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  1. Generally the "default" attack speed is 1000ms. However, you can adjust each weapon's attack speed individually by selecting the "Static" option in the attack speed settings of the weapon editor. The smaller the value the quicker the weapon will attack as it's calculating how long in milliseconds there is in between each attack. A good side note is that 1000ms is equal to 1 second. Good luck!
  2. Looking phenomenal. I really like the look of the logo, really, really, well done.
  3. Did you modify the settings for your equipment slots? Your issue is that the "Weapon" slot isn't assigned to the Server's Weapon Slot. In Config.json inside of the Server resources folder scroll down to the top of your equipment slot settings. It will say WeaponSlot = ect and ShieldSlot = ect. Make sure "WeaponSlot" is = to the number of your Weapon Slot. You can find the number by counting your equipment slots from the top starting at 0 so if you have Hat, Shoes, Weapon, Shield, then WeaponSlot should be = to 2 because Hat is 0, Shoes is 1 and Weapon is 2 ect. Once you fix that issue you'll get another menu in that empty area of the item editor where you can set damage, crit chance, attack speed, and tool type.
  4. Gibier is correct but I'll walk you through it a bit more. After changing the image name, find "Bounds" at the top of the .JSON. There will be 4 numbers. You want to change the LAST TWO numbers which represent the X, and Y bounds of the image respectively. Then, scroll down to "Minimum Size" and make sure the minimum px value isn't higher than the size of your image. If you need more in depth help i have no problem hopping on teamviewer or helping you with discord screen share.
  5. Finding an engine for an MORPG as welcoming to new users and non-coders as Intersect won't happen hun. If you want free movement and are ok with a learning curve and offline gameplay Construct 3 can be used in your browser, however it costs money. There is also 001 Creator which, again, has quite the learning curve and is a bit dated and unwelcoming to new users. If you're going to make a game, deciding whether or not to use an engine based on one feature is kind of shooting yourself in the foot. If you have no coding experience, Intersect is the easiest way to go. If not, perhaps design your own custom engine.
  6. I'm really sorry hun, I have literally no clue what you're trying to ask. Perhaps someone more fluent in russian could help you.
  7. The engine runs at multiple resolutions, the player can change between them in the settings menu. There is no "default" resolution.
  8. Are you asking how to change the size of Interface elements? If so go to Resources/GUI/Layouts/(Game or Menu) and find the .json of the Interface element you want to modify. Then change the last two number values of "Bounds" those reflect the X and Y size of your image.
  9. Which .json files are you referring to? There are quite a lot in this engine. If you could tell me which .json you're looking at I can help ya out.
  10. Its at the bottom left of the Common Event window, below the graphic section ect. It's a run condition along with Action Button, Player Touch, and Autorun.
  11. Place the third and final piece of the JC-Force upon my anime waifu shrine of JC while chanting the Intersect Anthem. Afterwards I'll delete my game and all of the data from my computer because that's it. It's over. I can die in peace.
  12. You're underestimating the power of Switches my friend! You can make your first Transform an Event Spell that sets the Player Switch "Transformed" to true. Then simply add a condition check for "Transformed is = True" on the second spell to cast it c:
  13. Keep your hopes up! This is one of the most requested features for the engine and once the source is released this forum will become ground zero for code tutorials/edits from all the talented programmers that hang around here. I'm sure it will be available at some point
  14. In arena maps if you die the game doesnt proc the "drop items on death" setting from the server config.json if im not mistaken
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