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  1. Just don't forget to demand on my Discord, for get developer role.
  2. Version 1.1.0


    This application will allow game developers to publish their games on the platform in a simple and free way, to allow players to download and play many games in one place, the application requires no registration for players as well as developers. The features of the application are basic for the moment: list of games, List of games installed, Install a game, Uninstall a game, View game news The application includes an automatic update system that will allow you to easily take advantage of the latest updates. You can create a developer account at this address: https://intersect-connect.tk/ Then, you can submit a request to publish your game on Intersect Connect. Please note that Intersect Connect does not support automatic game updates, it is your responsibility to set up a valid client with an update system. You can propose a launcher for your game of course! External applications to Intersect Engine are also accepted. No account is required for players who want to play games.
  3. Hello everyone, I am happy to inform you of an update for the Intersect Connect Windows application. It includes a new main design for the application, updates to internal packages as well as ElectronJS. The update will be automatically downloaded if you already have the software installed, however, if not, you will need to download it. I recommend that you download the complete software again for better results. Please note that the service is still operational and available for all types of games. I hope to see you soon for more features.
  4. Working on something (it's placeholder screenshot).
  5. Hi for the first error, i need to know what branch you use for the cms and the error log (open ticket on my discord server for better support) For second, logically yes, it's not include right now, but maybe is the next update when i have finish the last update (No more update except bugs fix, security fix and new feature from intersect after 2.4 because the cms have already all feature needed for Intersect at now.)
  6. For add language to the menu you need to update the template, base.html.twig normally of your template. About Var folder it's log and cache folder no translation files inside. Just thought to clear it sometime for website perfs and for your change can be effect.
  7. Yes, you need to translate only : target data inside file !
  8. Hi ! Look Translation folder, copy all en files, rename with your short name country and start to translate.
  9. Intersect Tools, Android version : Start of development. Update : Because of a non-resolvable problem I suspend the development of the Android and Web version. Linux version coming soon.
  10. On the guide you can download 2.3 only files and tutorial for install cms + made api manipulation on your server.
  11. You can use pre-release branch if you can use composer for install libs, it's stable. Use Online Installation Tools for guide you to the installation of the CMS : https://intersect-connect.tk/developer/cms-installation/tools/page/1
  12. yes when you right click nothing say to you the id of the item/spell etc is copy, you just need paste logically. Patch note of the 09/15/2022 at 4:41PM (UTC+1 Paris), 1.0.7 : - Somes bug fix, - Add Support page, - Add Analytics system (can disabled in settings)
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