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  1. Hello everyone! I picked up a programming today, I'm starting the item shop system ! When item shop system is finished and administration pages is ready for first V2 version (Design optimization and more for all pages) I would start the media system to display screenshots, videos directly on a page. My goal was to create plugins that everyone could use and more, but I think it is so much easier to natively integrate all updates directly to the cms without plugins ^^
  2. Yes it's a good framework and it simplifies the creation of the administration space to 300%! I have no news to share with you, I've been sick since Thursday, so I haven't touched a line of code since ^^ '
  3. Symfony, I am much more specialized in this framework and could therefore suggest much more important things on it =)
  4. I would say maybe around a month or two, I am developing two separate versions, currently I am preparing the version for DBZS which will serve as the basis for the public version. But don't panic, the DBZS version does not have much modification so, as soon as I have finished this version, I remove the exclusive additions and I test and then I deliver the new version to you! Installation (new as an upgrade) will be quick and easy. No big change in the database and you just need to configure one or two additional files to have the new version operational. I have finished the player list pages, connected player list, general rankings, credit reload page, the news system and the page system is soon finished If you have any questions now is the time!
  5. Hello everyone, Here is some news from version 2. I have started the administration, the news and pages parts are finished. I'm working on the rest of the features as quickly as possible ^^
  6. Hello everyone ! Something new on version 2 (with the new framework). I did about 40% of the work, the "List of players", "Connected players", "Ranking by level", "My profile", "Home", "View an article" pages are already finished. Some optimizations are underway on the player list page (a caching of this page that will be updated daily. I need your opinion ! I think removing the characters from the banned accounts from the character list and ranking. But currently, too many elements have to be taken into account and the page loading time if we want to remove the characters from the accounts banned from the lists is 10 seconds, i.e. 3x higher than the average of 3 seconds maximum. The API should take into account natively these elements but I have never touched C # and I admit not being keen on getting started ^^
  7. Intersect Rework V1 is available for all and very simple to set up! Thank you for your encouragement! Version two (under the new Framework of the hit) will be more efficient, the translation will be completely revised and will be the basis of the cms. All current features will be available on the new version (more efficient) I'm trying to make the basics of version two (design integration) the rest will be simple to make a copy paste with some fix
  8. Hi guys, some news ! The PHP framework used on the cms being too complicated to maintain currently I am redoing the entire CMS on a new framework, simpler and more secure for me! No big update will be necessary to be able to use the next version of the CMS. I make sure that only the files have to be replaced, the database was already solid, it won't change much. The change of PHP Framework will therefore sign the rebirth of the CMS to start again on a new basis. It shouldn't take too long to get the new version available to you so I'm doing my best to get it to you asap! I u want support me follow this link Rework on the new Framework : Design integration : 80% Homepage : 100% Ranking page : 0% Players list page : 100% Online player list (two separate page now !) : 100% Account_page : 100% History page : 0% Credits vip page : 0% Admins page : 0% Login : 100% Register : 100% NewTranslation :5% ReadNews page : 100% SEO For all Page : 0%
  9. Hi guys ! I adapt an new template for Intersect CMS. This template will be available later. I have redesign language choice to the main menu. What do you thinking of this ?
  10. Some news today ? Hmm yes ! I am looking for games ready to test patches when they are released at the same time as DBZS.
  11. Oop this is status :^)

    1. XFallSeane


      Hi! I would love to be able to help create an auction house and more for Leafing!

    2. Aesthetic


      Awesome, send me a DM and we can get to it :D

  12. Installation instructions are marked on the guide. For the first installation it may be "difficult" but with the guide it should be fine
  13. Hello, What version of the cms do you use?
  14. Game store project to reference and make known your projects is in the phase of filling the database and final test!
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