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  1. Kyrise

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    Rappelz <3
  2. Kyrise

    Fantabulous! Online

    It's good to see more brazilian projects. The map looks good, I would love to see more of the game environments. Keep up the good work, hope to see more about this project in the future! Btw, loved Gretchen in your avatar.
  3. Kyrise

    What did you get for Christmas?

  4. Kyrise

    Free Christmas Sprites

    Free Christmas Sprites - Update 3.0 Hey Guys, I'm back today to bring you a new update of my Free Christmas Sprites Pack. Hope you like it and let's get this christmas spitit on! Added: Snow tilesets (an edited version of one of the upcoming Intersect tilesets) 45 new items (Santa's hat, cookies, milk cups, candies and socks) Updated chistmas tree lights animation DOWNLOAD If you like my christmas sprites pack, please consider making a donation!
  5. Kyrise


    Hello xshadowtao, there are different ways to implement sound on your project, depending on what you want to do, like animations and maps. Note that you need to put the correct files on the correct directories of your client resources. Music files must be .ogg format and the sound files must be .wav format. For the maps, you can set different audio files for them, the map music and the map sound (like birds) through the Map Properties in the Editor. You can also set sounds for your animations, just go to the animation window in the Editor and choose a sound file. Note that the sound file for the animation must be .wav format too. That's all, enjoy!
  6. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    Softwood UI - Update 3.0 Changes: Updated Life bar and Mana bar graphics Updated the Icons of the inventory, spellbook, character, quests, friends and party buttons to match with my Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack If you like it, please consider making a donation
  7. Kyrise

    PUBG Megathread

  8. Kyrise

    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Update 1.2 has arrived! Download here! What's new? These icons are made with a lot of love, please consider making a donation of any value
  9. Kyrise

    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Update 1.1 has arrived! Download here! What's new? These sprites are made with a lot of love, please consider making a donation of any value
  10. Kyrise

    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Hi guys, Recently I went through some personal problems, and to distract myself I decided to start creating some retro sprites and icons to learn more about pixel art and test my limits. Today I drew the 200th icon of my Icon Pack, and I'm much better and happy with my work. Knowing that many people do not know how to pixel art and have difficulty finding free icons for their games, I decided to make these sprites available for free, for everyone. I've also created an Itch.io account to publish my icon pack, and help more people. I hope you guys like it, and have fun using it in your games Download: Kyrise's Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack ABOUT KYRISE'S FREE 16x16 RPG ICON PACK: MY OTHER WORKS: FREE CHRISTMAS SPRITES: FREE "SOFTWOOD" UI: These sprites are made with a lot of love, please consider making a donation of any value
  11. Kyrise


    Yaaay, christmas has come to Nightmare. I loved the decoration, pretty sure I'll check this christmas event
  12. Kyrise

    Free Christmas Sprites

    Hey guys, Christmas is coming, and I noticed that there is no Christmas sprites compatible with the upcoming Intersect Graphics, so I decided to create some Christmas decorations for you, so you can decorate your games and make great xmas events. It is a simple graphic pack but can help anyone who wants to bring the christmas spirit to their game. GRAPHICS: SETTING UP THE LIGHTS: That's all, I hope you like the sprites and creatively decorate your games for this Christmas Please, consider making a donation! Download: Christmas Sprites 3.0.rar
  13. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    oh sry the text is just over the edge, can be easily fixed
  14. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    In login errors, connection errors, etc.