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  1. Hi all! With my new job I have a lot to do but I do not forget the cms. The 2.3 is still planned and will be available soon, as far as the rest is concerned it will be mainly optimization. I currently have no novelties available on the api side to propose something more. I will try to find via the sources the right queries as far as the guilds are concerned, and the game logs for administration. The rest of the updates will therefore be for maximum optimization and bug correction I will also start fixing the possible seo-related problem so that your sites are better referenced on search engines. I am open to any custom system proposals. I will soon add more to the cms documentation on the cms website. If you want to display your game on the home page of the site send a private message. I am also available to help you fix the various problems you may encounter. As some have noticed, I am very invested in debugging so that you have a clean and optimized site.
  2. We're going to watch that on PM =)
  3. Hi and thanks ! U use 2.2 version ? Can you send me your log file in private ? (var/logs/prod/prod.log) pls. A guide is in write for this. It's in config/packages/translatations.yaml
  4. Hello everyone! I opened the discussions on the cms github, come and share your ideas on both the forums and github. https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/discussions You can make a request to add your project on the official cms website via this one. https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/discussions/categories/add-project More news coming soon =)
  5. Good Luck ur game preview with videos is very good !
  6. Hello ! Sorry for the time of respond ! Can u go to private message and share me var/log/prod/prod.log file pls. --------------------------------------- Road to 2.3 start ! Add server variables management feature https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/issues/15 Add players variables management feature https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/issues/14
  7. Hello everyone ! By wanting to go too fast the day of the release of v2.2 I forgot some files in the installation zip which was updated. The SQL queries have all been corrected thanks to @Authentic for your help! I will write a guide on the cms site to change the default CMS language. Thank you all for using it and remember to report your bugs in private and make issues on the project's git if I don't all respond immediately !!
  8. Hello everyone ! Intersect CMS Unleashed 2.2 is available in final release ! Pre-release branch as been pulled in main branch ! U can download update / installation zip here : https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/releases/tag/2.2 And follow this guide for installation and update : https://intersect.thomasfds.fr/documentation/getting-started https://intersect.thomasfds.fr/documentation/update READ A PATCH NOTE AND OTHER INFORMATION IN THIS PAGES BEFORE UPDATE !!!!! Save u actual version, do not replace files directly Check ur all files data before ! Translation files updated IS NOT INCLUDE IN ZIP. Check and update manually this files with the translation file in main branch Do not forget ! A bug ? Share logs in PM: D
  9. Hi everyone ! I am in the process of making the category system for the articles! Issues progression https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/issues/8 https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/issues/9 More screens : New news design on home page : New all news list page : First part of this update is available https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/commit/4e9c5832d7034d10d2122b2957df6b8833ed3264 Read issues 9 for more detail !
  10. I have update Retry with the new file https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/blob/pre-release/installation.sql
  11. Remove all table in ur database and use this installation file https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed/blob/pre-release/installation.sql
  12. Stripe : 1,4 % + 0,25 € For Europeans 2,9 % + 0,25 € For non europeans PayPal : Simple Payment normally 2.9% + Around 2% of what I saw For dedipass : http://dedipass.com/fr/international/fr
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