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  1. I'm so excited for the steam release !
  2. Hi everyone ! The first patch note has been live since yesterday! https://nightmare.mageworkstudios.com/en/news/7-patch-notes-of-august-31-2021 Some bugs fix, changes and some new features like the bestiary system! https://nightmare.mageworkstudios.com/en/news/8-added-bestiary-improved-skills-crafts
  3. Hi everyone ! Nightmare closed beta is live ! Read this article for more details https://mageworkstudios.com/article/nightmare/6/nightmare-closed-beta-launch
  4. Thank's for this tip ! I you have any other problem do not hesitate
  5. Hi ! On your api.config.json u have somewhere this piece of code "Rates": { "Second": Number, "Minute": Number } Increase this number like these. "Rates": { "Second": 120, "Minute": 1440 } Restart your server and try the cms again all issues need to be resolved.
  6. Can you pass your website in dev mode (.env.local.php) screen all pages and send me this in private and return to prod ?
  7. I have update some files for 2.2 branch re-download and retry
  8. Hi ! You have 2.2 version of cms ?
  9. Hi I test for debug all tomorrow ! The new version use json file format for cache data and some things bug need search why ^^
  10. I'm very happy for this and i'm so excited to see the opinions of the players on all the work carried out by all the team!
  11. Hello here ! I have updated the bug_fix.zip for 2.2 version with major bug fix for vip shop. Download and replace all files (verify this files if u have custom the code). Edit at : 10:38 pm re-download zip is new updated Thanks at @negah31 and players of Dragon Ball Z La Rages des Saiyens for many bugs report.
  12. Not work have you link from your website ?
  13. If u have same error add this in top of your update.php after < ?php ini_set('display_errors', 0);
  14. You need put update.php in same folder of your resources folder and Game client and link this folder in the updateUrl !
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