS and other version of windows and never came across this issue. Suppose I can only wait and see what JC or Panda say about this. Annoying its only happening to me, as need this bit to work for my guild features
  7. Thanks for testing. Strange as this is not working at all for me. I have just downloaded a fresh copy of intersect and tried and again same issue. I am using windows 10, but it shouldn't be OS related? I don't understand what is happening. No matter what I do, if I create a Guild Variable and try to use Input Variable and select a Guild Variable the editor crashes. I have tested with different variable types, different wording, spacing in wording, anything to try and pin point the issue more.
  8. Anyone having an issue with Input Variables when Guild Variables are selected? https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/1455
  9. Hi, you cant do that, adding a new damage type to the config will do nothing. It is hardcoded, but the formulas.json allows you to change the formula's but you cant add more. Only physical, magic and true damage, however you can you use them 3 anyway you want, doesn't have to be "physical, magic and true"
  10. You change this in the server config.json not client side.
  11. This is strange as cant seem to fix this. I tested with a fresh vanilla version and something is still there. Dont know if its my config, or some other gui object conflicing. Anyone have any ideas or have this issue? Anyone have the menu bar like mine? Thanks
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