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  1. Kyrise

    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Update 1.2 has arrived! Download here! What's new? These icons are made with a lot of love, please consider making a donation of any value
  2. Kyrise

    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Update 1.1 has arrived! Download here! What's new? These sprites are made with a lot of love, please consider making a donation of any value
  3. Kyrise

    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Hi guys, Recently I went through some personal problems, and to distract myself I decided to start creating some retro sprites and icons to learn more about pixel art and test my limits. Today I drew the 200th icon of my Icon Pack, and I'm much better and happy with my work. Knowing that many people do not know how to pixel art and have difficulty finding free icons for their games, I decided to make these sprites available for free, for everyone. I've also created an Itch.io account to publish my icon pack, and help more people. I hope you guys like it, and have fun using it in your games Download: Kyrise's Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack ABOUT KYRISE'S FREE 16x16 RPG ICON PACK: MY OTHER WORKS: FREE CHRISTMAS SPRITES: FREE "SOFTWOOD" UI: These sprites are made with a lot of love, please consider making a donation of any value
  4. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    oh sry the text is just over the edge, can be easily fixed
  5. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    In login errors, connection errors, etc.
  6. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    It's not bugs, just some misplaced texts over the edge.
  7. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    Thank you very much, I created this interface for Intersec 3.1 version, so I tried to adapt it in the best way possible to 4.5, it still have a few text bugs, but can be easily fixed with the dynamic ui.
  8. Kyrise

    Free "Softwood UI"

    Hi guys, I created this User Interface for a project I was developing a few months ago, but I will no longer use this interface, as I am creating another one completely remodeled with the dynamic UI system for my new project. So I decided to make it available for you to download. It is a very simple, but beautiful User Interface. I'll call it "Softwood UI". Hope you guys like it. Screenshot: Download:
  9. Kyrise

    Today I did this on my project...

    Working on some of the skills sound effects of my project.
  10. Kyrise

    Premium Time System

    I know that, but the version I was using is 4.0, I believe it's a bug that has already been fixed in the version 4.2 that I'm using now. About the variable decrease system on a daily basis, I have tested every way but it doesn't remove variables from offline players. Anyway, thanks for trying to help me I'll wait for the source code.
  11. Kyrise

    Premium Time System

    Hello, I'm testing this system to implement in my project, it worked perfectly (there is a bug, when I buy premium time it removes all the money from my inventory, not just the necessary one). Now I need to create an event that subtracts the Premium Time variable by 1 every day, even if the player is offline. I have no idea how to do this, I do not even know if it's possible. Can someone help me? The Premium NPC system:
  12. Kyrise

    Site "Upgrades"

  13. Kyrise

    NPC question

    In the NPC Editor
  14. Kyrise

    How to fix this?

    This option is to hide the classes that you don't want to appearing in class selection, so they can be picked or used ingame through events. For example, if a player reaches a certain level he can switch to a higher class. Then this higher class can not appear in class selection, it can only be accessed by events.
  15. Kyrise

    How to fix this?

    Just uncheck this box in your class editor