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  1. What i meant by transparency is if you plan to use a menu container, that you create 1920x1080 image with your actual menu container graphic in the center surrounded by transparent bg. If you're planning to use just a transparent bg and have your buttons arranged in a certain way, there is no way to change the fact that higher resolutions will push the buttons toward the center, the buttons are drawn to the x,y position of the parent graphic's bounds, so if you have your screen suddenly become 2x the size, the buttons will move to the new appropriate x,y.
  2. The buttons inside of MenuWindow.json are children, and they are restricted to their parent. All you have to do if you want buttons to be anywhere is simply change the 800,500 to 1920x1080, and add the transparency manually in photoshop or whatever tools you have access to, I can confirm this works well as its the same method we use in Leafling. If you want some help getting the image for your menu container set up right DM me and i can help you out.
  3. There is a night/day editor within the engine, look under the editor tabs, there you can assign all of those values.
  4. True damage is just damage calculated by default to ignore defensive stats. By default physical damage is reduced by armor, magic resist lowers magic damage, and true damage will ignore both of those values.
  5. Aesthetic


    Unless I'm mistaken there aren't any mixing of tilesets, they're using the TF base and TF Japan Expansion.
  6. Hey guys, just updating this section to inform you guys that the official beta release date for Leafling is July 15th at 5:00PM EST. You can find more information pertaining to the release on our website and Discord. I'd also like to dive into a new feature we've added that we think will drastically improve the fluidity of gameplay and combat. Dynamic 360 Projectiles + Target Acquisition Now, when casting spells or firing ranged weapons that use projectiles your character will turn to face your target and aim the projectile at the target's position current position (on cast time end). These projectiles can range in hitbox size as well as apply on-hit effects. I'm going to end the log short here because I will be going into more detail on the main game page as i update it and add new information. Discord: https://discord.gg/CWZYdRF
  7. Just to add on to Joyce and clear a few things up, by default when a player changes classes via the Event system in Intersect the character will immediately adopt the *new* base stats of whatever class they changed into. To be more specific on how you could use this for your system, If you want a Warrior class to evolve into something like Knight and gain +5 base Attack, you could just use the same base stats as warrior but with +5 more attack, that way when you upgrade your class the new base stats will apply. (Just realized this is a psuedo-necro sorry)
  8. I had a lot of fun watching this actually, maybe later on when Leafling is in a better state I'll hit you up Just a bit of CC: 1) A lot of the commentary seems to be filled with you messing around and joking (which isn't inherently a bad thing) but a bit more commentary on whats going on or why you like/dislike some parts of the game ect I think would help the video quality a ton. 2) Idk if it was just me but your voice seemed to be drowned under the game music on some parts. 3) One of the best parts of watching youtube creators is interaction and community, you should make a discord for your channel and try to build a community instead of relying on youtube comments. Good luck! I'll be sure to like and sub
  9. Does this create a slot in the controls configuration? I think esc is probably one of the worse keys to map this too seeing as accidentally double tapping would open a full screen menu and stop you mid combat.
  10. I'm looking for someone familiar with C# to help me modify the default UI layout of Intersect in a few substantial ways. I'll provide all designs, layouts, and dimensions I only need help getting it functional. DM me with your rates and we can continue on Discord, thanks so much!
  11. its fine now after the latest intersect update
  12. I get this conflict when attempting to add this to a fully updated vanilla source.
  13. Aesthetic


    Tateru approves
  14. Aesthetic


    Haha, the devs have stated that the cyber tem you encounter aren't a good example of actual cyber type tem and that they aren't op. It's just that the one you against your rival has above maximum stats to be purposefully roflstomp op. Like the boss fights in some games where you're meant to lose.
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