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  1. That is correct, it is used to hold the direction of the event if it is a sprite select as the entity, if I remember rightly, not used it for a long time. I have just tested and can confirm this isn't working in latest version of Intersect. Raise this as bug.
  2. I experience this issue for the first time yesterday, an event with a sprite image duplicated itself onto the next map down. I could only fix issue with server restart.
  3. I am unsure to this issue for announcement. I have not came across it and is not affecting me. Are you able to download a latest vanilla version of Intersect and see if same issue happens for you again? Have you checked your settings for HP bar showing?
  4. Where are you trying to do an announcement from? Server panel? Health bars show when you hover your mouse over an NPC or Player. Health bars show when you have taken damage or in combat, overwise the bar hides.
  5. Yeah that's a good idea and it will work.
  6. Cool way of doing this! Must better than my system. I was planning on re-doing summoning, as it was some time ago I did it, and with new features events has now.
  7. I don't think anything in the configs would affect events like this. I have tried to replicate this issue but I cant. I would maybe raise it as a bug: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/new/choose
  8. I have just tried to replicate your issue but I haven't been able to. What is on the second page? Events are working normally for me. What version of the engine are you using? I am using latest.
  9. I haven't came across this issue. Can you show us a screenshot of your event? Also do you have any map npc's for Paladina Korea spawning?
  10. This is very simple but can be greatly improved on and should help you get the basic structure: Variables: InArena (Player Variable) ArenaSize = 2 (set it to size you want arena to be) (Global Variable) ArenaPlayers (Global Variable) This will add a player to the Arena if they are not already in, and ArenaSize is less than 2. Create a event tile on the entrance to arena. TRIGGER: Set it to Player Collide. Condition: If ArenaSize < 2 AND If InArena = 0 Then Set ArenaPlayers + 1 Set InArena = 1 ELSE If InArena = 1 Then Set InArena = 0 Now create a common event from "tools" menu (not a map tile event) TRIGGER: PVP Kill Condition: If InArena = 1 Player Message (You won the battle) Set ArenaPlayers - 1 Warp player to Arena Entrance Set InArena = 0 Now create 2nd common event from "tools" menu (not a map tile event) TRIGGER = PVP Death If InArena = 1 Player Message (You Lost the battle) Set ArenaPlayers - 1 Warp player to Arena Entrance Set InArena = 0 You can take this much further, this is very simple. If you want multiple arena's across your world, just add a extra player variable to define where the arena is located: ArenaLocation = 1 (Northern Arena) ArenaLocation = 2 (Sothern Arena) Ect.. Hope this helps. Thanks
  11. Yes, you would do this through map events
  12. Server config.json Find: "Map": { "GameBorderStyle": 0, Change GameBorderStyle to 1, camera wont follow player I believe.
  13. Hi, I am trying to fully work out how Guild Variables should work when using an Input Variable. Whenever I try to do an Input Variable with a Guild Variable, the input prompt box does not show. Tried with, Boolean, Integer and String and none seem to want to show the input prompt box. Player I was using was part of a Guild. Player and Global variables work fine. Not sure if this is a Bug, or me being stupid (most likely) and not understanding how it should work. Also can Guild Variables be put in event text variable? like \gv{WorkerPayRate} (I know that's the global one, just using as example) Thanks
  14. Yes you can change the size of the tiles from 32 to 40, but you might need to modify the map width and height to compensate for additional tile sizes (or the map wont look seemless in client) Also note by doing this, it will scale items size you have to the tile size, example 32x32 image item, and a 40x40 tile size, will scale the 32 item to 40 when on a map tile. You can modify this in server config.json: "Map": { "GameBorderStyle": 0, "Height": 26, <-------------------This is the height of map "ItemAttributeRespawnTime": 15000, "TileHeight": 32, <-------------------This is tile height size of tile can change to 40 "TileWidth": 32, <-------------------This is tile width size of tile can change to 40 "Width": 32, <-------------------This is the width of map
  15. Thanks Panda, yeah I am RecoStar on GitHub. Weylon also compiled a test for me which worked. Glad this wasn't me just going mad lol. I will test when its out.
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