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  1. @Gibier haha I would never denounce you <3, but that was the last cookie! lol Why do we have to go to work?
  2. It was @Gibier Why do people believe the world is flat?
  3. Yeah I was thinking that would be the only way to do it based on visually showing the skill tree. But even then that will be a lot of images and conditions needed to be set to show the right tree (image) based on what the player has learned.
  4. Love your work Jack, I will be looking to extend my graphics after the new year so I will hit you up then My project is more Modern/Sci Fi graphics that will be needed, not sure if you do that genre?
  5. Haha, like this game When JC deems the public worthy... How long is a piece of string?
  6. To answer the question that has no question, the answer is 12 Why do I have a warning on AGD?
  7. This for equipment slots? Slots are handled by the server config aren't they? So what ever you put in the server config is what will show in the client, a player can edit the client config/gui configs but I dont think it will make a difference for the amount of slots.
  8. I think its the best way you can do it without taken up a inventory/equipment slot
  9. Good that buddy, so is hair a item or a sprite change?
  10. No thats not possible at the moment, you will have to wait for source and add that feature. Only way to get a NPC you attack to say anyhting is to add it to the NPC animation, and it will say on every attack.
  11. Not sure what u mean. For normal NPCs and you want them to make a noise when interacted with I use animations with sound, buit dont put any visuals in animation (so it only plays sound). Four story line and shop NPCs I create events, and with that you can add sounds to the event when conditions are met. So if you wanted a sound that says "Hello" when you interact with then event you put that first in the command list, that will play "Hello" when player interacts with event.
  12. Use animations, just add sound and not visuals
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