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  1. It’s pretty simple really, it doesn’t replace or add to hot at but replaces the skills/abilities based on the weapon or item equip. As well as makes sure skill can only be used with item equipped. That should be a give away lol. if I get time tomorrow after work I’ll do a tutorial as I’m in a good load for 6.1 released haha
  2. This is possible with events as I have this in my game. Just have to explore event commands and possibilities. If a few people are after this I will do a tutorial.
  3. Did you set the NPC to agressive? To make a guard: Set NPCs to Agressive (both Guard and Creature NPCs) On Guard NPC: Set a condition for "Player Friendl/Protection" (examples: "Level >= 0", or if you have factions "Var Faction = 1") On Both Guard and creature NPCs: NPC vs NPC is enabled enabled On Guard NPC add all creatures/npcs you want the guard to attack. On all Creatures/NPCs that the guard will attack, add the guard NPC to them.
  4. This is not a project of mine, I just had the idea of how the system can work with Intersects Events. This can be made much more advanced, but thought Id show off the simple pokemon battle system and capture using events:
  5. Nope, the placement is based on 32x32 blocks (or what size you set in server config, 32x32 is default), so where u put the graphic on the tilesheet based on 32x32 is where it will show when u select it in the map editor
  6. Im not sure about the menu if it pulls paperdoll from extra added slots, probs best for a dev to answer @jcsnider
  7. Not sure about the detail of cape? Editing CharacterWindow.json only adds the slots to the character window.
  8. You have to add them to the game in the GUI/Layouts/Game/CharacterWindow.json Follow the above tutorial
  9. Server side config.json: "Paperdoll": { "Up": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ], "Down": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ], "Left": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ], "Right": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ] }, The order in which you put the items in "Up, Down, Left, Right" depends on the order of drawing onto the player ingame.
  10. Yeah this is something that would give a nice visual to games not only for players but NPCs, as NPCs equiped with spells just cast even if they are facing in opposite direction, would be cool to have this feature. This would work great for turrets and such (static non moving NPCs that have spells only to attack).
  11. Figured an easy way around this so thought I would share: Conditional branch = Player has item equiped Take Item Give Item It serves as the same
  12. Only way I have figured to sort this is make sure all sprites are set to the same size, or very close, which isnt the best. I cant find anything in the .json files to set this but even then I dont it would make a difference too much. Probs have to wait for source and see how the Sprites are drawn and make a condition moving bar and name if a certain size.
  13. Yeah as TheSandersGuy said you have to add a colour to the range overlay, as it is set to transparent as default Set it to black and they try.
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