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  1. Yeah that's why I said "which would be a mission to do and not recommended"
  2. Only way I can think without a source edit, which would be a mission to do and not recommended is to create an map event that runs on player touch and plays a sound. This would mean u would have to put a event tile on everything you want to make "footsteps" on.
  3. I've never used the Intersect Sprite Generator so not sure sorry so not sure.
  4. 1. Cool np 2. If size is the same, then make sure positioning is correct. I use photoshop and open the sprite, add a new layer, do item paperdoll on a new layer, then hide the sprite layer to only leave the item paperdoll layer and save. That way the positioning is correct. 3. Server > Resources > Config: The higher up the list means that paperdoll part will be behind the lower ones.
  5. Not a bug, just bad positioning. Paperdoll works fine 1. Your paperdoll should only be the image of the item, not the sprite and image (thats what your last image looks like) 2. The paperdoll sprite sheet must be the same size as the sprite sheet and positioned correctly 3. Make sure ordering in config is correct for paperdoll (which paperdoll layer comes first and laps ontop of next layer)
  6. Depends on how you are doing your fishing. If its events then you will have to place a fishing "event" on every water tile you want the player to be able to fish. Copy and paste is your best bet.
  7. You would change the bounds: "Bounds": "462,149,442,469", "X,Y,WIDTH,HIEGHT"
  8. Yeah I do, but not seen that bug. You might be right tho as I haven't done any combat with NPCs yet (Will test later). Just what I mentioned above was the issue for me for Player chars, so thought it might of been related. Sorry
  9. Not came across a bug for this using static speed, which I use in my game. Do you have all the sprites animations for that sprite? Such as: _cast, _attack, _cast, _idle _shoot, _weapon. If you are missing even one then it wont work.
  10. Yes you can increase the size. You will need to edit the bounds to the size of the image you are using as the background. This is my UI, and as you can see I have changed a lot, the character equipment screen is 3 times the size of the original:
  11. I will check it out buddy, congrats on publishing a book
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