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  1. Right now on-hit spells are super lame, since you can't have them do anything but a bit of bonus damage due to it being classified as a buff/debuff. Changing it to a spell-type would allow users to add extra effects to their on hits
  2. The logo is simple and sleek, well done. I like the title screen as well, the buttons give me a .HACK vibe, keep it up!
  3. ^ This. Also it would seem your frame setup for your animation is wrong. The entirety of one frame should be displayed if you have it done correctly, not cut off half way like you have it now. make sure that the Horizontal and Vertical frames set match the amount of rows and columns of frames in your animation file.
  4. What you're looking for is already there by default. You're just working with numbers too small for ranges to properly appear.
  5. Sorry for the silence! To be honest I completely forgot I had already set up this board :^) I'll be sure to keep this board updated whenever I update the discord or official website. Over the past few weeks we've gotten quite a lot done, more than I could reasonably track and post here, so instead I'll get you guys up to date on our two latest updates, and use that as a launching point for more regular updates. Website Overhaul: Just today I revamped our website a little to make it a bit easier on the eyes as well as more easily navigated. Read more about our future website plans in the OP here: https://www.leaflingonline.com/post/webite-overhaul Check out the new and improved site here: http://LeaflingOnline.com Short Term Dev Roadmap: Development in Leafling has been going at record pace and with better quality than I've ever put out, and we're nearing the checkpoint for our Steam Early Access release aka Open Beta. In the months leading up to that I put together a small short term roadmap to give the community an idea of the changes that will be happening between now and then.
  6. Not right now sadly no. Now for a workaround, the ones I use in my game are just designing the maps around the large enemies. For example if I know Boss X is friggen yuge ill just be sure to minimize any contact with fringe layers that may look bad. But thats about all you can do at the moment.
  7. As of right now you can send a party or trade request so someone while in combat, making it really really easy to troll/cheese other players by trade requesting or party requesting them, forcing them to exit before they can move again.
  8. The mapping gives some real nice pokemon vibes I like it a lot!
  9. When a player leaves a map while being aggro'd by an NPC, the aggro should drop. Additionally, when an NPC has lost all aggro from targets it should assume it's original position, whether by warp or walking. The current system creates an environment where player #1 walks through a dungeon and pulls every mob's aggro to him. Player #1 then leaves the map to run away and there is now a mass of mobs that will remain by the entrance of a dungeon or mob room waiting for the aggro'd person to return and mobbing on everyone who enters the map.
  10. Change your animation to lower layer and then change your Event's layer to "Above Player"
  11. Gonna have to do it manual, the good old fashioned way haha. You're gonna have to set move routes back to their original position OR You could just have a seperate event for each NPC. A bunch near the door that only appear when you're on the quest, and a bunch sitting at the bar/tables that dont appear when you're on the quest.
  12. Aesthetic


    Thanks so much! <3 I'm so glad you're having fun I do plan on doing more advertising but I'd like to polish up the first few hours and get past this rollback bug before I do, first impressions matter!
  13. Aesthetic


    Can't wait to see you in game!
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