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  1. This dev blog is a year old now. EDIT: Apparently I can't count, my bad
  2. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    @MintMap Welcome to the forums!
  3. Was fun

    Oh damn, I had no idea! RIP Lumiere/Dr. House, you will be missed.
  4. Moderation Team Updates

    Congratz @Gibier!
  5. Moderation Team Updates

    Those are good choices, I'm sure they will do a fantastic job
  6. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    I like the second style in the original post.
  7. Closed Beta Age of the Four Clans

    That looks amazing!
  8. Prior Videogame Experience Research Study

    Completed the survey!
  9. 3D Cut the shit with paint3D

    I might have nightmares now