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  1. Hi all I wanted to inform you that since the beginning of the week the development is slow due to my mental health. I'll definitely take longer to be able to develop what I want to do, but even the thing I love to do (the code) doesn't keep me fully focused. Take care of yourself really
  2. Intersect Connect for website Plugin soon ..

  3. Making the Intersect Connect Plugin for CMS (available on 2.4 update)
  4. Hi everyone ! I open Intersect Connect to any free game and apps.
  5. Hi everyone ! Update 2.4 is in development and available to see all changes from "auto update" branch on Github ! Somes changes can be done with template and style files, if you use an "Custom Template" copy paste your theme folder in templates folder and rename this to yourThemeName and change it from admin settings page for save our work ! The patch notes will be available when the update is released (no approximate date yet). A lot of optimization has been done on the whole administration, especially on the loading time by caching many important API calls. A small graphic correction will also be available on the two existing themes, I will update the directory of the two themes in the following minutes. You can find new templates update on this Github : https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms-unleashed-themes/tree/2.4 Thank you for using Intersect CMS Unleashed and reporting your bugs!
  6. Hi everyone ! The OIT (Online Installation Tool for Intersect CMS is live) ! You must create an account on the Intersect Connect website (https://intersect.thomasfds.fr/register) , then request official developer access ( tickets on Discord and on PM on this forum ) and you will be able to discover once connected with your developer access in the left menu "OIT", and let yourself be guided.
  7. Not recommanded to use Github for this. CGU violation and more limitation.
  8. Hi everyone, I have open Discord for Intersect CMS, Intersect Connect and more of my apps. https://discord.gg/RaRQX3fQHZ
  9. Hi everyone ! About 2.4 update : I will going bug fix some things reported by users and : Add an auto updater (not sure if i succeeded in doing so) Add character public page (Character Name, Level, Class, HP, MP, EXP Bar), Add in admin guild management (kick member), Others.... I wil see for new templates too.
  10. Today no screen to share but I worked on the 2.3 update of the cms and I started working on the 2.4 update that will integrate an auto updater if I can do the thing correctly
  11. Hello everyone ! Update 2.3 of Intersect CMS Unleashed is live ! You can download update file here : Update 2.3 You just need download 2.3-update file for your website, extract and copy paste files inside your current installation and download 2.3-full for install cms on fresh website.
  12. Try without http://? Else come to pm for more help ^^ Game port and api need to be same !
  13. Hi ! You need change the config json of api for the url to "*:5401" if I remember well for it to work properly You can also change rate at the bottom of the json to : 60 seconds en 120 minutes
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