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  1. i have got lot of problems too but my project for live tv channels is on route with this nginx proxy manager and self server ^^
  2. Keep "http" option in details. And once it's done just going to : mygamedomain.com/apiroute :5400 is not necessary after Port 80 443, need to be open too
  3. Hi ! You need listen port 443 for https with good certificat (see Let's Encrypt.) You can use Nginx Proxy Manager if you use docker for simplify everything !
  4. Libreplay.fr is a streaming platform created in 2018 that brings together all independent, public domain, and copyright-free productions in one place. Our mission is to allow users to discover original cinematographic and television content while offering an ethical and free alternative to commercial streaming platforms. To ensure access for all, the majority of our films and series are available for free, without any restrictions. However, for some films, particularly those in the public domain hosted on our servers, registration is required to watch them. Our platform is accessible on a variety of devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, allowing users to stream films and series wherever and whenever they want. Additionally, our curation team rigorously selects the titles featured on our platform, ensuring optimal viewing quality for users. If you are passionate about cinema and series and are looking for an ethical and free streaming platform, Libreplay.fr is the platform for you. Discover our catalog and dive into the exciting world of independent and copyright-free cinema. With over a hundred films and several series, each with hundreds of episodes, we offer an extensive catalog that will please everyone. Currently, we are upgrading our systems to offer advanced features such as Google Cast (for films not from YouTube), advanced features for registered users such as playlists, viewing history, and of course offering French versions (VF), original versions (VO), or sometimes both in one click. We hope to continue sharing our love for independent creators and promoting their productions as best we can." Links : Website Play Store Discord (soon?) Facebook Twitter
  5. Today i have release my two other days work on navbar for Libreplay.
  6. According to what i want for my apps, i have change the login way for use single login account for all apps. Already live for www.playgame-tracker.com and soon for www.libreplay.fr New design for www.libreplay.fr is live too ! Many new changes on all of my web services !
  7. I have start a big design update of www.libreplay.fr more translation, more fast, more features soon
  8. Hi ! For use Auto Updater, you have two ways but i will explain here only one : In your editor you have Tools menus to the top, click on package update, create folder for receive update, and once it's done, inside this folder you have files + update.json file, you need to upload this files inside your web domain (without package in zip or other things). Once it's live, open client and updater work (don't forget set url to update.json file). ----------------- Other way need a webhost who support PHP for host entire game + php script.
  9. New update is available on Playgame Tracker
  10. We will start tomorrow at 9:00 am (Paris time) with the Dark Brain game!
  11. Hi everyone, I have add adapt website template (from html, css, js template) to Intersect CMS.
  12. I am happy to present to you the next games that will be available on Intersect Connect in the coming days. All games created under Rpg Maker a few years ago. All games are available for free and legally from various places on the internet. We will offer them to you for secure download from our own servers.
  13. The application will always remain available no matter what, I am looking into a special plan to make the application more attractive to AGD developers but also to external developers who want to share their games with a Free-To-Play model. All proposals will be studied. I plan to deploy dozens of games under RPG Maker available for free and legally on many websites.
  14. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version française : Playgame Tracker est une application qui vous permet de suivre et d'organiser vos jeux vidéo en les marquant comme terminés, en cours ou à faire, tout en découvrant de nouveaux jeux. C'est l'outil parfait pour suivre les succès/trophées de vos jeux préférés, grâce à une interface simple et rapide qui vous permet de trouver rapidement vos jeux. Couplée à la puissance de la base de données d'IGDB, qui compte plus de 200 000 jeux et plus de 100 000 trophées, Playgame Tracker vous offre des milliers de possibilités. L'application est d'ores et déjà ouverte aux inscriptions sur www.playgame-tracker.com. Si vous souhaitez accéder à la version bêta avant de vous inscrire, vous pouvez nous contacter pour demander un accès anticipé. Nous aimerions également connaître votre opinion sur la possibilité d'intégrer des connexions/inscriptions par réseaux sociaux ou par la connexion dite "Thomasfds Apps Login". Ce service de connexion unique pour l'ensemble de mes projets est déjà en place sur des sites tels que Libreplay.fr. Trouveriez-vous utile de pouvoir vous connecter à Playgame Tracker de cette manière ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English Version : Playgame Tracker is an application that allows you to track and organize your video games by marking them as completed, in progress, or to be done, while also discovering new games. It's the perfect tool for tracking the achievements/trophies of your favorite games, with a simple and fast interface that allows you to quickly find your games. Coupled with the power of the IGDB database, which has over 200,000 games and over 100,000 trophies, Playgame Tracker offers you thousands of possibilities. The application is already open for registration at www.playgame-tracker.com. If you would like to access the beta version before registering, you can contact us to request early access. We would also like to know your opinion on the possibility of integrating connections/registrations through social networks or through the so-called "Thomasfds Apps Login" connection. This unique connection service for all my projects is already in place on sites such as Libreplay.fr. Would you find it useful to be able to log in to Playgame Tracker in this way? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: Links : Website (PWA) : www.playgame-tracker.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PlaygameTracker Twitter : https://twitter.com/PlaygameTracker Discord : https://discord.gg/4Mec3cVeKx
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