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  1. Vus

    Higher or Lower Reply Mode

  2. That looks great, I love the new UI!
  3. Vus

    Rain Tale Online - More info and Design !

    Looks pretty good, I especially love that style of graphics. Good luck with your project!
  4. Vus

    Synthwave / Darksynth / Chillwave

    I've definitely had a soft spot for synthwave ever since playing Hotline Miami and it only grew on me since. I'm also liking your track a lot! Another cool video on the rise and history of this genre is this one:
  5. Vus

    Merry Xmas Ascension Community

    Merry Christmas AGD!
  6. Vus

    What i have to do if want more detail on my game?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "with more detail", but good free pixel arts programs are Piskel and Aseprite, which i enjoyed using a lot. Although Aseprite costs 15 dollars, there is a free trial period. As for getting your group to work on your game, check the faq section on this topic here: https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.html#page_How-can-I-make-it-so-other-players-or-designers-can-connect-to-my-server-to-play-or-help-design-my-game
  7. Vus

    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    Wow, what an amazing update. Great work!
  8. Vus

    Original Labyrinth Hearts

    I remember this very well. Still remember making the UI and logo! Are you working on anything atm?