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  1. I've used Intersect for years with same OS and other version of windows and never came across this issue. Suppose I can only wait and see what JC or Panda say about this. Annoying its only happening to me, as need this bit to work for my guild features
  2. Thanks for testing. Strange as this is not working at all for me. I have just downloaded a fresh copy of intersect and tried and again same issue. I am using windows 10, but it shouldn't be OS related? I don't understand what is happening. No matter what I do, if I create a Guild Variable and try to use Input Variable and select a Guild Variable the editor crashes. I have tested with different variable types, different wording, spacing in wording, anything to try and pin point the issue more.
  3. Anyone having an issue with Input Variables when Guild Variables are selected? https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/1455
  4. Hi, you cant do that, adding a new damage type to the config will do nothing. It is hardcoded, but the formulas.json allows you to change the formula's but you cant add more. Only physical, magic and true damage, however you can you use them 3 anyway you want, doesn't have to be "physical, magic and true"
  5. You change this in the server config.json not client side.
  6. This is strange as cant seem to fix this. I tested with a fresh vanilla version and something is still there. Dont know if its my config, or some other gui object conflicing. Anyone have any ideas or have this issue? Anyone have the menu bar like mine? Thanks
  7. I am having a bit of an issue with something (not sure what) overlapping in the game menus. I am not bad at doing GUI edits in Intersect, so done this before. However when I have moved the hotbar to the center bottom of the screen, the middle hotbar slots go funny as though something is just overlapping some parts, so the tooltip for items and spells flicker when you hover over slot. It only happens to the center slots, outside slots are fine. Its this area affected which is dead center bottom: Now I moved the hotbar to other parts of the screen and no issue, only seems to be when placing bottom center . Can not figure this out as I have moved the hotbar here many times before. Thanks
  8. Thanks that's what I was missing, enabling it to Blacklisted mode! Thanks again
  9. Hi, Its been a while so not sure if I have forgot or something has changed, but with shops do you have to set what items the shop BUYS OFF the player? If so what is the point of price on an item. I thought that if you dont have any items in the whitelist or blacklist it would allow the player to sell any item at the shop based on the ITEM PRICE. Am I just making that up lol? Just seems like a lot of work adding every item to a shop that can be sold there. Thanks
  10. Hey All, Was just wondering if using 16x16 tiles is feasible? I change the server config to the following: However the fill button crashes the editor now. If this the right settings for 16x16 tileset? Thanks
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