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  1. point re-spawn

    while the best way I did not come up with. And I do not want to do much save points. I took the video so that I could clearly see the work.
  2. Map Generator

    suggestion: Create random maps. With the help of a special generator. Similar to mine was made in the RPG maker. You set what tiles to use for the floor, what for walls, what for a ceiling. I met an improved version, where I also scattered objects on the map. And if you add the ability to create maps randomly - this will speed up the process of creating maps and will create games such as rogalik.
  3. For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2017-11-29 02:01:58.807 [Error] Tried to load Animation texture with null name. constantly when you turn on the editor. Checked all the animation, all signatures without spaces, in English. error multiplies endlessly, and clogs memory. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// constantly when you turn on the editor. understood. Happens when you add any animation to the map. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  4. The size of the NPC

    exactly works.before that, either there was no picture, or it was half
  5. The size of the NPC

    template1 Useless. I can not make an NPC bigger than the size of the engine max^
  6. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    OU! I skipped this section. I'm Ilya. I'm 33 years old. I'm from Russia, I live near Baikal. Siberia in general. I work in medicine, in the laboratory. I create games, programs. I'm a fan of visual programming and methods that simplify life and are aimed at the future. Just a little artist and designer. Sometimes I create websites. With English I'm not very good. But I'm trying to teach. Basically, Google translates for me or Yandex translators. The latter does not translate at all, but bears some kind of nonsense. So now only Google. In creation of games is already 10-15years old.
  7. The size of the NPC

    The size of the NPC as I understand it the only one? I want to upload a larger size. After loading the picture him cut.
  8. How to create a skill healing?

    Thank you, it works.
  9. I tried everything already. The skill does not heal the character. Takes away mana, but does not heal. Already time put more. Nothing.
  10. tailset for the laboratory.

    tileset, who can come in handy. I will gradually draw for my game and add here.
  11. OpenSpace3D

    Perhaps the most successful engine from the line of engines made in OGRE. He is one of the first who has implemented the support of all possible controllers, AR. Built-in physics and most importantly there is no programming, it's all visual. On this engine, I created games with VR for smartboxes. I made a program that is sold in an online store. The engine is developing. Not so long ago there was an update. We are waiting for the next. The engine is developed by a French studio. They are more focused on the technological side. Management of robots and the like. Society is engaged in AR / it is here very fast and convenient
  12. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Today I painted tailset for the laboratory. If someone had shared mesh(I don't use photoshop) More time lost in the alignment.
  13. I really look forward to the 10th series Star Trek Discovery. Probably more than a continuation: Stargate Galaxy =)

  14. Instructions for video: 1. It is necessary to create two global variables (1-0 timer, counter (+5)) 2. Two global pendulum events (timer1-0) which each punch plus +1 in the counter. Waiting is the size of time, you can increase. 3. Create a global switch-the product is corrupted: true or false. 4. The third global event is to check how many points the timer (in the video I do not have - this is the third global event, there is a condition if the counter raveno 5 or more include a global switch to the truth) 5. And in the event of a global food spoilage, provided that the switch is "true" to perform list checking race (I was there, the meat product but it worked if the character picked up the meat, I changed to the race.) After making an attempt to take away the meat (if the it is), then we perform the actions: we give the spoiled meat (if it was received), zero the score s = 0, and turn off the switch to false. Photos are not added. In the video I missed the test event is global - If the counter >=5 then toggle the switch global- true(he is one)