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  1. Aesthetic


    Hey all, sorry I'm late, I got swamped on the day of Closed Beta release and forgot to post about it here! But the Leafling Closed Beta is live and you can grab it from our website: http://leaflingonline.com or from the link in the op. Please keep in mind that the game is in a very early state and is not representative of the final product. If you play some, we'd love to hear your input or any bugs you have found, you can join the community here: https://discord.gg/xwXqkmq
  2. I'm ignoring this so hard rn
  3. Aesthetic

    On Hit

    So, sadly, the On Hit has to be set as the "extra effect" at the bottom right, meaning you cannot have an on hit that applies a status effect. I'm almost positive this is a bug but @Kibbelz is the only one who knows
  4. If you want an event to visually be a light source simply create a blank animation and set the lights how you'd like them. You can use the simulate darkness slider to see the light in action while making it. Also changing the frame count will give you multiple frames to work with allowing you to make flickering lights ect. Once you've made the animation just set your Event to the animation you made.
  5. Not currently, however it has been done before on similar engines in the community so I'm sure it wont be too long after source before there is a tutorial up somewhere. For now hang in there and focus on other aspects of your project.
  6. Highly recommend Jack's work. He's extremely personable, flexible, and talented. He's done more in one day so far than most artist who cost 10x as much could do in a week and at a high quality. 10/10 best boi
  7. Aesthetic


    You're right idk how i missed that ty ty marshy dearest ur the best <3
  8. Aesthetic


    Another update I'd like to share with you guys! These are 2 sneak peaks of dungeons that will be playable in the open beta as well as a new boss and some cool spell animation sneakpeaks! Mana Strike The Wisp Mother
  9. Aesthetic


    Just a quick update. We've added @JackSoda as our new lead designer! He just did some sick art for us that i'd like to share. This is one of the first bosses players will encounter in game, the Harvest Cleric
  10. Aesthetic


    Hey, thanks so much! I'm sure you can create something amazing too c:
  11. If I remember correctly this is actually being worked on right now by jc so hang tight! Don't need source, follow this guide c:
  12. Aesthetic


    Thank you, I'll be updating this post in the near future pretty massively as well as sharing the website and discord for the public open beta. c:
  13. Leafling is my new ORPG being developed in the Intersect Engine. This game is the result of years of learning and working directly with the engine in a previous project. My hopes are to make a truly close to home and nostalgic old-school RPG and a loyal community to build around it. I want to take this moment to thank every single one of you here on AGD as I've learned so much in my time here, you're all crazy bastards and I love you. With Leafling I'm taking a different approach to gameplay than most games of a similar genre. To tackle this in an organized matter I will be breaking this section into parts. RANKING I, as well as many of you, am a big fan of competitive games. Sometimes I wish casual MMO style gameplay could be supplemented with a competitive side, and that itch is rarely scratched. As a result of this I have used the event system to create an entirely automated ranking system as well as ELO scoring based on past season performance. Every 3 months the current ranked season will end and a new one will begin, bringing with it a full rank reset as well as a payout based on your performance last season. Rank Points can be acquired by completing difficult tasks throughout the game such as clearing dungeons at or above your level, or slaying a player in open world PvP. Ranking through this method will reflect your Explorer Rank. The other method of Ranking is Arena Rank, in which players can queue for matchmade 1v1 battles in a public arena against players of around their skill level, and receiving Rank Points when you win based on the gap in skill between you and your opponent. I think this will pan out as a super fun system that encourages regular play and creates opportunities for some really cool updates. DUNGEONS Every RPG has to have dungeons. To be honest I don't see a reason to stray from the formula here and I hope you all find the dungeons in game to be fun and engaging. Dungeons in Leafling often combine aspects of puzzle solving and combat to varying degrees of difficulty. There are also 2 types of dungeons: Field Dungeons Raid Dungeons Field Dungeons are public dungeons that can be cleared by any number of players and will reward any players within upon completion. Raid Dungeons are 4 player party dungeons which require special keys which are very difficult to obtain, however the monsters inside are immensely more powerful than anything else on Artemia, which of course means better loot. Only 1 party may participate in a specific Raid Dungeon at a time and upon a 20 minute timer you will fail the raid dungeon, causing your entire party to die. STORYLINE Leafling boasts a self proclaimed impressive story line that will continue in chapters through future updates, expanding the world and introducing more characters and content. While there are sidequests, the main story takes precedent and you will spend most of your leveling time progressing through the story. As of right now 8 chapters are written and finalized and upon Open Beta 3 chapters will be playable. Each chapter contains between 3-6 questlines which all vary in length. World Map Journeyman's Respite - The first human settlement on Artemia Intro Engine: Jcsnider Kibbelz Panda Graphics: Mack Aesthetic UI: Jcsnider Aesthetic Music: Aaron Kroghs The Deadmen Sunny Mondays The Cruise Worst Funeral Ever Design: Aesthetic Hunter Mills Writing: Aesthetic Eric Rogers DOWNLOAD: Leafling Official Website
  14. While I agree, I can't truly see anyone willing to put the time in, get access to the editors and join the discord just to troll, at least on here. I feel like the only barrier to entry should be no new AGD accounts and no one with an obviously spotted history of being a dick. After all, this is a game development forum and most of the people are here because they love games and making games, I think this could actually go pretty smoothly if everyone sticks to it, even if just casually. Edit: As well as the above I feel like the only other barrier would be mapping, which could be simplified by just having the team vote on the best mappers of the group that are willing and designating them to maps.
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